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Geography & Life Sciences: Chapter 29677

Chapter 29677 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in geography and in the life sciences.

A method of quantitating 1-hydrazinophthalazine in body fluids. Journal of Laboratory and Clinical Medicine 41(4): 566-573

A method of quantitation of oxygen consumption of tumor-bearing rats. Journal of Applied Physiology 18: 216-220

A method of quantitative analysis of plant viruses. Compt Rend Acad Sci [paris] 225(23): 1176-1178

A method of quantitative determination of cell sap in plants. Zhurnal Inst Bot Vuan [Jour Inst Bot Acad Sci Ukraine] 31: 189-193

A method of quantitative determination of nitrate and nitrite in fodder, drinking water, and stomach contents. Arch Exp Veterinarmed 21(5): 1191-1194

A method of quantitative determination of small doses of diphtheria toxoid II. Zhur Mikrobiol Epidemiol I Immunobiol [Transl] 31(5): 799-802

A method of quantitative determination of sulphate-reducing bacteria. Folia Biol [prague] 3(4): 202-211

A method of quantitative determination of the degree of bleeding drained from slaughtered animals. Rocz Nauk Rolniczych Ser E Vet Sci 70(1/4): 402-403

A method of quantitative determination of urinary 17-ketosteroids in the guinea pig Application to the estrous cycle. Ann Endocrinol: 109-119

A method of quantitative evaluation of the course of development in cereal varieties. Zeitschr Indukt Abstam U Vererb Supplementb 2: 1285-1288

A method of quantitative image quality evaluation for digital radiographic systems. Medical Physics (Woodbury) 17(4): 740

A method of quantitative immunohistochemical. Analytical Cellular Pathology 13(2): 71

A method of queen-rearing for the commercial beekeeper. Union S Ajrica Dept Agric And Forest Bull 193: 1-15

A method of quick change of bee visitation from one plant to another. Pchelovodstvo 31(2): 45-48

A method of radio-iodination on a submicrogram scale. The preparation and stability of 131-I- and 125I-labelled 3-monoiodotyrosine and 3,5-diiodotyrosine of very high specific activity. Biochimica et Biophysica Acta 148(2): 423-434

A method of raising and maintaining the virulence of influenza bacilli, with some observations on the pathogenic properties of virulent strains. Jour Path And Bact 39(3): 681-687

A method of raising aspen seedlings. Schweiz Zeitschr Forst 105(11): 614-616

A method of raising larvae of toe large poplar longhorn and toe small poplar borer under laboratory conditions. Dokl Aspirantov Nauchtekh Konf Rezult Issled Rabot 1963 Bryanskii Tekhnol Inst : 102-103

A method of raising one-year-old well-feathered apple trees on dwarfing rootstocks planted in non-woven fabric pots. Horticultural Research (japan): 2, 202

A method of raising turkeys in confinement to prevent parasitic disease. Bull Virginia Agric Exp Sta 323: 1-16

A method of rapid Rh typing employing the capillary tube technique and papainized incomplete anti-D sera . Journal of Clinical Pathology 14: 444-445

A method of rapid chromosome counting. Agrobiologiya 4: 630-632

A method of rapid determination of phosphorus in limestones by means of titration of the superfluous o-oxichinoline. J Applied Chem

A method of rapid forest survey for mapping vulnerability to spruce budworm damage. Forest Chron 27(2): 171-178

A method of rapid identification of Vibrio comma. Zhur Mikrobiol Epidemiol I Immunobiol [transl] 31(1): 17-24

A method of rapid mass-spectrometric analysis of small quantities of silica having different isotopic compositions. Geokhimiya 1(Pages 121-123

A method of rapid mineralization of animal and plant materials for the quantitative determination of nitrogen. Prikladnaya Biokhim Mikrobiol 1(2): 227-232

A method of rapidly applying liquid soil insecticides. Jour Econ Ent 26(3): 580-582

A method of rapidly assessing post-disaster damage to vegetables and tropical fruits. Hortscience 32(3): 457

A method of reaction of oxygen. Z Naturwiss Med Grundlagenforsch 1(4): 333-372

A method of reactivating sporulation of Alternaria grassa in pure culture. Zast Bilja 17(91-92): 315-322

A method of real time recording of late potential in a single beat and its clinical use. Japanese Circulation Journal 54(8): 1007-1008

A method of realizing stand visualization based on ArcView. Journal Of Zhejiang Forestry College: 1, 78-82

