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Geography & Life Sciences: Chapter 29434

Chapter 29434 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in geography and in the life sciences.

The unknown epistemology of e c tolman.

The unknown manuscript materials of antoni zmuda related to his activity at the jagiellonian university poland. Zeszyty Naukowe Uniwersytetu Jagiellonskiego Prace Botaniczne (17): 185-203

The unknown meaning of receptor stimulated inositol lipid metabolism. Trends in Pharmacological Sciences 3(4): 140-141

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The unlabeled antibody method contrasting color staining of 2 neuro peptides without antibody removal. Journal of Histochemistry & Cytochemistry 27(2): 716

The unlabeled peroxidase anti peroxidase method used for the localization of leg hemo globin in glycine max nodules. Archives Internationales de Physiologie et de Biochimie 87(3): 637-638

The unlikelihood of an electron transfer haber weiss reaction between super oxide and per oxides. Journal Of The American Chemical Society: 1291-1293

The unloading frequency of motor unit potentials in experimental and disease conditions. Electroencephalography & Clinical Neurophysiology 66(5): S64

The unloading reflex is a set dependent triggered reaction. Society for Neuroscience Abstracts 10(1): 637

The unmasking of postprandial myoelectric cycling in the opossum sphincter of oddi. Gastroenterology 88(5 PART 2): 1583

The unmet needs of family caregivers for frail and disabled adults. Social Work in Health Care 10(3): 1-14

The unmet needs of stroke survivors. Neurology 29(4): 592

The unnatural history of a syndrome. American Journal of Medical Genetics 29(4): 949-950

The unnatural history of aortic stenosis. Pediatric Research 21(4 PART 2): 187A

The unnatural history of nontraumatic spondylolysis of the lumbar spine 4 cases. Orthopaedic Transactions 4(3): 350

The unnatural history of valvular heart disease: late results with silastic ball valve prostheses. Journal of Cardiovascular Surgery 25(3): 191-198

The unnecessary estimation of enzymes other than creatine kinase in suspected myocardial infarction. Annals of Clinical Biochemistry 24(SUPPL 2): 129

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The unpredictability of primary molar resorption following ectopic eruption of permanent molars. Asdc Journal of Dentistry for Children 54(6): 433-436

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The unprescribed use of antibiotics in children admitted to hospital. Pediatric Research 19(4 PART 2): 289A

The unproven remedies committee. Arthritis and Rheumatism 24(9): 1188-1190

The unrecognized dichrooscytus valesianus and the overlooked dichrooscytus gustavi new species from central europe heteroptera miridae. Reichenbachia 19(1-38): 43-46

The unrecognized rotation of the vestibular and cochlear nerves from the labyrinth to the brain stem: its implications to surgery of the eighth cranial nerve. Otolaryngology--Head and Neck Surgery 95(5): 543-549

The unrelated bone marrow donor. Bone Marrow Transplantation 3(5): 371-377

The unreliability of amniotic fluid bilirubin measurements in isoimmunized pregnancies in sickle cell disease patients. Obstetrics and Gynecology 65(5): 758-760

The unreliability of capillary serum bilirubin measurements. Pediatric Research 20(4 PART 2): 360A

The unremitting burden on carers. British Medical Journal 294(6568): 371-371

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The unresponsive patient diagnosis and early management. Medical Clinics of North America 63(4): 813-834

The unsaponifiable matter of fatty oils from certain species of the genus prunus amygdalaceae. Die Pharmazie 40(7): 505-506

The unsociable plover use of intertidal areas by grey plovers pluvialis squatarola. Evans, P R , J D Goss-Custard And W G Hale (Ed ) Coastal Waders And Wildfowl in Winter; Meeting, Texel, Netherlands, Apr 1981 X+331p Cambridge University Press: New York, N Y , Usa; Cambridge, England Illus Maps 140-159

The unsolved problem of pain in recurrent oral cancer. European Journal of Rheumatology & Inflammation 4(4): 457-461

The unsolved problems in analog filtering on auditory brain stem responses. Scandinavian Audiology Supplementum (13): 69-74

The unspecific effect of hyperventilation in children relation to age and probability correlations to diagnosis of seizures. Electroencephalography & Clinical Neurophysiology 60(2): 27P-28P

The unspecificity of cellular reactions. Journal of Immunology 124(6): 2527-2529

The unstability in the absorption of phenytoin in epileptic patients a pharmacokinetic study. Folia Psychiatrica et Neurologica Japonica 39(3): 411-412

