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Geography & Life Sciences: Chapter 25937

Chapter 25937 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in geography and in the life sciences.

The site of acidification of the urine in the dog's kidney. Canadian Journal of Biochemistry and Physiology 35(6): 419-423

The site of acidification of the urine within the renal tubule in amphibia. Amer Jour Physiol 118(1): 144-152

The site of acidification of urine in the frogs and rats kidney. Quarterly Journal of Experimental Physiology and Cognate Medical Sciences 30(3): 205-218

The site of action in the glycolysis cycle of protein enhancing factor from mitochondria. Biokhimiya 29(2): 255-260

The site of action of 2,4-dinitrophenol on oxidative phosphorylation. Biochim Et Biophys Acta 48(2): 362-379

The site of action of Parpanit. Helvetica Physiol Et Pharmacol Acta 6(3): 331-345

The site of action of analeptics. Indian J Med Res 53(12): 1164-1171

The site of action of anoxia on the pulmonary blood vessels of the cat. Journal of Physiology 125(2): 373-382

The Site Of Action Of Atractyloside. Biochimica et Biophysica Acta 92: 178-180

The site of action of caffeine as a respiratory stimulant. Jour Pharmacol Exp Therap 57(4): 458-463

The site of action of chlorpromazine on the central nervous system of cats. Folia Pharmacol Japonica 54(1): 7-20

The site of action of crystalliferous bacteria in lepidoptera larvae. Jour Insect Pathol 1(2): 152-170

The site of action of cysteamine in irradiated bacteria: an electron spin resonance study. Biochimica et Biophysica Acta 126(1): 37-42

The Site Of Action Of Furosemide And Other Sulfonamide Diuretics In The Dog. Journal of Clinical Investigation 44: 1458-1469

The site of action of furosemide in the human kidney. Metabol Clin Exp 16(10): 871-889

The site of action of hypnotics and analeptics in the brain. Jour Mt Sinai Hosp 7(6): 609-617

The site of action of inert dusts on certain beetles infesting stored products. Proc Roy Ent Soc London Ser A 22(7/9): 65-69

The site of action of insect hyperglycemic hormone. Gen And Comp Endocrinol 3(1): 46-52

The site of action of metrazol and coramine V The fundamental vegetative action of both substances.

The site of action of narcotics on brain metabolism. Journal of Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics 87: 185-192

The site of action of penicillin. III. Effect of surface-active substances on penicillin uptake by Staphylococcus aureus. Biochimica et Biophysica Acta 13(3): 433-438

The site of action of penicillin. 1. Uptake of penicillin on bacteria. Biochemical Journal 46(2): 157-161

The site of action of penicillin: some properties of the penicillin-binding component of Staphylococcus aureus. Journal of General Microbiology 12(1): 100-106

The site of action of phlorrhizin in inhibiting intestinal absorption of glucose. Journal of Physiology 148: 83-92

The site of action of phospholipase A on B-lecithins. Biochimbiophys Acta 84(4): 469-471

The site of action of phospholipase A on synthetic mixed-acid lecithins. P Desnuells, Editor The Enzymes of Lipid Metabolism Proceedings Sixth International Conference on Bio-chemistry of Lipids, 1960 p 53-59

The site of action of plastocyanin in chloroplasts treated with detergent. Biochimica et Biophysica Acta 153(1): 235-240

The site of action of procaine on the isolated spinal cord of the frog. Journal of Physiology 140(2): 213-219

The site of action of some drugs causing stimulation of the circular coat of the rabbit's intestine. Journal of Physiology 102(2): 170-179

The site of action of sulfhydryl compounds in the aminoacyl soluble ribonucleic acid transfer reaction in protein synthesis. Biochimica et Biophysica Acta 108(4): 719-720

The Site Of Action Of Sympathomimetic Amines On The Circular Muscle Strip From The Guinea-Pig Isolated Ileum. Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmacology 16: 332-336

The site of action of tetanus toxin in local tetanus 1.

