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Geography & Life Sciences: Chapter 29814

Chapter 29814 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in geography and in the life sciences.

A survey of the biology of scorpions of South Africa. African Wild Life 13(2): 99-106

A survey of the biology of the grass carp, Ctenopharyngodon idellus. Hong Kong Univ Fish Jour 2: 1-6

A survey of the birds in Shanghai. ACTA ZOOL SINICA ll(3): 390-408

A survey of the birds of Death Valley. Condor 64(3): 220-233

A survey of the birds of Kauai, Hawaii. Bull Bernice P Bishop Mus 227: 1-51

A survey of the blood parasites of birds caught for banding purposes. Jour Amer Vet Med Assoc 47(6): 615-620

A survey of the border species of the Swiss flora. Bauhinia Z Basler Bot Ges 2(2): 130-161

A survey of the botanical place names of the Iglesiente area South West Sardinia. Botanica Lithuanica 13(3): 139-157

A survey of the bottom fauna of streams in the Scottish Highlands III Seasonal changes in the fauna of three streams. Hydro Biologia4: 305-334

A survey of the butterflies of the Verde Valley. Plateau 26(3): 95-102

A survey of the butterfly fauna of Jatun Sacha, Ecuador. Journal of Research on the Lepidoptera 35: 42-60, March 15, 1996( )

A survey of the caddisflies of Greece. Biologia Gallo-Hellenica 20(1): 115-121

A survey of the carbohydrase systems of Syncephalastrum racemosum Conn. Farlowia 4(1): 1-13

A survey of the carbonate mineralogy of cheilostome Bryozoa. Journal of Paleontology 43(3): 791-799

A survey of the cardiac abnormalities in collegiate athletes 1990. Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise 23(4 SUPPL): S166

A survey of the cartographic works of the geobotanical division of the Botanical Institute of the Academy of Sciences of the Kazakh SSR. Izvest Akad Nauk Kazakhsk Ssr Ser Bot I Pochvovedenie 1 13: 112-116

A survey of the causes of hay fever for the state of Minnesota. Minnesota Med 16(6): 379-389

A survey of the chewing ability of denture wearers. Journal of Dental Research 30(3): 314-321

A survey of the clinical experience with dermatan sulfate. Seminars in Thrombosis and Hemostasis 17 Suppl 2: 199-204

A survey of the clinical research on the visceral nervous system and a critique of the practical value of various tests. A survey of the clinical research on the visceral nervous system and a critique of the practical value of various tests En oversikt over den kliniske undersokelse av det viscerale nervesystem og en kritikk av de forskjellige pr0vers praktiske verdi stottet paa egne nndersokelser 134p (Skrifter utgitt ved Klaus Hanssens Fond[Long dash]Nr 9)

A survey of the compositional quality of milk. Canadian Dairy And Ice Cream Jour 19(6): 74

A survey of the concentration of ammonia recorded in pig housing in england uk. Animal Production 52(3): 579

A survey of the conjugated fatty acids of seed oils. Journal of the American Oil Chemists' Society 45(3): 176-182

A survey of the corn borer situation in 1925. Jour Econ Ent 19(2): 400-407

A survey of the cultures of Oenothera lamarckiana at Lunteren. Zeitschr Indukt Abstain U Vererb 47(4): 275-286

A survey of the current approaches to diagnosis and management of oral premalignant lesions. Journal of the American Dental Association 138(12): 1555-62; Quiz 1614

A survey of the dairy industry in New Zealand I Post-war market prospects. New Zealand Jour Sci And Tech 23a(5): 257-283

A survey of the damage caused by insects to hardwood timbers in Great Britain. Dept Sci and Indust Res Forest Prod Res Bull vi + 27p 17 illus

A survey of the data collection in PAS and use or audit systems at St Georges Hospital. Millard, P H , McClean, S I Go with the flow: A systems approach to healthcare planning 53-62

