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Geography & Life Sciences: Chapter 26100

Chapter 26100 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in geography and in the life sciences.

Wheat germ preparation. Wheat germ preparation

Wheat germination studies with particular reference to temperature and moisture relationships. Jour Amer Soc Agron 19(2): 181-190

Wheat Gibberellins. Science 144(3621): 1021-1022

Wheat gliadin in foams for food products. Food Technol 15(3): 141-144

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Wheat gluten fractions by chromatographic methods. Proc North Dakota Acad Sci 12: 53-60

Wheat grain changes in its composition. Indian Jour Agric Sci 13(6): 569-571

Wheat Grains Without Embryos. Science 97(2508): 91-91

Wheat gray shorts for the prevention of slipped tendons in battery brooder chicks. Texas Agric Exp Sta Bull 525: 1-25

Wheat grazing by cattle. Bull Tech Inform Ingenieurs Serv Agric 60: 375-378

Wheat growing in Queensland I and II. Queensland Agric Jour 88-88(6-7): 324-331, 396-410

Wheat growing in marginal areas A record of wheat crop competitions in the counties of Alfred and Albert 1928-1939.

Wheat growing on the sandy soils of the Gogos Agricultural Production Cooperative. Probl Agr 6: 89-92

Wheat growth promotion through inoculation with an ammonium-excreting mutant of Azospirillum brasilense. Biology and Fertility of Soils 45(5): 549-553

Wheat harvest in 1930, giving comparison between average returns of the better varieties. Agric Nouvelle [Paris] 40: 617-619

Wheat in 3500 B C.

Wheat in Albania. Zemledelie 4: 89-92

Wheat in Argentina A statistical report.

Wheat in Sao Paulo Contribution of the Genetics Section. Inst Agron Est Camp Bol Tecn: 49

Wheat in poultry feeding. Avan Aliment Mejora Anim 8(6): 499-505

Wheat in south -east US.

Wheat in the Middle-Eas. Empire Jour Expt Agric 14(53): 31-42

Wheat in the fourth war year Major developments 1942-43.

Wheat in the post-surplus period 1900-09 with recent analogies and contrasts. Wheat Studies 17(7): 315-386

Wheat in wartime poultry ration. Ext Bull [New York] Cornell Univ Agric Exp Sta 490: 1-4

Wheat leaf rust and other grain diseases in Oklahoma in 1942. Plant Dis Reporter 26(9): 217-218

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Wheat losses due to rust and the efficiency of the controlling measures. Tr Vses Inst Zashchity Rast 7-10

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Wheat m barley m and oat m varieties completing primary trials in 1968. Journal of the National Institute of Agricultural Botany 11(2): 253-284

Wheat m breeding. Gezira Research Station & Substations Annual Report : 33-34, 1964

Wheat m curl mite aceria tulipae a new state record indiana usa. Proceedings of the Indian Academy of Sciences Section A 76(259)

Wheat m experiments. Gezira Research Station & Substations Annual Report : 64-65, 1964

Wheat m fertility mineral nutrition irrigation yield. Oklahoma Agricultural Experiment Station Process Series: 1

Wheat m growing in queensland australia 3. Queensland Agricultural Journal 94(7): 435-444

Wheat m in broiler rations chicken corn m. Beitraege zur Tropischen und Subtropischen Landwirtschaft und Tropenveterinaermedizin 6(4): 279-286

Wheat m its potential in marginal northwestern areas australia water livestock. Agricultural Gazette of New South Wales 79(8): 450-453

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Wheat m lipids. Izvestiya Vysshikh Uchebnykh Zavedenii Pishchevaya Tekhnologiya (3): 25-27

Wheat m pests. New South Wales Department of Agriculture Division of Science Services Entomology Branch Annual Report :

Wheat m photosynthetic efficiencies. Washington Agricultural Experiment Station Bulletin (707):

Wheat m protein change during mixing. Washington Agricultural Experiment Station Bulletin (707):

Wheat m response to spring irrigation northern high plains of texas usa. Texas Agricultural Experiment Station Progress Report 2546/2555: 20-22

