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The adaptable somatic repertoire

, : The adaptable somatic repertoire. Annales D'immunologie 135c(1): 137-142

Somatic mutation introduces singles nucleotide substitutions in and around the rearranged kappa variable gene, Vk167, but not the constant gene. The high frequency of mutations is most easily explained by a mechanism of error-prone repair which occurs during several cycles of cell division. Mutations may accumulate with time after joining of the V- and J-gene segments because IgG and IgA antibodies contain more amino acid substitutions than IgM antibodies. Many variant anti-phosphorylcholine antibodies have a higher affinity for antigen than their germ-line-encoded counterparts.


PMID: 6424549

DOI: 10.1016/S0769-2625(84)80023-9

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