A survey of the deeper tin zones in a part of the Carn Brea area, Cornwall. Sbornik Vedeckych Praci Vysoke Skoly Banske v Ostrave, Rada Hornicko-Geologicka = Transactions of the Institute of Mining and Metallurgy Mining and Geological Series

A survey of the deformability of erythrocytes in the aged. Biorheology 32(2-3): 251

A survey of the density and distribution of the primates of Guyana. American Journal of Physical Anthropology 0(SUPPL 20): 171

A survey of the depth of the main lateral roots of nursery trees in Ohio before and after harvest. Journal of Environmental Horticulture 25(4): 187-190

A survey of the discomycete flora of the Olympic National Park and adjacent areas. Mycologia 39(6): 635-689

A survey of the distribution and population density of Tetraonidae using the data from a questionnaire. Zool Zh 44(5): 740-746

A survey of the distribution of Fallopia X bohemica J Bailey in the British Isles. Watsonia 21(2): 187-198

A survey of the distribution of a large chloroplast dna inversion in grasses and other monocots using a polymerase chain reaction screening method. American Journal of Botany 78(6 SUPPL): 182-183

A survey of the distribution of dermal leishmaniasis in British Honduras. Trans Roy Soc Trop Med Hyg 62(2): 213-220

A survey of the distribution of intertidal algae along a coast transitional in respect to salinity and tidal factors. J Fish Res Board Can 22(6): 1425-1454

A survey of the distribution of leadbeaters possum gymnobelideus leadbeateri mccoy in the central highlands of victoria australia. Victorian Naturalist (Blackburn) 106(5): 174-178

A survey of the distribution of the American grey squirrel and the British red squirrel in England and Wales in 1944-45. Jour Animal Ecol 15(1): 82-92

A survey of the distribution of wild orchids grown at Sajapyeong Valley located at Milyang. RDA Journal of Agricultural Science Horticulture 35(1): 514-518

A survey of the dragonflies of eastern Africa. A survey of the dragonflies (Order Odonata) of eastern Africa vii+214p Illus

A survey of the eared seals with remarks on the Antarctic seals collected by M/K Norvegia in 1928-1929. Sci Results Norwegian Antarctic Exped 1927 1928 36: 3-76

A survey of the ecological-phtyocoenotic series of associations along the northeastern shore of the Caspian Sea. Vest Mosk Univ Geog 1: 28-33

A survey of the economic evaluation of early drug intervention in HIV infection. Kaplan, E H [Editor], Brandeau, M L [Editor] Modeling the AIDS epidemic: Planning, policy, and prediction 253-271

A survey of the economic impact of subclinical Eimeria infections in broiler chickens in Norway. Avian Pathology 37(3): 333-341

A survey of the ectoparasites of certain mammals in Oklahoma. Ecology 36(1): 12-18

A survey of the effect of metabolic antagonists on the synthesis of antibody in an in vitro system. Immunology 5: 414-423

A survey of the effects of antenatal steroid administration upon plasma retinol and retinol binding protein in premature infants. Clinical Research 38(4): 939A

A survey of the effects of isoxsuprine on nonvascular smooth muscle. Journal of Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics 129: 191-199

A survey of the efficacy of clonidine in fragile X syndrome. Developmental Brain Dysfunction 8(4-6): 336-344, 1995 ( )

A survey of the engineering properties of some anhydrite and gypsum from the north and Midlands of England. Engineering Geology 38(1-2): 1-23

A survey of the epilithic intertidal macroalgal flora of Freeport, Texas. Texas Journal of Science 48(1): 13-24

A survey of the exposure to Ostertagia ostertagi in dairy cow herds in Europe through the measurement of antibodies in milk samples from the bulk tank. Veterinary Parasitology 157(1-2): 100-107

A survey of the external, behavioral and skeletal development of Polypterus senegalus. Journal of Morphology 220(3): 323-324

A survey of the extra-Ethiopian Oretinae. Brit Mus [Natur Hist] Bull Entomol 19(3): 151-221

