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Geography & Life Sciences: Chapter 28396

Chapter 28396 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in geography and in the life sciences.

Goals of research in rheumatology in the russian sfsr ussr in the light of decisions of the communist party of the ussr. Revmatologiya (2): 3-4

Goals of science and practice in controlling helminthiases common for humans and animals. Izvestiya Akademii Nauk Kazakhskoi SSR Seriya Biologicheskaya (2): 1-4

Goals of scientific pharmaceutical societies in the further improvement of supplying drugs to population. Farmatsiya (moscow): 86-88

Goals of surgery for epilepsy. Engel, J Jr (Ed ) Surgical Treatment Of The Epilepsies; International Conference, Palm Desert, California, Usa, February 20-24, 1986 Xx+727p Raven Press: New York, New York, Usa Illus 31-50

Goals of the forest science in the 12th five year plant. Lesovedenie (1): 3-10

Goals of the ministry of biological and medical industry of the ussr regarding drug procurement to the population of the country in the 12th five year plan. Farmatsiya (Moscow) 36(3): 12-14

Goals of the west german government in revising the water conservation law the wastewater discharge law and the detergent law. Bavarian State Institute For Water Research Muenchener Beitraege Zur Abwasser-, Fischerei- Und Flussbiologie, Band 41 Stand Der Technik Bei Der Elimination Umweltrelevanter Abwasserinhaltsstoffe; (Munich Contributions to Wastewater, Fishery, And River Biology, Vol 41 The Status Of The Technology Used to Eliminate Environmental Pollutants From Wastewater) 530p R Oldenbourg Verlag Gmbh: Munich, West Germany Illus Paper 9-23

Goat antibodies to the regulatory component of adenylate cyclase. Federation Proceedings 41(4): ABSTRACT 6642

Goat blood agar. Inexpensive media for culturing common bacterial pathogens. Tropical Doctor 16(3): 117-119

Goat moth cossus cossus a fruit tree pest in the turkmen ssr ussr. Izvestiya Akademii Nauk Turkmenskoi SSR Seriya Biologicheskikh Nauk (6): 73-74

Goats and sheep in the norwegian veterinary journal. Norsk Veterinaertidsskrift 100(9): 641-644

Goats as possible hosts of the tsetse fly glossina morsitans in malawi. Luso Journal of Science & Technology 1(1): 32-35

Goats vs sheep effect of coat thickness and body composition on maintenance energy requirement.

GOBI versus PHC? Some dangers of selective primary health care. Social Science & Medicine 26(9): 963-969

Gobio gobio benacensis valid subspecies for italy pisces cyprinidae. Bollettino di Zoologia 51(SUPPL): 106

Goblet cell carcinoid of the vermiform process invasive mucous adenoma. Arkhiv Patologii 44(2): 60-63

Goblet cell differentiation by cultured rabbit conjunctival epithelial cells. Investigative Ophthalmology & Visual Science 29(ABSTR ISSUE): 55

Goblet cell heterogeneity cellular basis for selective synthesis and secretion of colonic mucin glycoproteins. Gastroenterologypart 2: 1587

Goblet cells are no longer what they were. Biology of the Cell (Paris) 52(2): 103A

Goblet cells membrane loss during rapid secretion. Journal of Cell Biology 83(2 PART 2): 429A

God patients and psychiatrists. Psychiatric Annals 18(7): 432-435

Goe 1734 a new oral drug against leukemia. Experimental Hematology (Charlottesville) 15(5): 467

Goeridae vs trichostomatidae insecta trichoptera request for a ruling.

Goethes natural science studies. Spixiana Supplement (8): 3-48

Goettingen image processing system gips. Cytometry (SUPPL 1): 16

Going after the growth curve. Schaechter, Ml. (ed.). The Molecular Biology Of Bacterial Growth; Symposium, Tuscaloosa, Ala., Usa, Apr. . Xxvii 384p. Jones And Bartlett Publishers, Inc: Boston, Mass., Usa. Illus. 370-372

Going back diarrhea and celiac disease. Desjeux, Jd R. Ducluzeau (ed.). Colloque Inserm (institut National De La Sante Et De La Recherche Medicale), Vol. 121. La Diarrhee Du Jeune (national Institute Of Health And Medical Research Colloquium, Vol. 121. Diarrhea In The Young; Meeting, Versailles, France, Mar. 13-15, ). 507p. Editions Inserm: Paris, France. Illus. Paper. 73-76, 1984

