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Geography & Life Sciences: Chapter 25912

Chapter 25912 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in geography and in the life sciences.

The relation of cultural practices to a marked outbreak of cork in McIntosh apples in northern New England. Proc Amer Soc Hort Sci 26: 149-150, 1929 ( )

The relation of cyclothymia schizothymia to introversion extroversion abstract human. Indian Science Congress Association Proceedings 54(3): 621

The relation of cytoarchitecture to response elicited by electrical excitation of the cerebral cortex. Federation Proceedings 6(1 Pt 2): 205-205

The Relation Of D-Pantothenyl Alcohol Therapy To The Resumption Of Intestinal Function Postoperatively. American Journal of Surgery 107: 813-815

The relation of dancing experience and personality to perception. Psychol Monogr 69(14): 1-16

The relation of dark center to the composition of rutabagas. Jour Agric Res 48(4): 377-378

The relation of decay resistance of Japanese red pine wood to four species of Gloeophyllum and its felling period. Jour Japanese Forest Soc 44(10): 273-275

The relation of deficiency of vitamin B to atony of the stomach. Lancet 1(5448): 180

The relation of degree of finish in cattle to production and meat flavors. Proc Amer Soc Animal Prod 29: 295-300, 1936( )

The relation of degree of hunger to competitive interaction in chimpanzee. Jour Comp Psychol 32(1): 91-115

The relation of density of population to rate of reproduction in Paramecium caudatum. Physiol Zool 2(2): 221-254

The relation of density of population to rate of reproduction in the ciliates Didinium nasutum and Stylonychia pustulata. Arch Protistenk 80(1): 36-64

The relation of dental disease to sinusitis. Laryngoscope 53(5): 366-369

The relation of depressions in the bark of S aurita and S cinerea to ridges in the wood.

The relation of depth of planting to the morphology of the wheat seedling. Trans Kansas Acad Sci 45: 124-128

The relation of dermatology to psychiatry. Brit Med Jour (4347): 583-585

The relation of diameter of lodgepole plne to incidence of attack by the bark beetle Dendroctonus monticolae Hopkins. Forestry Chron 24(2): 141-145

The relation of diaphorase and cytochrome reductase. Biochimica et Biophysica Acta 37: 310-314

The relation of diaphorase of human erythrocytes to the inheritance of methemoglobinemia. Jour Clin Invest 39(7): 1176-1179

The relation of diet and serum-calcium to tetany in the parathyroid-ectomized rat. Endocrinology 19(4): 453-460

The Relation of Diet to Changes in Tissues. Yale Journal of Biology and Medicine 1(3): 145-151

The relation of diet to dental disorders. Amer Jour Physiol 90(2): 376-377

The relation of diet to health and disease. Brit Med Jour 1(3614): 677-681

The relation of diet to pulmonitis in laboratory animals. Giorn Batteriol E Immunol 21(5): 668-671

The relation of diet to the development of gastric lesions in the rat. Cancer Res 2(11): 770-775

The relation of diet to the quality of fat produced in the animal body. Jour Biol Chem 76(3): 729-747

The relation of diet to the restitution of the gonadotrophic hormone content of the discharged rabbit pituitary. Amer Jour Physiol 128(3): 493-499

The relation of dietary deficiencies to male fertility. Fertility and Sterility 11: 88-99

The relation of dietary fat to fecal wastage of nitrogen in patients with tropical sprue. Fed Proc 21(2): 389

The relation of dietary to the effects of large amounts of x-rays on the organism. Radiology 15(1): 13-29

The relation of different levels and kinds of motivation to variability of behavior. Journal of Experimental Psychology 47(6): 392-398

The relation of different organs and tissues to lactic acid injected intravenously. Ii O Jlecraqna [bull Inst Sci Lesshuft] 15(1/2): 335-347

The relation of differential collapse and shrinkage to wood anatomy in Eucalyptus regnans F v M and E gigantea Hook f.