The unstable bladder and prostatectomy. British Journal of Urology 52(6): 529-531

The unstable cervical spine in rheumatoid arthritis. Acta Orthopaedica Scandinavica 55(6): 690-691

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The unstable spastic hip treatment by one stage pelvic and femoral osteotomy and trans iliac psoas transfer. Developmental Medicine & Child Neurology (53): 33

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The unstimulated pancreatic secretion and immuno reactive secretin release after endoscopic cannulation of the main pancreatic duct in man. Gastroenterologie Clinique et Biologique 3(3): 305

The unstirred layer in intestinal absorption. Biophysical Journal 47(2 PART 2): 445A

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The unsuitability of the weanling rat for assessing the protein quality of duodenal digesta from lucerne medicago sativa silage fed sheep. Proceedings of the Nutrition Society 44(2): 84A

The unsuitability of von kossa staining to assess degree of ossification. Medical Laboratory Sciences 43(SUPPL 1): S5-S6

The untamable staphylococci: continuous problems in infectious diseases. Comprehensive Therapy 10(6): 49-54

The untapped potential of near ir reflectance for forage analysis. Journal of Dairy Science 68(SUPPL 1): 274

The until now unknown female of anthaxia nupta coleoptera buprestidae. Zeitschrift der Arbeitsgemeinschaft Oesterreichischer Entomologen 36(314): 119-120

The untransformed cell. Journal of Cellular Physiology. Supplement 2: 11-18

The unusual cecum. JAMA 252(8): 1049-1050

The unusual chemiluminescent properties of liposome entrapped peroxidase and its potential analytical application. Clinical Chemistry 32(6): 1065

The unusual course of the reaction of 3 beta acetoxy lanost 5 en 7 one with p toluenesulfonyl hydrazine. Tetrahedron Letters 23(17): 1837-1840

The unusual deacylation of the 2 acetyl 1 3 dimethylbenzimidazolium cation. Journal of the American Chemical Society 109(8): 2520-2521

The unusual estrogen binding protein of male rat liver and its role in hepatic reception and metabolism of sex steroids. Journal of Steroid Biochemistry 25(SUPPL): 116S

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The unusual intraoperative presentation of pheochromocytoma during coronary artery by pass surgery. Journal of Cardiovascular Surgery 28(5 SUPPL): 57

The unusual minimum in solubility of para myosin as the ionic strength is varied at ph 700.

The unusual organization of the goby pituitary as the result of paedomorphosis. Zoological Science (Tokyo) 5(6): 1338

The unusual physiological properties and unique hepatic biotransformation of nordeoxycholate. Gastroenterology 88(5 PART 2): 1682

The unusual physiological properties of norursodeoxycholate. Hepatology 4(5): 1086

The unusual radiographic findings of pneumocystis carinii pneumonia in patients with acquired immune deficiency syndrome. Chest 89(6 SUPPL): 510S

The unusual recombination potential and its ecological implications in coenagrion mercuriale charp from liechtenstein zygoptera coenagrionidae.

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The unusual symbiosis between the stem nodulating rhizobium sp ors571 and its host the tropical legume sesbania rostrata plant and bacterial aspects. International Botanical Congress Abstracts 17: 146

The unwarranted use of replicate analysis in routine coagulation studies. American Journal of Clinical Pathology 83(1): 81-83

The unwinding of double stranded dna by rec a protein. Journal of Cellular Biochemistry Supplement (7 PART B): 88

The updating of epidemiology data for thalassemias and hemoglobinopathies in campania italy. Rassegna Internazionale di Clinica e Terapia 66(10): 583-589

The upland sandpiper bartramia longicauda in ohio usa. Ohio Journal of Science 82(2): 82

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The upper cowlitz river washington usa a preliminary settlement pattern study. Northwest Anthropological Research Notes 15(2): 216

The upper extremity in duchenne dystrophy an unsolved problem. Developmental Medicine & Child Neurology 27(1): 82

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The upper limit of normal for thyrotropin is 3 or 4 milli iu per liter. Clinical Chemistry 31(2): 296-298

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The upper respiratory tract and bronchial asthma. Vestnik Otorinolaringologii: 77-81

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The upper vistula valley poland near drogomysl in the late vistulian and holocene. Folia Quaternaria (56): 101-132

The upper visual field map in the clare bishop area of the cat. Society for Neuroscience Abstracts 11(2): 1010

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The upright nesting behaviors on a vertical shore wall in the three spined stickleback gasterosteus aculeatus f leiurus. Journal of Ethology 6(1): 59-62

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