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Geography & Life Sciences: Chapter 28142

Chapter 28142 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in geography and in the life sciences.

Dynorphin a a new reinforcement transmitter. Society for Neuroscience Abstracts 13(2): 834

Dynorphin a affects biliary secretion. Pharmacological Research Communications 20(SUPPL 2): 370

Dynorphin a immunoreactive neurons in ca fields of rat hippocampus are revealed by 6 hydroxydopamine. Society for Neuroscience Abstracts 13(3): 1702

Dynorphin a induced rat hindlimb paralysis is not altered by the kappa opioid antagonist nor binaltorphimine. Society for Neuroscience Abstracts 14(1): 400

Dynorphin a modulation of pancreatic and gastric endocrine function in dogs. Digestive Diseases & Sciences 29(8 SUPPL): 74S

Dynorphin a reduces voltage dependent calcium conductance of sensory neurons a voltage clamp study. Society for Neuroscience Abstracts 10(2): 1108

Dynorphin a selectively inhibits the release of oxytocin from electrically stimulated isolated rat neurohypophyses. Society for Neuroscience Abstracts 13(2): 915

Dynorphin a self administration of ca3 hippocampal field in the rat. Society for Neuroscience Abstracts 14(1): 293

Dynorphin and acupuncture analgesia. Neuroscience Letters (SUPPL 12): S23

Dynorphin and fk 33 824 inhibit non adrenergic relaxations in response to electrical field stimulation in the guinea pig colon. IRCS (International Research Communications System) Medical Science 14(7): 713-714

Dynorphin and gonadotropins are released concomitantly from rat adenohypophysis in vitro. Naunyn-Schmiedeberg's Archives of Pharmacology 329(SUPPL): R87

Dynorphin and somatostatin induce spinal cord injury neuroanatomical findings in the rat. Society for Neuroscience Abstracts 14(1): 151

Dynorphin and the dynorphin receptor some implications of gene duplication of the opioid message. Schmitt, F O , S J Bird And F E Bloom (Ed ) Molecular Genetic Neuroscience Xx+492p Raven Press: New York, N Y , Usa Illus P249-262

Dynorphin b and methionine enkephalin in the mouse hippocampus. Neuroscience Letters Supplement (26): S325

Dynorphin beta immunoreactive neurons in rat neostriatum their distribution co localization and projection to the globus pallidus entopeduncular nucleus and the substantia nigra. Society for Neuroscience Abstracts 12(1): 653

Dynorphin cardio vascular effects and opioid receptor interactions in normal and endo toxemic rats. Federation Proceedings 43(3): ABSTRACT 2157

Dynorphin cells in the lateral hypothalamus innervate the amygdala central gray parabrachial nucleus and dorsal vagal complex. Society for Neuroscience Abstracts 11(2): 1150

Dynorphin distribution in the spinal trigeminal subnuclei caudalis and interpolaris. Journal of Dental Research 66(SPEC ISSUE MAR): 118

Dynorphin in bovine adrenal medulla purification identification and secretion. Izumi, F , M Oka And K Kumakura (Ed ) Advances in The Biosciences, Vol 36 Synthesis, Storage And Secretion Of Adrenal Catecholamines; Proceedings Of A Satellite Symposium at The 8th International Congress Of Pharmacology, Tokyo, Japan, July 1981 Xv+301p Pergamon Press: Oxford, England; New York, N Y , Usa Illus P249-256

Dynorphin in rat adenohypophysis relation to gonadotrophs. Journal of Endocrinological Investigation 8(SUPPL 3): 142

Dynorphin in the rat pituitary characterization of different forms of a highly potent opioid peptide. Naunyn-Schmiedeberg's Archives of Pharmacology 316(SUPPL): R63

Dynorphin induces partially reversible paraplegia in the rat. European Journal of Pharmacology 91(2-3): 321-324

Dynorphin inhibitory effects on cuspid tooth dentin evoked responses recorded in the alveolar nerve of the dog. Society for Neuroscience Abstracts 13(1): 208

