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Geography & Life Sciences: Chapter 25902

Chapter 25902 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in geography and in the life sciences.

The protein arginine methyltransferase family: an update about function, new perspectives and the physiological role in humans. Cellular and Molecular Life Sciences 66(13): 2109-2121

The Protein Associated With Hemolysin In Rabbit Serum And Plasma. Journal of General Physiology 10(4): 545-550

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The protein electret microphone Further experiments. Life Sciences 6(22): 2395-2399

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The protein enrichment of corn fodder. Kukuruza 1: 49-51

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The protein fraction of the serum and blood picture with oral treatment of trichomoniasis of the urogenital tract with metronidazole Trichomiasis of the urogenital tract. The protein fraction of the serum and blood picture with oral treatment of trichomoniasis of the urogenital tract with metronidazole Trichomiasis of the urogenital tract Belkovye fraktsii syvorotki i kartina krovi pri peroral'nom lechenii trikhomonoza urogenital'nogo trakta metronidazolom In: Trikhomonoz urogenita'nogo trakta Trichomiasis of the urogenital tract 173-184

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The protein-anabolic and anticatabolic properties of pyrimidine derivatives Information on the conference of physiologists, biochemists, and pharmacologists with the participation of practising physicians. The protein-anabolic and anticatabolic properties of pyrimidine derivatives Information on the conference of physiologists, biochemists, and pharmacologists with the participation of practising physicians L Belkovoanabolicheskie i antikatabolicheskie svoistva pirimidinovykh proizvodnykh In: Materialy Konferentsii fiziologov, biokhimikov i farmakologov s uchastiem prakticheskikh vrachei Information on the conference of physiologists, biochemists, and pharmacologists with the participation

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