The site of action of the crystal violet nuclear stain. Stain Technology 30(2): 89-92

The site of action of the human chorionic gonadotrophin in the rat ovary, as determined by the immunohistochemical method. Rev Invest Clin 18(2): 239-244

The site of action of the renal pressor substance. Amer Jour Med Sci 196(1): 18-23

The site of action of the Staphylococcus alpha toxin. Journal of Experimental Medicine 113: 67-82

The site of action of thyroxin on water-metabolism. Quart Jour Exp Physiol 30(2): 195-204

The Site Of Action Of Trypan Blue In Cardiac Teratogenesis. Anatomical Record 147: 507-523

The site of action of veratrine on skeletal muscle. Amer Jour Physiol 80(3): 488-492

The site of action of veratrine on the cold-blooded heart. Univ California Publ Physiol 7(3): 25-28

The site of air leakage from the lung alveoli into the interstitial tissue during local over-inflation in the cat. Verhandl Anat Gesell 85: 78-81

The site of alkylation of nucleic acids by mitomycin. Biochemistry 4(2): 206-211

The site of ammonia formation and the prominent role of vomiting in ammonia elimination. Jour Biol Chem 67(1): 109-140

The site of ammonia formation and the role of vomiting in ammonia elimination. Jour Biol Chem 69(2): 381-396

The site of and possible mechanism in the action of chlorpromazine on the descending reticular formation in the brain stem. Fiziol Zhur Sssr [Transl] 46(9): 1291-1298

The site of antibody formation in the body. Problemy Hematol I Perel Krovi [Transl] 2(6): 370-381

The Site Of Attachment Of Hexose In Tropocollagen. Journal of Biological Chemistry 240: Pc3449-50

The site of attack by thrombin on fibrino-gen. Jour Amer Chem Soc 76(21): 5573-5574

The site of attack of phos-pholipase A on lecithin A re-evaluation Position of fatty acids on lecithins and tricglycerides.

The site of bilirubin formation. Skand Arch Physiol 49: 181

The site of binding of pyridoxal-5 -phosphate to heart glutamic-aspartic transaminase. Proc Nat Acad Sci Usa 48(9): 1615-1618

The site of biosynthesis of mammalian tyrosinase. Journal of Investigative Dermatology 37: 359-368

The site of calcium binding in relation to the activation of myofibrillar contraction. Journal of General Physiology 51(5): 655-676

The site of capsule synthesis in group A streptococcus. Fed Procpt. 1: 146

The site of cardiovascular action of veratrum derivatives. Journal of Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics 105(1): 87-95

The site of carotenoid and anthocyanin synthesis in sweet potatoes. Proc Amer Soc Hort Sci 65: 396-398

The site of catechin synthesis in the tea plant. Fiziol Rastenii [Transl] 5(1): 46-55

The site of conversion of carotene injected into rats Proceedings of the Biochemical Society, September 18, 1953. Biochem Jour: Xxxi-Xxxii

The site of cytochromef heme in spinach chloroplasts and some of its properties In The photochemical apparatus Its structure and function. Brookhaven Symposia In Biol: 8-352

The site of deposition and rate of clearance of saline after subcutaneous injection into the mouse tail. Journal of Investigative Dermatology 46(3): 251-253

The site of dlphospholnositlde synthesis in rat liver. Biochem Biophys Res Commun 21(4): 333-338

The site of electrical excitation of the human eye. Journal of Physiology 127(1): 189-200

The site of electron transfer to various acceptors in the succinoxidase system, with special reference to that of ethylurethane. Japanese Jour Physiol 8(4): 349-357

The site of enzymatic hydrogen transfer in diphosphopyridine nucleotide. Jour Amer Chem Soc 77(12): 3391-3393

The site of ferricyanide reduction by reductases within mitochondria as studied by electron microscopy. Journal of Histochemistry and Cytochemistry 16(1): 49-57

The site of fertilization of mammalian eggs. Bull Schweiz Akad Med Wiss 10(3/4): 239-248

The site of formation and source of bilirubin. Arch Path & Lab Med 2(4): 516-527

The Site Of Formation And Ultrastructure Of Amyloid. American Journal of Pathology 43: 837-854

The site of formation of bilirubin. Amer Jour Physiol 98(2): 262-265

The site of formation of hemopoietic substances. Problemy Gematol I Perel Krovi [Transl] 5(11): 739-745

The site of formation of renin in the kidney. Medicina [buenos Aires] 10(3): 174-177

The Site Of Formation Of Rheumatoid Factor. Arthritis and Rheumatism 6: Suppl 467-80

The site of galactoside-permease activity in Escherichia coli. Biochimica et Biophysica Acta 25(1): 206-207