Dynorphin inhibits calmodulin stimulated calcium magnesium atpase in red blood cell membranes. Federation Proceedings 43(4): ABSTRACT 4429

Dynorphin interaction with putative kappa sites on the guinea pig ileum. Federation Proceedings 41(4): ABSTRACT 4701

Dynorphin is located throughout the central nervous system and is often co localized with alpha neo endorphin. Life Sciences 31(16-17): 1773-1776

Dynorphin levels in parkinsonian patients leucyl 5 enkephalin production from either proenkephalin a or prodynorphin in human brain. Brain Research 341(2): 390-392

Dynorphin levels in pituitary and hypothalamus effects of gonadectomy and estrogen administration. Endocrine Society of Australia Proceedings 27: 11

Dynorphin levels in the gastrointestinal tract of the zucker rat. Clinical Research 34(1): 107A

Dynorphin shortages and the compulsions of bulimia and hyperactivity. Krasnegor, N A , G D Grave And N Kretchmer (Ed ) Childhood Obesity: A Biobehavioral Perspective Xiii+218p The Telford Press: Caldwell, New Jersey, Usa Illus 67-76

Dynorphin stimulates insulin release and calcium 45 uptake in rat islets of langerhans. Diabetologia 23(2): 171

Dynorphins are neurotransmitters in cardiac sympathetic nerves. Hypertension (Dallas) 6(5): 787

Dynorphins similar relative potencies on mu opiate delta opiate and kappa opiate receptors. European Journal of Pharmacology 76(4): 467-468

Dyphylline renal excretion and its inhibition by probenecid. Federation Proceedings 41(5): ABSTRACT 7460

Dyphylline substrate labeled fluorescent immunoassay. Biophysical Journal 41(2 PART 2): 401A

Dyrosaurid crocodile mesosuchia from the infratrappean beds of vikarabad hyderabad district andhra pradesh india. Current Science (Bangalore) 56(11): 532-534

Dys auto regulation of cerebral blood flow in the shy drager syndrome. Acta Neurologica Scandinavica Supplementum 60(72): 132-133

Dys bacteriosis and its prophylaxis. Pediatriya (Moscow) (10): 6-9

Dys bacteriosis and super infections as a consequence of the use of antibiotics. Klinicheskaya Meditsina (Moscow) 61(3): 108-113

Dys chondroplasia with glioma of the brain. Archives of Orthopaedic & Traumatic Surgery 93(2): 141-144

Dys embryoplastic canals and cysts of the perineal raphe. Annales de Dermatologie et de Venereologie 109(1): 81-84

Dys equilibrium of humoral lympho hemopoietic stimulators and inhibitors in aplastic anemia. Experimental Hematology (Charlottesville) 9(SUPPL 9): 45

Dys fibrinogenemia and hyper coagulability in patients with membranous glomerulopathy. Thrombosis & Haemostasis 42(1): 67

Dys fibrinogenemia in hepatic schistosomiasis. Thrombosis & Haemostasis 50(1): 429

Dys function between cardiac ventricles in acute occlusion of the anterior intra ventricular coronary artery. Krovoobrashchenie: 56-58

Dys function in rat salivary gland due to streptozotocin induced diabetes. Journal of Dental Research 62(4): 468

Dys function of host defenses following nickel inhalation. Annals of Clinical & Laboratory Science 11(1): 88

Dys function of mechanisms preventing gastro esophageal reflux during use of the body ventilator. American Review of Respiratory Disease 129(4 SUPPL): A118

Dys function of sarcomeric relaxation in avian muscular dystrophy. Journal of Cell Biology 91(2 PART 2): 342A

Dys function of supramedullary alpha adrenergic mechanisms by sino aortic de nervations in rats. Japanese Heart Journal 23(3): 435

Dys function of supramedullary alpha adrenergic vaso depressor mechanisms in spontaneously hypertensive rats. Buckley, J P And C M Ferrario (Ed ) Perspectives in Cardiovascular Research, Vol 6 Central Nervous System Mechanisms in Hypertension; Meeting, Houston, Tex , Usa, May 1980 Xviii+416p Raven Press: New York, N Y , Usa P179-190