Wheat m seedling experiments methods materials weightlessness. Bioscience 18(6): 632-633

Wheat m stand establishment. Washington Agricultural Experiment Station Bulletin (707):

Wheat m starch in diet in gluten dependent celiac disease maize m children. Polski Tygodnik Lekarski 23(28): 1065-1066

Wheat m starch properties and their effect on bread baking quality. Baker's Digest 42(4): 48-50

Wheat m starches ii effect of polar and nonpolar lipid fractions on pasting characteristics. Cereal Chemistry 45(1): 88-95

Wheat m yellow rust resistance breeding. Agriculture (London) 75(9): 410-412

Wheat m yield and soil plant relationships as affected by various nitrogen applications. Lucrari Stiintifice Institutul Agronomic "nicolae Balcescu" Agronomie: 9-178

Wheat mosaic in Kansas. U S Dept Agric Bur Plant Indust Plant Dis Rept: 158

Wheat no 11, a new variety, agrobotanical characteristics.

Wheat outlook and policies. Wheat Studies [Stanford U] 20(1): 1-36

Wheat partly infected with bunt. [jour Div Phytopath Main Bot Gard R S S R] : 117-124

Wheat peeling process yields high-vitamin flour and bread. Food Indust 13(5): 70-71

Wheat phylesis and wheat breeding from a cytogenetic point of view.

Wheat poisoning of cattle. Southwestern Vet 2(2): 26-27

Wheat powdery mildew fErysiphe graminis f sp tritici, a 1966 eplphytotic in eastern Washington.

Wheat price according to its baking quality. Compt Rend Acad Agric France 36(5): 192-193

Wheat production in the Pacific Northwest. Milling Production 12(2): 1

Wheat products for industrial uses. Trans Amer Assoc Cereal Chemists 12(3): 258-271

Wheat proteins improve cryopreservation of rat hepatocytes. Biotechnology and Bioengineering 103(3): 582-591

Wheat proteins known and unknown. Baker S Digest 25(5): 87-89, 96

Wheat proteins I Contribution to the study of protein and gluten variation in different varieties and regions.

Wheat quality and its evaluation Importance of reliable information. Milling : 194, 196

Wheat quality and new varieties. Jour Dept Agric Victoria 42(8): 350-355

Wheat quality test. Western Feed And Seed 10(9): 63

Wheat raising in 1941 in Beauce Observations on the action of N. Compt Rend Acad Agric France: 857-860

Wheat raising in the Venezuelan Andes. Sci Month 56(4): 332-338

Wheat root exudate and early stages of infection by Helmithosporium sativum Pamm, King et Baicke.

Wheat root rot and some methods of its control. Agrobiologiya 6: 131

Wheat rust. Tr: Inst. Zashchity Rast. 13. 218 Illus, .

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Wheat rust during the Spanish era in California. Plant Dis Reporter 45(8): 632-633

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Wheat rust in Sicily. Atti R Accad Sci Lett E Belle Arti Palermo 18(2): 3-13

Wheat rust propagation in Tunisia. Rev Path Vig Et Ent Agric 17: 29-32

Wheat rusts in 1925-1926. Rev Path Vig Et Ent Agric 14(1): 39-44

Wheat sedimentation test. Cereal Sci Today 7(7): 226-230

Wheat smut and X-rays. Boll R Staz Pat Veg 6(3): 237-241

Wheat smut as viewed in the early agricultural press of California. Plant Dis Reporter 45(9): 712-716

Wheat smut, T tritici Control of fungicides and a study on the natural resistance of wheat varieties.

Wheat smut, Tilletia spp Biological characteristics and bearing upon genetics; basis for the production of resistant varieties Also in Bol Agric Tecn y Econ Sec Doctr Bol Tecn 22 302-320 1930.

Wheat snow mold in Eastern Washington 1955 to 1956. Plant Dis Reporter 40(7): 640-642

Wheat snow mold in eastern Washington in 1956-57. Plant Dis Reporter 42(2): 279

Wheat species characterized according to activity and quality of amylase in their grain. Compt Rend [Dok Lady] Acad Sci Urss 27(9): 1020-1023

Wheat standard middlings in growing and finishing rations for pigs. Bol Prod Anim 3(1/2): 57-63

Wheat starch pastes and gels containing citric acid and sucrose. Food Res 22(4): 358-366

Wheat starch properties in relation to grain maturity. Cereal Chem 22(6): 463-476

Wheat starch a key to better cakes.