The site of gastro lipase secretion in the glandular system of the gastric mucosa of the dog. Bollettino Societa Italiana Biologia Sperimentale 44(8): 802-804

The site of hormonal and enzymatic activities in renal physiology and patho physiology abstract. Semaine des Hopitaux 43(19): 1279

The site of hydrochloric acid production in the stomach as determined by indicators. Biochemical Journal 46(4): 414-420

The site of impulse initiation in a nerve cell of a crustacean stretch receptor. Journal of Physiology 143(1): 138-148

The site of impulse initiation in bipolar receptor neurons of Callinectes sapidus, L. J Exp Biol 45(3): 411-420

The site of in vitro inhibition of cholesterol biosynthesis by hypoglycemic compounds In 47th Annual meeting of the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology, 1963.

The site of increased formation of histamine in the pregnant rat. Journal of Physiology 144(2): 337-348

The site of infection in pregnancy bacteriuria. Lancet 1(7444): 939-941

The site of infestation with tapeworm determined by means of intestinal intubation Diphyllobothrium latum and pernicious anemia X.

The site of inhibition of blood clotting by soy bean trypsin inhibitor. Journal of Clinical Investigation 30(11): 1298-1304

The site of inhibition of iodoacetamide in photosynthesis studied with chloroplasts and cell free preparations of spinach. ZEITSCHR NATUR FORSCH 15b(5): 287-291

The site of initiation of impulses in Pacinian corpuscles. Journal of Physiology 133(1): 54-67

The site of intestinal absorption of vitamin B12 in man. Jour Clin Invest 42(6): 934

The site of iodide concentration in hamster salivary glands as demonstrated by autoradiography. Archives of Oral Biology 12(10): 1189-1194

The site of leucocyte emigration during inflammation. Quarterly Journal of Experimental Physiology and Cognate Medical Sciences 46: 115-118

The site of lupin alkaloids synthesis. Bull Acad Polonaise Sci Ser Sci Biol 8(12): 587-589

The site of metabolism of progesterone in the rabbit. Amer Jour Physiol 142(3): 326-327

The site of narcosis in a cell The action of a series of paraffin oils on Amoeba dubia. Journal of Cellular Physiology 4(1): 9-33

The site of oligomycin action in corn mitochondria. Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications 24(6): 899-902

The site of origin of lung cancer and its relation to histological type. Thorax 10(2): 117-126

The site of origin of the physiologic myoclonias of sleep. Riv Neurol 7(2): 133-160

The site of origin of the tremor produced by tubocurarine acting from the cerebral ventricles. Journal of Physiology 162: 539-554

The site of phosphorus accumulation in maize m roots phloem cortex inst auto radiography. Australian Journal of Biological Sciences 21(5): 1063-1067

The site of photo reactivation of reproductive ability in the alga netrium digitus as determined by exposure to a microbeam of visible light. Radiation Botany 8(4): 325-338

The site of pressor action of the base A closely allied to /-nicotine, present in urine. Jour Physiol 105(1): 117-125

The site of production of estrogenic hormones in human pregnancy mouse rev. European Review of Endocrinology 1(2): 227-246

The site of production of oestro-genic hormones in human pregnancy III Further observations on the hormone excretion in pregnancy with anencephalic foetus.

The site of production of oestrogenic hormones during pregnancy. Acta Endocrinol : 116

The site of production of oestrogenic hormones in human pregnancy Hormone excretion in pregnancy with anencephalic foetus. Obstetric and Gynecologic Survey 17(5): 716-718

The site of production of oestrogenic hormones in human pregnancy II Experimental investigations on the role of the foetal adrenal. Obstetric and Gynecologic Survey 19(1): 138-140

The site of production of the human chorion gonadotropin studied by the immuno fluorescence. Endocrinologia Experimentalis 1(3): 153-158

The site of propagation failure in the A-V transmission system. FED PROC 22(2 Pt 1): 307

The site of protein synthesis in Bacillus megaterium. Biochemical Journal 69(4): 544-553

The site of pulmonary stretch receptors in the cat. Journal of Physiology 125(2): 336-351

The site of pulmonary vasomotor activity during hypoxia or serotonin administration. Journal of Clinical Investigation 45(1): 112-121

The Site Of Rapidly Labelled Ribonucleic Acid In Nucleoli. Chromosoma 16: 124-132

