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Geography & Life Sciences: Chapter 27725

Chapter 27725 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in geography and in the life sciences.

The role of trigeminal afferents in the control of masseter moto neuron activity. Dubner, Ronald And Yojiro Kawamura (Edited By) Oral-Facial Sensory And Motor Mechanisms Ix + 384p Illus Appleton-Century-Crofts, Educational Meredith Corp : New York, N Y , U S A 333-348

The role of tropho blastic factors in implantation. Spilman, Charles H And John W Wilks (Ed ) Novel Aspects Of Reproductive Physiology Proceedings Of The 7th Brook Lodge Workshop on Problems Of Reproductive Physiology Xvi+397p Illus Spectrum Publications, Inc : New York, N Y , Usa; London, England (Dist By Halsted Press/Wiley: New York, N Y , Usa) Isbn 0-89335-050-8; Isbn 0-470-26368-7 181-212

The role of trypsin in secondary manifestations of acute hemorrhagic pancreatitis. Canadian Medical Association Journal 105(1): 52-55

The role of trypsin in the pre treatment of chromosomes for giemsa banding. American Journal of Human Genetics 25(6): 42A

The role of tryptophan and di valent sulfur in the action of atomic hydrogen on lysozyme in aqueous solution. Israel Journal of Chemistry 8(5): 791-798

The role of tryptophan metabolites in regulating gluconeogenesis. American Journal of Clinical Nutrition 24(7): 764-765

The role of tryptophan pyrrolase adaptation in the excretion of xanthurenic acid by rats deficient in vitamin B 6. American Journal of Clinical Nutrition 24(6): 740-746

The role of tryptophan residues in histidine binding protein j from salmonella typhimurium. Federation Proceedings 35(7): 72

The role of tryptophan residues of bacterial liquefying alpha amylase ec 3211 and taka amylase a ec 3211 in the enzymatic hydrolysis of linear substrates.

The role of tuberculosis in the abdominal calcifications in children. Sbornik Vedeckych Praci Lekarske Fakulty Karlovy University V Hradci Kralove 12(3): 249-256

The role of tuberculosis in the etiology of pleurisies with eosinophilias. Semaine des Hopitaux de Paris 45(46): 2911

The role of tuberculous infection in the impairment of ovarial menstrual function. Meditsinskii Zhurnal Uzbekistana 7: 31-33

The role of tubular obstruction in acute renal failure. Japanese Journal of Medicine 16(3): 293-294

The role of tumor cell secretion of bone resorbing factors in hyper calcemia of malignancy. Endocrinology 94(SUPPL): A-207

The role of tumor specific antibody and interferon production in the pathogenesis of rauscher leukemia. Acta Virologica 18(1): 57-64

The role of turkey wheat germ plasm in wheat improvement. Transactions of the Kansas Academy of Science 77(3): 159-172

The role of tylenchorhynchus dubius in the development of fusarium roseum blight of merion kentucky blue grass. Phytopathology 62(11): 1311-1314

The role of tympanic neurectomy in recurrent parotitis. Journal of Laryngology and Otology 87(5): 497-500

The role of type c oncornaviruses in systemic lupus erythematosus. Louhija, Antti And Ville Valtonen (edernal Medicine: Topics. 13th International Congress. Helsinki, Finland, Aug. 15-19, 1976. Xii 368p. Illus. S. Karger: Basel, Switzerland; New York, N.y., Usa. Isbn 3-8055-2641-5. 119-128

The role of typhlodromus aberrans in the biological control of phytophagous mites in verona province italy vineyards. Bollettino di Zoologia Agraria e di Bachicoltura 11: 151-165, 1972

The role of typhoid antigens in protection and pathogenicity. Canadian Journal of Public Health 65(1): 54

The role of tyramine in migraine some possible biochemical mechanisms. Cochrane, A L (Edited By) Background to Migraine Symposium X + 186p Illus Springer-Verlag: New York, N Y , U S A 103-112

The role of tyrosine in the hemerythrin active site. Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications 47(2): 472-476

The role of tyrosine in the proton pump of bacterio rhod opsin. Febs Letters 92(1): 1-4

The role of tyrosines in elastase. Archives of Biochemistry and Biophysics 152(1): 413-422

The role of ubi quinone esr study on the side chain. Bollettino Societa Italiana Biologia Sperimentale: 709-714