A method of rearing Hexagenia nymphs. Ent News 49(2): 29-32

A method of rearing Simulium ornatum var nitidifrons in the laboratory. Hydrobiologia2: 201

A method of rearing bumblebees. Bull Soc Ent France 62(3/4): 71-75

A method of rearing caddisflies. Canadian Ent 91(7): 402-405

A method of rearing chigger mites. Amer Jour Trop Med 26(2): 251-256

A method of rearing honey bee larvae in vitro. Jour Econ Ent 48(1): 43-44

A method of rearing large colonies of an eriophyrid mite, Aceria tulipae , in pure culture from single eggs or adults. Jour Econ Ent 51(3): 303-306

A method of rearing larvae of the wheat stem sawfly, Cephus cinctus Nort, under artificial conditions. Canadian Entomol: 573-574

A method of rearing the pale western cutworm, Agrotis orthogonia Morr in the laboratory. Canadian Ent: 87-89

A method of reconstituting an aragonite soil using a synthetic flocculant. Geotechnique 49(1): 15-32

A method of reconstructive surgery in persistent nasal scoliosis. Vestnik Otorinolaringologii: 43-47

A method of recording and representing geologic features from large-diameter drill holes, Article 137. U S

A method of recording birds on forested areas during the non-resting period The organization and methods for recording birds and harmful rodents. Akad Nauk Sssr Moscow : 130-136

A method of recording from the cortex while maintaining physiological conditions. Electroencephalography and Clinical Neurophysiology 12: 920-921

A method of recording masticatory loads. Journal of Dental Research 32(6): 785-789

A Method of Recording Public Health Programs. American Journal of Public Health and the Nation's Health 46(1): 72-74

A method of recording the ballistocardiogram of acceleration. Biul Eksperim Biol I Med [transl] 47(3): 389-390

A method of recording the respiration. Journal of Physiology 99(2): 257-264

A method of recording the respiration of the mammalian fetus. Biull Eskptl Biol I Med [Transl] 48(12): 1552-1554

A method of recovery of used agar. Vojno Sanitetski Pregled 13(7/8): 360-362

A method of reducing bottom seismic noise spectra to a uniform representation. Oceanology 23(4, 1984

A method of reducing measurement time for platelet survival study. Kaku Igaku. Japanese Journal of Nuclear Medicine 27(10): 1163-1167

A method of reducing microbial and endotoxin contaminants in hemodialysis fluids. Abstracts of the Annual Meeting of the American Society for Microbiology 90: 431

A method of reducing screening radiation dosage. Tenth International Congress of Radiology Book of Abstracts, Montreal, Quebec, Canada p 130-131

A method of reducing storage losses in siloed beet pulp. Proc Amer Soc Sugar Beet Technol 1946: 117-120

A method of reducing the incidence of the secondary syndrome in allogenic marrow transplantation. Blood Jour Hematol 22(1): 44-52

A method of reference for ammonia determination. Journal of Hepatology 13(SUPPL 2): S175

A method of regional cerebral blood perfusion measurement using dynamic CT with an iodinated contrast medium. Acta Neurologica Scandinavica. Supplementum 166: 28-31

A method of registration of the heart rate. Arch Internat Pharmacodyn Et Ther 82: 80

A method of regulated removal of durcupan amp and their application in em practice. Pathology Research & Practice 185(1): 19

A method of relating whole blood cyclosporin A results by HPLC to Abbott TDx monoclonal and polyclonal immunoassays. Annals of Clinical Biochemistry 32: 208-209

A method of reliable fixation of EEG-electrodes. Zhurnal Vysshei Nervnoi Deyatel'nosti Imeni I P Pavlova 44(1): 173-174

A method of removing the adrenals in rabbits in order to produce chronic adrenal insufficiency. Patol Fiziol Eksp Ter 11(3): 77-78

A method of removing the brain. Anatomical Record 156(2): 229-233

A method of removing the spinal cord anteriorly. Arkh Patol 17(2): 71-73

A method of removing threaded external fixation pins from bone. Journal of Hand Surgery 16(4): 759-760

A method of repeated sampling of static headspace above anaerobic bacterial cultures with fluorine-induced chemiluminescence detection. Analytica Chimica Acta 303(1): 91-97

A method of replacing nerve fibers with fused gold. Arch Neurol And Psychiat 44(2): 442-443

