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Uber die Okologie der Baumhohlen-muckenlarven in Jugoslawien

, : Uber die Okologie der Baumhohlen-muckenlarven in Jugoslawien. Arch Hydrobiol 33(4): 700-705

Felling of old trees may increase the number of breeding places by decay of the centre of the stump, followed by adventitious growth of small branches that protect the cavity from light and evaporation. 12 tree trunk holes are described, with drawings. Aedes ornatus is absent only where the water is richest in tannin; with it Ae. echinus is found. Anopheles nigripes is absent from the cleanest water, so that after a hole fills with water a succession may occur; first Ae. ornatus then An. nigripes. A relation between tannin content and seta length is noted in the latter species. Orthopodomyia albionensis is considered the only characteristic inhabitant of the permanently filled and colonized, better protected, holes.


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