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Toxic and therapeutic response of blood and bone marrow to sulfanilamide

, : Toxic and therapeutic response of blood and bone marrow to sulfanilamide. Proc Soc Exp Biol And Med 43(1): 29-32

After administration of therapeutic doses of sulfanilamide to a group of 9 patients, an increase in the mean corpuscular vol. of the erythrocytes and a moderate reduction in the total erythrocyte count were observed. The Hb, leucocytes, reticulocytes and icterus index were not markedly altered. The sternal bone-marrow showed a moderate normoblastic hyperplasia with most of these cells at the orthochromatic stage. The toxic effect of sulfanilamide was noted in one case. This was manifested by a marked depression of the Hb and erythrocyte count, pronounced leucocytosis, macro-cytosis, reticulocytosis and elevated icterus index. The bone-marrow revealed a marked normoblastic and pronormoblastic reaction with most of the normoblasts of the basophilic type.


DOI: 10.3181/00379727-43-11084

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