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Geography & Life Sciences: Chapter 27518

Chapter 27518 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in geography and in the life sciences.

Sweating panting and body temperatures of new born and 1 year old calves at high environmental temperatures. British Veterinary Journal 126(1): 45-53

Sweating rate and the electrolyte content of skin secretions of bos taurus and bos indicus cross bred cows. Journal of Agricultural Science 75(3): 397-402

Sweating reaction of the palm skin in patients with chronic dermatoses. Vestnik Dermatologii i Venerologii 11: 20-24

Sweaty odor in fatty acids measurements of similarity confusion and fatigue. Journal of Food Science 37(1): 33-35

Swedens environmental policy. Ambio 1(3): 90-101

Swedis a drug information system at the department of drugs national board of health and welfare sweden. Ducrot, H Et Al (Ed ) Computer Aid to Drug Therapy And to Drug Monitoring Proceedings Of The Ifip (International Federation For Information Processing) Working Conference Berne, Switzerland, Mar 6-10, Xvi+444p Illus North-Holland Publishing Co : Amsterdam, The Netherlands; New York, N Y , Usa (Dist in The Usa By Elsevier North-Holland, Inc : New York, N Y ) Isbn 0-444-85188-7 205-211

Swedish cod fishery in the baltic. Meddelande Fran Havsfiskelaboratoriet Lysekil: 5

Swedish drill. Dental Health (London) 8(4): 69-72

Swedish experiences on sensory evaluation of odorous air pollutant intensities. Englund, H M And W T Beery (Ed ) Proceedings Of The International Clean Air Congress, Vol 2 Xxv+1354p Illus Maps Academic Press: New York, N Y , U S A; London, England 56-62

Swedish herring fisheries and investigations in 1970 in the north sea skagerrak and kattegat. Annales Biologiques (Copenhagen) 28(1971): 179-183

Swedish herring fisheries and investigations in 1972 in the north sea skagerrak kattegat and sound with some notes on the fisheries in 1971. Annales Biologiques (Copenhagen) 29(1972): 141-144

Swedish herring fishery in the baltic. Rapports et Proces-Verbaux des Reunions Conseil International pour l'Exploration de la Mer 166: 126-132

Swedish international biological program woodland studies. Bulletins from the Ecological Research Committee-NFR (Statens Naturvetenskapliga Forskningsrad) 14: 54-57

Swedish lake restoration program gets results. Ambio 1(5): 153-165

Swedish means and measures of combatting oil pollution in the baltic. Westley, B. Identification And Measurement Of Environmental Pollutants. Symposium. Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, June 14-17,: Canada. 259-264

Swedish news and breeding results 1968. Avicultural Magazine: 132-133

Swedish nutrition foundation symposium on the mother child dyad nutritional aspects uppsala sweden june 20 22 1977. Upsala Journal of Medical Sciences 82(3): 221-229

Swedish ornithological atlas progress report 1974 1975. Polish Ecological Studies 3(4): 309-311

Swedish research experience with methods of landscape ecology surveying for land apportionment. Mueller, P (Ed ) Verhandlungen Der Gesellschaft Fuer Oekologie Erlangen 1974 4 Jahresversammlung Vom 9 Bis 13 Oktober 1974 in Erlangen (Proceedings Of The Society For Ecology Erlangen 1974 4th Annual Meeting From The 9th to 13th Of October, 1974 in Erlangen, West Germany ) (In Ger ) 300p Illus Dr W Junk B V : Hague, Netherlands Isbn 90-6193-180-0 241-244

Swedish wood sandpiper tringa glareola near hoyerswerda. Falke 16(10): 355

Sweep co distillation as a clean up process in the routine determination of chlorinated pesticide residues in fat containing foodstuffs. Mitteilungen aus dem Gebiete der Lebensmitteluntersuchung und Hygiene 66(2): 225-237

Sweep tone vocal tract spectra driven by an internal source. Journal of the Acoustical Society of America 55(SUPPL): S55

Sweeping of the fetal membranes by a physiologic saline solution: effect on decidual cells. American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology 120(4): 531-536

Sweet almond d emulsin further characterization of components a and b. Z Physiol Chem 351(3): 349-358

Sweet almond d emulsin optical properties of the 2 beta glucosidases a and b ec 32121.