The relation of differentiation to species specificity as shown by grafts of duck kidney on the chorio-allantoic membrane of the chick. Abstracts Of Thesis Univ Chicago Sri Ser 8: 243-246, 1929/

The relation of digging frequency to productivity of the butter clam, Saxidomus giganteus Deshayes. Jour Fish Res Bd Canada 8(5): 369-373

The relation of direct Bact coli and Bact aerogenes counts to sources of pollution. Journal (American Water Works Association) 22(4): 488-501

The relation of direct cortical responses to the structure of cortical ganglionic areas and sulci. Folia Medica Cracoviensia 10(4): 651-662

The relation of diseases and scleroses of the heart valves to the specific muscle system. Deutsches Arch Klin Mei 152(3/4): 227-246

The relation of diseases of the cardio-vascular and renal systems to climatic and socio-economic factors. Amer Jour Hyg 28(3): 423-436

The relation of distance to the apparent size of figural after-effects. American Journal of Psychology 60(4): 617-623

The relation of divalent metals to lysis of typhoid bacilli by bacteriophages. British Journal of Experimental Pathology 35(2): 122-128

The relation of dog heart sounds to venous and arterial pressures. FED PROC 20(1 Pt 1): 111

The relation of domestic fowls to climate. Ecology 10(3): 337-342

The relation of dosage schedule to the therapeutic efficacy of terramycin. Bulletin of the Johns Hopkins Hospital 90(5): 372-381

The relation of dosage to the development of tolerance to morphine in dogs. Jour Pharmacol And Exp Therap 47(4): 443-471

The relation of dose level to excretion products in mercapturic acid administration in rats. FED PROC 23(2 Pt 1): 324

The relation of drive to discrimination. Dissertation Absts 19(12): 3379

The Relation Of Drive To Finger-Withdrawal Conditioning. Journal of Experimental Psychology 70: 109-116

The relation of drouth to water-use in Nebraska. Bull Conserv Dept Conserv & Surv Div Univ Nebraska 6: 1-24

The relation of drug-induced extrapyramidal motor system dysfunction to performance on a battery of psychomotor tests. Amer Psychol 16(7): 426

The relation of drug-induced hypoglycemia to duodenal motility in anesthetized dogs. Journal of Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics 128: 85-89

The relation of dynamic factors to flicker and fusion. Ohio State Univ Abst Of Doctor S Dissert 35: 67-74

The relation of ectoparasite load to host size and standard range. Jour Parasitol 47(6): 978-984

The relation of eczema to attitude and to vascular reactions of the human skin. Journal of Laboratory and Clinical Medicine 42(2): 238-254

The relation of egg production to food uptake in Tigriopus brevicornis. Proc Internatl Congr Zool 16(1): 50

The relation of egg shell weight to cracked eggs. Poultry Sci 43(5): 1341

The relation of egg yolk color to some nutritive properties of eggs. V S Egg And Poultry Mag 39(10): 47-48

The relation of ego control to overt and fantasy aggression. Dissertation Absts 20(7): 2908-2909

The relation of electric shock and anxiety to level of performance in eyelid conditioning. Journal of Experimental Psychology 48(5): 404-408

The relation of electrical and hemodynamic alternation of the heart. Doklady Akad Nauk Sssr [Biol Sci Sect Transl] 140(/6): 903-906

The relation of electrical and mechanical events in the ventricle of the turtle. Amer Jour Physiol 128(2): 390-398

The relation of electroencephalo-graphic slowing to the impairment of selected intellective functions. Dissertation Absts: 2005

The relation of electrolyte concentrations in plasma and excreta of cholera patients. SEATO Conference on Cholera 1960 p 41-48

The relation of electron transport and photophosphorylation to conformational changes in chloroplasts. Biochimica et Biophysica Acta 131(3): 516-525

The relation of employment levels to births in Germany. Milbank Memorial Fund Quart 20(2): 126-138

The Relation Of Encapsulated Bacilli Found In Metritis In Mares To Encapsulated Bacilli From Human Sources. Journal of Bacteriology 15(4): 245-266

