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Geography & Life Sciences: Chapter 27101

Chapter 27101 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in geography and in the life sciences.

Over all therapeutic usefulness of glybencalmide a new hypo glycemic sulfonyl urea. Diabetes 19(4): 264-270

Over and under collection of stored whole blood. Transfusion (Bethesda) 13(5): 341

Over auto regulation in severely ill stroke patients. Stroke 6(2): 226

Over breathing as a psycho physiological mechanism in the exacerbation and cyclical perpetration of the asthmatic attack. Australian & New Zealand Journal of Medicine 6(4): 370

Over catching limitations on the catch and the minimum commercial size for fish with efficient fishery management. Anonbiol. I Rybn. X-Vo Vnutren. Vodoemov Pribaltiki. (the Hydrobiology And Fisheries Of The Inland Waters Of The Baltic Area.) Valgus: Tallin, Ussr, . From Ref Zh Biol No.2. 269-275

Over crowding factors of mosquito larvae part 7 preparation and biological activity of methyl octa decanes and methyl nona decanes against mosquito larvae. Journal of Agricultural & Food Chemistry 24(1): 160-163

Over curvature of the nails an inherited disorder. British Journal of Dermatology 89(3): 317-318

Over dominance and protein polymorphisms in drosophila melanogaster. Genetics 74(2 PT 2): 187

Over dominance at the transferrin locus in declining populations of the deer mouse. Genetics 86(2 PART 2): S10

Over eating and finickiness in rats with ventral hypothalamic damage fed unpalatable diets. Bulletin of the Psychonomic Society 12(4): 250

Over eating and weight loss under eating and unmeasured energy in direct calorimetry. Federation Proceedings 36(3): 1166

Over estimates of the size of poly adenylic acid segments. Biochemical & Biophysical Research Communications: 1408-1414

Over estimation of left ventricular ejection time by centrally recorded aortic pressure. Federation Proceedings 36(3): 519

Over extinction of the evoked skin conductance response an electro encephalographic study. Psychophysiology 11(6): 630-638

Over feeding and over eating among dairy cows fed the same during the 1st through the 5th months post partum. Journal of Dairy Science 57(1): 139

Over feeding as a starvation cause among rein deer calves. Suomen Elainlaakarilehti 78(3): 131-138

Over feeding during infancy. Upsala Journal of Medical Sciences 82(3): 226-227

Over feeding effect on cecum and rumen bacteria. Journal of Animal Science 35(1): 259

Over feeding of rat pups and the development of obesity. Federation Proceedings 33(3 PART 1): 654

Over fishing. Penn ar Bed (Brest) 7(63): 398-413

Over grazing of sea grasses by a regular sea urchin lytechinus variegatus. Bioscience 23(1): 37-38

Over growing of peled spawn with microorganisms. Gidrobiologicheskii Zhurnal 7(1): 43-47

Over harvest of fox squirrels from 2 woodlots in western ohio usa. Journal of Wildlife Management 38(1): 67-80

Over heat and heat adaptation effect on the amount of combined and free water in cerebral tissues and liver of rats. Izvestiya Akademii Nauk Turkmenskoi SSR Seriya Biologicheskikh Nauk (2): 74-77

Over land migration of collembola hypogastrula nivicola colonies. American Midland Naturalist 94(1): 205-209

Over marking of alien conspecific odors by male mongolian gerbils. American Zoologist 18(3): 667

Over night incubation of a partially conditioned eye blink response in rabbits. Animal Learning & Behavior: 114-118

Over nutrition and liver disease in the affluent society. Blondheim, S H (Ed ) Frontiers Of Internal Medicine, 1974 Twelfth International Congress Tel Aviv, Israel, Sept 8-13, 1974 Xxi+433p Illus S Karger: Basel, Switzerland; New York, N Y , U S A Isbn 3-8055-2205-3 167-169

Over penetrated chest x rays in the pre bronchoscopic evaluation of airway tumors. American Review of Respiratory Disease 115(4 PART 2): 93

