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Geography & Life Sciences: Chapter 26070

Chapter 26070 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in geography and in the life sciences.

Value of pregnandiol and phenolsteroids determination for the diagnosis and treatment of habitual abortion from hormonal genesis. Presse Med 70(24): 1193-1196

Value of premixed nitrous-oxide-and-oxygen mixtures in the relief of post-operative pain Double-blind trial of 25% nitrous oxide in oxygen, 15% nitrous oxide in oxygen, and oxygen.

Value of prolonged blood clot incubation in test for L E cells.

Value of pulmonary biopsy in diagnosis of silicoses not characterized radiologically. Arch Mal Prof Med Trav Securite Soc 26(7/8): 377-395

Value of pulmonary function tests in the diagnosis of pulmonary disease. Trans And Stud Coll Phys Philadelphia 18(1): 49-55

Value of pulses as supplements to media in the production of streptomycin. Jour Sci And Indust Res [india] 19(8): 187-190

Value of rabies immunisation. Lancet 241(6162): 401-402

Value of radiation therapy for distant metastases from malignant melanoma. Cancer 16: 765-773

Value of radiation therapy in the management of intracranial metastases. Cancer 14(3): 577-581

Value of radiation therapy in the treatment of neopl cancer of the endometrium woman. Canadian Medical Association Journal: 206-211

Value of radio electro cardiographic examinations in following the rehabilitation of patients with recent myo cardial infarction. Polskie Archiwum Medycyny Wewnetrznej 41(6): 811-815

Value of radioelectrokymography with automatic stamping in the diagnosis of chronic cor pulmonale of thrombo-embolic origin. Presse Med 70(51): 2433-2436

Value of radiographic examinations of the pancreas concerning 204 cases. Annales de Radiologie 11(1-2): 116

Value of radiologic examination in chronic rheumatoid arthritis part 2. Polish Review of Radiology & Nuclear Medicine (English Translation of Polski Przeglad Radiologii i Medycyny Nuklearnej) 32(4): 443-456

Value of rapid soil tests in determining fertilizer needs. Proc Ann Meet Florida State Hort Soc 60: 134-137

Value of rational thawing of frozen meats for food. Ann Igiene 36(1): 39-52

Value of reaction of enteric contents in experimental intestinal occlusion. Clin Chirurgica 29(2): 152

Value of reclamation to the west. Land And Water 10(2): 24-25

Value of rectal biopsies in the diagnosis and treatment of Schistosoma mansoni infections. New England Journal of Medicine 256(7): 290-294

Value of rectal biopsy in the diagnosis of primary systemic amyloidosis. American Journal of the Medical Sciences 251(5): 501-506

Value of renal blood flow measurement with xenon-133 at the time of kidney transplantation. Annals of Surgery 166(1): 65-74

Value of results from soil and needle analyses. Holopainen, V (Chairman) Proceedings Of The Colloquium Of The International Potash Institute Vol 5 Colloquium on Forest Fertilization 379p Illus Maps International Potash Institute: Berne Switz 80-90

Value of rheography and of some blood pressure indices for the study of blood circulation in the cephalic region. Rev Roumaine Med Interne 3(2): 109-115

Value of routine X-ray examination of the abdomen during aeromedical evaluation. Aerosp Med 38(3): 307-309

Value of routine fluorograms as a measure for detecting cardiac abnormalities. Amer Jour Publ Health 38(11): 1564-1568

Value of routine operative cholangiograms. American Journal of Gastroenterology 48(4): 311-318

Value of scenic views Hedonic assessment of private housing in Hong Kong. Landscape and Urban Planning 91(4): 0-234

Value of serial assessment of coagulation time and other liver function tests for the diagnosis and control of treatment of hepatic parenchymal diseases. CESKOSLOV GASTROENTEROL A VyZIVA 16(2): 82-86

Value of serial central venous oxygen saturations in acute myo cardial infarction abstract human. Circulation 38(4 SUPPL 6): VI-104

Value of sero-agglutination in the diagnosis of salmonellosis in the rat and mouse. Rev Franc Etudes Clin Et Biol 4(9): 930-932

Value of serological investigation methods in infectious abortion. Thesis, Universitat Leipzig 76p