Wheat stem sawfly. N Dakota Agric Expt Sta Bimo Bull 11: 85-91

Wheat stem sawfly in flax. Sci Agric [Ottawa] 24(8): 383-386

Wheat stem sawfly parasites Collyria calcitrator and Pedioblus nigritarsis in eastern United States.

Wheat storage in the mothball fleet. Northwestern Miller 265(3): 46-48

Wheat straw conversion. Amer Miller And Processor 76(12): 30, 34, 37

Wheat straw management affects CH4 and N2O emissions from rice fields. Soil Biology and Biochemistry 41(5): 1022-1028

Wheat straw native lignin. Canadian Jour Chem 30(2): 166-167

Wheat streak mosaic virus and the biological characteristics of its vector Aceria tilipae Keifer. Mikro Biol Zh [Kyyiv] 29(4): 370-374

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Wheat streak mosaic virus incidence in Iowa, 1966. Plant Dis Rep 51(5): 389

Wheat striate mosaic observed in Montana. Plant Dis Reptr 48(1): 66

Wheat striate virus. Biol Plantarum 2(4): 276-286

Wheat systematics II Classification and botanical description of some Portuguese cultivated forms.

Wheat take-all symptoms compared with injuries caused by chinch bugs. Phytopath 20(11): 907-909

Wheat tempering experiments. Milling Production 12(4): 1

Wheat thrips. Obzor Rasprostraneniia Glavnykh Massov Vreditelei I Bolezni Sel Skokhoz Kul Tur V 1959 I Prognoz Ikh Poyavleniia V : 116-117

Wheat utilization research conference. Cereal Sci Today 3(10): 275-279

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Wheat varieties for the winter rainfall area. Farming in S Africa 33(11): 33-35

Wheat varieties grown in the United States and some of their quality characteristics. Bakers Digest 27(1): 23-27

Wheat varieties in Washington. Washington Agric Exp Sta Bull 207: 1-31

Wheat varieties in the northern district. Jour Dept Agric Victoria 42(2): 49-50

Wheat varieties of importance in N Dak.

Wheat varieties recommended for Queensland - 1957 season. Queensland Agric Jour 83(2): 53-55

Wheat varieties, their recognation and evaluation Varieties of German cultivated plants Studies of the varietal register in the Reichsnahrstand.

Wheat variety and cross-bred trials at Pallamana, 1944-46. Jour Dept Agric S Australia 50(6): 289-291

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Wheat weevils and their control A summary of existing information.

Wheat yields and soil fertility on the Canadian Prairies after a half century of farming. Soil Sci Soc Amer Proc 18(2): 182-184

Wheat yields doubled in dry areas. Agric Gaz N S Wales 51(2): 59-62, 64

Wheat yields in Victoria Row direction has little effect.

Wheat yields reduced in 1961 by stripe rust epidemic in central California. California Agric 16(1): 5-6

Wheat, barley and oat varieties compieting primary trials in 1965. J Nat Inst Agr Bot 10(3): 387-412

Wheat, egg or milk free diets with recipes and food lists. Wheat, egg or milk free diets with recipes and food lists xi + 149p

Wheat, flour and bread with special emphasis to enriched flour. Med Jour Australia 1(9): 165-170

Wheat, millet and broad beans in a ceremonial fireplace of the Bronze Age at Grotta Misa. Nuovo Giorn Bot Ital 54(3/4): 804-806

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Wheat-based products for world use. Cereal Sci Today 12(1): 446-448

Wheat-growing localities and crop raising in the valley of the Salzach and neighboring valleys.

Wheat-pea farming in Washington and Idaho, 1935-53 farm costs and returns.