The site of reaction of the nephrotoxic antibody electron microscopic localization of the antibody after intravenous injection of ferritin-conjugated anti-rat-kidney sera. Virchows Arch Pathol Anat Physiol Klin Med 341(4): 340-352

The site of regional perfusion in combined therapy of malignant tumors of limbs. Vilnius : 113-114

The site of renal elimination of hemoglobin in the rabbit. Anat Rec 65(4): 371-375

The Site Of Sodium Outflux From The Gill Of Fundulus Kansae. Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology 9: 263-269

The Site Of Specific Substances In Capsulated Organisms. Journal of Hygiene 62: 121-126

The site of sterol and squalene synthesis in the human skin. Journal of Investigative Dermatology 24(2): 125-129

The site of sucrose synthesis in a sugar beet plant. Biokhimiia 17(4): 446-455

The site of swelling in muscle. Journal of Biophysical and Biochemical Cytology 9: 502-504

The site of synthesis of antibodies against red cell and bacterial antigens in rabbits of different ages abstract escherichia coli sheep erythrocyte spleen. Folia Microbiologica: 558

The site of synthesis of mitochondrial proteins in Krebs II ascites-tumour cells. Biochemical Journal 102(3): 684-690

The site of synthesis of soluble blood group substances in hog mucosa. FED PROC 23(2 Pt 1): 274

The site of synthesis of sucrose in green plant cells. J Exp Bot 18(57): 732-739

The site of synthesis of the 19S -globulins in dysgamma-globulinemia. Jour Exptl Med 115(6): 1141-1148

The Site Of Synthesis Of The Melanophore-Stimulating Hormone In The Trout Pituitary. Journal of Endocrinology 32: 397-398

The Site Of The 5-Hydroxytryptamine Receptor On The Intramural Nervous Plexus Of The Guinea-Pig Isolated Ileum. British Journal of Pharmacology and ChemoTherapy 21: 306-322

The site of the CrO4-hemoglobin bond as determined by starch electro-phoresis and chromatography. FED PROC 20(1 Pt 1): 70

The site of the action of rotenone in the respiratory chain. Experimental Cell Research 24: 163-164

The site of the anaphylactic reaction. Hamburg Univ Abhandl Gebiet Auslandsk 26: 345-348

The site of the antidiuretic action of pituitary extract. Jour Pharmacol And Exp Therap 49(2): 237-249

The site of the blocking action of dexamethasone hormone on acth secretion in vivo and in vitro studies dog. Neuroendocrinology 3(5): 275-284

The Site Of The Blocking Action Of Dexamethasone On Stress-Induced Pituitary Acth Release. Journal of Endocrinology 29: 29-37

The site of the enzyme system involved in the biosynthesis of ascorbic-acid. Sci And Culture 23(7): 382-383

The site of the human placenta. Jour Obstetr & Gynecol Brit Empire 37(1): 99-101

The site of the immune reaction agains Eimeria bovis in calves and the demonstration of antibodies by immunofluorescence. Dissert Absts 24(7): 3020

The site of the inhibitory action of ethyl carbamate and sodium azide on the oxygen uptake of embryonic cells. Physiological Zoology 24(2): 116-120

The site of the intra venous injection of the drug in the treatment of schizophrenic patients resistant to chlorpromazine. Anon Vtoroi Vserossiiskii S"ezd Nevropathologov I Psikhiatrov, (The Second All-Russian Session Of Neuropathologists And Psychiatrists, From Ref Zh 1968, No 7 54 612-613

The site of the pressor action of dimethyl-guanidin sulphate. Jour Pharmacol And Exp Ther 47(2): 247-254

The site of the primary lesions in atherosclerosis. Angiology 13: 520-529

The site of the sweat gland defect in fibrocystic disease. Brit J Dermatol 77(2): 105-109

The site of the synthesis of hippuric acid and phenylaceturic acid in the dog. Jour Biol Chem 96(1): 73-81

The site of the synthesis of protein-bound iodine in the thyroid gland. Biull Eksper Biol I Med [Transl] 49(1): 51-53

The site of the toxic action of nicotin on the respiratory mechanism. Jour Pharmacol & Exp Therap 34(2): 111-135