The role of ultrasonics in ophthalmic diagnosis. Physics in Medicine & Biology 20(5): 846

The role of ultrasonography in the diagnosis of cirrhosis. Gastroenterology 73(5): A-33-1231

The role of ultrasound in pediatrics. Journal Of Clinical Ultrasound: 233

The role of ultrastructure in studies of evolutionary biology of trematodes. Journal of Parasitology 56(4 SEC II PT 1): 270-271

The role of unbalanced probabilities of occurrence in the identification of elementary auditory displays. Psychonomic Science 22(2): 96-97

The role of unconjugated bile salts and bacterial proteases as causes of mucosal injury in the contaminated bowel syndrome. Gastroenterology 72(5 PT 2): A-53-1076

The role of universities and national laboratories in the solution of social problems. Jared, Dee (Editor) Universities, National Laboratories, And Man's Environment Viii + 167p Illus U S Atomic Energy Commission (Available From U S Clearinghouse For Federal Scientific And Technical Information, U S Dept Of Commerce: Springfield, Va , U S A ) 30-35

The role of unsaturated bile acids in the etiology of large bowel cancer. Hiatt, H H , J D Watson And J A Winsten (Ed ) Cold Spring Harbor Conferences on Cell Proliferation, Vol 4 Origins Of Human Cancer Book A Incidence Of Cancer in Humans Cold Spring Harbor, N Y , Usa, Sept , 1976 Xxvi+602p (Book A); Xiv+699p (Book B); Xiv+583p (Book C) Illus Maps Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory: Cold Spring Harbor, N Y , Isbn 0-87969-119-0 1627-1640

The role of unsaturated fatty acid in the function of galactose and b methyl galactoside permeases. Federation Proceedings 32(3 PART 1): 517

The role of unsaturated fatty acids in the calcium dependent atpase of sarcoplasmic vesicles. Pfluegers Archiv European Journal of Physiology 312(1-2): 98

The role of unstable organic matter of allochthonous origin in the productivity of the world ocean. Doklady Biological Sciences 209(1-6): 142-144

The role of unstirred layers in control of sugar movements across red cell membranes. Biochimica et Biophysica Acta 233(3): 635-643

The role of unsuspected infection in the etiology of prematurity. Clinical Obstetrics and Gynecology 16(1): 134-152

The role of uptake phenomena in the sensitizing effect of metabolic inhibitors on the responses of the isolated rat intestine to sympathomimetic agents. Biochemical Pharmacology: 1861-1869

The role of urbanization in duodenal ulcer. South African Journal of Science 73(11): X-XI

The role of urea formation and the activity of the enzyme urease in nematodes of various vertebrate classes during adaptation to the host. Trudy Gel'mintologicheskoi Laboratorii 24: 250-255

The role of urea in marine microbial ecology. Colwell, R R And R Y Morita (Ed ) Effect Of The Ocean Environment on Microbial Activities Proceedings Of The Second United States-Japan Conference on Marine Microbiology Baltimore, Maryland, U S A , August 25-30, 1972 Xvi+687p Illus Maps University Park Press: Baltimore, Maryland, U S A ; London, England 286-304

The role of urea in the hyper ammonemia of eck fistula dogs. Heneghan, James B (Ed ) Germfree Research Biological Effect Of Gnotobiotic Environments Symposium New Orleans, La , U S A April 16-20, 1972 Xviii+673p Illus Academic Press: New York, N Y , U S A ; London, England 317-322

The role of urease in necrosis produced in proteus infections. Federation Proceedings 30(2): 569

The role of uric acid in electrolyte excretion by the kidney of the male domestic fowl gallus domesticus. American Zoologist 12(4): 684

The role of uridine cytidine kinase ec 27148 in the regulation of pyrimidine ribo nucleotide synthesis in tetrahymena pyriformis.