Wheat-rye amphidiploids and their significance in selection. Selektsiya I Semenovodstvo 1: 64-66

Wheat-rye hybrids. [jour Exp Landwirtsch Sudosten Russl] 3(1): 121-130

Wheat-rye hybrids. Jour Heredity 20(4): 170-171

Wheatear at van cortlandt park new york city usa oenanthe oenanthe observation. Kingbird 18(4): 200

Wheatear settlement attempt in artificial nesting holes. Falke 14(2): 58-59

Wheatear with white head oenanthe. Limosa 41(3-4): 157

Wheatears brood in small viaries. Vogel-Kosmos 9: 311-312

Wheatears in the Mackenzie Mountains, District of Mackenzie, N WT.

Wheatears on autumn passage feeding on bumble bees oenanthe oenanthe bombus. British Birds 61(7): 315

Wheaten Laced Australorps. World S Poultry Sci Jour 10(1): 45-46

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Wheats with large yield. JOUR AGRIC PRAT 46(Pt 2, No 39): 249-251

Wheel injury to tomatoes during spraying and dusting operations. Proc Amer Soc Hort Sci 40: 467-470

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Wheel of Life, Wheel of Death: A Mechanistic Insight into Signaling by STAND Proteins. Structure 17(2): 172-182

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Wheel-track planting on sagebrush-bunchgrass range. Jour Range Management 14(4): 220-224

Wheeler National Wildlife Refuge, incidence of crippling loss in steel trapping. Jour Wildlife Management 20(3): 323-324

Wheeler, Virginia McGann, and Isabel Howard Motility and swarming of some Enterobacteriaceae. Jour Bact 52(5): 519-525

Wheeler The tetrapod knee joint.

Wheels within wheels - Automatic handling at new Burrus Mill sets production pace. Amer Miller And Processor 76(8): 26-28, 32-36

Wheezing due to pulmonary embolism. Treatment with heparin. New England Journal of Medicine 274(17): 931-933

Whelks. Great Britain Ministry of Agriculture Fisheries & Food Directorate of Fisheries Research Laboratory Leaflet 15: 1-14

When Illinois was range country, city dwellers had Christmas beef, and the USDA was born - 1862. Journal of Range Management 15(3): 149-151

When Joseph Grinnell and I were young. Condor 42(1): 35-38

When Linnaeus took up his professorship A bicentennial.

When Sirtuins and NF-ºB Collide.

When starting over makes more sense. Acs Chemical Biology 4(2): 89-92

When X-inactivation meets pluripotency: an intimate rendezvous. Febs Letters 583(11): 1721-1727

When a state spray kills the state bird. Audubon 65(3): 134-137

When alcoholics stop drinking. Postgraduate Medicine 43(6): 119-123

When all hypotheses are right: a multifocal account of dyslexia. Human Brain Mapping 30(7): 2278-2292

When an interim analysis of randomized trial changes the practice in oncology: the lesson of adjuvant Trastuzumab and the HERA trial. Immunopharmacology and Immunotoxicology 31(1): 30-31

When an insect dies. Bull Entomol Soc Amer 10(3): 183-189

When and how did the continental ice retreat from Estonia?. Quaternary International 207(1-2): 0-57

When and how does sex arise?. Official Record U S Dept Agric 6(43): 1-6

When and how should roses be wintered?. Garten Zeitschr Illus Flora 76(11): 13u

When and how should the County of Stockholm be reforested?. Svenska Skogsvardsforen Tidskr 43: 488-497

When and how to measure retained urine human obstruction bacterial infection catheterization phenolsulfonphthalein test. Consultant (Philadelphia) 8(7): 33-36

When and how to use higher iodine 131 doses for hyper thyroidism. New England Journal of Medicine 279(25): 1361-1365

When and what is aphasia. Monogr Soc Res Child Development: 89-95

When and where is soil conservation a problem. Soil Sci Soc Amer Proc 18(2): 120-126

When and where to collect seed coconuts in Madras State. Coconut Bull 16(8): 311-314

When and why are pheasants abundant. Minnesota Conserv 59: 20-21

When and why they die. Turkey World 20(9): 14, 62, 63

When are low testosterone levels advantageous? The moderating role of individual versus intergroup competition. Hormones and Behavior 56(1): 158-162

