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A method of measuring the principal routes of calcium metabolism in man ,

, : A method of measuring the principal routes of calcium metabolism in man ,. Biochim Et Biophys Acta: 122-139

The method is based on the following techniques and theory: (I) Intravenous injection of a negligible weight of Ca45Cl2. (2) Determination of the specific activity of the serum, of the total activity in urine and stool and of the amount of ingested and excreted calcium. (3) Mathematical analysis of the curve showing the decrease of the specific activity of the serum calcium. Thus data are obtained about (a) the intestinal absorption of calcium present in food, (b) The quantity of calcium excreted by the intestinal tract, differentiated from unabsorbed calcium, (c) The rate of the physiological renewal processes of the skeleton through osteolysis and osteoblastosis. (d) The amount of readily exchangeable calcium, which is the calcium pool of the organism. This pool consists of three portions, which can be identified as clearly defined physiological entities, each having a different velocity constant of exchange with serum calcium. (e) The rate of exchange of serum calcium with these different portions of the pool. (f) The quantity of bone calcium undergoing recrystallisation. Examples are given of application of the method in man and the theory is verified in the rat. The accuracy of the described method is discussed and compared with the simplified method that is usually employed.


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