The role of uridine nucleotides in galactosamine hepatitis. Felber, J P And Scheidegger, J J (Edited By) 7th International Congress Of Clinical Chemistry, Vol 3 Hormones, Lipids And Miscellaneous Xiii+474p Illus University Park Press: Baltimore, Md , U S A ; London, England 456-460

The role of urinary indican as a predictor of bacterial colonization in the human jejunum. American Journal of Digestive Diseases 20(11): 1003-1009

The role of urinary tryptophan metabolites in the etiology of bladder cancer. American Journal of Clinical Nutrition 24(7): 841-847

The role of usa department of agriculture in integrated pest management. Smith, Edward Havid Pimentel (ed.). Pest Control Strategies. Symposium. Ithaca, N.y., Usa, June . Xv 334p. Illus. Academic Press: New York, N.y., Usa; London, England. Isbn 0-12-650450-4. 9-20

The role of uvrc in dna repair. Federation Proceedings 37(6): 1411

The role of v kh kandinskii in the development of russian forensic psychiatry. Zhurnal Nevropatologii i Psikhiatrii Imeni S S Korsakova 76(11): 1720-1728

The role of v220 69 bovine respiratory syncytial virus in respiratory disorders of belgian cattle preliminary report. Annales de Medecine Veterinaire 115(1): 35-39

The role of vaccinia virus in the evolution of some human hemopathies. Virologie 29(1): 59-63

The role of vagal afferents in acute myo cardial infarction. American Journal of Cardiology 26(6): 642

The role of vagal afferents in the interaction of chemical ventilatory drives. Bulletin Europeen De Physiopathologie Respiratoire: 226p-227p

The role of vagal afferents on the hemodynamic responses to coronary occlusion. Physiologist 20(4):

The role of vagal feed-back from the lungs of the dog in tidal volume regulation. Journal of Physiology 242(2): 73p-75p


The role of vagal release of gastrin in pancreatic enzyme secretion. British Journal of Surgery 59(11): 912-912

The role of vagally mediated reflexes and the bulbo pontine pacemaker in the respiratory control of healthy and sick new born infants. Clinical Research 26(2): 205A

The role of vaginal colonization with enterobacteriaceae in recurrent urinary infections. Journal of Urology 113(2): 214-217

The role of vagotomy in the surgical treatment of peptic ulcers. International Surgery 52(2): 79-89

The role of vagus nerve afferents in hemorrhagic hypotension vaso vagal syncope and congestive heart failure. U S Government Research & Development Reports 71(2): 40

The role of variant hetero chromatin in inter individual dna content variation measured by flow micro fluorometry. Journal of Supramolecular Structure SUPPL: 1

The role of varicocelectomy in male infertility. Nigerian Medical Journal 6(4): 434-436

The role of various analyzers in the recovery of spatial motor conditioned reflexes in hens. Zhurnal Vysshei Nervnoi Deyatel'nosti Imeni I P Pavlova 24(1): 87-94

The role of various embryonal areas of the vegetative apex in the morphogenesis of the shoot apex of vascular plants. Delpinoa 12-13: 29-103, 1970

The role of various populations of lymphocytes in spontaneous auto immune thyroiditis in chickens cyto toxicity in vitro and migration in vivo. Dissertation Abstracts International B Sciences & Engineering 32(3): 1726-B-1727-B

The role of various sensory stimuli in the attraction of the sow in estrus by the boar. Annales de Biologie Animale Biochimie Biophysique 14((4B)): 747-756

The role of vascular capacitance in the genesis of essential hypertension. Clinical Science and Molecular Medicine. Supplement 3: 203s-205s

The role of vascular damage in the development of late radiation effects in pig skin. British Journal of Radiology 51(603): 237

The role of vaso constriction in the suppression of hemorrhage from arteries part 1 the completely severed artery. Surgery (st Louis): 338-341

The role of vasoactive intestinal peptide in pancreatic cholera. Thompson, James C. Gastrointestinal Hormones. A Symposium. Galveston, Tex., U.s.a., Oct. 9-12, . Xxiv 666p. Illus. University Of Texas Press: Austin, Tex., U.s.a.; London, England. Isbn 0-292-72704-6. 635-642

The role of vasoactive substances in the control of cardio vascular diseases. Deutsche Gesundheitswesen 27(44): 2090-2093

The role of vasopressin and urea in the renal concentrating defect of patients with cirrhosis of the liver. Clinical Science 41(5): 441-452

The role of vasopressin in blood pressure control and in experimental hypertension. Clinical Science and Molecular Medicine. Supplement 4: 251s-254s

The role of vasopressin in memory processes. Progress in Brain Research 42: 135-141

The role of vasopressin in the clotting fibrinolytic cycle structure activity relations and evidence for a new releasing hormone. Clinical Research 26(3): 490A

