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Geography & Life Sciences: Chapter 27070

Chapter 27070 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in geography and in the life sciences.

On effecting the fibrinolytic activity of pig skin by a 10 percent tween 80 solution. Bruns' Beitraege zur Klinischen Chirurgie 218(7): 651-654

On effecting the mechanics of the ventricle by the arterial windkessel. Zeitschrift Fuer Kreislaufforschung: 233-234

On effective reproductive span. Indian Science Congress Association Proceedings 59(PART 3): 515

On effectiveness of some fungicides against puccinia recondita f sp tritici. Sbornik UVTI (Ustav Vedeckotechnickych Informaci) Ochrana Rostlin 7(2): 81-86

On efficacy of systemic insecticides on the spruce g gall aphid chermes tardus. Mededelingen Van De Faculteit Landbouwwetenschappen Universiteit Gent: 266-273

On eigens theory of the self organization of matter and the evolution of biological macro molecules. Mathematical Biosciences 21(1-2): 127-142

On eisens species bryodrilus udei and the genus bryohenlea oligochaeta enchytraeidae. Arkiv for Zoologi 22(2): 149-153

On elaphe quatuorlineata from antimilos and the problematics of the subspecies of this species in the region of the southern aegean. Salamandra 9(3-4): 103-117

On elastin in aorta of stroke prone spontaneously hypertensive rat. Japanese Heart Journal 19(4): 568-569

On elastin in aorta of stroke prone spontaneously hypertensive rats. Japanese Heart Journal 18(4): 592-593

On electro cardiogram diagnosis without information on the absolute amplitudes of waves. Abel, H And Z Pavlov (Ed ) Advances in Cardiology, Vol 19 Electrocardiology Ii Physiological, Pathophysiological And Diagnostical Research Proceedings Of The 2nd International Congress on Electrocardiology (16th International Symposium on Vectorcardiography) Varna, Bulgaria, Oct 10-13, 1975 319p Illus S Karger: Basel, Switzerland; New York, N Y , Usa Isbn 3-8055-2377-7 136

On electro magnetic pulse safety hazards. AGARD (Advisory Group for Aerospace Research & Development) Lecture Series 78: 11-1-11-7

On electro vecto cardiographic interpretation of septal fibrosis in the aged. Giornale di Gerontologia 24(6): 483-487

On electron microscopy of human plasma low density lipo proteins under pathological conditions. Journal of Submicroscopic Cytology 6(1): 104-105

On electron transport system in hydrogenomonas eutropha strain h 16. Zentralblatt fuer Bakteriologie Parasitenkunde Infektionskrankheiten und Hygiene Erste Abteilung Originale Reihe A Medizinische Mikrobiologie und Parasitologie 220(1-3): 396-401

On eliomys quercinus from the island of majorca. Saeugetierkundliche Mitteilungen 22(2): 122-130

On embryologic terminology and the truncus arteriosus. Jaffee, Oscar C (Editor) Cardiac Development With Special Reference to Congenital Heart Disease Proceedings Of The 1968 International Symposium Iv + 164p Illus University Of Dayton Press: Dayton, Ohio, U S A 11-27

On emotions a reordering of current knowledge. Mclean Hospital Journal 3(1): 2-23

On emphasis in human genetics. Genetics: 35-40

On empicoris salinus hemiptera heteroptera reduviidae emesinae. Instituto Municipal de Ciencias Naturales Miscelanea Zoologica 3(3): 33-42

On endemic nonvenereal syphilis. International Journal of Dermatology 11(1): 57-61

On endo carditis verrucosa simplex in shock and consumption coagulopathy. Zentralblatt fuer Allgemeine Pathologie und Pathologische Anatomie 115(1-2): 206

On endocrine orbitopathy an improved assay method for exophthalmos producing factor. Ophthalmic Research 1(2): 79-87

On endocrine orbitopathy influence of various hormones on experimental exophthalmos. Ophthalmic Research 1(6): 344-353

On endoscopic diagnosis of duodenal lesions. Gastroenterologia Japonica 7(3-4): 247-248

On energy conservation and transfer in mitochondria. Journal of Bioenergetics 3(1): 129-136

On energy dependent cues in duration discrimination. Perception & Psychophysics 14(3): 501-505

On energy lysine and methionine plus cystine requirements of fattening pigs. Zhivotnov"dni Nauki: 30-42

On engelimyia new genus for sarcophaga cassidifera diptera sarcophagidae. Revista Brasileira de Biologia 34(3): (1975) 425-430

On enlarged colpo hysterectomy with lymph adenectomy in the treatment of stage 1 and 2 cervical cancer study of the results of 234 cases treated at the gustave roussy institute from 1953 to 1963 and followed at least 5 years. Presse Medicale 77(47): 2108

On enteral absorption of potassium cat. Archives Internationales de Pharmacodynamie et de Therapie 177(1): 122-139

On enteric disease among our troops in vietnam leptospirosis malaria undetermined fever. Gastroenterology 56(4): 819-820