Over phosphatization of soils and aftereffect of phosphorus fertilizers. Agrokhimiya 2: 3-6

Over population fertility mortality and aggressiveness in a captive population of papio papio. Terre et la Vie 25(4): 491-505

Over population the race to extinction. Biologist (Charleston) 54(1): 11-14

Over production and reduced removal of very low density lipo protein b apo protein in hyper tri glyceridemia. Circulation Supplement 58(2): II-39

Over production and reduced removal of very low density lipo protein protein in hyper tri glyceridemia. Australian & New Zealand Journal of Medicine 8(5): 569-570

Over production of di hydro folate reductase by anti folate resistant chinese hamster cells. Journal of Cell Biology 79(2 PART 2): 345A

Over production of flavines in hydro carbon assimilating yeast cultures. Microbiology (New York) 44(5): (1976)

Over production of flavines in yeast cultures assimilating hydro carbons. Mikrobiologiya 44(5): 784-790

Over production of killer plasmid ds rna in yeast bypass of a chromosomal gene for ds rna plasmid maintenance by deletion of mitochondrial dna. Federation Proceedings 36(3): 783

Over production of microbial metabolites and enzymes due to alteration of regulation. Ghose, T K And A Fiechter (Ed ) Advances in Biochemical Engineering, Vol 1 194p Illus Springer-Verlag: New York, N Y , U S A ; Heidelberg, West Germany 113-142

Over production of phage lambda repressor after infection by a prm minus mutant. Genetics 77(1 PT 2): S71-S72

Over production of sporulation associated extracellular protease in bacillus subtilis mutants. Gerhardt, Philipp, Ralph N Costilow And Harold L Sadoff (Ed ) Spores Vi Sixth International Conference East Lansing, Mich , U S A , Oct 10-13, 1974 Xiii+619p Illus American Society For Microbiology: Washington, D C , U S A Isbn 0-914826-03-4 279-281

Over repair in closterium moniliferum increased radio resistance caused by an earlier exposure to radiation. Kiefer, J (Ed ) Proceedings in Life Sciences Radiation And Cellular Control Processes Conference Giessen, West Germany, Oct 6-10, 1975 Xiv+321p Illus Springer-Verlag: Berlin, West Germany; New York, N Y , Usa Isbn 3-540-07878-9; Isbn 0-387-07878-9 188-195

Over ripeness of ovocytes as a cause of spontaneous abortion mal development and chromosome aberration. Proceedings of the Congenital Anomalies Research Association Annual Report 9: 13-14

Over ripeness of the ovum. Fraser, F Clarke (Editor) Excerpta Medica International Congress Series No 191 Third International Conference on Congenital 52

Over seasoning of pseudomonas alboprecipitans causal agent of bacterial leaf blight of corn. Proceedings of the American Phytopathological Society 3: (1977)

Over seeding of rye m and wheat m in bermuda grass m sod for grain production. Oklahoma Agricultural Experiment Station Progress Report 621: 20

Over seeding winter annual grasses m in sericea d lespedeza d secale cereale m rye m bromus catharticus m rescue m lolium multiflorum m rye grass m lespedeza cuneata d. Agronomy Journal 63(2): 333-334

Over sensitiveness to cows milk proteins in children with allergic skin diseases. Bratislavske Lekarske Listy 56(4): 399-406

Over synthesis of microbial enzymes. Murray, E Donald (Edited By) Developments in Industrial Microbiology, Vol 12 Symposium Xiii + 418p Illus American Institute Of Biological Sciences: Washington, D C , U S A 56-58

Over the counter drugs a challenge for drug education. Journal of Drug Education 3(2): 101-110

Over the counter sleep medications. Psychophysiology 6(2): 263

Over training and discrimination reversal in rats. Atti dell Istituto Veneto Scienze Lettere ed Arti Classe de Scienze Matematiche e Naturali 132: 329-345, 1973

Over training and drug dissociation of brightness discrimination in rats. Bulletin of the Psychonomic Society 8(4): 256