Going behind the obvious the psychotherapeutic journey. Zeig, J K (Ed ) The Evolution Of Psychotherapy; Conference, Phoenix, Arizona, Usa, December 11-15, 1985 Xxviii+438p Brunner/Mazel Publishers: New York, New York, Usa Illus 58-68

Going fishing for ion channels. Biophysical Journal 47(2 PART 2): 321A

Going for brokerage. Trends in Biotechnology 6(6): 113-114

Going forth in the laboratory. Behavior Research Methods Instruments & Computers 16(2): 193-198

Going going guan. Trends in Ecology & Evolution 3(9): 217-218

Going home a home care training program. Proceedings of the American Association for Cancer Research & American Society of Clinical Oncology 22: 395

Going outside the organization for bioavailability studies. Pharmaceutical Technology 10(8): 54

Going over the top with optimal arousal theory. Behavioral & Brain Sciences 7(3): 436-437

Going public what every medical products company should know. Medical Device & Diagnostic Industry 7(4): 30-32

Going soft on fire ants. Agrichemical Age 30(3): 12A, 12H

Going solo from external support to self support. Dupont, R L (Ed ) Phobia: A Comprehensive Summary Of Modern Treatments; 2nd Annual Phobia Conference, Washington, D C , Usa, 1980 Xxii+252p Brunner/Mazel Publishers: New York, N Y , Usa P99-106

Goiter. Panminerva Medica 23(3): 141-156

Goiter and circulating thyroid hormone levels in dialyzed uremic patients living in a nonendemic area. Kidney International Supplement (16): S-335

Goiter and the single thyroid nodule. Messerli, F H (Ed ) Current Clinical Practice Xxxvi+831p W B Saunders Co : Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Usa: London, England, Uk Illus 451-453

Goiter classification by discriminant analysis. Annals of Clinical Biochemistry 24(SUPPL 2): 176

Goiter control and phc an alternative strategy. Journal of Nutritional Science & Vitaminology (SPEC SUPPL): 570

Goiter due to iodine deficiency in laboratory birds. Laboratory Animal Science 36(5): 555

Goiter in phc paud and khadakwasla india preliminary communication. Indian Journal of Medical Sciences 41(5): 104-106

Goiter in tehran iran and suburbs. Vichayanrat, A , Et Al (Ed ) Recent Progress in Thyroidology; 3rd Asia And Oceania Thyroid Association Meeting, Bangkok, Thailand, December 4-6, 1986 Xiv+556p Crystal House Press: Bangkok, Thailand Illus 388-391

Goiter involution in vitamin a deficient rats. Annales d'Endocrinologie 45(1): 85

Goiter treatment with thyroid hormone or iodide. Deutsche Medizinische Wochenschrift 112(25): 987-989

Goiters, dwarfs, giants and hermaphrodites. Progress in Clinical and Biological Research 200: 1-18

Goitrogenic effect of 5 vinyl 2 thio oxazolidone in the rat. Acta Physiologica Polonica 30(1): 46-47

Goitrogens and congenital hypo thyroidism in man and rats. Pediatric Research 13(10): 1184

Goitrous hypothyroidism in pendreds syndrome response to potassium iodide.

Gold 195m a new generator produced short lived radio tracer for rapid sequential assessment of left ventricular performance in first pass radio nuclide angio cardiography. Journal of Nuclear Medicine 23(5): P48

Gold 195m a new radio nuclide for dynamic cardiac imaging. American Heart Association Monograph (82): IV-106

Gold 195m a promising new agent for first pass radio nuclide angiography in man. American Heart Association Monograph (91): II-351

Gold 195m first pass radionuclide ventriculography thallium 201 single photon emission computed tomography and 12 lead electrocardiogram stress testing as a combined procedure. Radiology 156(3): 817-821

Gold 195m radio nuclide ventriculography in the assessment of the cold pressor test. Journal of the American College of Cardiology 3(2 PART 2): 524

Gold 195m short lived single photon emitter for hemodynamic studies. Journal of Nuclear Medicine 22(6): P71

Gold 199 silver 111 praseodymium 143 radionuclides for radioimmunotherapy in india. British Journal of Cancer 54(3): 550-551

Gold and anti malarial therapy. Mccarty, Dthritis And Allied Conditions: A Textbook Of Rheumatology, 9th Edition. Xix 1431p. Lea And Febiger: Philadelphia, Pa., Usa. Illus. P355-367

Gold and d penicillamine induced renal disease. Bacon, P A And N M Hadler (Ed ) Butterworths International Medical Reviews: Rheumatology, Vol 1 The Kidney And Rheumatic Disease Xii+396p Butterworths And Co Publishers Ltd : London, England; Boston, Mass , Usa Illus P246-266

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Gold binding in plasma samples from arthritis patients. Journal of Cell Biology 107(6 PART 3): 644A

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Gold cast shell crowns. Zdravookhranenie Belorussii (9): 53-55

Gold cluster labelled antibodies. Nature (London) 333(6170): 281-282

Gold coated carbon implant and method of treating arthritis therewith us patent 4606354 aug 19 1986.

