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A study on idiomuscular contraction

, : A study on idiomuscular contraction. Hirosaki Med Jour 13(2): 356-363

In patients with malignant tumor, a strong positive idiomuscular con- traction was frequently observed. In almost all patients, except those with malignant tumor, this contraction tended to become negative as the general condition improved. In some cases of chronic consumptive diseases, this contraction was constant throughout their clinical courses. The relationship between the clinical findings of gastro-duodenal ulcer and idiomuscular contraction were compared. In cases such as duodenal stenosis due to duodenal ulcer or gastric ulcer with a chronic or great niche, the idiomuscular contraction was generally positive, while in the benign cases of gastric or duodenal ulcer without stenosis or chronic niche, the idiomuscular contraction soon ceased. In patients with a high degree of idiomuscular contraction the total serum cholesterol was abnormally low, while in those with only a slight idiomuscular contraction, the total serum cholesterol was normal in about 1/2 of the cases. Therefore the author divided the idiomuscular contraction into normo-cholesterolemic, hypo-cholesterolemic and hyper-cholesterolemic idiomuscular contractions, and suggested the use of the idiomuscular contraction findings together with serum cholesterol as a supplemental method of diagnosis and prognosis.


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