Sweet cherry root rot and trunk canker caused by phytophthora spp. Proceedings of the American Phytopathological Society 1: (1975)

Sweet chestnuts d valuable raw materials for the food industry. Izvestiya Vysshikh Uchebnykh Zavedenii Pishchevaya Tekhnologiya (3): 174-175

Sweet corn growth responses and leaf concentrations as affected by lime types and fertilizer treatments in a 5 year study. Hortscience 13(3 SECT 2): 341

Sweet corn m silage and cannery waste as feeds for ruminants. Journal of Animal Science 33(1): 292-293

Sweet corn phosphorylase ec 2411 purification and properties.

Sweet corn production in khonkaen thailand. Proceedings of the International Horticultural Congress 1: 204

Sweet corn response to fertilizer placement planting geometry and location of trickle irrigation source with a film mulch. Hortscience 10(2): 145

Sweet crab apple. U S Forest Service General Technical Report NE 9: 29-31

Sweet flag as a medicinal raw material. Pharmaceutical Chemistry Journal (English Translation of Khimiko-Farmatsevticheskii Zhurnal) 11(9 PART 2): (1978)

Sweet lime d its performance and potential as a rootstock in florida. Proceedings Of The Florida State Horticultural Society: 38

Sweet lupine lupinus albus protein supplements in bread making part 1 effect on physical dough properties baking quality and amino acid composition. Boletim Tecnico do Centro de Tecnologia Agricola e Alimentar (13): 46-47

Sweet maize m development as affected by the planting date. Rasteniev"dni Nauki 8(5): 89-96

Sweet orange rootstock in experimental trials on the east coast of florida. Proceedings of the Florida State Horticultural Society 85: (1973) 61-65

Sweet potato d population changes during 6 random crossing generations. Journal of the American Society for Horticultural Science 97(1): 102-107

Sweet potatoes as a title 12 project proposal. Hortscience 13(3): 268

Sweet sorghum m obstacle overcome. Agricultural Research (Washington D C) 18(3): 16

Sweet taste of d sugars and l sugars and amino acids and the steric nature of their chemo receptor site. Nature (London) 221(5180): 555-556

Sweet taste receptor studies using model interaction energy calculations. Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences 63(11): 1722-1725

Sweet wormwood a fall pollen bearing plant. Pchelovodstvo (9): 33

Sweetclover d weevil feeding deterrent b isolation and identification melilotus infesta d sitona cylindricollis inst preparative paper chromatography. Science (washington D C)864): 293-294

Sweeteners from natural sources. Lloydia (Cincinnati) 38(6): 531-532

Sweetening compound from synsepalum dulcificum the miracle berry of ghana. Diabetologia 13(4): 415

Sweetness preference in california antelope ground squirrels. Virginia Journal of Science 20(3): 138

Sweetocoris new genus a new genus of stygnocorini from south africa with the description of 14 new species hemiptera heteroptera lygaeidae. Journal of the Entomological Society of Southern Africa 37(2): 215-250

Sweetolethaeus a new genus of lethaeini from south africa with the description of 2 new species 1 from termite nests hemiptera heteroptera lygaeidae. Proceedings of the Entomological Society of Washington 74(2): 155-165

Sweetpotato d transplants protected from root knot nematode infection by chemical treatment of transplant beds. Journal of Nematology 1(4): 284-285

Sweet's syndrome (acute febrile neutrophilic dermatosis). Report of a case. Archives of Dermatology 103(1): 81-84

Sweets syndrome feverish neutrophilic nodular dermatosis a new syndrome. Bulletin de la Societe Francaise de Dermatologie et de Syphiligraphie 77(3): 335

Sweet's syndrome: report of 7 cases. Archives D'anatomie et de Cytologie Pathologiques 25(1): 5-11

Sweet's syndrome simulating systemic lupus erythematosus. Dermatologica 144(6): 321-324

Swellability and stability of the structure of spun protein fibers. Nahrung 20(4): 383-386

Swelling and atpase activity of liver mitochondria of rats given different hepatic carcinogens. Tsitologiya 12(5): 678-681

Swelling and conformational change in rat liver mitochondria. Federation Proceedings 29(2): 733

Swelling and contraction of heart mitochondria suspended in ammonium chloride. Biochemistry 9(4): 708-713