The role of vegetables in spread of enteroviruses. Acta Microbiologica Polonica Series A Microbiologia Generalis 6(1): 144

The role of vegetation in stabilizing the lower great lakes canadian shoreline. Journal of Great Lakes Research 3(1-2): 46-56

The role of vegetative innervation of the heart in the mechanism of origin of brady cardia in acute staphylococcal intoxication. Kardiologiya 11(2): 134-136

The role of vegetative nerves in the development of the cardio vascular components of the hering breuer inflation reflex. Physiologia Bohemoslovaca: 60

The role of vehicles in cannabis application and interaction between cannabis and central active drugs. Acta Pharmaceutica Suecica 8(6): 692-693

The role of venous anomalies in the pathogenesis of pyelo nephritis. Wiadomosci Lekarskie 24(6): 549-552

The role of venous plexuses of the spinal column and the spinal cord in the collateral blood circulation during the block of portal vein. Eksperimental'naya Khirurgiya i Anesteziologiya 17(3): 17-21

The role of venous valve pockets in thrombogenesis a post mortem study in a geriatric unit. Shimamoto, T And F Numano (Edited By) International Congress Series No 201 Atherogenesis Proceedings Of The First International Symposium on Atherogenesis, Thrombogenesis And Pyridinolcarbamate Treatment Viii + 325p Illus Excerpta Medica Foundation: Amsterdam, Netherlands 125-131

The role of ventilation in acid base regulation in the crab carcinus maenas. American Zoologist 18(3): 640

The role of vestibular feedback in the control of gaze changes accomplished by coordinated eye and head movements. Experimental Brain Research 23(SUPPL): 227

The role of veterinarians in permanent sanitary surveillance of national parks. Pesson, P (Ed ) Formation Permanente En Ecologie Et Biologie Pesticides Et Gibier, Maladies Du Gibier (Continuing Education in Ecology And Biology Pesticides And Game Animals, Game Diseases ) (In Fr ) Xx+275p Illus Maps Gauthier-Villars: Paris, France Isbn 2-04-010274-4 247-265

The role of veterinary sanitary stations in the improvement of veterinary sanitary state of animal husbandry. Veterinariya (Moscow) 6: 38-39

The role of viral and bacterial infections in modulating human immuno globulin e levels. Journal of Allergy & Clinical Immunology 61(3): 177

The role of viral infection in acute peripheral facial palsy. Acta Oto-Laryngologica 79(3-4): 221-227

The role of viral infection in asthma and bronchitis. Tubercle 56(2): 171-171

The role of virus diseases in tropical public health. Transactions of the Royal Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene 65(4-supp-S): 0

The role of virus multiplication and antigenic expression in the pathogenesis of rauscher leukemia. Acta Microbiologica Academiae Scientiarum Hungaricae 22(3): 341

The role of viruses and mycoplasma in chronic pneumonia. Terapevticheskii Arkhiv 46(5): 60-67

The role of viruses in congenital defects. American Journal of Diseases of Children 128(6): 781-786

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The role of viruses in the etiology of cancer and leukemia. JAMA 230(7): 1029-1032

The role of viruses in the pathogenesis of pancreatic disease and diabetes mellitus. Progress in Medical Virology. Fortschritte der Medizinischen Virusforschung. Progres en Virologie Medicale 19: 161-214

The role of viruses in the production of heart disease. American Journal of Cardiology 29(2): 231-240

The role of vision in gravitational orientation. Fortschritte der Zoologie 23(1): 255-263

The role of vision in learning disorders. Journal Of Learning Disabilities: 411-415

The role of visual and motor cues for normal, subnormal and autistic children. Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry, and Allied Disciplines 10(3): 153-163

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The role of visual information concerning movement in the maintenance of postural equilibrium in man. Agressologie 17(C): 25-36

The role of visual information in postural reactions. Agressologie 17(C): 7-10

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The role of vitamin a in reproduction. Deluca, H F And J W Suttie (Edited By) The Fat-Soluble Vitamins Symposium Xviii + 531p Illus The University Of Wisconsin Press: Madison, Wisc , U S A ; London, England 267-281

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The role of vitamin c in peptic ulcer cases. Calcutta Medical Journal 68(3): 37-43

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The role of vitamin D in renal bone disease. Clinical Endocrinology 7 Suppl: 25s-30s

