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Geography & Life Sciences: Chapter 28906

Chapter 28906 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in geography and in the life sciences.

Physician beliefs and practices regarding sudden patient death. Proceedings of the Iowa Academy of Science 88(1): 32

Physician beliefs attitudes and prescribing behavior. Clinical Research 31(2): 295A

Physician communication with children and parents. Pediatric Researchpart 2: 516

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Physician competence medical audit and quality assurance. Australian & New Zealand Journal Of Medicine: 343

Physician compliance of a do not resuscitate order that requires consent by patient or family. Clinical Research 35(3): 748A

Physician contacts with pharmaceutical sales representatives in medicine teaching programs. Clinical Research 36(3): 349A

Physician education and drug therapy. Journal of Clinical Pharmacology 23(11-12): 491-493

Physician education in pediatric oncology at the childrens hospital of philadelphia pennsylvania usa. Medical & Pediatric Oncology: 29a

Physician encouragement of infant feeding decisions. Clinical Research 30(1): 122A

Physician evaluation of patient competency to choose life sustaining treatment. Clinical Research 36(3): 742A

Physician experience and patterns of service utilization a newborn center experience. American Journal of Perinatology 4(4): 382

Physician extender protocols for urgent situations in drug and alcohol clinics. Journal of Psychedelic Drugs 11(3): 211-215

Physician factors associated with dietary treatment of high blood cholesterol. Circulation 76(4 PART 2): IV-419

Physician factors influencing the utilization of amniocentesis by eligible women. American Journal of Human Genetics 37(4 SUPPL): A129

Physician heal thyself sources of medical care and medication use by middle aged physicians. Clinical Research 35(3): 357A

Physician impairment social origins of a medical concern. Medical Anthropology Quarterly 2(1): 17-33

Physician influences on timing of return to work after myocardial infarction. American Heart Association Monograph (124): II-490

Physician intervention in a community screening program for colon cancer. Gastroenterology 92(5 PART 2): 1556

Physician knowledge and clinical behavior regarding child auto safety. Pediatric Research 18(4 PART 2): 229A

Physician management of patients with adverse outcomes. Archives of Internal Medicine 146(11): 2249-2252

Physician management of the demented patient. Journal of the American Geriatrics Society 34(4): 295-308

Physician non recognition of lipid abnormalities in patients referred for cardiac catheterization. Clinical Research 36(3): 281A

Physician oriented result reporting in an intensive care environment. Salamon, R , B Blum And M Jorgensen (Ed ) Ifip (International Federation For Information Processing) World Conference Series on Medical Informatics, Vol 5 Parts 1 And 2 Medinfo 86, Participants Edition; Fifth Conference, Washington, D C , Usa, October 26-30, Xlvi+612p (Part 1); Xxvi+572p (Part 2) Elsevier Science Publishers B V : Amsterdam, Netherlands; New York, New York, Usa Illus 810-812

Physician parent communication in pediatric pre natal visits. Clinical Research 31(1): 115A

Physician patient agreement on patients priorities for important treatment outcomes.

Physician patient contact pattern in general practice. Ugeskrift for Laeger 150(51): 3167-3168

Physician patient rapport estimates of diabetes knowledge and adjustment. Diabetes Research & Clinical Practice 5(SUPPL 1): S653

Physician patient relationship and success of childhood immunization. Clinical Research 33(1): 44A

Physician patient relationship in geriatrics. Acta Gerontologica 37(1): 21-22

Physician perception and documentation of patient non compliance in a primary care group practice. Clinical Research 34(2): 829A

Physician perception of cardiovascular risk. Clinical Research 35(3): 762A

Physician personality and resource utilization characteristics. Clinical Research 35(3): 751A

Physician practice in the management of congestive heart failure. Journal of the American College of Cardiology 8(4): 966-970

Physician practice management of patients with myo cardial infarction. Circulation Supplement 62(3): III-340