Dys function of sympathetic nervous response in familial dysautonomia. Federation Proceedings 38(3 PART 1): 524

Dys function of the pisotriquetral joint treatment by excision of pisiform. Orthopaedic Transactions 6(2): 168

Dys function of the segmental part of the autonomic system during late toxicoses. Voprosy Okhrany Materinstva i Detstva 25(3): 72

Dys function of the smeloff cutter valve in the mitral position. Chest 80(3): 363

Dys functional uterine bleeding in the adolescent. Pediatric Clinics of North America 28(2): 369-378

Dys functions of the stomach with gastric ulceration correction by metoclopramide. Gastroenterology 76(5 PART 2): 1204

Dys germinoma like lesion of lymph nodes of the mediastinum and abdomen in a man. Arkhiv Patologii 44(10): 79-81

Dys granulopoiesis abnormal monocytes and neutropenia in vitamin b 12 deficiency. Clinical Research 27(5): 807A

Dys homogeneous responses of cryo activatable renin to orthostasis in normal subjects and in patients with essential hypertension. European Journal of Clinical Investigation 11(2 PART 2): 22

Dys hormonogenetic goiter. Clinics in Endocrinology & Metabolism 8(1): 145-166

Dys keratosis congenita 2 examples of this multi system disorder. Pediatrics: 603-609

Dys keratosis congenita an unusual simply inherited variant. American Journal of Human Genetics 31(6): 84A

Dys keratotic change in the rabbit ear model of chloracne. Clinical Research 28(2): 584A

Dys kinesia and the on off phenomenon. Canadian Journal of Neurological Sciences 6(1): 80

Dys kinesia dystonia and dopaminergic system effect of apo morphine and ergot alkaloids. Corsini, G U And G L Gessa (Ed ) Apomorphine And Other Dopaminomimetics, Vol 2 Clinical Pharmacology; Symposium on "clinical Pharmacology Of Apomorphine And Other Dopaminomimetics", Villasimius, Italy, Sept 1980 Xviii+278p Raven Press: New York, N Y , Usa Illus P145-152

Dys kinesia induced by intra cerebral injections of gamma amino butyric acid trans aminase inhibitors a striatal or cortical phenomenon. Brain Research Bulletin 4(5): 708

Dys kinesia induced by long term treatment with anti psychotic drugs involvement of presynaptic and postsynaptic dopaminergic mechanisms. Goldstein, M Et Al (Ed ) Advances in Biochemical Psychopharmacology, Vol 23 Ergot Compounds And Brain Function: Neuroendocrine And Neuropsychiatric Aspects Xviii+413p Raven Press: New York, N Y , Usa Illus P387-396

Dys kinesias. Drugs of Today 15(2): 65-75

Dys kinetic cerebral palsy. International Journal of Rehabilitation Research 5(2): 237-238

Dys kinetic cilia syndrome abnormal ciliary motion in association with abnormal ciliary ultrastructure. American Review of Respiratory Disease 123(4 PART 2): 111

Dys kinetic eye movements on head immobilization. Investigative Ophthalmology & Visual Science 22(3 SUPPL): 265

Dys kinetic strabismus an eye movement disorder unique to cerebral palsy. Investigative Ophthalmology & Visual Science 20(3 SUPPL): 190

Dys lipo proteinemia during acute myo cardial infarction. Kazanskii Meditsinskii Zhurnal 62(1): 41-42

Dys lipo proteinemia in an unselected diabetic population relation to type of treatment. Acta Endocrinologica Supplementum 103(257): 43

Dys lipo proteinemia in hyper lipidemic and normo lipidemic patients with coronary artery disease documented coronary angiography. Japanese Circulation Journal 45(8): 872

Dys lipo proteinemia in patients with ischemic cardio vascular diseases. Haemostasis 12(1-2): 203