A method of reporting insect dissecting forceps. J Econ Entomol 59(2): 490-491

A method of reporting macular edema after cataract surgery using optical coherence tomography. Retina 28(6): 870-876

A method of reporting technical discussions. Jour Australian Inst Agric Sci 24(3): 247-251

A method of representing ammonoid suture lines. Journal of Paleontology 42(4): 1082-1084

A method of reproducing 35 mm color transparencies. Jour Biol Photogr Assoc 28(3): 113-116

A method of revealing oospores of Peronospora in raw tobacco. Tabak 3: 44-45

A method of revealing the antibiotic activity of an inflammation focus in man. Antibiotki 9(7): 614-616

A method of reviving first responder cpr using the kiss of life mask. European Heart Journal 10(ABSTR SUPPL): 296

A method of roentgenological examination of the hepatopancreatoduodenal zone with the aid of a blocking duodenal tube. Vest Rentgenol I Radiol 38(5): 50-54

A method of roentgenological measurement of bones for anthropological purposes. Folia Morphol 10(1): 51-54

A method of rooting cuttings. Amer Rose Ann : 119-122

A method of sam-pling thrips populations. Bull Ent Res 33(3): 147-148

A method of sampling Antestiopsis in Arabica coffee in chemical control schemes. E African Agric And Forest Jour 27(4): 197-200

A method of sampling boiler coal. Zeitschrift fuer Angewandte Geologie 13(11-12): 594-598

A method of sampling the Pacific albacore catch for relative age composition. Fao Fish Repts 3(6): 1355-1366

A method of sanitary monitoring of the territory of radioactive refuse burial. Gig Sanit 32(7): 74-78

A method of scaling for a mixed set of discrete and continuous variables. Systematic Zoology 16(2): 149-152

A method of scalogram analysis using summary statistics. PSYCHOMETRIKA 31(21-2): 79-88, No 2028

A method of screening benthic hydrological samples. Zool Zhur 40(2): 275-276

A method of sealing wet preparations. Jour Roy Microscop Soc 54(1): 29-32

A method of secretion assay. Jour Physiol 118(2): 182-187

A method of sectioning the gametophytes of some liverworts and pterido-phytes. Current Sci 11(9): 367

A Method of Securing Living Mosquitoes to Mounts in Studies of Problems Concerning Flight. Science 107(2790): 656-656

A Method Of Securing Marine Invertebrates. Science 71(1844): 464-465

A method of securing the direct body ballistocardiogram by means of a microscope, giving a record readily calibrated. Circulation 8(4): 579-584

A method of sedimentological identification of storm and tsunami deposits; preliminary results from exoscopic quartz analysis. Quaternaire (Paris) 11(3-4): 167-177

A method of seed weight determination. Botanicheskii Zhurnal (St Petersburg) 76(11): 1623-1624

A method of selecting acupoints for acupuncture treatment of peripheral facial paralysis by thermography. American Journal of Chinese Medicine 35(6): 967-975

A method of selecting asparagus varieties with a long fibreless top. Euphytica 8(1): 21-28

A method of selecting for auxotrophic mutants of HeLa cells. Journal of Experimental Medicine 111: 559-572

A method of selecting plants with anti-inflammatory potential for pharmacological study. Natural Product Communications: 1, 71-76

A method of selecting waves in vertical seismic profiling. Physics of the Solid Earth 6(Pages 388-390

A method of selection for isolation of Shigella and Salmonella. Rev Biol Trop 6(1): 17-25

A method of selection of a representative random sample for investigations of the distribution of arterial pressure in large population. Pol Tyg Lek 20(23): 830-834

A method of selective cooling of the brain. Eksptl Khirurg I Anesteziol 8(1): 3-12

A method of sensitizing guinea pigs to fungus antigens without infection. Proceedings of the Society for Experimental Biology and Medicine. Society for Experimental Biology and Medicine 122(2): 516-519

A method of sensitizing guinea pigs to horse serum that eventuates in 100 per cent mortality after challenging. Journal of Allergy 22(4): 361-367

A method of separating anthropods from detritus in Berlese funnel samples. Turtox News 41(4): 98-100

A method of separating cactus seed. Cactus And Succulent Jour 28(2): 50

A method of separating coho salmon length-frequency distributions into age components. Progr Fish Cult 29(2): 92-97