Value of serological tests for syphilis in the tropics. Bull Soc Pathol Exot 49(4): 626-629

Value of serum diagnosis in Shigellosis. Terapia 43(330): 41-46

Value of serum diagnosis in botany as exhibited in the Sympetalae. Beit Biol Pflanzen 15(2): 228-262

Value of serum enz guanase in liver disease abstract human hepato cellular injury index enz gtpase enz glutamic oxalacetic trans aminase. American Journal of Clinical Pathology 50(5): 607-608

Value of serum immunoglobulins in full term newborns in the first 2 months of life. Boll Ist Sieroter Milan 45(11/12): 577-584

Value of serum lactic acid dehydrogenase and aldolase determinations in the diagnosis of carcinoma. Med Welt : 841-843

Value of serum transaminase determinations in the epidemologic investigation of anicteric virus hepatitis in a community of children. Giorn Mai Infett E Parassit 11(2): 106-112

Value of serum turbidity test in hypophyso-adrenal hyperfunction and hypofunction. Pol Tyg Lek 20(5): 169-171

Value of simple laboratory procedures in the diagnosis of Cushing's syndrome. American Journal of the Medical Sciences 237(5): 590-595

Value of simultaneous bilateral carotid injection for frontal cerebral angiography. Radiol Clin [Basel] 32(3/4): 309-322

Value of simultaneous unipolar derivations in the identification of the initial deviation of the QRS complex. Rev Argentina Cardiol 16(6): 358-369

Value of skin test and complement-fixation procedure using rabbit liver Schistosoma antigen in diagnosis of bilharziasis. Chinese Jour Parasitic And Infect Dis 2(1): 37-38

Value of skin thermometry. Presse Med 60(49): 1056-1060

Value of some broadleaf species for pulp. Direc Geral Serv Florest E Aquic Pub 9(2): 235-257

Value of some cytochemical methods in the classification of immature and atypical leukosis. Nouv Rev Fr Hematol: 239-242

Value of some diluents for longer storage of bull sperm at +5 C. Veterinarski Glasnk 19(5): 355-359

Value of some genetic determinants of the capacity for milk production of semifine fleece sheep part 2 dependence on the duration of the test periods. Genetika i Selektsiya 1(6): 419-430

Value of sorghum silage for beef production. Arkansas Agric Exp Sta Bull 443: 11-12

Value of sorus structure characters in the classification of fenera of Uredinales. Internatl Congr Microbiol Proc Sixth 5: 230-231

Value of sorus structure characters in the classification of genera of Uredinales. Internatl Congr Microbiol Proc Sixth 2: 482-483

Value of soybean trypsin inhibitor in preventing the toxic effects of human placental thromboplastin. Proceedings of the Society for Experimental Biology and Medicine. Society for Experimental Biology and Medicine 68(3): 596-598

Value of squill glycoside Proscillaridin A in treatment of circulatory failure. Pol Tyk Lek 23(18): 674-677

Value of starch coating in the preservation of quality of dehydrated carrots. Food Technol 4(3): 94-97

Value of stout as a sedative and relaxing soporific. Journal of the American Geriatrics Society 11: 238-241

Value of studying formed elements in urine sediment by the Kakovskii-Addis and Hamburg methods. Lab Delo 11: 658-661

Value of subclavian venous perfusion after cardiac arrest for massive hemorrhage Abstract only. Ann Anesth Franc 5(2): xxiii-Xxv

Value of subcutaneous fat and backfat measurements on the live animal and the carcass as predictors of external internal and total carcass fat in market weight pigs. J Anim Sci 26(6): 1288-1295

Value of substances in pteridine nucleus as chemical precursers of the red pigment of eyes in Drosophila melanogaster Meig. Boll Zool: 201

Value of supplemental feeding during the dry season on weight gains of dairy heifers. Arq Esc Veterinaria Univ Minas Gerais [belo Horizonte] 10: 29-35

Value of supplementation of protein hydrolysates with the limiting essential amino acids in human nutrition. Fed Proc 10(1): 198

Value of synthetic and naturally occurring corticosteroids in typhoid fever.