Gold colitis induced by auranofin treatment of rheumatoid arthritis: case report and review of the literature. Annals of the Rheumatic Diseases 46(10): 787-792

Gold colitis, therapy and confirmation of mucosal recovery by measurement of rectal potential difference. Postgraduate Medical Journal 56(662): 875-876

Gold colloidal particle gcp conjugate staining of beaded filaments from human umbilical cord. Journal of Histochemistry & Cytochemistry 35(9): 1030

Gold colloidal particle gcp conjugate staining of proteoglycan from rat skin. Journal of Histochemistry & Cytochemistry 35(9): 1027

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Gold compounds. Katz, W A (Ed ) Diagnosis And Management Of Rheumatic Diseases, Second Edition Xxiv+1020p J B Lippincott Co : Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Usa; London, England, Uk Illus 826-834

Gold concentration in reindeer moss in gold fields of bald peak landscapes. Doklady Akademii Nauk SSSR 302(3): 706-709

Gold coordination complexes as antitumor agents synthesis and evaluation of bis diphenylphosphinoalkane bisgold complexes. Abstracts of Papers American Chemical Society 190

Gold distribution in blood following administration of myocrisin and auranofin. Annals of the Rheumatic Diseases 40(6): 619

Gold distribution in liver sinusoidal cells of mice injected with gold thio glucose. European Journal of Cell Biology 22(1): 568

Gold excretion and retention during auranofin treatment: a preliminary report. Journal of Rheumatology. Supplement 5: 61-67

Gold foil in restorative dentistry. Acta Stomatologica Croatica 20(3): 239-248

Gold i complexes with amino acid derivatives the crystal structure of triphenylphosphinehippuratogold i. Journal of the Chemical Society Chemical Communications (19): 1338-1339

Gold in seminal plasma of normal and pathological specimens. Israel Journal of Medical Sciences 17(8): 769-770

Gold in the treatment of Felty's syndrome. Journal of Rheumatology 8(6): 878-879

Gold induced entero colitis. Gastroenterologypart 2: 1257

Gold induced enterocolitis. Gut 27(4): 452-456

Gold induced glomerulo nephritis in mice loaded with immune complexes. Journal of Pathology 137(1): 87

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Gold induced hypogammaglobulinemia. British Journal of Rheumatology 26(1): 53-55

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Gold induced thrombocytopenia in patients with rheumatoid arthritis and the prediction of hemorrhagic diathesis by mean platelet volume. British Journal of Rheumatology 24(2): 204

Gold induced ulcerative proctitis: report and review of the literature. Journal of Rheumatology 14(1): 142-144

Gold inhibition of human monocyte function. Arthritis & Rheumatismsuppl: S117

Gold labeled antibodies for the detection of plant virus antigen on nitrocellulose paper. Phytopathology 74(7): 859-860

Gold lectin complex as a label for transplanted neural cells. Neuroscience Letters Supplement (32): S87

Gold lung: recent developments in pathogenesis, diagnosis, and therapy. Seminars in Arthritis and Rheumatism 16(3): 196-205

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Gold nephropathy. Nephron 50(4): 265-272

Gold nephropathy with minimal glomerular changes. Kidney International 26(2): 225

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Gold probe choice in double immunogold staining for the simultaneous detection of human lymphocyte surface antigens in the electron microscope. Ultramicroscopy 24(4): 435-0

Gold quartz sulfide reefs of mangalur gulbarga district karnataka india. Current Science (Bangalore) 57(3): 143-145

Gold resistance in cultured human cells. Scandinavian Journal of Rheumatology Supplement (45): 44

Gold salt induced acute colitis. Gastroenterologie Clinique et Biologique 9(10): 748-749

Gold salts do not reduce fever following endotoxin injection in rabbits. Journal of Leukocyte Biology 37(6): 755

Gold sodium thio malate inhibits the response of human monocytes to lymphokine stimulation. Clinical Research 29(2): 486A

