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Wilting of persimmon caused by Cephalo-sporium diospyri

, : Wilting of persimmon caused by Cephalo-sporium diospyri. Phytopathology 53(12): 1402-1406

Mycelium of Cephalosporium diospyri is present primarily in the parenchyma cells of the root, stem, and branches of wilting trees from the time wilt symptoms appear until the trees are 50% defoliated. Mycelium and spores are in the large vessels of the outer annual rings. The starch content is greatly reduced in trees showing early signs of wilting and there is a continued reduction as wilting progresses. Early vascular discoloration is the result of the browning of the cytoplasm of parenchyma cells. Later, gums fill the lumen of the outer vascular elements and intercellular spaces and appear as black streaks in the wood. Gum and tylosis formation is stimulated as a result of fungus invasion. No breakdown of the cell walls could be observed and it is postulated that the site of activity of possible toxins is within the parenchyma cells. The possible involvement of the parenchyma cells in the wilt mechanism is discussed.


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