A survey of the familial incidence of adenocarcinoma of the kidney. British Journal of Urology 39(1): 63-66

A survey of the fauna and flora of rocky shores of Carnac Island, Western Australia. Western Australian Nat 8(3): 62-72

A survey of the fauna near Moscow Chlorops Mg. Zool Zhur 37(8): 1157-1174

A survey of the fever response in temperate north american desert and grassland forest snakes. FASEB Journal 6(4): A1200

A survey of the filamentous green algae of Labette County, Kansas. Trans Kansas Acad Sci 35: 190-195

A survey of the fish resources of the eastern Gulf of Guinea. J Cons Cons Perma Int Explor Mer 29(3): 302-334

A survey of the fisheries in the Jubail Marine Wildlife Sanctuary. Krupp, Friedhelm [Editor], Abuzinada, Abdulaziz H [Editor], Nader, Iyad A [Editor] A marine wildlife sanctuary for the Arabian Gulf: Environmental research and conservation following the 1991 Gulf War oil spill 459-479

A survey of the fisheries of the Tungabhadra River. Proc Indian Acad Sci Sect B 28(5): 166-176

A survey of the fishery of the Kaskaskia River. ILLINOIS DEPT REGISTRATION AND EDUC DIV NAT HIST SURV BULL 20(art 2): 71-123

A survey of the fishes in the upper Kisatchie drainage of west central Louisiana. Proc Louisiana Acad Sci 20: 38-52

A survey of the fishes of Bayou De Siard An impoundment in northeastern Louisiana. Herpetologica 21(4): 308-309

A survey of the forest insects of Puerto Rico 1 and 2. Jour Agric Univ Puerto Rico 29(3/4): 60-608

A survey of the fossil dicotyledonous woods from India and the Far East. J Paleontol 39(5): 815-827

A survey of the fossil vertebrates of Kansas II Amphibia. Trans Kansas Acad Sci 48(3): 286-316

A survey of the fossil vertebrates of Kansas IV. Birds Trans Kansas Acad Sci 49(4): 390-400

A survey of the fossil vertebrates of Kansas Ill The reptiles. Trans Kansas Acad Sci 49(3): 289-332

A survey of the frequencies of Biston betularia and its melanic forms in Great Britain. Heredity 12(1): 51-74

A survey of the frequency distribution of the classes of malocclusion according to Angle's classification. Alabama Journal of Medical Sciences 2(3): 280-285

A survey of the frequency of gastrointestinal complaints in patients with chronic liver disease. Gastroenterology 108(4 SUPPL ): A1068

A survey of the frequency of pork quality classes, the halothane gene and their relationships with objective measurements of meat quality. Journal of Animal Science 73(SUPPL 1): 61

A survey of the freshwater mussels of the Green River Basin, Illinois. Transactions of the Illinois State Academy of Science 87(3-4): 135-144

A survey of the fringing reef community of pulau semakau singapore. Chou, L M (Ed ) Coastal Living Resources Of Singapore; Symposium on The Assessment Of Living Resources in The Coastal Areas Of Singapore, Singapore, April 3, 1989 Ii+131p National University Of Singapore: Singapore, Singapore Illus Maps Paper 101-108

A survey of the frogs of the augusti group, genus Eleuthero-dactylus. Amer Mus Novitates 1813: 1-35

A survey of the fungi associated with peg and seed rots of peanuts in southern Alabama. Phytopath 37(I): 24

A survey of the fungi of the family Boletaceae of the Lithuanian SSR. Uch Zap Latv Univ 74: 134-140

A survey of the gastrointestinal helminthes of chickens in Sokoto Metropolis, Nigeria. Nigerian Veterinary Journal: 1, 72-75

A survey of the genera of the Erysiphaceae REFERAT ZHUR BIOL, 1959, No 29098. Sb Rabot Inst Priklad Zool Fitopatol 5: 101-139