Swelling and contraction of rat liver mitochondria under effect of bhc gamma isomer and poly chloro camphene on animals. Ukrayins'kyi Biokhimichnyi Zhurnal 47(4): 487-490


Swelling and solubility of ligamentum nuchae of cattle of different age. Gerontologia 15(4): 241-247

Swelling and transport properties of collagen films. Balazs, Endre A (Edited By) Chemistry And Molecular Biology Of The Intercellular Matrix, Vol 1 Collagen, Basal Laminae And Elastin Xlix + 698p Illus Academic Press Inc : London, England; New York, N Y , U S A 313-322

Swelling as a possible mechanism of action of x 537a lasalocid to release histamine from rat mast cells. Agents & Actions 8(4): 387

Swelling as an index of soil solonetzousness. Doklady Moskovskoi Sel'skokhozyaistvennoi Akademii Imeni K A Timiryazeva 154: 61-68

Swelling associated with acceleration of metabolism in muscle. Journal of Physiology 240(2): 40p-41p

Swelling curves as quality criteria in rye m from the 1971 harvest. Getreide Mehl und Brot 26(4): 93

Swelling of brain slices: non-osmotic reversion caused by metabolic intermediates. Experientia 30(12): 1385-1387

Swelling of escherichia coli cells induced by bacterio phage infection. Biophysical Society Annual Meeting Abstracts 14: 155A

Swelling of hair by sodium sulfite in the presence of an organic thio sulfate. Fette Seifen Anstrichm 72(3): 202-203

Swelling of heart mitochondria in chloride salts induced by tri propyl tin. Biophysical Journal 21(3): 59A

Swelling of hen erythrocyte nuclei in cytoplasm from Xenopus eggs. Experimental Cell Research 71(1): 90-96

Swelling of mouse liver mitochondria induced by cord factor. Japanese Journal of Medical Science & Biology 23(5): 347-352

Swelling of pre hydrolysis kraft pulp fibers in cadmium ethylene di amine sweetgum d pine g. TAPPI (Technical Association of the Pulp & Paper Industry) 52(5): 933-942

Swelling of rat liver mitochondria in the presence of the radio sensitizing drugs 2 iodo acetamide and n ethyl maleimide. Revue Roumaine De Biochimie: 35-42

Swelling of skinned muscle fibers in relaxing medium and its reversal. Experientia (Basel) 29(6): 742-743

Swelling of the lens fibers. Experimental Eye Research 21(4): 381-394

Swelling of the t system caused by the direct current as the characteristic of ion and cation movement through the t system membranes. Tsitologiya 16(8): 964-969

Swelling of the upper extremity during whirlpool baths. Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation 51(5): 297-299

Swelling phenomena of germinating crown rust uredo spores. Phytopathology 59(8): 1034

Swelling property of membranes. Biophysical Journal 17(2): 70A

Swelling rate of corneal stroma. Experimental Eye Research 12(3): 239-250

Swellings of the salivary glands part 1 nonneoplastic enlargements. Journal of Oral Medicine 29(3): 79-83

Swellings on polytenic chromosomes and the activity of genes in the post embryonic development of insects. Ceskoslovenska Fysiologie: 317-322

Swietenone the 1st natural tert butyl ketone from chloroxylon swietenia. Tetrahedron Letters 11: 867-868

Swift apus apus as an inhabitant of the bavarian forest national park. Anzeiger Der Ornithologischen Gesellschaft In Bayern: 97-98

Swift drinking from sea. British Birds 64(7): 319

Swim performance decrement over middle life. Medicine and Science in Sports 7(1): 53-58

Swimbladder anatomy in 4 species of western atlantic peristedion peristediidae with notes on its possible classificatory significance. Copeia: 78

Swimbladder in cirrhina reba. Indian Science Congress Association Proceedings: 5-466

Swimbladder inflammation of cyprinids. EIFAC (European Inland Fisheries Advisory Commission) Technical Paper 17(SUPPL 2): 134-136

Swimmers drowning in diving equipment. Sudebno-Meditsinskaya Ekspertiza 16(3): 54

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Swimming and body temperature of mackerel. American Zoologist: 1258

Swimming and orientation in aplysia brasiliana mollusca gastropoda. Marine Behaviour & Physiology 3(2): 131-143

