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A simple microfluidic chlorine gas sensor based on gas-liquid chemiluminescence of luminol-chlorine system

, : A simple microfluidic chlorine gas sensor based on gas-liquid chemiluminescence of luminol-chlorine system. Analytica Chimica Acta 622(1-2): 143-149

In this work, a microfluidic chlorine gas sensor based on gas-liquid interface absorption and chemiluminescence detection was described. The liquid chemiluminescence reagent-alkaline luminol solution can be stably sandwiched between two convex halves of a microchannel by surface tension. When chlorine gas was introduced into the micro device, it was dissolved into the interfacial luminol solution and transferred to ClO(-), and simultaneously luminol was excited and chemiluminescence emitted. The emitted chemiluminescence light was perpendicularly detected by a photomultiplier tube on a certain detection region. The remarkable advantage of the detection system is that both adsorption and detection were carried out at the gas-liquid interface, which avoids the appearance of bubbles. The whole analytical cycle including filling CL reagent, sample injection, CL detection and emptying the device was as short as 30 s. The linear concentration range of chlorine gas detection with direct introduction of sample method is from 0.5 to 478 ppm. The detection limit of this method is 0.2 ppm for standard chlorine gas and the relative standard deviation of five determinations of 3.19 ppm spiked chlorine sample was 5.2%.


PMID: 18602545

DOI: 10.1016/j.aca.2008.05.067

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