A survey of the genomic distribution of alpha satellite DNA on all the human chromosomes, and derivation of a new consensus sequence. Nucleic Acids Research 19(6): 1179-1182

A survey of the genus Abies From REF ZH BIOL, 1964, No 23V155. Bot Mater Gerbariya Bot Inst Akad Nauk Sssr 22: 33-42

A survey of the genus Ammothamnus. Bot Mater Gerbariya Bot Inst Akad Nauk Sssr 22: 172-179

A survey of the genus Ber-beris L in Asia New and old species from Bhutan, Assam, Southern Tibet, Upper Burma, and N W Yunnan in their relationship to the analytical framework of the genus. Jour Bot 79(937): 1-24

A survey of the genus Chilotomus Chaud and its geographical distribution. Zool Zhur 41(4): 539-545

A survey of the genus Cryptospora. Bot Mater Gerbariya Bot Inst Akad Nauk Sssr 22: 144-149

A survey of the genus Goldbachia. Bot Mater Gerbariya Bot Inst Akad Nauk Sssr 22: 135-143

A survey of the genus Inonotus. TRANS BRIT MYCOL SOC 47(Pt 2Y): 175-195

A survey of the genus Leersia in Africa. Senckenberg Biol 46(2): 129-153

A survey of the genus Merulius in the Estonian SSR Botanical Studies 2. Tartu : 211-214

A survey of the genus Patinatius Attems 1928, with a description of a new species from Transkei. Tropical Zoology 11(1): 95-102, June

A survey of the genus Phacus Dujardin. Trans Amer Microsc Soc 62(3): 233-244

A survey of the genus Veratrum Part 1. Rep Spec Nov Reg Veg 24(4/13-25-1/3): 61-72, 1-10

A survey of the geohydrological and hydrological investigations in the Netherlands. Geologie en Mijnbouw 47(4): 274-279

A survey of the geological study of the Precambrian in Yunnan. Yunnan Dizhi = Yunnan Geology 17(1): 91-99

A survey of the geology and ore deposits of Azerbaijan, Iran. Zeitschrift fuer Erzbergbau und Metallhuettenwesen 21(7): 425-429

A survey of the geophysical properties of chlorinated DNAPLs. Journal of Applied Geophysics 59(3): 177-189

A survey of the goat genome transcribed in the lactating mammary gland by large scale cDNA sequencing 77 new expressed sequence tags generated. Animal Genetics 25(SUPPL 2): 34

A survey of the grain chinch bug, Macchiademus dipiopterus Distant Hemiptera Lygaeidae, in deciduous fruit orchards in the Western Cape, South Africa. African Entomology 16(1): 76-85

A survey of the grain chinch bug, Macchiademus diplopterus , in deciduous fruit orchards in the Western Cape, South Africa. African Entomology: 1, 76-85

A survey of the grass flies found in Siberia and the Far East II A new Rhodesiella species New and little-known animal species of Siberia. A survey of the grass flies (Diptera, Chloropidae) found in Siberia and the Far East II A new Rhodesiella species New and little-known animal species of Siberia Obzor zlakovykh mukh (Diptera, Chloropidae) Sibiri i Dal'nego Vostoka II Novyi vid iz roda Rhodesiella In: Novye i maloiz-vestnye vidy fauny Sibiri New and little-known animal species of Siberia 14-20

A survey of the green algae of Crawford County, Kansas. Trans Kansas Acad Sci 35: 179-189

A survey of the gull and tern pop-ulations of Lakes Huron, Michigan and Superior. Jack Pine Warbler 40(4): 104-119

A survey of the habitat and distribution of the water vole Arvicola terrestris in Zahore. Biol [Bratisl] 22(5): 375-380

A survey of the harmful forest insects of the Khopersk Preserve. Trudy Khopersk Gosudarst Zapovednika 4: 47-74

