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A study of the mechanism of the inhibiting action of bromine

, : A study of the mechanism of the inhibiting action of bromine. Fiziol Zh Sssr Im I M Sechenova 50(4): 509-513

The experiments were carried out on the adductor muscle of the claw (m. adductor dactylopoditis) of the river crayfishes Astacus lepto-dactylus and A. fluviatilis. This muscle is stimulated by fibers passing via the thick nerve and inhibited by fibers from the thin nerve. The nerves were stimulated for 5 sec./min. by nonpolarizable electrodes with square waves of 0.2-2 milliseconds duration in Harreveldt's solution. Usually the thick nerve was excited by a current causing stimulation of all the fibers. Here a further increase in the amplitude of the short impulses (less than 1 millisecond) did not change the response of the muscle. The amplitude and tension depended only on the frequency. When the NaCl of the Harreveldt's solution was replaced by NaBr, a decrease in the amplitude of contraction of the muscle was observed at low frequencies (10-60 cps) which varied from one preparation to another. The decrease in amplitude became greater as most of the Cl was replaced by Br. At frequencies greater than 100 cps the effect of replacing Cl by Br was not as pronounced. With simultaneous excitation of the 2 nerves the inhibiting effect of the thin nerve was observed; the effect was manifested in a decrease in the amplitude of contraction of the muscle. When some of the Cl ions in the solution were replaced by Br, intensification of the inhibition was observed, consisting of a decrease in the amplitude of contraction of the muscle and a delay in beginning the response. With excitation of the thick nerve alone for 3 or 5 sec., there was little difference in the amplitude of the responses. In most of the experiments after several minutes of perfusion in which Br ions had replaced only 1/3 of the Cl ions, complete cessation of responses to the stimulation of the 2 nerves could be observed. When the Br was washed out the response was restored.


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