When are cauliflowers ready for harvesting. Queensland Agric Jour 84(3): 149-152

When are early frost injuries to green Douglas fir plainly recognizable?. Deutsch Forstztg 43(18): 489-492

When are pine concs ripe?. Proc Minnesota Acad Sci 8: 31-38

When are we justified in making the diagnosis of toxoplasmosis of the eye?. Wiener Klinische Wochenschrift 74: 338-340

When beef primes reef more than leaf: orthographic information affects phonological priming in spoken word recognition. Psychophysiology 46(4): 739-746

When Berzelius worked as a specialist in cholera. Nordisk Medicin 77(13): 403-404

When birds speak. Courrier de la Nature (7): 114-116

When bubonic plague came to Chinatown. American Journal of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene 8(2 Pt 1): 141-147

When can forest recreation be considered as exclusive or dominant?. Jour Forest 50(4): 314-316

When can seed from seed orchards be accepted?. Silvae Genet 11(3): 66-68

When can the subject be trusted not to think human. Scandinavian Journal of Psychology 9(4): 274-276

When cancer cells cant let go. The Journal of Cell Biology 185(2): 178-178

When cancer occurs in pregnant patients. Postgrad Med 43(1): 147-153

When cell division begins in the germinating seeds of Pinus thunbergii Parl. Jour Japanese Forest Soc 34(1): 3

"When diabetes". Journal of the Indian Medical Association 51(3): 131-136

When did the sweet orange reach Europe. California Citrograph 23(11): 451, 480

When do fish bite?. Conservationist 17(1): 27-29

When do the small Passeres arrive in Denmark?. Dansk Ornithol For Tldsskr 44(2): 81-85

When do trees start competing in a forest. National Institute of Genetics (Misima) Annual Report 19: 95-96

When do trout and grayling fry begin to take food?. Jour Wildlife Management 3(2): 134-140

When does a fish get scales trout length. Visserij 20(10): 290

When does a human life begin? Viewpoints of public health professionals. American Journal of Public Health and the Nation's Health 57(12): 2163-2177

When does a pine tree complete its seasonal growth?. Papers Michigan Acad Sci Arts And Lett 22: 83-84, 1936( )

When does age-related cognitive decline begin?. Neurobiology of Aging 30(4): 507-514

When does brood rearing begin?. Amer Bee Jour 89(3): 124-125

When does diuretin inhibit and when does it increase fluid output?. Wien Klin Wochenschr 40(9): 285-287

When does greater mortality increase population size? The long history and diverse mechanisms underlying the hydra effect. Ecology Letters 12(5): 462-474

When does mammalian development begin?. Archivos de Biologia Y Medicina Experimentales 5(3): 38-43

When does man become old. Bild der Wissenschaft 5(11): 961-967

When does optional participation allow the evolution of cooperation?. Proceedings. Biological Sciences 276(1659): 1167-1174

When does self-recognition fail ?. Ser Haematol 9: 17-25

When does spruce seed ripen and fall?. Forstarch 22: 343-345

When doing nothing is an option: the neural correlates of deciding whether to act or not. Neuroimage 46(4): 1187-1193

When electricity is used for pasteurization does it fit in with other plant operations?. Milk Indust Found Assoc Bull 39(7): 177-179

When food is irradiated. Science 160(3827): 483-483

When freezing apple slices be sure of your variety.

When geese fly north. Bios 13(3): 175-178

When hunger calls. When hunger calls 80p, Illus

When indexing geraniums Verticillium control must be considered. Exchange 137(19): 22-24, 54

When individuals senesce the Florida effect on stable populations of territorial, long-lived birds. Oikos 118.3

When is a dream is a dream is a dream?. Experimental Neurology: Suppl 4:15-28

When is a name a subspecific name?. Ent News 50(2): 31-33

When is a patient dead editorial inst electro encephalography. Journal of the American Medical Association 204(11): 1000

When is a quart of milk a quart. Jour Dairy Sci 44(11): 2144-2145

When is a species not a species? Uncoupled phenotypic, karyotypic and genotypic divergence in two species of South African laminate-toothed rats Murinae Otomyini. Journal of Zoology 277(4): 317-332