A survey of the health of fagus sylvatica in southern britain. Bucher, J B And I Bucher-Wallin (Ed ) Air Pollution And Forest Decline, Vols I And Ii; 14th International Meeting For Specialists in Air Pollution Effects on Forest Ecosystems, Interlaken, Switzerland, October 2-8, 1988 372p (Vol I); 192p (Vol Ii) Eidgenoessische Anstalt Fuer Das Forstliche Versuchswesen (Eafv): Birmensdorf, Switzerland Illus Maps Paper 477-479

A survey of the heights and weights of a childhood leukemic population. Cancer 7(5): 849-851

A survey of the helminth parasites of the domestic pigs in western U P with a note on Pseudanoplocephala crawfordi Baylis. Indian Jour Vet Sci And Animal Husbandry 29(2/3): 100-107

A survey of the helminths of the domestic animals in south-western China. Acta Zool Sinica 17(4): 373-381

A survey of the hereditary diseases of the northern nations. Skand Vet Tidskr 33(2): 101-120

A survey of the herpetology of Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Amer Midland Nat 21(3): 531-582

A survey of the heterotrophic bacteria in Sanctuary Lake of the Pymatuning Reservoir. Ecology 41(4): 715-721

A survey of the heterotrophic bacterial population in the sediments of western Lake Erie. Ohio State Univ Absts Doctoral Diss 43: 201-208

A survey of the history of the conception of germ. Rev Sci [Paris] 81(8): 377-382

A survey of the human intestinal Protozoa in North Formosa. Jour Med Assoc Formosa [taiwan Igakkwai Zasshi] 33(8): 115-116

A survey of the importance of some elements in diseases of domestic animals. Norsk Vet Tidsskr 51(12): 491-500

A survey of the incidence of Chagas disease in 100 mothers of premature infants, with the finding of one case of congenital infection. Bol Chileno Parasitol: 13-16

A survey of the incidence of Chagas disease in the mining town of Inca de Pro. Bol Chileno Parasitol: 51-52

A survey of the incidence of Echinococcus granulosus or hydatid disease in New South Wales. Jour Australian Vet Assoc 2(2): 56-67

A survey of the incidence of Yersinia on Irish meat and meat products. Contributions to Microbiology and Immunology 13: 77-79

A survey of the incidence of hydatid disease in the herbivora and porcines of Victoria. Med Jour Australia 2(21): 640-644

A survey of the incidence of interdigital fungous infection in a group of students from the University of Otago. Medical Journal of Australia 2(5): 156-161

A survey of the incidence of mal de debarquement md. Aviation Space & Environmental Medicine 60(5): 485

A survey of the incidence of nosema disease in Califormia. Jour Econ Entomol 55(3): 313-317

A survey of the incidence of nosema disease of the honey bee in South Australia. Jour Insect Pathol 3(3): 280-288

A survey of the incidence of oxidized flavour in Melbourne market milk. Australian Jour Dairy Technol 6(2): 51-57

A survey of the incidence of relapsing fever in China. Chinese Med Jour Suppl (1): 312-344

A survey of the incidence of ring shake in eastern hemlock. Harvard Forest Papers 5: 1-11

A survey of the incidence of serological variants of Salmonella pullorum in Michigan. Poultry Sci 27(5): 629-634

A survey of the incidence of the malo-lactic fermentation in California table wines. Amer Jour Enol And Viticulture 11(4): 160-163

A survey of the incidence of the second and fifth metacarpals and metatarsals in the sheep. Brit Vet Jour 112(5): 175-177

A survey of the incidence of urinary incontinence and constipation during pregnancy and post-partum. Neurourology & Urodynamics 17(4): 429-430

A survey of the incidence, distribution and prevalence of the helminth parasites of the domestic fowl in Queensland. Australian Vet Jour 18(5): 200-204

A survey of the indigenous microbiota in three species of mussels from the clinch and Holston Rivers, Virginia. Journal Of Shellfish Research: 5, 1311-1317

A survey of the inland fisheries of the territory of New Guinea and Papua. Australian Jour Marine And Freshwater Res 2(2): 226-236