The relation of endogenous catecholamine to the action of strophanthin-Gonartrial contractions of rabbits and guinea pigs. Jap J Pharmacol 15(3): 267-273

The relation of endogenous melanophore-expanding hormone to hyperglycaemia in Xenopus laevis. Journal of Endocrinology 15(2): 190-198

The relation of energy, velocity, and acceleration to skull deformation and fracture. Surgery, Gynecology & Obstetrics 107(5): 593-601

The relation of energy-rich phosphate in muscle to myoglobin and to cytochrome-oxidase activity. Biochemical Journal 55(2): 305-309

The relation of environment and physiology to tree growth. Arborist S News 15(9): 107-111

The relation of environment to lipid and protein synthesis by a species of Cladosporium. Dbs Abstr 26(2): 644-645

The relation of environment to shape of fruit in Cucumis sativus L and its bearing on the genetic potentialities of the plants.

The relation of environment to the ringspot disease of crucifers. Phytopath 49(10): 633-640

The relation of environmental conditions to angular spot disease of cotton. Ann Appl Biol 16(1): 188-190

The relation of environmental factors to development of the Poinsettia root rot complex. Dissertation Abst 21(12): 3584-3585

The relation of environmental temperature to the action of thyroxine. Endocrinology 23(5): 553-558

The Relation Of Enzymatic Adaptation To The Metabolism Of Endogenous And Exogenous Substrates. Journal of General Physiology 31(1): 27-49

The relation of enzymic fibrin degradation to fibrin maturation. Hoppe Seyler S Zeitschr Physiol Chem 305(4/6): 158-164

The relation of epidermal innervation to limb regeneration in Amblystoma larvae. J Exp Zool 127(3): 577-601

The relation of erythrocyte and serum L casei folate activity to folate deficiency in certain megaloblastic anaemias.

The relation of erythropoiesis to iron absorption. Jour Clin Invest: 1006

The relation of estral mucus of the cervix to conception in cattle. Polhohospodarstvo 9(2): 109-118

The relation of estrin to the basal metabolic rate. Dissertation 24p

The relation of estrogenic activity to structure in some 4,4-dihydroxydi-phenylmethanes.

The relation of estrogenic substances to thyroid function and respiratory metabolism. Amer Jour Physiol 124(1): 114-116

The relation of ethnic and selected socio-economic factors to human birth-weight. Annals of Human Genetics 31(1): 71-83

The relation of evaluative attitudes to traits of introversion and extraversion. Dissertation Absts 21(6): 1655

The Relation Of Evolution To Medicine. Science 64(1660): 394-396

The Relation Of Exercise To Bubble Formation In Animals Decompressed To Sea Level From High Barometric Pressures. Journal of General Physiology 28(3): 241-251

The relation of experimental diabetes to periodontal disease. American Journal of Orthodontics 33(10): 703-722

The relation of external conditions to the onset and termination of hibernation and estivation. Mammalian hibernation , III Proceedings of the Third International Symposium 13-16 September, 1965 1-29

The Relation of External Rubidium Concentration to Amounts and Rates of Uptake by Excised Potato Tuber Tissue. Plant Physiology 30(2): 105-112

The relation of external temperature to spermatogenesis in the male starling. Journal of Experimental Zoology 109(2): 259-266

The relation of extracellular fluid to arterial pressure during drug induced saluresis abstract human. Clinical Research 16(4): 564

The relation of facet orientation to intervertebral disc failure. Canadian Journal of Surgery. Journal Canadien de Chirurgie 10(2): 179-185

The relation of factors XII, XI, and IX to hypercoagulable states. Thrombosis et Diathesis Haemorrhagica 9: 90-101

The relation of failure to perception, memory, and emotion. Dissertation Abst: 1258-1259

The relation of fantasy productions to test intelligence. Dissert Absts 23(3): 1080

The relation of fatness to sterility. Jour Obstet And Gynaecol Brit Emp 37(2): 256-271