When is an ulcer not an ulcer human. Gastroenterology 54(3): 491-493

When is death caused or contributed to by acute alcoholism?. Clinics [Philadelphia] 1: 1487-1502

When is fetoscopic release of amniotic bands indicated? Review of outcome of cases treated in utero and selection criteria for fetal surgery. Prenatal Diagnosis 29(5): 457-463

When is it safe to extend a prediction equation? An answer based upon factor and discriminant function analysis. Water Resour Res 3(2): 375-384

When is nuclear volume greater than cytoplasmic volume?. Anat Anz 97(16/17): 317-320

When is pressure osmotic?. Federation Proceedings 25(3): 1112-1114

When Is The Fetus Dead?. JAMA 186: 926-928

When is the heat period of the dog?. Eesti Loomaarstl Ringv [Rev Vet Estonienne] 10(7/8): 233-235

When is the patient dead. Nordisk Medicin 77(25): 812-813

When is the right time to spray. Food Packer 30(6): 34-36

When is uh-huh reinforcing?. Percept Mot Skills 8: 277

When it comes to homology, bad habits die hard. Trends in Biochemical Sciences 34(3): 98-99

When it rained cats in borneo education conservation forests pesticides rat control. American Forests: 28-29

When mammoths roamed the frozen earth. When mammoths roamed the frozen earth 198p

When milk cooling is delayed. Amer Milk Rev 13(12): 64-67

When money grew on trees A study of cacao in ancient Mesoamerica.

When monophyly is not enough exclusivity as the key to defining a phylogenetic species concept. Biology & Philosophy 24(4): 473-486

When nature takes over from man Dead wood accumulation in previously managed oak and beech woodlands in North-western and Central Europe. Forest Ecology and Management 258(4): 0-435

When parathion beats T EPP.

When predators become prey flight decisions in jumping spiders. Behavioral Ecology 20.2

When science and art meet nature Anatomo-physiology of the bile ducts and the hydraulic device designed by Leonardo for the canal port of Cesenatico. Rass Clin Terap E Sci Affini: 105-110

When shall we plant keeper trout?.

When should a trophically transmitted parasite manipulate its host?. Evolution; International Journal of Organic Evolution 63(2): 448-458

When should chicks be given first feed. Poultry Sci 7(5): 220-224

When should heifers be bred for 1st and 2nd calves. Kentucky Agricultural Experiment Station Results of Research : 1969

When should randomization begin. Lancet (7547): 858

When should the hay crop be cut?. Vermont Agric Exp Sta Pamph 7: 1-4

When starts Tringa t totanus brooding. Natura : 87-88

When the gut talks to bone. Cell 135(5): 795-796

When the seasons begin in Indiana. Proc Indiana Acad Sci 55: 144-146

When the spaniards arrived in america. Boletin de la Sociedad Espanola de Historia de la Farmacia (70): 82-87

When the therapist is Negro: some effects on the treatment process. American Journal of Psychiatry 123(12): 1587-1592

When the world was young. When the world was young xvi + 252p

When to end releases in reintroduction programmes demographic rates and population viability analysis of bearded vultures in the Alps. Journal of Applied Ecology 46(1): 92-100

When to fish. Iowa Conservationist 12(7): 147

When to go: optimization of host switching in parasites with complex life cycles. Evolution; International Journal of Organic Evolution 63(8): 1976-1986

When to hospitalize for adrenal insufficiency. Hospital Practice 3(10): 35-39

When to hospitalize for hiatal hernia. Hospital Practice 3(4): 47-50

When to hospitalize for pancreatitis human diagnostic procedures secretin test inst celiac angiography neopl cancer diabetes. Hospital Practice: 36-43

When to hospitalize in incomplete abortion woman. Hospital Practice 3(7): 30-36

When to hospitalize in neopl polycythemia vera. Hospital Practice 3(9): 34-39

When to hospitalize the patient with cirrhosis. Hospital Practice: 40-45

When to irrigate. Proc Queensland Soc Sugar Cane Technol 28: 179-182

When to pick vegetables. Sci And Culture 9(7): 294

When to recommend inst surgery for gastric ulcer human inst x ray diagnosis. Consultant (Philadelphia) 8(4): 5-8