Physician preferences for chem panel composition. Clinical Research 36(1): 88A

Physician preferences for chemistry panel composition. Clinical Research 35(3): 741A

Physician priorities in disability assessment of low back pain patients. Arthritis & Rheumatism 29(4 SUPPL): S61

Physician recognition of coronary heart disease risk factors in high risk patients. MMJ (Maryland Medical Journal) 35(3): 214-215

Physician recognition of coronary risk factors a disparity between approach to hypertension and hypercholesterolemia in patients hospitalized on a medicine service. Clinical Research: 99a

Physician recognition of risk factors in patients hospitalized with premature coronary heart disease. American Heart Association Monograph: Iii-344

Physician recruitment into colorectal cancer screening an analysis of the virginia program. Medical & Pediatric Oncology 12(6): 14A

Physician reimbursement for services to capitated patients an academic model. Clinical Research 33(1): 45A

Physician reimbursement your future economic welfare. Journal of Urology 131(4 PART 2): 125A

Physician response to conflicting history and toxicologic screens in patients with suspected drug overdose. Clinical Research 33(2 PART 1): 255A

Physician response to one day earlier reporting of identification and susceptibility results using vitek. American Journal of Clinical Pathology 89(3): 446

Physician satisfaction and participation in the ontario canada doctors strike.

Physician satisfaction association with patient characteristics. Clinical Research 36(3): 749A

Physician satisfaction association with patient satisfaction. Clinical Research 36(3): 742A

Physician skills in central venous access. Clinical & Investigative Medicine 11(4 SUPPL): C22

Physician specialty and charges for asthma care implications for cost containment. Clinical Research 36(6): 837A

Physician suspicion of pulmonary tuberculosis a problem in the elderly. Clinical Research 36(6): 910A

Physician test ordering in obstetrics ultrasound fetal stress testing urinary estriols. Clinical Research 29(2): 324A

Physician treatment of nonmedical aspects of cancer. Medical & Pediatric Oncology 10(6): 22A-23A

Physician use of the HIV antibody test. The need for consent, counseling, confidentiality, and caution. JAMA 259(2): 264-265

Physician utilization of a test of left ventricular function predicted versus actual contribution to patient management. Clinical Research 35(3): 759A

Physician utilization of sputum culture results. Abstracts of the Annual Meeting of the American Society for Microbiology 85: 332

Physician utilization of the laboratory can it be changed or is change an illusion. Clinical Chemistry 32(6): 1039

Physician values and experience during adolescence affecting adolescent health care. American Journal of Diseases of Children 140(4): 295

Physicians attitudes toward life sustaining therapy for patients with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis.

Physicians office testing a problem or an opportunity.

Physicians pronouncements on medicinal products used for advertising purposes.

Physicians smoking intervention practices.

Physicians ability to predict outcome of medical intensive care. Clinical Research 28(2): 301A

Physicians and alternative medicine. Ugeskrift for Laeger 150(15): 948-949

Physicians and dietary counseling. Semaine des Hopitaux 64(36-37): 2389-2392

Physicians and health information. Tidsskrift for den Norske Laegeforening 106(29): 2441-2445

Physicians and nurses coworkers or antagonists?. Tidsskrift For Den Norske Laegeforening4: 1257-1259

Physicians and patient factors associated with differences in use of new vs established therapeutic agents.

Physicians and speech disorders. Clinica Terapeutica 116(2): 141-146

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Physicians and the teaching of breast self examination. Clinical Research 32(5): 925A

Physicians as patients and the hepatitis b vaccine a role for decision analysis. Clinical Research 32(5): 841A

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Physicians' attitudes toward circumcision. American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology 148(6): 825-826

Physicians attitudes toward the nuclear arms race. Clinical Research 32(1): 33A

Physicians attitudes towards nutritional therapy of the premenstrual syndrome. Journal of the American College of Nutrition 4(3): 363-364