The relation of fats to texture, crumb, and volume of bread. Cereal Chem 19(1): 84-94

The relation of faunistic surveys to applied entomology. Jour Econ Ent 48(6): 776

The relation of feathering of feet of American owls to humidity of environment and to life zones. Auk 53(1): 51-56

The relation of feeding and management to the cause of the stiff-lamb disease. Proc Amer Soc Animal Prod 33: 185-192

The relation of fertilizer use to crop production. Commercial Fertilizer 58(3): 8-10

The relation of fertilizers to respiration and certain physical properties of strawberries. Proc Amer Soc Hort Sci 28: 220-224, 1931( )

The relation of fertilizers to the control of cotton root rot in Texas. V S Dept Agric Tech Bull 426: 1-75

The relation of fertilizers to the cotton plant produced in the Blackland prairie section of Texa. Jour Amer Soc Agron 30(3): 254-262

The relation of fetal activity to the activity of the mother. Child Development 12(1): 63-68

The relation of fetal hemoglobin to the size of the erythrocytes. PROC CONGR EUROPEAN SOC HAEMATOL 8(Pt II): 4p, No 299

The relation of fiber level in mash and grain to gain and economy of Broad Breasted Bronze turkeys. Poultry Sci 33(2): 434-435

The relation of fiber pathways to local immunity in experimental poliomyelitis. Trans Amer Neurol Assoc 67: 122-124

The relation of fineness of sulfur particles to effectiveness against the citrus thrips in central California. Jour Econ Ent 27(2): 543-546

The relation of fire to stand composition of longleaf pine forests. Ecology 20(2): 287-304

The relation of firmness to certain other characteristics of beef muscle L Variation In the physical structure of the longissimusf dorsi muscle at the twelfth rib and its relationship to firmness and tenderness, n The relationship of objectively mea-suredfirmness and tenderness to the physical structure of the longissi-musdorsi.

The relation of firmness to ripeness of eastern grown apples. U S Dept Agric Circ 579: 1-21

The relation of flicker to stimulus area in peripheral vision. Arch Psychol 298: 1-61

The relation of flies and fly sprays to milk production. Jour Econ Ent 21(3): 494-501

The relation of flies, beverages and well water to gastro-intestinal diseases in Peiping. Nation Med Jour China 15(4): 410-418

The relation of flour properties and their influence on fermentation and handling of continuously mixed dough. Cereal Sci Today 8(4): 134

The relation of flower color and their mean seed weight of beans to the inheritance of seed dimensions and weight of the seeds of P vulgaris I II.

The relation of flower-cluster thinning and light pruning to yields of American grapes. Bienn Rept Kansas Stute Hort Soc 44: 72-75, 1936-37( )

The relation of flowering and cambial activity Observations on vascular differentiation and dry-weight changes in the catkins of some early flowering catkin-bearing dicotyledons. New Phytologist 32(1): 1-12

The relation of fluctuations in pelagic Cladocera to the development of bacteria in a body of water. Doklady Akad Nauk Sssr 103(6): 1111-1114

The relation of foliage analysis to keeping quality of McIntosh and Spy varieties of applies. Sci Agric 30(12): 518-534

The relation of food and disease. Month Bull Dept Agric California 19(9/10): 637-640

The relation of food selection by fishes to the character of its distribution on the bottom. Zoologicheskii Zhurnal 25(3): 269-276

The relation of food to alimentary fill in the albino ra. Jour Nutrition 7(6): 627-632

The relation of food to the composition of milk. Welsh Jour Agric 4: 114-121

The relation of forest management to higher production in poplar and beech stands. Erdeszettudomanyi Kozlemenyek 2: 25-50

The relation of forest to steppe in central Siberia. Biull Moskovskovo Obshchestva Ispytatelei Prirody Otdel Biol 58(6): 81-95

The relation of forests to our water supply. Jour Forest 49(4): 245-249

The relation of free sulfhydryl groups to chromatographic heterogeneity and polymerization of bovine plasma albumin. Biochemistry 1: 60-68