On entoptical functional test. Jaeger, W (Ed ) Deutsche Ophthalmologische Gesellschaft Bericht Uber Di 70 Zusammenkunft in Heidelberg 1969 Auge Und Immunologie (German Ophthalmological Association Report on The 70th Meeting in Heidelberg 1969 Eyes And Immunology) X+732p Illus Verlag J F Bergmann: Munich, W Germany 263-267

On environmental aspects on the etiology of uterine cervical cancer. Opuscula Medica: 49-51

On environmental contamination of foods with carcinogenic hydro carbons. Zeitschrift fuer die Gesamte Hygiene und ihre Grenzgebiete 17(4): 271-275

On environmental factors of eel ponds part 2 chemistry of water and soil and plankton in march and june 1967. Bulletin of Freshwater Fisheries Research Laboratory (Tokyo) 21(1): 15-19

On environmental factors of eel pools part 1 chemistry of the water and soil and plankton in october 1965 and july 1966. Bulletin of Freshwater Fisheries Research Laboratory (Tokyo) 21(1): 1-13

On enz dnase k 1 and enz dnase k 2 isolated from mycelia of aspergillus oryzae i isolation and purification of enz dnase k 1 and enz dnase k 2 calf thymus dna inst electrophoresis. Amino Acid & Nucleic Acid: 7-65

On enz dnase k 1 and enz dnase k 2 isolated from mycelia of aspergillus oryzae ii determination of 5 and 3 termini of the dna fragments produced by enz dnase k 1 and enz dnase k 2 calf thymus. Amino Acid & Nucleic Acid: 6-72

On enz renin and arterial pressure abnormalities in malignant hypertension after nephrectomy dialysis and transplantation. Clinical Research: 423

On enz rnase and other hydrolytic enzymes in excised avena m leaf tissues cyclo heximide antibiotic enz phosphomono esterase enz phosphodi esterase yeast rna dna p chloromercuri benzoate purine phosphates amp ump gmp cmp. Plant & Cell Physiology 10(2): 375-386

On enzymatic and nonenzymatic oxidation of pharmaceutically interesting material and some examples of the effect of light part 1. Deutsche Apotheker Zeitung 109(7): 235-236

On enzymatic oscillation due to drug stress a kinetic model based on concept of hysteratic enzymes. Indian Science Congress Association Proceedings 62: 95

On enzyme histochemistry of sarcoidosis. Acta Pathologica et Microbiologica Scandinavica. Section A, Pathology 81(2): 189-194

On enzymic breakdown of uric acid in the locust schistocerca gregaria part 2 enzymes and catabolites in various steps of larval development. Comptes Rendus des Seances de la Societe de Biologie et de ses Filiales 164(12): 2627-2630

On eosinophil granuloma of the jaw bone. Annali di Stomatologia 19(6): 461-476

On ependymal cyst of the 3rd ventricle report of a case and review of literature. Brain Nerve (Tokyo) 22(11): 1325-1332

On epi cutaneous tests patch test contact test wetting test combined test resistance to alkali. Berufs-Dermatosen 18(4): 179-188

On ergot disease of bajra in rajasthan. Indian Journal of Mycology & Plant Pathology 5(1): 7

On erinose of okra abelmoschus esculentus. Pesquisa Agropecuaria Brasileira Serie Agronomia 7: 5-7


On estimating air pollution concentrations from a highway in an oblique wind. Atmospheric Environment: 863-868

On estimating air pollution control benefits from land value studies. Journal of Environmental Economics and Management 1(1): 0-83

On estimating annual production of stream benthos. Limnology & Oceanography: 771-782

On estimating areas in radiology and nuclear medicine. Australasian Radiology 16(3): 325-332

On estimating the fertility in rhynchosciara americana. Revista Brasileira de Biologia 30(2): 281-284

On estimating the infection rate of the simple stochastic epidemic. Biometrika 59(1): 213-214

On estimating the shape of a time varying vocal tract. Journal of the Acoustical Society of America 64(SUPPL 1): S42

On ethology and human behavior. Acta Biotheoretica 23(2): 55-78

On etiology and patho physiology of acute pancreatitis with special reference to participation of phospho lipase a. Archiv fuer Japanische Chirurgie 38(1): 76-106

On etiology of torsio uteri in the cow. Schweizer Archiv fuer Tierheilkunde 115(2): 74-80

On euparadistomum pearsoni new species trematoda dicrocoeliidae from the gallbladder of the domestic cat in papua. Journal of Helminthology 44(1): 89-96

On euphyes ampa lepidoptera hesperiidae. Atas da Sociedade de Biologia do Rio de Janeiro 17(1): 1-3

On evaluating applied water balance research formula terms. Netherlands Journal of Agricultural Science 17(1): 3-13

On evaluating autonomic and verbal indices of negative preception. Psychophysiology 11(2): 121-124

On evaluating the role of counter conditioning in systematic de sensitization a methodological note. Psychological Reports: 157-158

On evaluation of amplitude changes in the main human electro encephalogram rhythms in response to sensory stimulation. Electroencephalography & Clinical Neurophysiology 29(1): 97

On evaluation of the radioactive contamination through the food web in an aquatic ecosystem. Journal Of Radiation Research: 56

