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Three generations of colorblindness

, : Three generations of colorblindness. Jour Gen Psychol 5(4): 459-478

In 3 generations of one family group 7 members were tested for defects in color-vision; 6 were [male][male], la [female]. The Ishihara tests for color-blindness classified all of the group as red-green blind, completely green-blind. Other standard tests confirmed the conclusion of green-blindness, but suggested inequalities in the degree of red-blindness. The group fell into two divisions so far as quality of color-defect was concerned. The member of the oldest generation, O, was grouped with the 2 sons of his oldest sister and 2 of her grandsons. The other group consisted of the 1 woman tested and her son, who were niece and grandnephew to O, by way of a 2nd sister. The woman showed a very pronounced color-defect, which differed in certain respects from that of her uncle and cousins. The color-defect of her son was less serious than hers; and less pronounced than that of other members of the family.


DOI: 10.1080/00221309.1931.9918417

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