Gold sodium thiomalate activates latent human leukocyte collagenase. Febs Letters 208(1): 23-25

Gold sodium thiomalate and auranofin inhibit collagenase production in human monocyte cultures. Clinical Research 34(1): 47A

Gold sodium thiomalate effects on macrophage responses to interferon gamma and production of c 2. Arthritis & Rheumatism 29(4 SUPPL): S85

Gold sodium thiomalate gst and auranofin af inhibit production of angiogenic activity by macrophages. Arthritis & Rheumatism 31(4 SUPPL): S105

Gold sodium thiomalate gst inhibits production of angiogenic activity by macrophages mphis. FASEB Journal 2(5): ABSTRACT 6846

Gold sodium thiomalate gstm compared to methotrexate mtx therapy in rheumatoid arthritis ra a 24 week double blind study preliminary results. Clinical & Investigative Medicine 10(4 SUPPL B): B124

Gold substituted azurin. Biochemical Society Transactions: 445-446

Gold therapy and its indications in dermatology. A review. Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology 16(4): 845-854

Gold therapy does not influence the adverse effects of d penicillamine in rheumatoid disease. Clinical Research 30(2): 653A

Gold therapy in patients with systemic lupus erythematosus. American Journal of Medicine 75(6a): 157-164

Gold therapy in the elderly rheumatoid patient. Clinical Research 31(1): 153A

Gold thio glucose hypothalamic obesity syndrome. Kexue Tongbao (Foreign Language Edition) 25(9): 790-796

Gold thioglucose sensitive cells are not found in the paraventricular nuclei of the rat. IRCS (International Research Communications System) Medical Science 14(2): 138-139

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Gold treatment in the consulting physicians practice.

Goldblatt hypertension in rats: a model for unilateral renal artery stenosis in man. Contributions to Nephrology 19: 134-138

Goldcrest regulus regulus imitating other species calls. British Birds 78(1): 48

Golden bronze cuckoo chrysococcyx lucidus new record in kimberley australia. Western Australian Naturalist 15(1): 30-31

Golden eagle aquila chrysaetos near lelystad the netherlands in nov 1980.

Golden eagle aquila chrysaetos nest on kodiak island alaska usa. Condor 81(2): 218

Golden eagle banding in the south saskatchewan river valley canada. North American Bird Bander 10(4): 110-114

Golden eagles and lambs in badenoch highland scotland uk. Scottish Birds 13(8): 263-267

Golden jubilee meeting of indian academy of sciences bangalore india. Current Science (Bangalore) 54(7): 323-332

Golden oriole oriolus oriolus nest in bombay india. Journal Of The Bombay Natural History Society: 218

Golden parakeet aratinga guarouba new record for brazil. Auk 98(2): 394-396

Golden plover pluvialis dominica onboard ship. Notornis 26(1): 52

Golden plovers pluvialis dominica fulva settling on roofs. Notornis 26(2): 184

Golden rays ligularia cass in the northern tien shan kirgiz ssr ussr.

Golden stain of lodgepole pine pinus contorta heart wood. Phytopathology 69(5): 539-540

Golden valley builds on total market base. Food in Canada 45(10): 22-23

Golden winged warbler at duck mountain saskatchewan canada. Blue Jay 44(4): 245-246

Goldenhar syndrome and hemi facial microsomia observations on 3 patients. European Journal of Pediatrics 133(3): 287-292

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Goldfinches carduelis carduelis attack cement mortar. Beitraege zur Vogelkunde 26(2): 122

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Goldmann applanation tonometry without fluorescein. American Journal of Optometry and Physiological Optics 58(12): 1120-1126

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Golf club holding device for upper extremity amputee golfers. Archives Of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation: 514

Golf injuries they really do happen. Physician & Sportsmedicine 15(7): 191-192, 194-196

Golf pain and neuro surgery. Acta Neurochirurgica 59(3-4): 297

Golgi accumulation of a truncated g protein blocks subsequent transport from the endoplasmic reticulum. Journal of Cell Biology 101(5 PART 2): 11A

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Golgi localized udp glucose glucosyl transferases from suspension cultured daucus carota cells. Plant Physiology (rockville)suppl): 144

Golgi membranes contain an electrogenic proton pump in parallel to a chloride conductance. Journal of Cell Biology 97(4): 1303-1308

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Goltzs syndrome focal dermal hypoplasia in a clinical case.

Golytely colon cleansing acceptance by older patients. Clinical Research 32(5): 839A

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