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Ueber Organveraenderungen bei langer Einwirkung von Sauerstoff mit erhoehtem Partial-druck im Tierexperiment

, : Ueber Organveraenderungen bei langer Einwirkung von Sauerstoff mit erhoehtem Partial-druck im Tierexperiment. Beitr Path Anat U Allg Path 105: 413-431

Mice, rats, guineapigs, rabbits, cats and dogs were exposed to an O2 conc. of 85% at normal atmospheric pressure through 7 days. Variations of temp., humidity and carbonic acid conc. were carefully avoided. All guineapigs, 1 rabbit and 2 mice died spontaneously during this period under most accentuated orthopnea and dyspnea. Another rabbit and a cat died with increased dyspnea and convulsions a short time after the expt. had been stopped. The surviving animals showed only a lessened appetite and moderate dyspnea. They recovered completely within 3 days at most, without any manifest damage. The lungs of the animals, which died either during the expts. or a short time after, showed edema, fibrinous exudations and bronchopneumonia of probably toxic origin. The alveolar membranes were tumefied and necrotic ("Quel-lungsnekrose"). This pneumonosis resulted in a lowered O2 absorption in spite of the high O2 supply. The animals died of hypoxemia. The myocardia of the rabbits were seriously damaged. In the papillary muscles and the wall of the left ventricle the muscle fibres were locally destroyed and replaced by fibroblastic proliferation, lympho- and leucocytic infiltration with remains of the necrotic muscles in some places. These changes are the consequence of the pulmonary damage caused by the O2 inhalation and of the hyperoxic hypoxemia induced hereby.


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