Value of teaching medicine to dental students. Journal of Dental Education 32(1): 42-47

Value of tetanal immunity after the injection of a booster dose in immunized women and mares during pregnancy. Rev Immunol Et Ther Anti Microbienne 24(4): 521-524

Value of the 235-triphenyl tetrazolium chloride reaction and ultraviolet light in parasitism studies of strains of Actinomyces scabies Guss. Soil Sci Soc Amer Proc: 7-291

Value of the Alabama potato seed-testing program. Amer Potato Jour 19(10): 216-223

Value of the Botelho reaction in the diagnosis of malignant tumors. Tumori 18(4): 301-313

Value of the EEG electroencephalogram in progressive parlysis. Wiener Klin Wochensch 76(15): 787-789

Value of the EEG in the later stages of brain injury. Wiener Klin Wochenschr 74(35): 573-576

Value of the Hotis test in indicating the presence of the streptococcus of mastitis. Bol Indust Animal 7(3/4): 57-63

Value of the Jirgl flocculation test in the diagnosis of jaundice. Journal of Clinical Pathology 18(6): 793-796

Value of the Kahn test in Africans. British Journal of Venereal Diseases 31(4): 210-227

Value of the Kline test for syphilis. Lancet 222(5655): 130-131

Value of the Meinicke clearing reaction in serodiagnosis of lues. Zeitschr Immunitatsforsch U Exp Therap 65(1/2): 41-50

Value of the Q-T interval. American Heart Journal 59: 789-790

Value of the Sellek Frade test in determining serolability. Terapia 49(368): 164-166

Value Of The Tsh-Pbi-Test In Diagnosis Of Hypothyroidism. Acta Medica Scandinavica 175: 335-339

Value of the Widal test after oral typhoid vaccination. Bol Inst Vital Brazil 3: 18-22

Value of the amytal diagnos test for determining the dominating cerebral hemisphere. Folia Medica Cracoviensia 7(2): 269-289

Value of the auricular electrode in electroencephalography. Compt Rend Soc Biol 142(1/2): 74-76

Value of the auscultatory signs in atrial septal defect. Arq Bra Silcardiol 17(5): 347-359

Value of the awn in establishing seed of Danthonia penicillata Palisot. New Zealand Jour Sci And Technol Ser A 34(4): 360-364

Value of the basal rate in goiter. Southern Med And Surg 105(5): 201-203

Value of the biogenetic law. Scientia 44(199-211): 317-326

Value of the cf test for visceral leishmaniasis with an antigen extracted for tubercle bacilli II Relation of titer to clinical data.

Value of the cf test for visceral leishmaniasis with an antigen extracted from tubercle bacilli, III Variation of titer with treatment. Rev Brasil Malariol E Doencas Trop: 259-266

Value of the cf test for visceral leishmaniasis with an antigen extracted from tubercle bacilli IV Inhibition of the test by excess of serum. Rev Brasil Malariol E Doencas Trop: 267-274

Value of the cardiazolic threshold in diagnosis of epilepsies. Rev Neurol [paris] 86(2): 151-154

Value of the catalase reaction in differential diagnosis of bacteria, and the technic of the reaction. Centralbl Bakt [etc] 1 Abt Orig 103(1/3): 147-151

Value of the desferrioxamine teat in the diagnosis of iron overload in the organism. Pol Tyg Lek 20(29): 1071-1074

Value of the determination of blood cholinesterase as a test of liver function. Bulletin of the Institute for Medical Research, University of Madrid 6(4): 169-206

Value of the determination of the C reactive protein in dermatology?.

Value of the double histamine test in duodenal ulcer surgery In Aktuelle Probleme der Erkrankungen des Magen-Darm-Kanals.

Value of the glucose tolerance coefficient in neoplasms diagnosis human. Polski Tygodnik Lekarski 22(42): 1602-1604

Value of the hemagglu-tination test with a hypertonic ammonium sulfate solution for detecting rheumatoid factor in patients with chronic progressive polyarthritis. Vop Revmatizma 5(2): 15-20

Value of the hemagglutination reaction in infectious anemia of horses. Lucrarile Stiintifice Inst Seruri Vaccinuri Pasteur Bucuresti 3: 549-556

Value of the hemagglutination test for the detection of group antigens A and B in white blood cells. Arch Immunol I Terap Doswiadczalnej 9(1): 77-81

Value of the histolocal technic in the diagnosis of tumors of the nervous system. Arch Hlstol Normal Y Patol 6(1): 5-10

Value of the hyperimmunized gobblers serum in the medical prophylaxis of avian plague.

