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The preparation of human immune serum for the treatment of poliomyelitis

, : The preparation of human immune serum for the treatment of poliomyelitis. MED JOUR AUSTRALIA 18(Vol 1, No 9): 251-254

A tourniquet was applied to the arm of the donor, and a small area of the skin over the vein was then frozen with ethyl chloride and the needle passed into the vein. The average amount of blood drawn was 416 cc. Blood was incubated for 1 hr. at 37[degree] C, then stored at 6-8[degree] for 4-5 days. The serum was then filtered through a Seitz filter, and sealed in an ampoule. At no time from plunging of needle into vein to sealing of ampoule was the blood exposed to air. The age range of the donors was 5-40 yrs.; *60% were 8-20 yrs. old. The serum % from the blood was 38.2 in one campaign, and 37.7 in another.


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