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Geography & Life Sciences: Chapter 28350

Chapter 28350 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in geography and in the life sciences.

Food cariogenicity assessed by changes in plaque ph and enamel hardness. Journal of Dental Research 63(SPEC ISSUE): 333

Food casing article us patent 4734956 april 5 1988.

Food casing presizing device us patent 4727624 march 1 1988.

Food casing splice having dual pressure sensitive tapes us patent 4736775 april 12 1988. Official Gazette Of The United States Patent & Trademark Office Patents2: 672

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Food chemical studies on mung bean vigna radiata iii properties of mung bean starch.

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Food chemistry. Voprosy Pitaniya (5): 74-79

Food chemistry and food technological aspects of low nickel diet in endogenous allergic contact eczema. Hautarzt: 491-497

Food classification in three pacific societies fiji hawaii usa and tahiti. Ethnology 25(2): 107-118

Food coating compositions us patent 4675197 june 23 1987.

Food coating compositions us patent 4755392 july 5 1988.

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Food compositions containing inositol triphosphate and method and making same us patent 4794014 december 27 1988.

Food compositions for pigs and processes for the feeding of pigs us patent 4563355 jan 7 1986. Official Gazette Of The United States Patent & Trademark Office Patents1: 270

Food compositions with superior blood cholesterol lowering properties us patent 4789664 december 6 1988.

Food concentrates of enhanced biological value for therapeutic nutrition. Konservnaya I Ovoshchesushil'Naya Promyshlennost': 30

Food concentrates with groats of enhanced biological value. Konservnaya i Ovoshchesushil'naya Promyshlennost' (1): 27-28

Food consumed by the barn owl tyto alba and evolution of the status of small mammals in an agricultural region. Aves 22(3): 169-174

Food consumption 5 ht neurons appetite control and carbohydrate craving. Alimentazione Nutrizione Metabolismo 7(2): 16

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Food consumption by institutionalized blind elders true intake and subjects perception.

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Food consumptions and regions. Cahiers de Nutrition et de Dietetique 21(5): 381-389

Food container with adjustable food level us patent 4649714 march 17 1987.

Food containing vanillylamine and derivatives useful for accelerating lipid metabolism us patent 4789687 december 6 1988.

Food contaminants in sputum. Acta Cytologica 24(1): 58

Food contaminants safety and regulatory problems. Medecine et Nutrition 22(6): 387-395

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Food conveyor apparatus us patent 4724953 february 16 1988.

Food cooking machine with control mechanism us patent 4594941 june 17 1986.

Food coring device us patent 4640187 february 3 1987.

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Food cutting apparatus us patent 4649781 march 17 1987.

Food dehydration process us patent 4707370 november 17 1987.

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Food depositing and flattening apparatus us patent 4778365 october 18 1988.

Food deprivation and ethanol intake. Drug & Alcohol Dependence 6(1-2): 110-111

Food deprivation and restoration at dawn induces a disturbed circadian feeding rhythm. Experientia (Basel) 44(ABSTR): A41

Food deprivation does not significantly affect maximum response of thresholds for lateral hypothalamic or posterior hypothalamic brain stimulation reward. Society for Neuroscience Abstracts 12(2): 932

Food deprivation effects glucose net production in the 10 day old isolated rat liver. Pediatric Research 23(4 PART 2): 484A

Food detection by muskrats ondatra zibethicus and its consequences for baiting. Zeitschrift fuer Angewandte Zoologie 72(1-2): 219-228

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Food does not affect the bioavailability of baclofen. Medical Journal of Australia 142(13): 689-690

Food does not appear to be a source of fungal disease in marrow transplant recipients. Abstracts of the Annual Meeting of the American Society for Microbiology 86: 413

Food does not influence the absorption of sustained release procainamide despite apparent prolonged gastric retention. Clinical Pharmacology & Therapeutics: 223

Food drink and travel. Proceedings of the Royal Society of Edinburgh Section B (Biological Sciences) 82(1-2): 37-46

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Food finding in black capped chickadees parus atricapillus altruistic communication?. Wilson Bulletin 93(3): 393-394

Food finishing microwave tunnel utilizes jet impingement and ir sensing for process control. Food Technology 40(6): 113-116

Food foes and physiology an experimental analysis of optimal feeding territory size. American Zoologist: 102a

Food for peace program sets humanitarian goals. Foreign Agriculture: 16-17

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Food forming device us patent 4702687 october 27 1987. Official Gazette Of The United States Patent & Trademark Office Patents4:

Food fortification and the usa congress. Vetter, J L (Ed ) Adding Nutrients to Foods: Where Do We Go From Here? Vii+150p American Association Of Cereal Chemists: St Paul, Minn , Usa Illus Paper P1-6

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Food groups seek federal insecticide fungicide and rodenticide act changes. Food Processing (Itasca) 46(10): 8-9

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