The relation of frequency of detection to intensity of stimulus for a system of many independent detectors each of which is stimulated by a m-quantum coincidence. Journal of Physiology 169(2): 412-415

The relation of frit fly attack to the milling quality of oats. Ann Appl Biol 46(3): 482-485

The relation of fruit retention force to the mechanical harvesting efficiency of Montmorency cherries. Hort Science 2(2): 53-55

The relation of frustration and motivation to the production of abnormal fixations in the rat. Psycholog Monogr 56(4): 1-45

The relation of function and structure in lipoyl dehydrogenase. Journal of Biological Chemistry 237: 3820-3828

The relation of function to metabolism in components of the reticuloendothelial system. J Reticuloendothelial Soc 1(4): 350-351

The relation of functional asymmetry in the motor analyzer to that in the visual analyzer. Fiziol Zh Sssr Im I M Sechenova 50(1): 26-31

The relation of functional periodicity to changes in the characteristics of emotional reactions and personality. Dissertation Absts 19(12): 3372-3373

The relation of gall bladder disease to pregnancy. Amer Jour Obstetr & Gynecol 16(1): 82-89

The relation of gamma efferent conditioned responses to alpha motoneuron conditioned responses. Anat Rec 139(2): 212

The relation of gamma-aminobutyric acid to factor I in brain extracts. Journal of Neurochemistry 7: 147-154

The relation of gas exchange and tyrosinase activity of tomato tissues to the level of boron nutrition of the plants. Archives of Biochemistry 30(1): 207-214

The Relation Of Gastric Function To Nausea In Man. Journal of Clinical Investigation 22(6): 877-882

The relation of gastric function to the chemical composition of the blood. Journal of Physiology 73(4): 331-343

The relation of gastritis to the anemias. NEW INTERNATIONAL CLINICS l(n ser III): 173-178

The relation of genetics to geographical distribution and speciation; speciation I Introduction.

The relation of genetics to geographical distribution and speciation; speciation II Specia-tion in Peromyscus.

The relation of genome number to radiosen-sitivity. The relation of genome number to radiosen-sitivity 7p

The relation of geology to sheep sickness in Mairoa district Interim report to the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research, February, 1930.

The relation of germ cell degeneration to modifications of the testicular structure of Plethodontid salamanders. Jour Morph 60(2): 459-484

The relation of giant cell formation to caseation in miliary tubercles in the human liver. Jour Path And Bact 38(2): 175-178

The Relation of Glucose Absorption to Respiration in Potato Slices. Plant Physiology 39(3): 391-397

The relation of glucose oxidation to lipogenesis in mammary tissue. Journal of Biological Chemistry 210(2): 785-797

The relation of glutamine to the synthesis of hyaluronate or hyaluronate-like substances by Streptococci. Biochemical Journal 53(4): Xxxix-Xxxix

The relation of glycerol in culture media to the growth and chemical composition of tubercle bacilli. Amer Rev Tuberc 16(4): 523-529

The relation of glycolic acid content to photosynthetic gas exchange in leaves of Phaseolus vulgaris. Z Pflanzenphysiol 57(4): 389-397

The Relation Of Glycolic Acid Synthesis To The Primary Photosynthetic Carboxylation Reaction In Leaves. Journal of Biological Chemistry 240: 1869-1876

The relation of glycollate and glyoxylate to allantoin. Hoppe Seyler S Zeitschr Physiol Chem 295: 387-397

The relation of glycosuria in pregnancy to chronic pancreatitis. Acta Medica Scandinavica 130(3): 283-298

The relation of glycosuria to glycaemia and the determination of the renal threshold for glucose. Biochemical Journal 25(4): 1128-1146

The relation of gonadal condition to erythrocyte number in fowls. Amer Jour Physiol 94(3): 656-661

The relation of gonado-tropic and thyrotropic hormones to development. Cold Spring Harbor Symposia on Quantitative Biology 10: 104-110