The site of thyrotrophin and gonadotrophin production in the rat pituitary studied by McManus-Hotchkiss staining for glycoprotein. Endocrinology 49(2): 244-264

The Site Of Uptake Of Iodine By Hair. Naunyn-Schmiedebergs Archiv für Experimentelle Pathologie und Pharmakologie 248: 417-425

The site of vascular leakage in hypoxic pulmonary edema abstract rat dog cat arterial wall embolism. Proc Int Union Physiol Sci 7(24): 295

The site-of electrical excitation of the human eyes by the sinusoidal alternating currents at frequency of 20 cps. Tohoku Jour Exptl Med 67(2/3): 163-171

The site-specific coupling factors of mitochondrial oxidative phosphorylation. Int Congr Biochem 6(10): 764-765

The sites and relative frequencies of secondary constrictions in human somatic chromosomes. Cytogenetics 1: 325-343

The sites for mechano-electric conversion in a Pacinian corpuscle. Journal of General Physiology 41(6): 1245-1265

The Sites Of Action Of Atractyloside And Oligomycin In The Mitochondrial Energy-Transfer System. Biochimica et Biophysica Acta 93: 462-474

The sites of action of mitomycin C comparisons with other chemotherapeutic agents.

The sites of action of pericardial organ extract and 5-hydroxytryptamine in the decapod crustacean heart. American Zoologist 6(2): 107-121

The sites of actions of neurohypophysial hormones in urodeles In Conference of Europeans Endocrinologists, 1962.

The sites of alkaline phosphatase in dentino-genesis. Anat Rec 107(2): 105-119

The sites of alkaloid concentration in Lupinus luteus tissues. Can J Bot 42(11): 1481-1483

The sites of antibody production. Harefuah 57: 27-29

The sites of attachments of carbohydrate to conalbumin and transferrin in the hen. Protides Biol Fluids 14: 65-70

The sites of decalcification and of bone lesions in experimental hyperparathyroidism. Arch Path 12(5): 715-728

The sites of early epiphysial union in the limb girdles and major long bones of man. Journal of Anatomy 101(Pt 4): 823-831

The sites of elongation of human metacarpals and metatarsals. Acta Anatomica 61(2): 193-202

The sites of formation of estrogenic substances in the animal body. Physiol Rev 18(2): 154-172

The sites of gamma globulin production in cirrhosis. Proc Inst Med Chicago 22(10): 310

The sites of hemoglobin catabolism. Blood 26(6): 705-719

The Sites Of Nucleolus Formation In Human Pachytene Chromosomes. Cytogenetics 3: 124-134

The Sites Of Orthophosphate Uptake By Barley Roots. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 43(6): 496-506

The sites of the renal transport mechanisms for potassium, hydrogen and ammonium. The Effect Of Immobile Anions Upon Their Transport Dissertation Absts 20(5): 1842

The sites of transfer of sodium, potassium, and iodide in the parotid duct system of the dog. Canadian Journal of Biochemistry and Physiology 37(3): 359-370

The siting, form and maintenance of a shelterbelt for a high-lying stock-raising hill farm. Quart Jour Forest 54(4): 363-366

The sitosterols Variability of serum cholesterol levels and difficulty of evaluating decnoresterollzing agents.

The sitting height of humans with special consideration to sex differences. Acta Anat [Basel] 51(1/2): 68-94

The situation and foe significance of primatology. Zeit Morphol U Anthropol 53(1/2): 2-5

The situation and general maintenance of Burnham and Berrow Golf Course. Brit Golf Unions Jour Bd Greenkeeping Res 6(21): 108-113

The situation and outlook for cotton production in the U P vis-a-vis partition of the country.

The situation and the principal processes of medical plant improvement. Herba Hung 5(2/3): 100-111

The situation as regards epidemic fish diseases in hatcheries of the RSFSR. Trudy Soveshchanii Ikhtiol Komissiya Akad Nauk Sssr 9: 28-33

The situation as to the warming of the arctic basin. Deutsche Hydrographische Zeitschrift 18(6): 241-252

The situation concept in psychiatry. Bibliotheca Psychiatrica et Neurologica : 121-125

The situation of Sparganotis control. Forschungsdienst 13: 171-176

The situation of biological journals in Latin America. REVISTA LATINOAMER MICROBIOL 4(Suppl 8): 1-5

The situation of chinchilla breeding in france. Rivista di Zootecnia 14-16: 348-351