Over training extinction and reversal learning by kittens. Animal Learning & Behavior 3(4): 340-342

Over training extinction effect using a free operant procedure. Psychological Reports 31(2): 539-544

Over tree sprinkling for bloom delay in fruit crops. Palmer, Melville L Fruit Crops Field Day- 37p Illus Maps Ohio Agricultural Research And Development Center, Ohio State University: Wooster, Ohio, U S A 29-31

Over valued disturbances and their role in the psycho pathology of children. Zhurnal Nevropatologii I Psikhiatrii Imeni Srsakova. 74(10): 1519-1525

Over voltage and solid state kinetics of reactions at biological interfaces. Milazzo, Giulio, Peter E Jones And Liliana Rampazzo (Ed ) Experientia Supplementum, No 18 Biological Aspects Of Electrochemistry Symposium Xix+703p Illus Birkhauser Verlag: Basel, Switzerland 223-234

Over weight and dietary habits of adolescents. Internationale Zeitschrift Fuer Vitaminforschung: 323-333

Over weight and hyper insulinism as a consequence of qualitative nutritional factors. Verhandlungen der Deutschen Gesellschaft fuer Innere Medizin 79: 1197-1199

Over weight and hypertension in an elderly population. Proceedings of the Utah Academy of Sciences Arts & Letters 53(2): 46-47

Over weight as the 2nd causal factor of fatty liver. Medizinische Welt 35: 1927

Over weight in offspring of cortisone hormone treated pregnant rats. Acta Endocrinologica: 36-46

Over winter changes in the percent calcium magnesium potassium phosphorus and nitrogen in vegetation and mulch in an eastern south dakota prairie. Agronomy Journal 65(4): 680-681

Over winter survival of erwinia amylovora in apple and pear cankers. Proceedings of the American Phytopathological Society 2: 67-68

Over wintering and spring development of the colonies on combs renewed during autumn feeding. Gnaedinger, Fridolin (President) The Xxiind International Beekeeping Congress Symposium 671p Illus Map Apimondia Publishing House: Bucharest, Romania 605

Over wintering black redstart phoenicurus ochruros in the central rhine area. Emberiza 2(2): 71

Over wintering capabilities of insects in western new york part 2 the lady beetle ceratomegilla maculata. Proceedings of the Rochester Academy of Science 12(4): 414

Over wintering capabilities of insects in western new york usa part 1 the gall fly eurosta solidagenis. Proceedings of the Rochester Academy of Science 12(4): 414

Over wintering cirl buntings near thun. Ornithologische Beobachter 71(5/6): 322-323

Over wintering container grown woody ornamentals under micro foam and poly ethylene. Hortscience 9(3 SEC 2): 277

Over wintering in the cowpea aphid aphis craccivora in center county pennsylvania usa. Punjabrao Krishi Vidyapeeth Research Journal 1(2): 146-148

Over wintering in water of salamander tadpoles from west sweden. Fauna och Flora Naturhistoriska Riksmuseet 67(6): 261-263

Over wintering mechanisms in gloeotrichia echinulata. Journal of Phycology 10(SUPPL):

Over wintering of avocets in the saint nazaire region. Alauda 37(1): 80

Over wintering of bean pod mottle virus in bean leaf beetles. Phytopathology 62(8): 808

Over wintering of brinjal shoot and fruit borer leucinodes orbonalis lepidoptera pyralidae in kulu valley western himalaya india. Anzeiger fuer Schaedlingskunde Pflanzenschutz Umweltschutz 48(12): 181-182

Over wintering of bulbous and cormous plants in ashkhabad in 1968 1972. Byulleten' Glavnogo Botanicheskogo Sada (88): 27-29

Over wintering of dictyota dichotoma near its northern limit of distribution of the east coast of north america. Journal of Phycology 13(SUPPL): 58

Over wintering of gladiolus cormlets in the ground. Biologicheskii Zhurnal Armenii 27(7): 89-91