Value of the immunofluorescence test on the identification of biologically false positive reactions in the serological diagnosis of syphilis. Ann Sclavo 6(6): 797-808

Value of the infective titer in the preparation of foot-and-mouth disease vaccines. Gaceta Vet 23(136): 375-378

Value of the inst electro encephalographic method as an index of the functional state of the cns of rats sulfur di oxide. Gigiena i Sanitariya 32(10): 53-57

Value of the interferometric method of blood analysis for the differentiation of endogenous obesity. Wien Klin Wochenschr 39(45): 1298-1301

Value of the limen of intradermal reactions and of Candida albicans extract. Bull Soc Franc Dermatol Et Syphiligr 67(4): 751-754

Value of the method of Hoffman Pons and Janer in the diagnosis of S mansoni.

Value of the method proposed by Carbonell and Fyn for bacterial examination of water. Ann D Igiene 36(7): 523-525

Value of the myelogram in the diagnosis of infectious anemia of horses. Lucrarile Stiintifice Inst Patol Igiena Animala 9: 245-257

Value of the new hypothesis of Furuhata and his coworkers concerning inheritance of human blood groups. Ada Path Et Microbiol Scandinavica 5(2/3): 246-249

Value of the Newly Identified Types in the Study of the Epidemiology of Pneumococcus Infections. American Journal of Public Health and the Nation's Health 20(4): 403-407

Value of the oogram in selection and evaluation of drugs for Schistosoma mansoni. Rev Inst Med Trop Sao Paulo 5(2): 75-84

Value of the paralytic encephalitic fluid in the rabbit Reply to a paper by Hoff and Pollak See also B A 2 Entry 1981.

Value of the peroneal splint in the treatment of diaphysial fractures of the leg and their follow up abstract human pseudarthrosis. Semaine des Hopitaux de Paris 43(9): 604

Value of the petal-fall application of lead arsenate in controlling the plum curculio on peach in the South. Jour Econ Ent 34(3): 418-419

Value of the phage typing method in the epidemiology of staphylococcal diseases.

Value of the pneumatic dilator in the management of esophageal achalasia Long term results in sixty-two patients.

Value of the radiological examination in the diagnosis of intestinal ascariasis. Ann Parasitol Hum Comp 42(5): 457-464

Value of the reaction of enteric contents in experimental occlusion of the intestine.

Value of the reaction of small birds to the detection of Glaucidium passerinum. Vogelwelt 89(1/2): 46-47

Value of the reflex contraction of the muscles of the middle ear as an indicator of hearing. Arch Otolaryngol 21(6): 663-676

Value of the relative S of the efficient arterial pressure to maximal and minimal blood pressures in physiological and certain pathological conditions A preliminary note. Compt Rend Soc Biol 94(19): 1342-1343

Value of the research on alpha 1 feto protein in the blood stream for the diagnosis of liver cancer. Bulletin de la Societe Medicale d'Afrique Noire de Langue Francaise 13(3): 537-548

Value of the respiratory quotient. Arch Malad App Digest Et Malad Nutrition 16(3): 274-287

Value of the resting potential in Amoeba proteus. Tsitologiya 6(2): 209-213

Value of the rubiazol test in the functional investigation of liver. Presse Med 69(18): 813

Value of the search for alpha 1 fetal serum protein for the diagnosis of primitive liver cancer. Medecine d'Afrique Noire 15(7): 312

Value of the secretin test in surgery. Surgical Clinics of North America 29(2): 489-499

Value of the serological and virological diagnosis in the virus abortion in ewes. Arch Vet 1(1): 69-80

Value of the serum aldolase test in the diagnosis of epidemic hepatitis. Microbiol Parazitol Epidemiol [bucarest] 5(2): 149-154

Value of the serum lipo proteins in young people of belluno italy determined by inst electrophoresis with pre stained serum. Quaderni Sclavo de Diagnostica Clinica e di Laboratorio 4(1): 48-61

Value of the sex-chromatin test. Journal-Lancet 81: 279-281

Value of the skin-surface glucose test as a screening procedure for diabetes. Diabetes 12: 50-52

