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Forebrain mechanisms in neurogenic hypertension

, : Forebrain mechanisms in neurogenic hypertension. Canadian Journal of Physiology and Pharmacology 65(8): 1580-1583

In recent years a considerable amount of experimental evidence has suggested that forebrain structures are involved in the pathogenesis of high arterial pressure (AP). However, little is known about the location and function of these supramedullary structures in the hypertensive process. This report reviews a series of studies done to identify the location and to determine the contribution of some forebrain structures to both the development and maintenance of the elevated AP following selective aortic baroreceptor deafferentation (ABD). In the first series of studies, it was demonstrated that the elevated AP resulting from ABD was associated with increased metabolic activity in several forebrain structures: the paraventricular nucleus of the hypothalamus (PVH), supraoptic nucleus, nucleus circularis, median preoptic nucleus, subfornical organ (SFO), and central nucleus of the amygdala. In the second series, bilateral electrolytic lesions of the PVH were shown to prevent the development of and (or) reverse the elevated AP after ABD. Similarly, bilateral microinjections of the neurotoxin kainic acid into the PVH were shown to reverse the increased AP after ABD. In the final series, electrolytic lesions of the SFO were shown to attenuate the rise in AP after ABD and (or) to reduce the elevated AP to a level that remained above control values. Taken together, these data suggest that the PVH and SFO are components of a neuronal circuit involved in the hypertensive process following ABD, and that the SFO likely exerts its effect through the PVH.


PMID: 3690390

DOI: 10.1139/y87-248

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