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Geography & Life Sciences: Chapter 27580

Chapter 27580 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in geography and in the life sciences.

The dangers of lumbar puncture in the presence of an intra cranial mass lesion. Clinical Medicine 78(9): 21-24

The dangers of oral feeding in the presence of cuffed tracheostomy tubes. Medical Journal of Australia 1(25): 1238-1240

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The data provided by a coronary arteriography contemporaneous with the 1st anginal manifestations. Archives des Maladies du Coeur et des Vaisseaux 67(2): 173-179

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The dates of flowering and fruit ripening of certain fruit and berry yielding plants in udmurtia. Rastitel'nye Resursy 7(4): 597-599

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The day 1 index and organ erythropoiesis. Southern Medical Journal 63(11): 1368-1369

The day care rehabilitation center an intermediate care facility. Arthritis & Rheumatism 12(3): 280-281

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The day night migratory habits of lake erie presque isle bay zoo plankton. Proceedings of the Pennsylvania Academy of Science 51(1): 98-99

The day of the pecan. Cent Invest Agric Noreste (Mex) Dia Del Nogalero (Day Of The Pecan ) P Np Instituto Nacional De Investigaciones Agricolas: Mexico City, Mexico No

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The dde affair. Canadian Field-Naturalist 83(2): 89-90

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The de curarization sequence in different skeletal muscle groups in the use of myo relaxant antagonists. Farmakologiya i Toksikologiya (Moscow) 38(1): 34-38

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The de novo appearance of stored membrane in the metamorphosis to the feeding stage in hyalophysa. Journal of Protozoology 21(3): 440

The de novo synthesis of sterols and cholesterol from acetate 1 carbon 14 by sheep and pig placental and fetal liver slices in vitro. Steroids 19(4): 587-593

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The de sensitizing action of valerian. Anon Materialy Xvii Nauchn Konferentsii Fiziologov Yuga Rsfsr T 1 ( Information on The 17th Scientific Conference Of The Physiologists Of Th E South Of The Russian Soviet Federated Socialist Republic Vol 2 ) Sta Vropol', Ussr From Ref Zh 1970 194-195 From Ref Zh 1970 No 2

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The de toxification of lipo poly saccharide by ferric chloride. RES Journal of the Reticuloendothelial Society 13(4): 386

The de toxification of municipal gas in vienna reflected by accident and suicide statistics. Mitteilungen der Oesterreichischen Sanitaetsverwaltung (Vienna) 72(11): 339-342

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The deacetylation of acetyl ornithine by 2 mutants of neurospora crassa. Genetics 80(3 PART 1): S77-S78

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The deacylation re acylation in lung surfactant lecithin synthesis and its susceptibility to hyperbaric oxygen. Bulletin Europeen de Physiopathologie Respiratoire 12(6): 173P-174P

The dead sea sparrow a 2nd breeding place on turkish and the 1st known breeding place on syrian territory. Ibis 111(4): 617-618

The dead space of equipment and control of artificial ventilation apparatuses. Agressologie 12(B): 41-52

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