Value of the sorghum Feterita in the feeding of dairy cows compared with maize. Publ Inst Zootecn [Rio De Janeiro] 24: 3-11

Value of the spleen in production of agglutinins. Osped Maggiore 14(11): 311-316

Value of the streptomycin diagnos test in perforated gastro duodenal ulcers preliminary report human urinary excretion. Ceskoslovenska Gastroenterologie a Vyziva 22(4): 250-253

Value of the string test in the diagnosis of peptic ulcers. Rev Gastroenterol 6(5): 386-389

Value of the study of medullar pressure in the diagnostics of disorders of the hip particularly radical femoral capital osteo necrosis. Semaine des Hopitaux de Paris 44(17): 1175

Value of the test of histamine latex sero-agglutination in dermatology Systematic comparison with the allergological standards Meetings of the French Society of Dermatology and Syphilography, January, February, 1964.

Value of the test of intradermoreaction to angiotensin. Rev Roum Med Intern 4(5): 369-374

Value of the thal operation in the surgical cure of schatzkis rings. Semaine Des Hopitaux De Paris: 1173

Value of the theory of anaphylaxis, based on functional alteration of organic sensitivity. Ann Lab A Lumiere Physiol at Pharm : 43-49

Value of the toxoplasma antigen from the tissue culture in the complement fixation test chick embryo mouse rat rabbit human. Wiadomosci Parazytologiczne 13(1): 41-48

Value of the toxoplasmin test and of allergometry. Biul Inst Med Morskiej W Gdansku 5: 110-133

Value of the traditional patterns for age determination by study of the cranial sutures in Mexicans. Cuad Inst Hist Ser Antropol 7: 7-53

Value of the tricuspid valvuloplasty in the surgical treatment of mitral incompetence human. Polski Tygodnik Lekarski 23(44): 1678-1679

Value of the two-year medical school. Minnesota Medicine 48(10): 1323-1327

Value of the upper joints of cane. Hawaiian Planters Rec 35(2): 89-96

Value of the use of ether in diagnosis of a veno-arterial shunt Results in 500 cases of congenital cardiopathias.

Value of the Vital Statistics Data on Birth and Death Certificates in County Health Work. American Journal of Public Health and the Nation's Health 28(12): 1398-1402

Value of treatment with a non-alkylated steroid anabolizing drug in chronic post-viral hepatitis. Rev Roum Med Intern 4(1): 69-74

Value of trypars-amide in the treatment of atrophy of the optic nerve due to syphilis. Arch Ophthalmol 24(4): 670-680

Value of tuber testing method in potato selection. Ann Gembloux 33(9): 309-315

Value of typhoid vaccine. New England Journal of Medicine 278(14): 795-795

Value of Typing Meningococci. American Journal of Public Health and the Nation's Health 35(3): 233-238

Value of ultrasonic and other objective measurements in the sale of a group of Angus bulls. Progr Rept Texas Agric Expt Sta 2199: 1-7

Value of ultraviolet, cholesterol and irradiated olive oil on growth and deposition of Ca and phosphate Abstract. Riv Clin Pediat 25(8): 585

Value of unextracted resin in the pine woods of the Sila plateau 1945-1948. Italia Forest E Montana 5(1): 22-25

Value of urine and serum hydroxyproline in the diagnosis of thyroid disease. Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism 25(10): 1347-1352

Value of various antibiotics and methods of their use in the treatment of infectious complications of traumas. Ortop Traumatol Prot 28(8): 9-12

Value of various preparations for preventing browsing of young trees by game. Forstwiss Centralbl 50(18): 610-619

Value of vegetative characters in the identification of grasses. Jour Range Management 9(4): 192-196

Value of velocity of sedimentation of red blood cells. Riforma Med 43(39): 915-918

Value of viral serology in the diagnosis of acute pneumopathies in a pneumonology service. Presse Medicale 76(41): 1975

Value of whale meat peptone as culture media for bacteria. Jour Tokyo Univ Fish 41(1): 59-68

Value of wheat offals for pigs and poultry. Proc Nutrition Soc [Cambridge] 4(1): 37-43

Value of whole body marrow distribution studies in the prognosis of neopl polycythemia vera abstract human. Experimental Hematology (Oak Ridge) (16): 75-76