A method of separating fungi from culture medium. Mycologia 50(4): 583

A method of separating pollen, applicable to sediments with minerals. Annales de la Societe Geologique de Belgique 96(2): 253-262

A method of separating small quantities of the copro-porphyrin isomers 1 and 3. Proc Soc Exp Biol And Med 44(1): 7-10

A method of separating the anterior pituitary-like hormone from the urine of preg nant women. Jour Biol Chem 101(1): 1-9

A method of separating the subarachnoid space in dogs in a prolonged experiment. Zeitschr Exp Med 61(1/2): 1-4

A method of separation of ribopolynucleotides from thymonucleic acid and on the conditions for a quantitative separation of the purine bases from the ribopolynucleotides. Jour Biol Chem 86(1): 389-401

A method of setting up balance experiments for study of nitrogen metabolism in fish Instructions on the method of research in fish physiology. A method of setting up balance experiments for study of nitrogen metabolism in fish Instructions on the method of research in fish physiology Metodika postanovki balansovykh opytov po izucheniyu obmena azota u ryb In: Rukovodstvo po metodike issledovaniya fiziologii ryb Instructions on the method of research in fish physiology 108-126

A method of sexing the dumerils monitor varanus dumerili. Herpetological Review 22(1): 18-19

A method of shell freezing, utilizing the standard dental motor with a flexible shaft. Journal of Laboratory and Clinical Medicine 41(6): 973-974

A method of shipping live larvae of Simulium vittatum long distances. Ann Entomol Soc Amer 59(4): 866-867

A method of showing relative frequency of occurrence of birds. Condor 30(3): 180-184

A method of sialography. Acta Radiologica 49(1): 17-24

A method of side-chain modeling using information of conserved side-chain torsion angles within homologous family of proteins. Amino Acids (Vienna) 13(1): 34

A method of signal enhancement for fiber optic sensors. Abstracts of Papers American Chemical Society 200(1-2): BIOT 12

A method of silver-impregnation of paraffin embedded sections. Monitore Zool Ital 40(2): 42-47

A method of simulating airplane application of insecticides to tall plants in experimental plots. Jour Econ Ent 34(6): 853-856

A method of simulating the oxygen content of the atmosphere at different altitudes of flight. Byull Izobretenii 22: 53

A method of simultaneous positive and negative electroroentgenograms. Vestnik Rentgenologii i Radiologii (4): 89-92

A method of simultaneous quantitative estimation of microcirculation and secretion in the stomach of anesthetized rats. Fiziologicheskii Zhurnal Imeni I M Sechenova 79(10): 89-92

A method of single colour injection for blood vessels in lung, liver and kidney. Hunan Yike Daxue Xuebao 21(4): 371-372

A method of skull base dissection for T4 cases of carcinoma of the maxillary sinus. Samii, M [Editor] Skull base surgery: Anatomy, diagnosis and treatment 248-250

A method of solving M S Molodenskiys boundary-value problem. Physics of the Solid Earth 2(Pages 118-120

A method of solving horizontal crustal strain field by using crustal deformation observation. Dizhen = Earthquake 19(1): 41-48

A method of spawning induction, fertilization and the subsequent early development sequence of Potamocorbula amurensis. American Zoologist 37(5): 45A

A method of staining Tortrix viridana embryos. Zool Zhur 42(12): 1880-1881

A Method Of Staining Bacterial Flagella And Capsules Together With A Study Of The Origin Of Flagella. Journal of Bacteriology 20(3): 203-211

A method of staining colonies of pneumococci. Journal of Pathology and Bacteriology 75(2): 481-482

A method of staining differentiating the somatic and autonomic nerve fibers. Bulletin of the Osaka Medical School 8: 1-6

A method of staining ischemic neurons of the brain and the spinal cord. Patologicheskaya Fiziologiya i Eksperimental'naya Terapiya 0(2): 53

A method of staining nucleoli of cells in fresh benign and malignant tissues. Cancer Res 8(8): 352-359

A method of staining sections in acetone. Jour Roy Microsc Soc 46(4): 277-278

A method of staining the elementary bodies of vaccinia. Jour Path And Bact 36(1): 185-186

A method of staining the neurosecretory granules in the nerve cellsof the hypothalamus. Arkh Anat Gistol I Embriol 39(8): 101-103

A method of staining tissue cultures, histological sections, and different viruses by deposition of silver. Lab Delo 1: 53-54