The relation of grasses to man. So African Jour Sci 26: 133-138

The relation of grazing to establishment and vigor of crested wheatgrass. Jour Amer Soc Agron 36(4): 358-360

The relation of green manures to the carbon and nitrogen contents and reaction of soils at Peradeniya. Trop Agric [ceylon] 74(1): 10-14

The relation of green sprouting to growth and yield of potatoes. Proc Ann Meet Potato Assoc Amer 16: 73-82

The relation of grip strength and grip-strength endurance to age. Journal of Applied Physiology 5(10): 628-630

The relation of group morale to the incidence and duration of medical incapacity in industry. Psychosomatic Medicine 9(6): 381-385

The relation of growth and chemical composition of Deglet Noor dates to water injury. Ann Rept Date Growers Inst Coachella Valley California 11: 6-9

The relation of growth and nutrition to the reticulocyte level in the young rat. Jour Nutrition 16(6): 597-602

The relation of growth patterns in radioactive media to the mechanism of genetic change in Escherichia coli. Bact Proc : 51

The relation of growth regulators to the development of symptoms and the expression of stem resistance in white pine infected with blister rust. Can J Bot 45(4): 501-513

The relation of growth substances to the development of the reserve organs of Brassica, Raphanus, and Beta. Prace Moravske Pirod Spolecnosti [Acta Soc Sci Nat Morav] 12(14): 1-20

The relation of growth to fruitfulness in some varieties of apple. Proc Arner Soc Hort Sci 22: 161-172

The relation of growth to the lethal damage induced by ultraviolet irradiation in Escherichia coli. Journal of Bacteriology 71(2): 149-157

The relation of growth to the varying carbohydrate content in mountain brom. U S Dept Agric Tech Bull 598: 1-24

The relation of growth to toxin production of the Dochez N Y 5 strain of haemo-lytic streptococcus.

The relation of growth to water-retaining capacity and transpiration in pasture grasses. Materialy Nauchnoi konferentsii Kazanskii gosudarstvennyi pedagogi-cheskii institut, 1962 [Information on the 1962 Scientific Conference of the Kazan State Teachers Institute ] 268-272

The relation of hair cycles to the survival time of suprapannicular and subpannicular skin homografts in rats. Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences 64(5): 958-63; Discussion, 963-6

The relation of hand preference and direction of eye turning to the developmental status of infants. Dbs Abstr 25(3): 2025-2026

The relation of hardiness and maturity in the apple. Proc Amer Soc Hort Sci 26: 199-202, 1929 ( )

The relation of heart rate to cardiovascular dynamics. Pacing by atrial electrodes. Circulation 33(6): 925-932

The relation of heart rate to intracranial pressure. Journal of Physiology 98(4): 442-445

The relation of heat production to water metabolism during the administration of synthetic thyroxine. Amer Jour Physiol 135(3): 572-576

The relation of hel-minthiasis to leukaemia in domestic fowls. Jour Helminthol 16(1): 53-56

The relation of hematology to condition in California deer. Trans N Amer Wildlife Conf 17: 482-496

The relation of hemolysins and toxins in diphtheria cultures isolated from acute cases. Jour Infect Dis 46(6): 485-490

The relation of heparin to protoplasmic clotting. Biological Bulletin 95(2): 283-283

The relation of hepatic -glycerophosphate concentration to lipogenesis in rat liver. Biochimica et Biophysica Acta (BBA) - Lipids and Lipid Metabolism 137(1): 0-180

The relation of hepatic blood flow to the metabolic requirement of the splanchnic bed. Proc Penn Acad Sci 37: 80-81

The Relation of Hepatitis to Cholecystitis. American Journal of Pathology 9(4): 473-496.3

The relation of heredity to cancer occurrence as shown in strain 621 Studies in the incidence and inheritability of spontaneous tumors in mice.

The relation of heredity to cancer With regard to the communication of President C C Little of the University of Michigan.

The relation of heredity to spontaneous thyroid tumors in mice Studies in the incidence and inheritability of spontaneous tumors in mice 25th report.

