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Geography & Life Sciences: Chapter 29558

Chapter 29558 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in geography and in the life sciences.

Wine making. Koprowski, H And S A Plotkin (Ed ) The Wistar Symposium Series, Vol 3 World's Debt to Pasteur; Centennial Symposium Commemorating The 1st Rabies Vaccination, Philadelphia, Pa , Usa, Jan 17-18, Viii+342p Alan R Liss, Inc : New York, N Y , Usa Illus 67-82

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Wine press with horizontally oriented rotatable platen us patent 4730555 march 15 1988.

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Wing beat asymmetry associated with turning in dragonflies odonata insecta. American Zoologist 20(4): 894

Wing disc ultrastructure in 2 lethal overgrowth mutants of drosophila. Journal of Cell Biology 97(5 PART 2): 58A

Wing flapping and tail flapping in anhingas anhinga anhinga a possible method for drying in the absence of sun. Auk 98(4): 834

Wing fluttering by mud gathering cliff swallows petrochelidon pyrrhonota avoidance of rape attempts?. Auk 99(4): 758-761

Wing loading in flying fish. American Zoologist 21(4): 937

Wing morphogenesis in vitro and in situ in the fruitfly drosophila. Cell Differentiation 20(SUPPL): 35S

Wingate test cross sectional and longitudinal analysis. Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise 19(2 SUPPL): S73

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Winged bean mosaic caused by a potyvirus. Phytopathology 72(6): 706-707

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Wingspread anomalies, rarities, and super rarities of the anorectum and cloaca. Birth Defects Original Article Series 24(4): 581-585

Winklers nodular chondro dermatitis. Vestnik Otorinolaringologii (5): 85

Winning a systematic empirical approach to parent training. Dangel, R F And R A Polster (Ed ) Parent Training: Foundations Of Research And Practice Xvi+576p The Guilford Press: New York, N Y , Usa; London, England Illus 162-201

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Winning the raging war against the weevil. Agrichemical Age 29(6): 16B-16G

Winning with mussels a case history. American Malacological Bulletin 1: 93

Winrock development oriented literature series potatoes production marketing and programs for developing countries. Horton, D Winrock Development-Oriented Literature Series: Potatoes: Production, Marketing, And Programs For Developing Countries Xii+243p Westview Press: Boulder, Colorado, Usa; It Publications: London, England, Uk Illus Xii+243p

Winter abundance patterns of land birds in the usa and southern canada. American Birds 35(6): 891-897

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Winter and altered spring movements of striped bass morone saxatilis in the savannah river georgia usa. Fishery Bulletin (Washington D C) 81(2): 420-425

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Winter and spring distribution and density of banks grass mite oligonychus pratensis acari tetranychidae in adjacent wheat and corn. Journal of the Kansas Entomological Society 57(2): 333-335

Winter annual forage mixtures for grazing steers. Journal of Animal Science 53(SUPPL 1): 60-61

Winter avi fauna in carinthia. Larus (English Translation) 8

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Winter bird life on the costa brava spain. Voegel der Heimat 57(3): 40-45

Winter blahs and spring irritability: the chronic but subtle behavioral operations. Perceptual and Motor Skills 57(2): 496-498

Winter breeding by cynthia cardui l lepidoptera nymphalidae in crete greece and madeira portugal and the possible significance of parasitoids in initiating migration.

Winter breeding in 3 rodent species the bank vole clethrionomys glareolus the yellow necked mouse apodemus flavicollis and the wood mouse apodemus sylvaticus in southern sweden. Holarctic Ecology 7(4): 428-429

Winter cereals and food legumes in mountainous areas international symposium on problems and prospects of winter cereals and food legumes production in the high elevation areas of west asia southeast asia and north africa ankara turkey july 6 10 1987. Srivastava, J P , Et Al (Ed ) Winter Cereals And Food Legumes in Mountainous Areas; International Symposium on Problems And Prospects Of Winter Cereals And Food Legumes Production in The High-Elevation Areas Of West Asia, Southeast Asia And North Africa, Ankara, Turkey, July 6-10, 1987 X+317p International Center For Agricultural Research in The Dry Areas (Icarda): Aleppo, Syria Illus Maps Paper X+317p

Winter coccidiosis with the presence of eimeria zuernii. Revista Cubana de Ciencias Veterinarias 19(2): 93-98

Winter comes to the south usa ice storm destroys poultry housing. Poultry Digest 44(517): 119

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Winter development of dogwood cornus mas flower buds in the moldavian ssr ussr. Izvestiya Akademii Nauk Moldavskoi SSR Seriya Biologicheskikh i Khimicheskikh Nauk (2): 24-30

Winter diet and mass flight of the common redpoll carduelis flammea in the northern foreland of the harz mountains west germany in 1986. Gefiederte Welt 111(11): 306-307