Dys lipo proteinemias and hyper uricemia in gout and uro lithiasis. Terapevticheskii Arkhiv 54(10): 52-54

Dys lipo proteinemias and their relation to ischemic heart disease in a population of men aged 40 59 years in leningrad russian sfsr ussr. Terapevticheskii Arkhiv: 63-67

Dys maturative myopathy. Journal of Neuropathology & Experimental Neurology 38(3): 337

Dys maturative myopathy evolution of the morphological picture in 3 cases. Jellinger, Kullotta And M. Mossakowski (ed.). Acta Neuropathologica, Suppl. 7. Experimental And Clinical Neuropathology; Proceedings Of The 1st European Neuropathology Meeting, Vienna, Austria, May 6-8, . Xi 409p. Springer-Verlag: Berlin, West Germany; New York, N.y., Usa. Illus. Paper. P313-316

Dys morphology of congenital limb defects 50 years experience in oregon usa. Finley, S C , W H Finley And C E Flowers, Jr (Ed ) National Foundation March Of Dimes Birth Defects Original Articles Series, Vol 19 No 5 Birth Defects: Clinical And Ethical Considerations; Proceedings Of The 15th Annual Birth Defects Conference, Birmingham, Ala , Usa, June 1982 Xii+240p Alan R Liss, Inc : New York, N Y , Usa Illus P186-187

Dys morphophobic disturbances. Zhurnal Nevropatologii i Psikhiatrii Imeni S S Korsakova 79(1): 92-111

Dys pareunia. British Medical Journal 288(6430): 1555-1556

Dys prealbuminemic hyper thyroxinemia a new cause of familial nonthyrotoxic hyper thyroxinemia. Clinical Research: 275a

Dys regulation of gluco corticoid receptor in lymphocytes from patients with aplastic anemia. Japanese Journal of Medicine 22(4): 297

Dys rhythmia in the heart and brain. Electroencephalography & Clinical Neurophysiology 52(3): S77-S78

Dys rhythmias after atrial septal defect repair. Pediatric Research 16(4 PART 2): 97A

Dys segmental dysplasia 2 new cases. Clinical Research 31(1): 125A

Dys synchronous breathing associated with arm but not leg exercise in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. American Review of Respiratory Disease 129(4 SUPPL): A39

Dys synergia of the external sphincter. British Journal of Urology 53(1): 69

Dysanapsis of airways and air spaces in childhood. Australian & New Zealand Journal of Medicine 12(6): 691

Dysanapsis of alveolar and airway growth in reimplanted lobes of growing pigs. Surgical Forum (chicago): 2-394

Dysanaptic growth causes airway obstruction in the reimplanted porcine lobe. Pediatric Research 23(4 PART 2): 569A

Dysarthria and visual hallucinations due to flecainide toxicity. Postgraduate Medical Journal 62(723): 61-62

Dysarthria in neurological diseases. Nervenarzt 58(5): 272-278

Dysarthria in wilsons disease neurologic correlations. Neurologysuppl. 1: 176-177

Dysarthrias of movement disorders. Advances in Neurology 49: 289-306

Dysautonomia associated with small cell lung cancer. Neurology 38(3 SUPPL 1): 306

Dysbacteriosis in patients with viral hepatitis. Vrachebnoe Delo: 114-116

Dysbalance of the t lymphocyte subpopulation in psoriasis patients and its immune correction. Zeitschrift fuer Hautkrankheiten 62(6): 497-501

Dysbaric gas bubble disease in dogs 3 a study of hawaiian usa diving practices.