The relation of heretofore unreported lesions to pathogenesis of herpes zoster. American Journal of Pathology 29(3): 401-411

The relation of hermaphrodite vars of melons to self-pollination. Doklady Vsesoiuznoi Akademii S Kh Nauk V I Lenina: 6-10

The relation of herpes virus to host cell mitochondria. Journal of Experimental Medicine 96(2): 151-157

The relation of heterophile Immunity to the incidence of colds. Jour Immunol 28(6): 485-488

The relation of hexose phosphates to the epidermal phosphofructokinase velocities in psoriasis. Journal of Investigative Dermatology 47(6): 593-594

The relation of hibicon and electroshock to conditioned avoidance learning in the white rat. Dissertation Absts 15(12): 2582

The Relation Of High And Low Urea Clearances To The Inulin And Creatinine Clearances In Children With The Nephrotic Syndrome. Journal of Clinical Investigation 20(4): 361-368

The relation of highway slash to infestations by the western pine beetle in standing timber. U S Dept Agric Tech Bull 3

The relation of hind tibiae and sensoria to intermediacy in parthenogenetic aphids. Ann Ent Soc America 37(4): 409-413

The Relation Of Hippuric Acid Excretion To The Volume Of The Urine. Journal of Clinical Investigation 21(6): 763-771

The relation of histamine metabolism to the clinical picture and patho physiology of myelo proliferative disorders abstract human neopl polycythemia vera. Experimental Hematology (Oak Ridge) (16): 62-63

The relation of housing to behavior disorder. American Journal of Psychiatry 119: 469-472

The relation of human adrenal glands to the pathological changes produced by intense continuous stress ending in death. Acta Endocrinologica 6(1): 23-50

The relation of human and cattle blood groups. Transfusion 2: 172-177

The relation of human encephalitis to encephalomyelitis in horses. Jour Amer Med Assoc 111(19): 1734-1735

The relation of human genetics to demography. Eugenics Quart 5(3): 131-136

The relation of human vascular reflexes to the type of higher nervous activity. Biull Eksptl Biol I Med [Transl] 49(5): 440-443

The relation of humic acids to the inhibition of plant straight growth. Naturwissenschaften 50(7): 309-310

The relation of humidity and ventilation to the leaf mold disease of tomatoes. Ohio Agric Exp Sta Bimo Bull 13(3): 119-122

The relation of humidity to infection of the sweet potato by Rhizopus. Jour Agric Res 33(6): 527-539

The relation of hydrocortisone injections to cleft palate in mice. New England Journal of Medicine 256(22): 1035-1039

The relation of hydrogen exchange between deoxyadenosylcobalamin and water to the role of the coenzyme in ribonucleotide reduction. Biochemical Journal 103(1): 5contd-7c

The relation of hydrogen ion concentration to the action of local anaesthetics. Brit Jour Exp Path 8(4): 307-315

The relation of hydrogen ion concentration to the precipitation of purified torulin by phosphotungstic acid. Biochem Jour 24(6): 1856-1863

The relation of hydrogen ions to the growth rate of the Avena coleoptile. Protoplasma 21(3): 406-423

The relation of hydrogen-ion concentration and larval development of Aedes aegypti. Abst Theses Tulane Univ 41: 117-119

The relation of hydrogen-ion concentration to the growth and distribution of mosses. Amer Jour Bot 23(4): 271-279

The relation of hydrogenase and nitrogenase in the fixation of nitrogen by Azotobacter. Jour Bact 45(1): 17

The relation of hydrogenion concentration to the penetration of 3-indole acetic acid into Nitella cells. Amer Jour Bot 24(8): 513-518

The relation of hydrolytic decomposition products of proteins to bacterial growth. Jour Infect Dis 40(4): 485-496

The relation of hydrostatic pressure to specific precipitation, antibody inactivation, and protein denaturation. Jour Bad 52(2): 257

The Relation Of Hydrostatic Pressure To The Gradient Of Capillary Permeability. Journal of Experimental Medicine 55(2): 203-221

The relation of hypercholes-terinaemia to increased tolerance for thyroid preparations in nephrosis. Clin Sci 1(3): 241-244

The relation of hyperemia to the action of estrin. Endocrinology 26(1): 73-79

The Relation Of Hypersensitiveness To Poison Ivy And To Cashew Nut Shell Liquid. Science 102(2646): 279-280

The relation of hypertension to the renal circulation. Glasgow Medical Journal 31(7): 217-242

The relation of hypophysis to carbohydrate and basal metabolism Cured diabetes mellitus and hypothyroidism in acromegaly.