The situation of dairying in some tropical countries milk quality preservation. Beitraege zur Tropischen und Subtropischen Landwirtschaft und Tropenveterinaermedizin 5(1): 49-55

The situation of endemic leprosy in French Guiana in 1965. Bull Soc Pathol Exot 58(3): 401-409

The situation of pneumo coniosis in austria function and assessment. Beitraege Zur Klinik Und Erforschung Der Tuberkulose Und Der Lungenkrankheiten: 150-154

The Situation Of Psychiatry In West Germany. American Journal of Psychiatry 121: 1132-1134

The situation of the lobotomized patient. Psychiatric Quarterly 37: 97-104

The situation of the river fishery conservation pollution. Archiv fuer Fischereiwissenschaft 16(SUPPL 1): 1-16

The situation of the silk industry An imperative Join all forces. Italia Agric4: 183-189

The situation of the veterinary anatomical nomenclature reform. Wiener Tierarztl Monatsschr 53(5): 307-318

The situation, study, and utilization prospects of plant raw materials in Estonian SSR Situation and prospects of the study of the plant resources of the USSR. The situation, study, and utilization prospects of plant raw materials in Estonian SSR Situation and prospects of the study of the plant resources of the USSR Sostoyanie i perspektivy izucheniya i ispol'zovaniya rastitel'nogo syr'ya v Estonskoi SSR In: Sostoyanie i perspektivy izucheniya rastitel'nykh resursov SSSR Situation and prospects of the study of the plant resources of the USSR 93-97

The six hemoglobins of the sea lamprey. Arch Biochem And Biophys 103(1): 24-35

The six-grilled shark found for the 1st time in Madagascar. Nat Malgache 12(1): 163-165

The six-spotted leaf-hopper, Macrosteles fascifrons and aster yellows Chlorogenus callistephi H in Manitoba.

The six-year Philippine-American malaria control program. American Journal of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene 3(6): 971-980

The sixth A A Zavarzin memorial conference Referat Zhur, Biol, 1957, No 4707. Arkh Anat Gistol I Embriol: 103-104

The sixth annual report of the research department of the Indian Coffee Board. The sixth annual report of the research department of the Indian Coffee Board (1952-1953) 91p

The sixth conference of Czechoslovakian hydro-biologists. Hydrobiologia 20(3): 295-307

The sixth symposium of UNESCO on the problem of soil and water salinization. Pochvovedeniie [Transl] (5): 568-576

The sixth world forestry congress, Madrid. Quart J Forest 60(4): 303-311

The sixth year of experiments with new varieties of wheat. An Inst Nac Invest Agron [Madrid] 4(3): 571-613

The sixtieth annual meeting of the Society of American Bacteriologists. Mikrobiologiia [Transl] 29(6): 672-675

The sixtieth birthday of Professor D N Antipia.

The sixty-ninth Mary Scott Newbold lecture; the mechanism of cardiac failure. Circulation 10(5): 663-679

The size and coloring of the bottle-nose dolphin as criteria for the differentiation of subspecies. Nauch Doklady Vysshel Shkoly Biol Nauk 1: 35-42

The size and endocrine activity of the pituitary in mice selected for large or small body size. Genetical Res 3(3): 428-443

The size and function of the spleen in young puppies. Journal of Physiology 129(3): 636-638

The size and growth of the human optic nerve. Journal of Neurology, Neurosurgery, and Psychiatry 24: 45-49

The size and growth of tissue cells. The size and growth of tissue cells v+102p Amer Lecture Ser , Publication No 172 Illus

The size and nature of dust particles found in lung tissue. British Journal of Industrial Medicine 7(4): 187-194

The size and proportions of adult midgets. Amer Jour Phys Anthropol 3(2): 111-126

The size and se-rology of B mori polyhedron virus.

