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Wheat rust during the Spanish era in California

, : Wheat rust during the Spanish era in California. Plant Dis Reporter 45(8): 632-633

With respect to plant diseases in the Spanish era in California, most of the priests and explorers who left behind their mission records, diaries, and descriptions of their travels apparently recognized only 1. This was wheat rust, or chauistle as it was called. This word was written in various ways, such as chauistle, chahuistle, chaguiscle, chaquistle, chauiste, chaguiste, chaguistle and chahuiztle. Rolulu lists it as of Aztec origin and writes it chaguiscle. The fact that the Aztecs had a name for it lends weight to the idea that wheat rust was endemic in Mexico or introduced at a very early date. Manuscript references to wheat rust or chauistle in what is now the State of California found in the Bancroft Library and in the mission records in San Francisco, Fresno, Los Angeles, San Gabriel, and Santa Barbara are given.


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