Over wintering of hatchlings of the turtle chinemys reevesii. Japanese Journal of Herpetology 5(3): 45-47

Over wintering of helminthosporium maydis causing southern corn leaf blight and puccinia sorghi causing corn leaf rust. Proceedings of the American Phytopathological Society 2: 136

Over wintering of helminthosporium turcicum. Phytoparasitica 6(1): 39

Over wintering of hives of honey bees apis mellifera hymenoptera apidae and using supplementary heat. Harnaj, V (Ed ) Beekeeping in Cold Climate Zones Symposium Otaniemi-Helsinki, Finland, Aug 1-4, 1974 111p Illus Apimondia Publishing House: Bucharest, Romania 104-109

Over wintering of perennial herbaceous plants of turkmen flora in 1968 1969 in ashkhabad. Byulleten' Glavnogo Botanicheskogo Sada (83): 28-31

Over wintering of pseudoperonospora cubensis causing downy mildew of muskmelon. Indian Phytopathology 29(2): (1977)

Over wintering of pseudoperonospora cubensis causing downy mildew of muskmelon in punjab. Indian Journal of Mycology & Plant Pathology 5(1): 51

Over wintering of race t of helminthosporium maydis in midwestern usa. Plant Disease Reporter 55(7): 563-565

Over wintering of sclerospora sorghi in kansas. Proceedings of the American Phytopathological Society 1: (1975)

Over wintering of simulium pictipes diptera simuliidae as eggs. Journal of Medical Entomology 11(3): 383-384

Over wintering of small mammals near great slave lake northern canada clethrionomys gapperi clethrionomys rutilus peromyscus maniculatus. Arctic 22(1): 34-55

Over wintering of some north temperate and arctic chironomidae part 1 the winter environment. Canadian Entomologist 103(4): 589-604

Over wintering of some north temperate and arctic chironomidae part 2 chironomid biology. Canadian Entomologist 103(12): 1875-1910

Over wintering of the cichlid tilapia aurea produces 14 tons of harvestable size fish in a south alabama usa bass bluegill public fishing lake. Progressive Fish-Culturist 37(1): 31-32

Over wintering of the cotton leaf perforator in the lower rio grande valley. Texas Agricultural Experiment Station Progress Report 2883: 1-8

Over wintering predatory birds in the elbe meadows near wittenberg. Falke: 242-245

Over wintering sources of inoculum of bacterial spot of peach d xanthomonas pruni in southwestern ontario. Proceedings Of The Canadian Phytopathological Society:

Over work weakness in fasio scapulo humeral muscular dystrophy. Archives of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation 52(7): 333-336

Overactions of the inferior oblique muscle. Nihon Ganka Kiyo 22(8): 557-565

Overactivity of the hypothalamo neuro hypophyseal neuro secretory system and the problem of the mechanisms of transporting neuro secretory material. Knowles, Francis And Lutz Vollrath (edrosecretion. The Final Neuroendocrine Pathway. Vi International Symposium. London, England. . Ix 345p. Illus. Springer-Verlag: New York, N.y., U.s.a.; Berlin, West Germany. Isbn 0-387-06821-X; Isbn 3-540-06821-X. 307

Overactivity of the indophenol oxidase form dimeric in trisomy 21 secondary to triplicated gene. Humangenetik 23(1): 65-72

Overactivity of the integral storage and voiding reflexes in the juvenile urinary incontinence syndrome. Birth Defects Original Article Series 13(5): 455-470

Overall characteristics of some german poplar clones. Revue Forestiere Francaise (Nancy) 25(1): 45-46

Overall circulatory control in hypertension. Australian and New Zealand Journal of Medicine 6 Suppl 2: 72-80

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Overall controls on the biosynthesis of ribosomes in growing bacteria. Journal of Theoretical Biology 28(2): 201-231

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Overall regulation of the circulation. Annual Review of Physiology 32: 289-312

Overall tumor incidence in c57 black 6 mice treated with tritiated thymidine at birth. Radiation Research 47(1): 303