Value of wild feedstuffs for pen-reared bob-white quail in winter. Jour Wildlife Management 9(2): 115-120

Value offlocculative reactions in liver pathology. Presse Med 72(12): 684

Value profiles of biological science research apprentices. A I B S Bull 9(3): 16-19

Value scales and dimensions. Journal of Abnormal Psychology 51(3): 523-535

Value time, minimum time and chronaxy. Zeitschr Biol 109(4): 245-249

Value, limits and biological significance of Hoyt-Morrison reaction. Ann Sclavo 9(4): 506-537

Value-based modulations in human visual cortex. Neuron 60(6): 1169-1181

Value-clarification Methodology and tests of an hypothesis in an in-service program relating to behavioral changes in secondary school students. Dis Sertation Absts: 228-229

Valueof parahydroxipropriophenone in experimental arteriosclerosis. Rass Fisiopatol Clin E Terap 25(11): 831-846

Values after fasting and 24-hour-rhythm of the ketone body content in the blood of healthy infants at various ages. Z Kinderheilk 100(2): 121-131

Values And Mental Health In A College Population: A Follow-Up Report. Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease 140: 92-95

Values for fecal urobilinogen in childhood. A.M.A. American Journal of Diseases of Children 84(3): 322-326

Values for number, size and hemoglobin content of erythrocytes in normal dogs, rabbits and rats. Amer Jour Physiol 114(2): 502-507

Values For Serum Beta-Lipoprotein And Cholesterol. A Comparative Study. American Journal of Clinical Pathology 41: 366-372

Values for the cholesterol fraction extracted with ether in pregnancy and in the first puerperium. Boll Soc Ital Biol Sperim 34(11): 556-557

Values for the diphenylamine test in normal subjects. Sovet Med 28(3): 123-125

Values for the photosynthetic productivity of cotton as a function of N and P nutrients. Izv Akad Nauk Tadzh Ssr Otd Biol Nauk 1 15: 43-51

Values for thyroid uptake of I131 and protein-bound iodine from birth to twenty years. Proc Inst Med Chicago 24(4): 109

Values given in medical radiography Symposium on the quality of radiological pictures, 1-2 October, 1964, Herr Island, Upper Bavaria, Ger.

Values in alcoholics. Quarterly Journal of Studies on Alcohol 23: 267-273

Values In Alcoholics After Lsd-25. Quarterly Journal of Studies on Alcohol 24: 443-448

Values in nature and in psychotherapy. Archives of General Psychiatry 8: 22-32

Values in some biological and biochemical tests in reaction with classification and pathogenicity of staphylococci. Boll Ist Sierotreap Milan 45(7/8): 356-372

Values norms and the health called mental purposes and feasibility of assessment. Sells, S B Editor The Definition And Measurement Of Mental Health Viii + 280p Illus U S Department Of Health, Education, And Welfare (For Sale By The Superintendent Of Documents, U S Government Printing Office, Washington, D C , U S A ) 116-134

Values obtained in the bromsulfophthalein test in healthy horses during fasting. Veterinarni Medicina (Prague) 13(1): 55-61

Values of calcium magnesium and glucose at different moments of the estral cycle in the follicular fluid and blood of the same cows and in the fluid of ovarian follicular cysts and the blood of the same cows. Proceedings International Congress on Animal Reproduction & Artificial Insemination : 785-788

Values of carbon mon oxide transfer in normal man in a stable ventilatory state at rest abstract. Semaine des Hopitaux de Paris 43(20): 1346

Values of cleansers in the dairy industry. Canadian Dairy And Ice Cream Jour 25(7): 27-29, 36-40, 52

Values of direct and of indirect elimination of bromsulfalein in healthy horses abstract liver excretion. Ceskoslovenska Fysiologie 17(3): 259-260

Values Of Electrodiagnosis In Medicine. Southern Medical Journal 57: 960-963

Values of histamine in blood of dogs in acute haemorrhage and hypothermia. BIOCHEM PHARMACOL 12(Suppl ): 154

Values of mussel farming for combating eutrophication An application to the Baltic Sea. Ecological Engineering 35(5): 935-945

Values of oily or lipoidal inclusions in plastids and mitochondria. Compt Rend Soc Biol 98(4): 311-312

Values of physico-chemical constants of human bile in different normal and pathological states. REV ESPAnOLA FISIOL 9(1): 49-61

Values of psychiatric patients. Behavioral Sci 5(4): 297-312

Values of serum immuno globulins in subjects affected with infectious mononucleosis. Bollettino Societa Italiana Biologia Sperimentale 44(18): 1509-1511

Values of sialic acid on bovine serum Relation between apparently normal bovines and those with enteque seco.