On evolution of the enzyme alpha glycerol phosphate dehydrogenase in drosophilidae. Comptes Rendus Hebdomadaires des Seances de l'Academie des Sciences Serie D Sciences Naturelles 287(2): 93-95

On evolution of the photosynthetic pigments. Space Life Sciences 4(3): 448-454

On examinations for gastro intestinal diseases. Japanese Archives of Internal Medicine 25(5): 203-207

On exclusion as the mechanism of ozone resistance in tobacco mosaic virus infected plants. Phytopathology 65(10): 1054-1055

On exercising the heart. American Heart Journal 85(6): 835-835

On exflagellation of plasmodium gallinaceum in vitro. Japanese Journal of Parasitology 24(1 SUPPL): 22

On expectancy and average reaction time. British Journal of Psychology 61(1): 33-38

On expediency of blood transfusion for the treatment of chronic dysentery resistant to antibiotics. Zhurnal Eksperimental'Noi I Klinicheskoi Meditsiny: 93-96

On experience in the practical application of bacterio phages in antibiotic use. Studia Biophysica 30(2): 144

On experiences with the new ultrasonic inhalation generator TuR USI 50. Zeitschrift für Erkrankungen der Atmungsorgane 150(1): 3-7

On experimental 2 4 d myopathy part 1 electro physiological morphological and histochemical findings. Zentralblatt fuer Allgemeine Pathologie und Pathologische Anatomie 115(1-2): 145-152

On experimental animal testing of locally applied gluco corticoids. Acta Endocrinologica Supplementum 152: 20

On experimental fasciola hepatica infection in different animal species. Zeitschrift fuer Parasitenkunde 39(1): 80

On experimental hypoplasia of the cerebellum in rats. Teratology 12(2): 217

On experimental increase of lipofuscin in Chinese dwarf hamsters. Pathologia et Microbiologia 37(4): 275-279

On experimental schistosoma bovis infestations in sardinia mediterranean sea. Parassitologia (Rome) 15(1-2): 21-34

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On experimental transmission of ostertagia ostertagi to sheep. British Veterinary Journal 127(12): 68-69

On experimental treatment of premature icteric infants with orotic acid. Acta Paediatrica Scandinavica 60(3): 362

On experiments investigating the presumed drug resistance of psoroptes ovis to bhc. Gaceta Veterinaria (Buenos Aires) 31(229): 373-378

On experiments with the garden strawberry d fragaria ananassa d in a sub tropical area tenerife island part 3 trials on planting dates in combination with chilling pretreatment of plants. Gartenbauwissenschaft 35(1): 45-53

On experiments with the garden strawberry d fragaria ananassa d in a subtropical area teneriffe island ii 1st breeding results. Gartenbauwissenschaft 34(1): 45-51

On expert testimony in sanity cases. Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease 149(5): 435-438

On expressive agrammatism. Journal of Communication Disorders 4(2): 126-133

On extracranial meningioma. Case of primary meningioma of nasal cavity. Acta Oto-Laryngologica 68(5): 451-456

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On extraintestinal digestion of the ant lion euroleon nostras myrmeleonidae. Zeitschrift fuer Vergleichende Physiologie 62(2): 205-213

On extramedullary megakaryocytes. Nouvelle Revue Francaise d'Hematologie 13(4): 522-529

On extrapolation of numerals by man. Kybernetik 12(3): 154-159

On eye alterations after long term treatment with largactil. Ophthalmologica 161(2-3): 118-124

On eye damage caused by caterpillar hairs. Ophthalmologica 162(4-5): 308-317

On factors affecting measurements of plant leaf temperature and air temperature. Science Of Human Life: 8-19

On factors of sex. Medical Journal (English Translation of Lijecnicki Vjesnik) TT(69-51002-9): 13-16

On fagotia acicularis from the quaternary deposits in the valleys of helme and unstrut. Journal of Conchology 27(4): 257-265

On failing to test a theory of mental pathology. British Journal of Social and Clinical Psychology 11(2): 185-188

On false coral snakes on trinidad and tobago. Salamandra 9(3-4): 161-163

On familial alopecia areata. Vestnik Dermatologii i Venerologii (10): 36-38

On farm bruising of broilers. Poultry Science 54(4): 1338

On farm lime and fertilizer experiments with soybeans and cotton in northern alabama usa 1975 1976. Alabama Agricultural Experiment Station Auburn University Progress Report Series 110: NO

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On fat absorption in cystic fibrosis mucoviscidosis. Rivista di Clinica Pediatrica 83(3): 100-107

On fatty acid activation in rat liver mitochondria. Biochimica et Biophysica Acta 176(2): 414-416

On feature reduction with application to electro encephalograms. U S Government Research & Development Reports 71(1): 61

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On feeding the bullfinch pyrrhula pyrrhula. Ornithologische Mitteilungen 23(3): 58

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On fennoscandian polypores part 3 phellinus tremulae. Annales Botanici Fennici 11(3): 202-215

On fennoscandian polypores part 4 phellinus igniarius phellinus nigricans and phellinus populicola new species. Annales Botanici Fennici 12(3): 93-122

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On fetal type erythropoiesis. Haematologia 6(1-2): 185-191

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