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Swimming behavior of the sand crab emerita analoga crustacea anomura part 2 morphology and physiology of the uropod neuro muscular system. Zeitschrift fuer Vergleichende Physiologie 75(3): 259-285

Swimming behavior of the sand crab emerita analoga crustacea anomura part 3 neuronal organization of uropod beating. Zeitschrift fuer Vergleichende Physiologie 75(3): 286-302

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Swimming compared to cold for eliciting maximal oxygen uptake in mice. Proceedings of the Society for Experimental Biology and Medicine. Society for Experimental Biology and Medicine 144(3): 749-752

Swimming coordination in melanoplus differentialis. Journal of the Kansas Entomological Society 48(4): 502

Swimming crabs crustacea decapoda portunidae from 1 tree island capricorn group queensland. Records of the Australian Museum 27(19): 349-354

Swimming depth of large sized albacore in the south pacific ocean part 2 vertical distribution of albacore catch by an improved vertical long line. Nippon Suisan Gakkaishi 40(7): 643-649

Swimming depths of large sized albacore in the south pacific ocean part 1 fishing of albacore by a newly designed vertical longline. Bull Jap Soc Sci Fish 36(6): 578-584

Swimming in combination with other forms of gymnastic therapy in adipose children. Voprosy Okhrany Materinstva I Detstva: 54-58

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Swimming response of bluegill lepomis macrochirus to harmful zinc concentrations after long term exposure to safe concentrations. ASB Bulletin 22(2): 69

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Swimming water spike aponogeton natans. Aquarien Magazin 6(8): 314-315

Swine abscesses caused by lancefields group e streptococci part 10 specificity of the precipitin test for their detection with relation to streptococcal antigens of groups r and t streptococcus uberis and staphylococcus aureus. Cornell Veterinarian 62(1): 61-73

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Swine adipose tissue lipolysis. Journal of Animal Science 37(1): 286-287

Swine afla toxicosis part 1 an assessment of growth efficiency and other responses in growing pigs fed afla toxin. Environmental Physiology 1(4): 198-208

Swine afla toxicosis part 2 the chronic response in brood sows fed sublethal amounts of afla toxin and the reaction in their piglets. Environmental Physiology & Biochemistry 2(2): 77-85

Swine as a model for studying the effect of exercise on athero sclerosis. Medicine & Science In Sports: 84

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Swine colibacillosis serological typing of pathogenic strains of escherichia coli in municipalities of rio grande do sul brazil and santa catarina brazil. Boletim do Instituto de Pesquisas Veterinarias "Desiderio Finamor" 3: 139-149

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Swine fecal odor as affected by feed additives. Journal Of Animal Science: 207

Swine fever vaccination of piglets in natural conditions with the thiverval strain in presence of colostrum derived passive immunity. Annales de Zootechnie (Paris) 24(4): 816-817

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Swine housing management studies part 1 effect upon growth rate and feed gain. Journal of Animal Science 33(5): 1139

Swine housing management studies part 2 evaluation of health components. Journal of Animal Science 33(5): 1139

Swine influenza a at fort dix new jersey january february 1976 part 1 case finding and clinical study of cases. Journal of Infectious Diseases 136(SUPPL DEC): S356-S362

Swine influenza a at fort dix new jersey january february 1976 part 2 transmission and morbidity in units with cases. Journal of Infectious Diseases 136(SUPPL DEC): S363-S368

Swine influenza a at fort dix new jersey january february 1976 part 3 extent of spread and duration of the outbreak. Journal of Infectious Diseases 136(SUPPL DEC): S369-S375

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Swine insulin and its advantages in the therapy of diabetes mellitus. Problemy Endokrinologii 20(1): 20-24

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Swine lymph adenitis due to mycobacterium avium and atypical mycobacteria part 1 pathological studies. Acta Veterinaria Academiae Scientiarum Hungaricae 25(1): 67-76

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Swine malignant edema. Arquivos Da Escola De Veterinaria Universidade Federal De Minas Gerais 23: 315-320

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Switching from aerobic metabolism to additional anaerobic metabolism in saccharomyces carlsbergensis after glucose feeding. Zentralblatt fuer Bakteriologie Parasitenkunde Infektionskrankheiten und Hygiene Erste Abteilung Originale Reihe A Medizinische Mikrobiologie und Parasitologie 220(1-3): 362-367

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