Values of soil conditioning. Florists Exchange 118(24): 12-43

Values of some constituents of blood of the normal cotton rat Sigmodon hispidus texianus.

Values of some determinants of the capacity for milk production of semifine fleeced sheep i dependence from the lactating period. Genetika i Selektsiya 1(5): 371-380

Values stressed by two social class levels at meetings of Alcoholics Anonymous. Quarterly Journal of Studies on Alcohol 14(4): 576-585

Valuing Traits of Indigenous Cows in Central Ethiopia. Journal of Agricultural Economics 60(2): 386-401

Valuing direct use values of wetlands a case study of Tam Giang-Cau Hai lagoon wetland in Vietnam. Ocean & Coastal Management 52(2): 102-112

Valuing diversity and spatial pattern of open space plots in urban neighborhoods. Forest Policy and Economics 11(3): 0-201

Valuing road noise for residents in Hong Kong.

Valuing the Guinea Current Large Marine Ecosystem Estimates of Direct Output Impact of Relevant Marine Activities. Ocean & Coastal Management 52(3-4): 189-196

Valutazione biologica e signifi-cato della eliminazione urinaria di sostanze ad attivita androgena. Ormoni [Turin] 2(5): 321-362

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Valve for cuff inflation. Anesthesiology 29(6): 1230-1230

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Valve replacement for tricuspid insufficiency associated with mitral valve disease. CIRCULATION 30(4 Suppl 3): III-113

Valve replacement for tricuspid stenosis or insufficiency associated with mitral valvular disease. Circulation 33(1): 34-42

Valve replacement in acute bacterial endo carditis abstract human. Circulationsuppl 6: Vi-103

Valve replacement in patients with bacterial endo carditis abstract. Circulation 38(4 SUPPL 6): VI-123

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Valvular action by localized masses of endocardial cushion tissue in the embryonic chick heart. Anat Rec 102(3): 299-311

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Valvular Defect In Primary Varicose Veins: Cause Or Effect?. Lancet 2(7321): 1289-1292

Valvular defect in relation to varicosis An investigation of the valvular mechanism of the venous return from the lower limbs. Lancet598: 1278-1286

Valvular Diseases of the Heart: With Special Reference to the Pathogenesis of Old Valvular Defects. American Journal of Pathology 2(3): 193-234.15

Valvular heart disease in the monkey. Amer Heart J 72(2): 206-213

Valvular pulmonary insufficiency. Coeur Med Interne: 421-428

Valvular pulmonary stenosis with intact ventricular septum; clinical and physiologic response to open valvuloplasty. Circulation 15(6): 814-826

Valvular pulmonic stenosis in infancy. J Pediat 68(1): 90-102

Valvular pulmonic stenosis with intact ventricular septum and patent foramen ovale. Circulation 2(4): 481-493

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Valvular stenosis produced by active infective endocarditis. Circulation 36(3): 449-451

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Valvulotomy in congental mitral stenosis. Brit Heart Jour 14(4): 545-546

Valyl-Transfer RNA: Role in Repression of the Isoleucine-Valine Enzymes in Escherichia coli. Science 157(3790): 823-825

Valyl5-angio-tensin II at the air water interface. Int Congr Biochem 6(2): 185

Vampire and other bats and their conservation. International Union for Conservation of Nature & Natural Resources Annual Report (13): 102-104

Vampire rock avalanches of January 2008 and 2003, Southern Alps, New Zealand. Landslides (Springer) 6(2): 161-166

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Vampires as carriers of trypanosomes Problems of general zoology and medical parasitology. Vampires as carriers of trypanosomes Problems of general zoology and medical parasitology Vampiry kak perenoschiki tripanozomozov In: Voprosy obshchoi zoologii i meditsinskoi parazitologii Problems of general zoology and medical parasitology 303-314

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