Physicians changing postmenopausal sex hormone prescribing regimens. Progress in Clinical and Biological Research 216: 325-335

Physicians compliance as a risk factor in acute lymphoblastic leukemia all in children. Clinical Pharmacology & Therapeutics 41(2): 180

Physicians confront the apocalypse. The American medical profession and the threat of nuclear war. JAMA 254(5): 633-643

Physicians confront the nuclear peril. Circulation 72(6): 1135-1143

Physicians criteria in diagnosis of chronic respiratory disease. American Review of Respiratory Disease 121(4 PART 2): 261

Physicians failure to alter failure to thrive. Pediatric Research 15(4 PART 2): 538

Physicians Get In Tune With Performing Artists. Physician and Sportsmedicine 15(6): 246-256

Physicians grapple with suicide. Canadian Medical Association Journal 133(2): 143-145

Physicians helping smokers quit impact of nicotine gum and chart reminders. Clinical Research 35(3): 735A

Physicians hospitals and diagnosis related groups is control the issue?. New York State Journal of Medicine 86(8): 407-409

Physicians in the drug industry. Tidsskrift for den Norske Laegeforening 105(6): 440-441

Physicians influence on the duration of upper respiratory infection symptoms. Clinical Research 29(2): 633A

Physicians neglect of pertinent negatives that predict the presence of pneumonia. Clinical Research 27(1): 31A

Physicians on health care views differ from publics. American Pharmacy 24(10): 12-13

Physicians opinions on informed consent in patient care. Pediatric Research 13(4 PART 2): 331

Physicians ought to be interested in the baby basket. Science & Sports 1(4): 355-356

Physicians overestimate the clinical impact of radionuclide angiocardiography and echocardiography in patients with congestive heart failure. Clinical Research 33(2 PART 1): 254A

Physicians preferences for sources and types of continuing medical education. Medical & Pediatric Oncology 9(6): 547

Physicians, reformers and occupational disease: the discovery of radium poisoning. Women & Health 12(2): 147-167

Physicians shall not take life. Tidsskrift for den Norske Laegeforening 108(16): 1275

Physicians treatment thresholds for streptococcal pharyngitis. Clinical Researchpart 1: 246a

Physicians, triage, and nuclear war. Lancet 2(8605): 269-270

Physicians turn to marketing. American Pharmacy 25(7): 24

Physicians views about term pregnancy therapeutic abortion and their physical and psychosocial consequences in adolescents. Journal of Adolescent Health Care 6(4): 346

Physicians' assessment of cognitive capacity. Failure to meet the needs of the elderly. Archives of Internal Medicine 146(1): 177-178

Physicians attitudes about cigarette smoking.

Physicians attitudes and perceptions of the nutritional aspects of premenstrual syndrome a four year comparative study.

Physicians' attitudes. Management of carotid artery plaques, murmurs, and transient ischemic attacks. Archives of Neurology 42(12): 1198-1201

Physicians cooperation in interdisciplinary team work with children and adolescents is desirable.

Physicians' emotional reactions to patients. Psychosomatics 29(4): 392-397

Physicians' guide to driver examination. Cmaj 1-44

Physicians mistakes in the diagnosis of skin and venereal diseases.

Physicians need for drug information.

Physicians' opinions of the accuracy, accessibility, and frequency of use of ten sources of new drug information. Southern Medical Journal 79(4): 441-443

Physicians perceptions of important factors in measuring illness severity.

Physicians pocketbook 2nd edition.

Physicians' review of significant interventions by clinical pharmacists in inpatient care. Drug Intelligence & Clinical Pharmacy 22(12): 980-982

Physicians revisions of the probability of human immunodeficiency virus infection based on the results of antibody tests.

Physicians socioemotional and task behaviors.

Physicians use of deception in medical practice.

Physicians wonder drug.

Physicians working and living conditions.

Physico biochemical and physiological gradients in the ovule during embryogenesis. International Botanical Congress Abstracts 17: 219

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