A method of staining viral inclusions in influenza. Arkhiv Patol 19(11): 82-84

A method of standardized uroflowmetry. Journal of Endourology 11(SUPPL 1): S118

A method of stapled skin closure by one surgeon. Surgery, Gynecology & Obstetrics 169(1): 67-67

A method of starling control. Passenger Pigeon 4(4/5/6): 36

A method of statistical investigation of the dependence of crop-yields on place and climatic elements. Forschungsdienst 13: 301-320

A method of stimulating autonomic nerves in the unanesthetized cat with observations on the motor and sensory effects. Amer Jour Physiol 105(2): 366-372

A method of stimulating the complete sympathetic outflow from the spinal cord to blood vessels in the pithed rat. British Journal of Pharmacology and ChemoTherapy 30(1): 78-87

A method of stimulation of the postganglionic fibers of the cardiac vagus nerve of the turtle, and pharmacodynamics. Publ Staz Zool Napoli 27: 114-120

A method of stimulation of the pressure receptors of the carotid sinus region while preserving the natural blood supply. Biul Eksperim Biol I Med 48(7): 914-915

A method of storage for delicate specimens. Turtox News 26(1): 31-32

A method of storage of leaf samples for chlorophyll analysis. Biol Plant [praha] 1(4): 287-294

A method of stratigraphic correlation using early Cretaceous miospores. Palaeontology 12, Part 1(Pages 84-111

A method of study of intracranial haemorrhage in the new-born infant. Arch Dis Childhood 6(32): 37-100

A method of study of squamous metaplasia, atypical change, and early bronchogenic carcinoma of the bronchial mucosa in smokers and nonsmokers. Cancer 9(1): 84-85

A method of study of the active microflora of the soil. PEDOLOGIE 7(special): 190-196

A method of study of the human myotatic reflex. Byull Eksptl Biol I Med [Transl J 52(9): 1099-1101

A method of study of the typological characteristics of higher nervous activity in children during the first year of life. Tr Tost Normal Patol Fiziol Akad Med Nauk Sssr 3: 121-135

A method of studying antibody production by single isolated cells. Byul Eksp Biol Med 58(12): 88-90

A method of studying chloroplasts microscopically. Bot Zhur 46(10): 1538-1543

A method of studying comparative oil deposits of proprietary oil emulsions. Jour Econ Ent 27(4): 834-841

A method of studying conditioned and multireflex digestive leukocytosis. Lab Delo 2: 15-18

A method of studying conditions within diffusion layers. Jour Biol Chem 113(3): 735-748

A method of studying energy and fracturation in relation to the mechanics of dislocation of rocks. Fiziko-Tehnicheskiye Problemy Razrabotki Poleznykh Iskopayemykh 6(Pages 38-45

A method of studying erythrocyte permeability with respect to p32 in patients with different hematocrit values. Med Radiol 8(10): 92-94

A method of studying fold structures using drag folds. Akad Nauk Kaz

A method of studying gastric and duodenal secretion at the same time. Biull Eksptl Biol I Med [transl] 45(6): 754-757

A method of studying introduced perennials Questions of decorative horticulture. A method of studying introduced perennials Questions of decorative horticulture Metodika izucheniya introdutsi-rovannykh mnogoletniko In Voprosy dekorativnogo sadovodstva Questions of decorative horticulture 41-46

A method of studying lymphocyte subset adhesion to endothelium using flow cytometry. FASEB Journal 6(4): A1431

A method of studying motility in the esophagus by recording electrical potentials. American Journal of Digestive Diseases 11(12): 958-962

A method of studying muscular activity during walking. Medical & Biological Illustration 9: 158-163

A method of studying physical activity in man. Amer Jour Clin Nutrition 8(4): 595-601

A method of studying sedimentation in the blood of some of the animals most commonly used in experiment. Acta Med Scandinavica 69(5/6): 405-416

A Method Of Studying The Availability Of Synthetic Media For Streptococci. Journal of Bacteriology 12(6): 385-408

A method of studying the bactericidal activity of trees. Mekrobiol Zh Akad Nauk Ukr Rsr 27(4): 71-74

A method of studying the biology of the roots of plants. Bot Zhur 40(5): 696-702

A method of studying the condition of the tonus in the peripheral portions of the vascular bed on the whole animal. Biull Eksptl Biol I Med [Transl] 51(1): 109-111

A method of studying the correlation of anthropometric characteristics in children. Voprosy Antropol 8: 99-106