Overbite and overjet a comparison in 2 racial groups. Journal of Dental Research 52(SPEC ISSUE): 215

Overcoming cross incompatibility and self incompatibility in ipomoea batatas and ipomoea trichocarpa. Journal Of Horticultural Science: 113-121

Overcoming cross incompatibility in long term hybridization by the method of immature hybrid seeds culture. Sel'skokhozyaistvennaya Biologiya 9(1): 23-27

Overcoming differences in water absorption of haricot bean seeds and providing identical conditions for their treatment with chemical mutagens. Genetika 8(9): 168-171

Overcoming hybrid necrosis in wheat. Tsitologiya i Genetika 7(2): 123-127

Overcoming incompatibility in auto tetra ploid and di ploid rye plants using an embryo culture. Tsitologiya I Genetika: 512-515

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Overcoming obstacles to de sensitization using in vivo stimuli and brevital. Behavior Therapy 6(4): 543-546

Overcoming of dormancy of flower buds of soldanella minima by treatment with zeatin. Ateneo Parmense Acta Naturalia: 537-540

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Overcoming resistance to family planning. Medical Gynaecology, Andrology, and Sociology 6: 19-28

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Overcoming zinc shortage in pintos d. Agricultural Research (Washington D C) 17(12): 15

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Overdrive excitation in isolated canine conducting tissue. Physiologist 21(4): 123

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Overdue dystrophic new borns and morphological placental finds. Zeitschrift fuer Geburtshilfe und Gynaekologie 175(1): 44-54


Overestimation of dna by uv measurement a correction factor for toad bladder epithelial cells. Biochemical Medicine 4(3-4): 240-245

Overextinction of the orienting reaction/ over extinction of the orienting reaction. Conditional Reflex 5(1): 27-35

Overflow of acetyl choline from isolated mammalian hearts in the absence and presence of physostigmine. Naunyn-Schmiedeberg's Archives of Pharmacology 297(SUPPL II): R52

Overflow of labeled transmitter elicited by nerve stimulation in the perfused mesenteric arteries of rats after the development of neurogenic hypertension. Blood Vessels: 368-369

Overflow of tritiated from the rabbit ear artery pre incubated with tritiated noradrenaline. Proceedings Of The Australian Physiological & Pharmacological Society: 163-164

Overground and underground parts of certain grass m and dwarf semi shrub phytocoenoses of the crimean jaila mountain pastures and the technique of their estimation. Ghilarov, M S Et A Root Systems And Rhizosphere Organisms 240p Illus International Biological Programme: London, England 204-208

Overgrowing of the dam reservoir at goczalkowice in the years 1967 1969. Acta Hydrobiologica 13(3): 313-321

Overgrown pasture. American Birds 28(6): 1028

Overgrowth of ooze iron manganese microorganisms studied by electron microscopy. Mikrobiologiya 41(6): 1099-1102

Overgrowth of some lakes in kalinin oblast. Hydrobiological Journal 8(5): 9-13

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Overgrowth of the femur after fracture of the shaft in childhood. Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery. British Volume 58(3): 339-342

Overhead irrigation of apple d orchards as a factor in the epidemic development of bitter rot gloeosporium fructigenum. Israel Journal of Agricultural Research 20(4): 184

Overhead irrigation of sugar beet on silty loam the effect of sprinkling and nitrogen manuring on yields and essential quality factors. Zeitschrift fuer Acker- und Pflanzenbau 134(1): 1-24

Overhead projection in biology instruction. Biologieunterricht 5(3): 63-84

Overhead projection to illustrate a concept of biochemical dynamics. Proceedings Of The North Dakota Academy Of Science: 14

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Overinclusion responses to wechsler adult intelligence scale similarities as suggestive of schizophrenia. Journal of Clinical Psychology 26(3): 346-348

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Overlap in foods and foraging of 4 species of blackbirds in the potholes of central washington. Ecology (washington D C): 930-938

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