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The ultracentrifugal protein sedimentation diagram of normal human, cow and horse serum

, : The ultracentrifugal protein sedimentation diagram of normal human, cow and horse serum. Biochemical Journal 29(3): 660-693

The behavior of untreated human, cow and horse sera in the ultracentrifuge was studied to detn. the molecular dimensional state of the native serum proteins. The serum proteins of these 3 spp. are constituted in a similar manner: 3 molecular types, of which 2 correspond in sedimentation velocities to purified horse serum albumin and globulin; the 3d (the chemical nature of which is not known and which may not be capable of existence apart from the other serum proteins) has a molecular wt. slightly greater than albumin and considerably less than globulin. Photographs taken some time after sedimentation has begun, when the protein boundaries are separated sufficiently from each other, may be translated into refractive index diagrams which picture the protein composition of the serum and, in particular, give the conc. of each fraction and a measure of the degree of molecular homogeneity of the lightest. The sedimentation diagram is a strictly reproducible characteristic of a serum. Dialysis of cow serum against 1% NaCl or acetate buffer, or heating at 56[degree] for some hrs. causes no change. The diagram of redissolved serum powder shows the presence of considerable amts. of polydisperse protein. Treatment with (NH4)SO4 or with alcohol at low temps. gives rise to an irreversible change in the diagram. Simple dilution of cow, horse and human sera results in an increase in the conc. of globulin at the expense of the lighter fractions. The diagram of horse plasma shows that the fibrinogen is not present as a fraction of unusual molecular wt. It is not certain in which of the normal molecular fractions it is included. In sera from 10 normal persons the diagrams are closely similar[long dash]there are only small differences in the concs. of the fractions. The proportions of globulin are 5-15% of the total protein. The relationship between the ultra-centrifugal results for normal sera and the colloid osmotic pressures of undiluted sera is discussed.


PMID: 16745713

DOI: 10.1042/bj0290660

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