A method of studying the deep structure of the upper part of the Earths crust. International Geology Review 23(8): 891-900

A method of studying the effects of chemicals upon living cells and tissues in the moat chamber, a transparent chamber inserted in the rabbits ear. Anat Rec: 121-140

A method of studying the family life in hole-nesting birds. Kongelide Norske Videnskabers Selskabs Forhandl Trondheim 38(10): 44-50

A method of studying the frequency of transformation of acute dysentery into chronic dysentery. Zhur Mikrobiol Epidemiol And Immunobiol [Transl] 28(5/6): 670-673

A method of studying the internal structure of minerals. Zapiski Vsesoyuznogo Mineralogicheskogo Obshchestva 97(6): 726-729

A method of studying the living lung in the closed thorax, and some preliminary observations. Angiology 14: 149-159

A method of studying the modification by drugs of the oxidation-reduction systems of the skin. Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmacology 6(3): 178-186

A method of studying the process of connective-tissue repair. Arkh Patol 22(4): 81-83

A method of studying the qualitative composition of organic matter in soil solutions. Pochvovedenie [Transl] 1960(11): 1218-1221

A method of studying the water balance of plants. Bot Zhur 41(2): 212-219

A method of studying transpiration simultaneously with photosynthesis. Trudy Bot Inst Akad Nauk Sssr Ser 4 Eksperimental N[image] Botanika [acta Inst Bot Acad Sci U R P Sjs Ser 4 Bot Exp] 5: 14-21

A method of substrate preparation for tissue phosphomonoesterases. Folia Morphol [Warsaw] 13(4): 543-544

A method of subsurface application of herbicides to the soil. Dokl Moskov Sel Skokhoz Akad Im K A Timiryazeva 84: 307-315

A Method Of Supplying Students With Natural Endamoeba Histolytica From Cultures. Science 74(1925): 519-520

A method of suppressing Proteus and coliform bacteria on routine blood agar plates. Jour Path And Bact 57(3): 395-396

A method of surgical treatment of the hiatal hernia. Kazanskii Meditsinskii Zhurnal 78(2): 129

A method of tangential hyperplane for the derivation of an analysers characteristic from summatin-at-threshold data. Investigative Ophthalmology & Visual Science 36(4): S906

A method of teaching indirect ophthalmoscopy to beginning residents. Canadian Journal of Ophthalmology. Journal Canadien D'ophtalmologie 27(4): 166-167

A method of teaching postgraduate pathology and the importance of correlating research knowledge. Perspectives in Biology and Medicine 9(3): 433-435

A method of testing alfalfa plants for resistance to the pea aphid Agron. Jour: 609-610

A method of testing beans for resistance to bacterial blights. Phytopath 38(9): 757-759

A method of testing cardiac function. Ann Internal Med 13(5): 807-825

A method of testing guinea pigs for hypersensitiveness to Rhus toxicodendron. Proc Soc Exp Biol And Med 38(5): 726-727

A method of testing hearing based on operant conditioning. Behaviour Research and Therapy 4(3): 237-238

A method of testing nematocides under laboratory conditions Methods of studying nematodes of plants, soil, and insects. A method of testing nematocides under laboratory conditions Methods of studying nematodes of plants, soil, and insects Metodika ispytaniya nematotsidov v laboratornykh usloviyak Metody issledovaniya nematod rastenii, pochvy i nasekomykh Methods of studying nematodes of plants, soil, and insects 133

A method of testing oil palm progenies at the nursery stage for resistance to vascular wilt disease caused by Fusarium oxysporum Schl. J West African Inst Oil Palm Res 4(14): 156-175

A method of testing potatoes for their browning qualities as French fries. Mededel Inst Biol Scheidundig Onderzoek Landbouwgewassen 53: 87-92

A method of testing some plants for curly top. Phytopath 41(5): 475-476

A method of testing the keeping quality of certain small fruits. Phytopath 19(6): 593-596

A method of testing the physical fitness of high school girls. Rev Canadienne Biol 2(4): 395-406

A method of testing the resistance of house flies to residual-type insecticides. Jour Econ Ent 44(1): 104-106

A method of the deep ground water runoff analysis in mountainous regions examples from the Trans-Ili Alatau. Kazakstan Respublikasynyn Ulttyk Gylym Akademiasynyn Habarlary Geologialyk Seriasy

A method of the distinction of phenotypically similar species of Porites from the South China Sea. Zoologicheskii Zhurnal 75(1): 9-20