The size and shape of bacteria by light scattering measurements. Biochimica et Biophysica Acta (BBA) - General Subjects 165(2): 262-273

The size and shape of cocoon fibers from silkworms with one silk gland removed during the larval stage. Bull Sericult And Silk Indust [Japan] [Sanshi Gaku Zasshi] 10(3): 197-200

The size and shape of dust from human lungs and its relation to relative sampling. C N Davies, Editor Inhaled Particles and Vapours 445-452

The size and shape of human head hair along its shaft. Jour Heredity 33(8): 302-304

The size and shape of lysozyme. Canadian Jour Chem 30(11): 831-834

The Size And Shape Of Rat Liver Glycogen Prepared By Phenol Extraction. Israel Journal of Medical Sciences 1: 26-42

The size and shape of shells used by hermit crabs A multivariate analysis of Clibanarius erythropus. Acta Oecologica 35(3): 0-354

The size and shape of the amylose molecule. Makromol Chem 10(2): 183-184

The size and shape of the apatite crystallites in bone as determined from line-broadening measurements on oriented specimens. Biochimica et Biophysica Acta 35: 46-53

The size and shape of the radiosensitive acetylcholin esterase unit. Jour Biol Chem 223(2): 727-736

The size and shape of the uterine cavity determined by hysterography with an intrauterine contraceptive device as a marker. International Journal of Fertility 11(2): 187-193

The size and shape of tobacco mosaic virus particles. Jour Amer Chem Soc 66(7): 1188-1194

The size and shape of turkey eggs. Poultry Sci 16(6): 398-399

The size and structure of garden-sheltering plantations. Sad I Ogorod 1: 51-52

The size and structure of the optic analyzer in certain species of birds in relation to their way of life. Arkh Anat Gistol I Embriol 38(4): 34-44

The size and the variability of experimental error at different sites and during several years barley m wheat m. Landwirtschaftliche Forschung 21(3/4): 351-365

The size and transit time of nondividing subpool of precursor cells in acute leukemia. Blood 29(1): 63-76

The size and variability of cytoplasmic polyhedra in the silkworm bombyx mori lepidoptera bombycidae. Applied Entomology & Zoology 1(3): 107-112

The size and visibility of the filterable or virus bodies. Brit Med Jour (4214): 507

The size at metamorphosis of the sea lamprey in the Great Lakes region and further extension of breeding area into Lake Superior. Anat Rec: 73-74

The size attained by Desmognathus auriculatus. Herpetologica 20(3): 204

The size dependance of body form in birds. Zeitsehr Wiss Zool 162(3/4): 328-355

The size distribution behavior of the female of Anopheles clayiger Meig in connection with the temperature conditions during the development time in an Upper Bavarian study region.

The size distribution of airborne particles carrying Clostridium welchii. Journal of Pathology and Bacteriology 81: 523-526

The Size Distribution Of Airborne Particles Carrying Micro-Organisms. Journal of Hygiene 61: 385-391

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The size distribution of radioactive atmospheric aerosols. J Geophys Res 70(24): 6033-6041

The size factor in plant morphology. Brit Assoc Adv Sci Rept 1928: 620-621

The size factor in relation to the specificity of amoebae of the genus Entamoeba and to their biologic behavior in the host Filmed presentation of a culture of E hartmanni Characters and comparison with E histolytica J.

The size frequency of industrial dusts. U S Publ Health Liepts 48(32): 961-968

The size of coxsackie viruses as estimated by filtration through gradocol membranes. British Journal of Experimental Pathology 31(6): 809-812

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The size of T3 DNA. Journal of Molecular Biology 5: 76-79

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The size of animals caught by polyphagous predatory arthropods. Zool Anz 177(3/4): 211-217

The size of aperture through which worker honeybees will feed one another. Bee World 39(2): 40-42

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The size of apples in relation to their location on the tree. Proc Amer Soc Hort Sci 35: 132-134, 1937( )

The Size Of Bacteria As The Cause Of The Logarithmic Order Of Death. Journal of General Physiology 13(2): 179-205

The size of cardiac muscle fibers in relation to the body size in birds. Mem R Accad Sci Ist Bologna Cl Sci Fis 12: 259-270, -45

The size of certain naiades from western Lake Erie in relation to shoal exposure. Amer Midl Nat 19(3): 682-701

The size of chloroplasts in young and mature organs. Istanbul Univ Fen Fak Mecmuasi [Rev Fac Sci Univ Istanbul] Ser B Sci Nat 21(1/2): 139-143

The size of cotton dust particles causing bySsiposis An environmental and physiological study.

The size of diatoms 1 The diameter variation of Rhizosolenia styliformis Brightw and R alata Brightw in particular and of pelagic marine diatoms in general.

The size of diatoms II Further observations on Rhizo-solenia styliformis.

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