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A method of queen-rearing for the commercial beekeeper

, : A method of queen-rearing for the commercial beekeeper. Union S Ajrica Dept Agric And Forest Bull 193: 1-15

A system of queen-rearing composed of known methods so arranged that beekeepers may have a continuous supply of young queen bees is given. A cell-building colony designed to produce a ripe set of queen cells every 9 days is descr. This colony is housed in a special hive made by uniting two 10-fr. hive bodies end to end. The interior is so divided that it consists of a 5-fr. section including a Doolittle feeder, a 3-fr. and 10-fr. section. By a sliding partition the 5-fr. compartment can be isolated. In operation 10 fr. with queen and brood are placed in the large compartment, 5 fr. and 3 fr. in the smaller ones. To operate, a frame with cells is placed in the 5-fr. compartment. The sliding partition now separates this into a queenless division and the remainder of the hive is queenright. The hive is turned end for end and the flying worker bees take up their quarters in the queenless part, thus producing the congested condition needed for cell building. After 9 days, the ripe queen cells are removed, another cell frame put in, the hive turned end for end again, and all the conditions are right for a 2d set of cells. Other arrangements of apparatus of advantage in this system are given. A colony containing a queen with her complement of workers and drones is maintained as of the point of active brood rearing; likewise a mating hive consisting of a 10-fr. hive divided by 2 partition boards, thus making 3 mating colonies, each with its own entrance, 2 at one end on opposite sides and 1 in the middle at the opposite end. The advantage of using the large hive is that of no special equipment requirement. The partitions are removable when the hive is needed for overwintering.


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