The role of vitamin e metab on the female reproduction function the reference of the uptake of the carbon 14 labeled vitamin metab e in the several organs of female rats. Vitamins (Kyoto) 39(1): 1-10

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The role of vitamins in bacterial plankton relationships in littoral sea water and in supralittoral pools part 2 annual evolution of the organisms which produce vitamin synthesis. Cahiers de Biologie Marine 16: 383-394

The role of vitamins in bacterial plankton relationships in littoral sea water and in supralittoral pools part 3 relationships between the amount of vitamin b 12 and the populations which synthesize it. Cahiers de Biologie Marine (16): 511-519

The role of vitrectomy in diabetic retinopathy. International Ophthalmology Clinics 18(4): 133-164

The role of vitreous collagen in platelet aggregation in vitro and in vivo. Journal of Laboratory and Clinical Medicine 84(2): 264-274

The role of viviparus in the destruction of organic matter in the middle dnieper ussr. Malacological Review 11(1/2): 99-100

The role of vocal audiometry in selection of air navigation personnel. AGARD (Advisory Group for Aerospace Research & Development) Conference Proceedings 152: A5-1-A5-3

The role of volatile bases in coffee aroma. Izvestiya Vysshikh Uchebnykh Zavedenii Pishchevaya Tekhnologiya: 161

The role of volunteers in helping alcoholics. Keller, Mark And Timothy G Coffey (Edited By) Proceedings Of The 28th International Congress on Alcohol And Alcoholism Vol 2 Lectures in Plenary Sessions Xvii 252p Hillhouse Press: Highland Park, N J , U S A 16-21

The role of vortex formation in loco motion of fish and the effect of the boundary between 2 media upon the flowing pattern. Zoologicheskii Zhurnal 50(2): 228-234

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The role of wall coated capillary columns in gas chromatography mass spectrometry techniques. Chromatographia 8(9): 456-462

The role of water and electrolytes in homeostasis. Verhandlungen der Deutschen Gesellschaft fuer Innere Medizin 180: 851-855

The role of water content in the decay of radiation induced oxygen sensitive sites in barley m seeds during post irradiation hydration hordeum vulgare m. Radiation Research 39(1): 45-56

The role of water in biological membrane phenomena as revealed by deuterium isotope effects. Revue Roumaine de Physiologie 11(2): 167-171

The role of water in muscular activity. Periodicum Biologorum: 74-79

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The role of who in pesticide research. Toxicology 4(1): 31-40


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The role of whole carcass analysis in understanding body composition. Pediatrics 47(1): Suppl 2:275+-Suppl 2:275+

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The role of winter rainfall in the formation of wheat yield. Nauchnye Trudy Sibirskogo Nauchno-Issledovatel'skogo Instituta Sel'skokhozyaistva 5: 26-28 (FROM REF ZH OTD VYP RASTENIEVOD, 1974, 1

The role of work in structuring the life cycle. Human Development 14(2): 125-131

The role of wounds in the epidemiology of nosocomial infections due to Pseudomonas aeruginosa. Investigative Urology 11(5): 370-373

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The role of yeastlike symbiotes of lasioderma serricorne coleoptera anobiidae in the protein metabolism of their hosts i growth of normal and apo symbiotic larvae in diets with proteins protein derivates and amino acid mixtures as nitrogen sources. Zeitschrift fuer Vergleichende Physiologie 63(2): 165-181

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The role played by protoplasts and l forms of bacteria in the genesis of chronic pyelo nephritis. Urologiya i Nefrologiya 35(6): 3-6

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The role played by the adrenal progesterone secretion on the precocious mating behavior in 4 day cycle female rats. Comptes Rendus Des Seances De La Societe De Biologie Et De Ses Filiales 7: 927-929

The role played by the dead arms and borrow pits in the natural proliferation of fishes in the tisza. Tiscia (Szeged) 13: 208-209

The role played by the fisheries research board of canada in the red herring phosphorus pollution crisis in placentia bay newfoundland. Jangaard, P M (Ed ) Fisheries Research Board Of Canada Aro (Atlantic Regional Office) Circular No 2 Effects Of Elemntal Phosphorus on Marine Life Collected Papers Resulting From The 1969 Pollution Crisis, Placentia Bay, Newfoundland I+313p Illus Maps Fisheries Research Board Of Canada: Halifax, Nova Scotia 7-28

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