A method of the isoelectric focusing in the isoelectrical focusing technique in the borate polyol system for hemoglobin a 1c detection. Laboratornoe Delo (1): 61-62

A method of the quantitative determination of elementary sulphur in the silts of the salt lakes. J Applied Chem

A method of the quantitative determination of the climate in the Quaternary Period by means of mammal associations. SBORNIK GEOL SURVEY CZECHOSLOVAKIA 18(Paleont ): 209-219

A method of the soil cohesion strength calculation as related to the soil erosivity estimation. Vestnik Moskovskogo Universiteta Seriya 17 Pochvovedenie 0(4): 52-57

A method of the treatment of patients with reflux esophagitis. Vrachebnoe Delo 0(2): 84

A method of thinning and forecast of yield in Douglas-fir. Jour Forest 53(1): 10-18

A method of tick removal from human skin. Kazanskii Meditsinskii Zhurnal 74(4): 308-309

A method of time-lapse photography of plants grown under different photoperiodic conditions. Sb Tr Po Agron Fiz : 171-176

A method of trace iodination of proteins for immunologic studies. International Archives of Allergy and Applied Immunology 29(2): 185-189

A method of tracing fissures, crack frequency, and depths inside hard rocks. SEG Abstracts 1986(1): 123-126

A method of training bees to visit a feeding station. Bee World 42(1): 8-11

A method of training voluntary eye movements in cats. Percept Mot Skills 10: 55-62

A method of transfecting C-2C-12 myoblasts at all stages of differentiation. Proceedings of the Nutrition Society 55(1): 34A

A method of transplanting gastric mucosa to the anterior abdominal wall of the rat for the local application of carcinogens. Cancer Research 11(12): 912-913

A method of transporting fingerling shad. Progr Fish Culturist 12(3): 153-159

A method of transporting living mosquito larvae. Bull Ent Res 33(4): 227-228

A method of trapping ornithosis virus in the droplet phase. Vopr Virusol [Transl] 4(4): 121-125

A method of treating HBV infections with L-2,3-didehydro-dideoxy-5-fluorocytidine. Official Gazette of the United States Patent & Trademark Office Patents 1191(1): 373, Oct 1

A method of treating affective disorders in alcoholics. Journal of Russian & East European Psychiatry 26(3): 26-37

A method of treating freshly cut seed-pieces on tuber unit potato planters. Phytopath 41(10): 945-946

A method of treating toxemia of pregnancy with vitamins. Nederland Tijdschr Geneesk 93: 243-249

A method of treatment for pericardial pain. Circulation 24: 607-612

A method of treatment of pseudo-arthrosis of the femoral neck A preliminary report. Mie Med J: 147-158

A method of treatment with pharmaceutical composition for renal disorder and a dialysis solution for extracorporeal hemodialysis. Official Gazette of the United States Patent & Trademark Office Patents 1181(2): 1175-1176, Dec 12

A method of trinitrolong application in the acute period of myocardial infarction. Sovetskaya Meditsina (5): 74-76

A method of triple determination of erythrocyte subgroups A1 - A2 with the aid of phytagglutinins. Probl Gematol Pereliv Krovi 12(3): 13-16

A method of typing Haemophilus influenzae by the precipitin reaction. Canadian Journal of Research. Section E, Medical Sciences 26(3): 197-199

A method of ultra close-up photography in ophthalmology. Arch Ophthal 23(1): 161-163

A method of ultrasound tissue characterization to detect acute transplant rejection. Clinical Research 42(3): 358A

A method of ultraviolet photomicrography. Jour Franklin Inst 246(1): 87-91

A method of uniform stratification of risk for evaluating the results of surgery in acquired adult heart disease. Circulation 79(6 Pt 2): I3-12

A method of using microroentgenography to study lymphatic capillaries and vessels within organs. Arkh Anat Gistol I Embriol 35(6): 108-109

A method of using mycelial, monosporidial isolates of Tilletia controversa in pedigreed hybrid crosses. Phytopathology 53(10): 1235-1236

A method of using saline soils to best advantage Sand-bed cultivation. Arid Zone Research: Xvi. Plant-Water Relationships In Arid And Semi-Arid Conditions. A Symposium. 323-326

A method of utilization review. A method of utilization review 64p Illus

A method of vacuum pasteurization. Amer Butter Rev 3(5): 170-176

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