The Relation Of Immunity To The Experimental Production Of Abscess Of The Lung. Annals of Surgery 86(2): 165-173

The relation of immunoglobulin class, pattern of anti-nuclear antibody, and complement-fixing antibodies to DNA in sera from patients with systemic lupus erythematosus. Journal of Clinical Investigation 46(11): 1785-1794

The relation of immunological activity and primary structure in cyto-chrome c. International symposium on conformation of bio-polymers, 18-21 January, , Madras, India, Vol 1 253-277

The relation of inadequate rations to the weights of the internal organs of chicks. MISSOURI AGRIC EXP STA RES BULL 122: 23 p

The Relation of Increased Intra-abdominal Pressure to the Liver Lesions of Eclampsia. American Journal of Pathology 10(6): 821-825

The relation of individual forms of soil actinomycetes to various carbon sources during growth on nitrate and molecular nitrogen. Mikrobiologiia [transl] 29(4): 363-366

The relation of induced tumor resistance to increased tissue respiration. Stud Inst Divi Thomae [cincinnati] 3(1): 61-68

The relation of infectious and hemagglutination titers to the adaptation of influenza virus to mice. Journal of Experimental Medicine 88(5): 515-519

The Relation Of Inflammation To The Molecular Structure Of Carbon Compounds Soluble In The Fluids Of The Body. Journal of Experimental Medicine 121: 487-501

The Relation Of Influenza Virus And Bacteria In The Etiology Of Pneumonia. Journal of Clinical Investigation 28(2): 307-318

The relation of inheritance studies to corn improvement. Jour Amer Soc Agron 18(4): 308-314

The relation of initial volume and initial pressure to the dynamics of the ventricular contraction. Amer Jour Physiol 87(2): 348-358

The relation of inorganic ions to the failure of the isolated frog heart. Arch Kreislaufforsch 21(9/12): 364-383

The relation of inorganic iron to nutritional anemia. JOUR BIOL CHEM 74(1): lxxviii-lxxix

The relation of inorganic salts to growth and reproduction in Amoeba proteu. Arch Protistenk 79(2): 133-145

The relation of insect activities to forest development as exemplified in the forests of eastern North America. Forest Chron 9(4): 5-32

The relation of insect control to the arsenic content of spray residues. Pennsylvania Hort Assoc News 8(1): 18-27

The relation of insect taxonomy to applied biology. Bull Ent Soc Amer 6(1): 3-5

The relation of insect taxonomy to mosquito control. Mosquito News 17(3): 147-151

The relation of insects and weather to the development of heart rot of celery. Phytopathology 17(9): 663-667

The relation of insects to slash disposal. U S Dept Agric Circ 411: 1-12

The relation of inspiratory distention of the lungs to emphysema. Jour Allergy 5(5): 493-504

The relation of instrumentation to infection of the kidney. Quinn and Kass, Eds Biology of pyelonephritis 465-471

The relation of insulin and adrenaline to uric acid excretion in the rabbit. Amer Jour Physiol 123(3): 625-629

The relation of intelligence level and transient motor response to step functions in selected groups of children. Dissertation Absts 14(7): 1101

The relation of intensity of radium radiations to tissue reaction using a segment of a growing mouse tail as a biological indicator. Amer Jour Roentgenol And Radium Therapy 27(1): 1-13

The relation of intermediary metabolic products to arginase activation. Biochemical Journal 28(2): 740-744

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