Dysbaric hazard of a new fishing method in Hong Kong: case report. British Journal of Industrial Medicine 42(3): 209-210

Dysbaric osteo necrosis a new hypothesis. Journal of UOEH 6(SUPPL): 64-66

Dysbaric osteonecrosis. Ugeskrift for Laeger 149(12): 771-773

Dysbaric osteonecrosis (caisson disease). Radiography Today 54(617): 41-43

Dysbaric osteonecrosis in differential diagnosis of malignant bone disease. Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine 78(6): 492-493

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Dyschiria an attempt at its systemic explanation. Jeannerod, M (Ed ) Advances in Psychology, 45 Neurophysiological And Neuropsychological Aspects Of Spatial Neglect Xiv+346p North-Holland: Amsterdam, Netherlands; New York, New York, Usa (Dist By Elsevier Science Publishing Co , Inc : New York, New York, Usa) Illus 183-202

Dyschirius obscurus gyll and nebria livida l coleoptera carabidae in a suffolk england uk sand pit.

Dyschondrosteosis. Zeitschrift fuer Orthopaedie und ihre Grenzgebiete 123(4): 747

Dyschondrosteosis is controlled by x and y linked loci. Cytogenetics & Cell Genetics 40(1-4): 601-602

Dyschondrosteosis madelungs deformity associated with von recklinghausen neurofibromatosis vrnf extension of the spectrum of dysplastic phenomena associated with nf.

Dyschromatosis symmetrica hereditaria toyama. Journal Of The Iwate Medical Association: 671-676

Dyscia rungsi new species from morocco lepidoptera geometridae ennominae. Alexanor 12(2): 95-96

Dyscirculatory encephalopathy. Sovetskaia Meditsina: 99-101

Dyscoordinate breathing presenting as asthma differentiation from true bronchospasm. Annals of Allergy 54(4): 341

Dyscritulus planiceps new record marshall 1869 and trioxys cirsii new record curtis 1833 first record for the iberian peninsula hymenoptera aphidiidae. Nouvelle Revue d'Entomologie 5(2): 194

Dysdera portrait of a wood louse hunting spider. Neue Entomologische Nachrichten (7): 17-20

Dysdera transcaspica new species aranei dysderidae from the turkmen ssr ussr. Zoologicheskii Zhurnal: 298-300

Dysdifferentiative hypothesis of aging a review. Sohal, R. S. Birnbaum And R. G. Cutler (ed.). Aging Series, Vol. 29. Molecular Biology Of Aging: Gene Stability And Gene Expression. Xv 351p. Raven Press Books, Ltd: New York, N.y., Usa. Illus. 307-340

Dysentery at king edward viii hospital a study of 50 cases. South African Medical Journal 65(25): 1024

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Dysentery prophylaxis in nursing children. Meditsinskii Zhurnal Uzbekistana (1): 4-6

Dysequilibrium in proteolysis control in hemolytic uremic syndrome. Pediatric Research 23(4 PART 2): 540A

Dysesthesia of the lingual and inferior alveolar nerves following third molar surgery. Journal of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery 44(6): 454-457

Dysfibrinogenemia and dysprothrombinemia. Tanpakushitsu Kakusan Koso. Protein, Nucleic Acid, Enzyme 33(5): 959-963

Dysfibrinogenemia as a tumor marker for metastatic renal cell carcinoma. Journal of Urology 137(4 PART 2): 251A

Dysfibrinogenemia in obstructive liver disease. Journal of Pediatric Gastroenterology and Nutrition 6(6): 967-970

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Dysfunction of autonomic nervous system and hypotension in the patients on maintenance hemodialysis. Kidney International 26(4): 609

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Dysfunction of calcium handling by smooth muscle in hypertension. Canadian Journal of Physiology and Pharmacology 63(4): 366-374

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Dysfunction of cholinergic nerves in penile corpus cavernosum of impotent diabetic men. Federation Proceedings 46(3): 420

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Dysfunction of hla dr positive monocytes in systemic lupus erythematosus patients. Journal of Leukocyte Biology 36(2): 217

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Dysfunction of peripheral blood monocytes in crohns disease.

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Dysfunction of thrombocytes in monoclonal gammopathies. Orvoskepzes 63(1): 23-28

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Dysfunctional neutrophil endothelial adhesion in diabetes mellitus. Clinical Research 34(2): 539A

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Dysgenic fertility and welfare an elementary test. Personality & Individual Differences 4(5): 513-518

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