When to say when: can excessive drinking explain silicon uptake in diatoms?. Bioessays 31(3): 322-327

When to treat stroke victims medically when surgically. Consultant (Philadelphia) 8(10): 32-35

When to treat when to disregard chronic lymphocytic leukemia elderly human. Consultant (Philadelphia) 8(6): 20-23

When to use chemo therapy for neopl chronic hematopoietic neoplasms human busulfan anti neoplastic. Postgraduate Medicine 43(5): 176-183

When universities become publishers. Science 140(3567): 599-605

When was Gymnacranthera Warb validly published?. Taxon 7(5): 140-141

When wechsler intelligence scale for children verbal intelligence quotient is low. Journal of Clinical Psychology 24(4): 457

When will evolution lead to deceptive signaling in the Sir Philip Sidney game?. Theoretical Population Biology 75(2-3): 176-182

Whence Sedum pinetorum Brandegee?. Leaflets Western Bot 6(3): 62-63

Whence came Maize to Asia. Bot Mus Leafl Harvard Univ 14(10): 263-291

Whence came Phytophthora in-festans. Chron Bot 5(4/6): 410-412

Whence came the Dragons of Komodo?. Bull New York Zool Soc 37(3): 68-90

Whence came the Mailing apple rootstocks and what are they?. Farm Res [New York] 10(1): 8-9

Whence leadership in agriculture In Change and challenge in agricultural education.

Whenjid monkeys live in the Caucasus?. Priroda 6: 101-103

Where Beavei thrives. Skogan 28(1): 10-11

Where Douglas pioneered. SCI MONTHLY 23(July): 81-86

Where a tiger sharpened his claws. Jour Bombay Nat Hist Soc 42(4): 926-927

Where and how can the pines be reproduced. Southern Lumberman 169(2129): 140-145

Where and when to find the Orthoptera of Pennsylvania, with notes on the species which in distribution reach nearest this state. Ent News 49(2-4-6): 33-38, 97-103, 155-159

Where Angels Fear To Tread: A Contribution From General Sociology To Human Ethics. Science 97(2528): 517-525

Where are Americas research resources. The Scientific Monthly 62(6): 511-516

Where are gardenia cankers initiated?. Phytopath 28(8): 597-598

Where are the butterflies species extinction human influence bird small animal predators radiation. Iucn (international Union For Conservation Of Nature & Natural Resources) Bulletin: 47-48

Where are the fish?. Iowa Conservationist 21(1): 3

Where are the herbaria of the great bryologists? A list, giving the present locations of their collections. Rev Bryologique 4(2): 87-89

Where are the storks?. Wetter U Leben 5(5/7): 123-125

Where are those Calves. Queensland Agric Jour 89(5): 274-279

Where are we going in forest pest control?. J Forest 63(9): 661-664

Where are we going in public health? A labor leader's appraisal. American Journal of Public Health and the Nation's Health 46(3): 278-282

Where birds and men find peace. African Wild Life 1(4): 63-67

Where birds spend the winter. Priroda 12: 83-84

Where breakage occurs in the millings of rice. Rice Jour 54(2): 14-15

Where bromeliads are found. Plant Life 1(2/3): 45-51

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Where can one best overwinter butterfly pupae. Entomologische Berichte (Berlin) 1-48: 47-48

Where did the earliest type of man originate?. ROY SOC S AFRICA ROBERT BROOM COMMEM Vol : 203-208

Where did the flowering plants survive the last ice age in Scandinavia?. Svensk Bot Tidskr 21(3): 269-284

Where did the identification of the Philistine plague as bubonic plague originate?. Bull History Med 11(1): 36-47

Where do Seven Islands cod come from?. Fish Res Board Can Gen Ser Circ 39: 6-7

Where do Utahs rural offenders live?.

Where do farmers get their seed. Seed World 93(4): 6-8

Where do insects go in winter?. Nat Hist [New York] 51(1): 28-37

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