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Winter distribution of atlantic tomcod microgradus tomcod in the lower huston river estuary. Bulletin New Jersey Academy of Science 30(1): 44

Winter distribution of crested larks galerida cristata in frederikshavn denmark. Dansk Ornitologisk Forenings Tidsskrift 79(1-2): 59-60

Winter distribution of striped bass morone saxatilis in the lower hudson river estuary. Bulletin New Jersey Academy of Science 30(1): 44

Winter distribution of winter flounder pseudopleuronectes americanus in the lower hudson river estuary. Bulletin New Jersey Academy of Science 30(1): 45

Winter ecology of juvenile coho salmon in carnation creek canada summary of findings and management implications. Chamberlin, T W (Ed ) Proceedings Of The Workshop: Applying 15 Years Of Carnation Creek Results; Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada, January 13-15, 1987 Viii+239p Carnation Creek Steering Committee C/O Pacific Biological Station: Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada Illus Maps Paper 108-117

Winter ecology of the porcupine caribou herd yukon canada part iii role of day length in determining activity pattern and estimating percent lying.

Winter energetics and the temperate distribution of the california leaf nosed bat. American Zoologist 24(3): 143A

Winter factors in the seasonal development of plants in middle and high altitudes of the western tien shan ussr. Ekologiya (moscow): 80

Winter feed level effects and resulting reproductive performance among heifers wintered at 4 levels of gain. Journal of Animal Science 53(SUPPL 1): 412

Winter feeding by aquatic turtles pseudemys scripta in a southeastern usa reservoir. Journal Of Herpetology: 444-447

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Winter feeding of fingerling channel catfish ictalurus punctatus in cages. Arkansas Academy of Science Proceedings 35: 82

Winter flocking of chaffinches fringilla coelebs in northern new zealand. Notornis 30(1): 70-72

Winter flounder antifreeze peptide messenger rna isolation characterization and control of biosynthesis. Federation Proceedings 39(6): ABSTRACT 2167

Winter flounder antifreeze protein genes demonstration of a cold inducible promoter and gene transfer to other species. Federation Proceedings 46(6): 2238

Winter fluctuations in water bird numbers on a northern tablelands lagoon of new south wales australia. Emu 81(4): 243-246

Winter fly in outbreak of symptomatic respiratory infection at scott base antarctica. Antarctic Journal of the United States 16(5): 180-181

Winter flying fox colonies in southern new south wales australia. Australian Zoologist 22(2): 5-6

Winter food habits of mountain sheep ovis canadensis in montana usa. Journal of Wildlife Management 45(2): 548-553

Winter forages of mountain goats oreamnos americanus in central colorado usa. Journal of Wildlife Management 47(4): 1237-1243

Winter foraging behavior in bison bison bison in yellowstone national park wyoming usa. American Zoologist 28(4): 156A

Winter foraging patterns and consumption rates of northern wisconsin usa coyotes canis latrans. American Midland Naturalist 113(1): 203-207

Winter hardiness of selected american desert plants. Hortscience 14(2): 131

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Winter hunting behavior of a snowy owl nyctea scandiaca in michigan usa. Wilson Bulletin 92(1): 116-120

Winter increase in type i diabetes unrelated to influenza or coxsackie infections. Clinical Research 35(1): 221A

Winter injury to apple roots causes tree decline and death. Phytopathology 70(5): 460

Winter low temperatures in mediterranean type ecosystems. Ecologia Mediterranea 8(1-2): 95-102

Winter meeting of the british association of dermatologists investigative group london england uk jan 19 20 1979.

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Winter performance of a cross flow automatically controlled naturally ventilated pig finishing house. Animal Production 42(3): 471

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Winter population trends of the house finch carpodacus mexicanus and ecologically similar species in northeastern new jersey usa. American Birds 40(4): 1105-1110

Winter prairie warbler in the piedmont georgia usa. Oriole 51(4): 71

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Winter vs summer thermoregulation of normally hydrated and dehydrated rabbits.

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Winter wheat yield in central nonchernozem zone ussr as a function of weather cultivar and fertilizer report 2 productivity of winter wheat cultivars on soddy podzolic heavy loam soil as a function of weather and fertilizers.

Winter yellow rumped warbler at huron south dakota usa. South Dakota Bird Notes 39(3): 71

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Wintering and summering of the snow bunting plectrophenax nivalis in the marches italy. Rivista Italiana di Ornitologia 57(1-2): 115-116

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Wintering bald eagles haliaeetus leucocephalus along the rio yaqui sonora mexico. Wilson Bulletin 97(2): 224-226

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Wintering of cattle is in progress. Veterinariya (Moscow) (11): 7-9

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