A survey of the insect and other invertebrate fauna of permanent pasture and arable land of certain soil types at Aberystwyth. Ann Appl Biol 16(2): 299-323

A survey of the insect fauna of Afghanistan I General features of the country and its fauna. Indian Jour Ent 2(2): 159-176

A survey of the insect fauna which damage the sand-securing plants in the ancient delta of the Amu-Darya river Data on the productive forces of Uzbekistan. Tashkent: 6-342

A survey of the insect galls of Jugoslavia and adjoining districts. Bull Ecole Sup Agron Brno Rcs (C13): 1-99

A survey of the insect pests of cultivated plants in Guam. Hawaiian Planters Rec 44(3): 151-182

A survey of the insects and related arthropods of arctic Alaska. Trans Amer Ent Soc 76: 147-206

A survey of the insects damaging fruit and berry crops and grapevines in southwestern Kazakhstan Materials on the study of the insects of Kazakhstan. Alma Ata Tr Inst Zool Akad Nauk Kazakh Ssr 18: 3-45

A survey of the insects of White Sands National Monument, Tularosa Basin, New Mexico. Amer Midland Nat 44(3): 659-677

A survey of the intestinal helminths of Yakusu, Haut Congo Beige. Jour Helminth 12(4): 221-224

A survey of the intestinal parasites in white and negro school children in St Landry parish. Louisiana State Univ Absts Theses 41(3): 89

A survey of the intestinal parasites of medical students. Jour Parasitol 24(6): 552-553

A survey of the isotopic and elemental abundance of zinc. Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 36(7): 801-819

A survey of the kapur silvicultural treatment research plots in naturally and artificially regenerated forest, Malaya. Res Pamphlet Forest Dept Malaya 36: 1-96

A survey of the lace-necked dove in Hawaii. Pacific Sci 5(1): 90-107

A survey of the lactic acid bacteria isolated from Serbian artisanal dairy product kajmak. International Journal of Food Microbiology 127(3): 305-311

A survey of the larger zooplankton of Singapore Straits. Jour Cons Perm Internatl Explor Mer 23(3): 340-353

A survey of the leptodactylid frogs, genus Eupsophus, in Chile. Mus Comp Zool [Harvard] Breviora 118: 1-13

A survey of the literature on prediction of Air Force personnel requirements. U S A F Wright Air Developm Div Tech Rept : 60-493, 1-384

A survey of the literature on root growth, with special reference to hardy fruit plants. Jour Pomol And Hort Sci 17(1): 67-84

A survey of the literature on the genus Ribes. Bull Appl Bot Genet And Plant Breed 17(4): 463-513

A survey of the literature relating to the occurrence in Australia of helminth parasites of man. Trans And Proc Roy Soc S Australia 61: 250-277

A survey of the lithological and chemical characteristics of New Zealands groundwater aquifers. Pages 155-160 1997

A survey of the localities and food-plants of the bumblebees of Iran Hymenoptera Apidae Bombus. Entomologia Generalis 30(4): 283-299

A survey of the locations and health status of small poultry flocks on the delmarva peninsula usa. Poultry Science 69(SUPPL 1): 61

A survey of the luminescence dose response of a variety of terrestrial basalts and andesites as analogs of Mars surface materials. Abstracts of Papers Submitted to the Lunar and Planetary Science Conference 32(Pages (abstr

A survey of the main bryophytic associations of a few calcareous rocks in Belgium. Bull Jard Bot Etat Bruxelles 1(2): 181-223

A survey of the mammal population of ricks in England and Wales, 1955-56. Proc Zool Soc London 128(4): 604-606

A survey of the mammals of Bylot Island, Northwest Territories-. Arctic 8(3): 166-176

A survey of the mammals of the islands in Great Salt Lake, Utah. Jour Mammal 21(2): 144-159

A survey of the management of breast cancer and attitudes to it in one health district. British Journal of Cancer 61(1): 159

A survey of the marsupials of New South Wales. C S I R O Wildlife Res 3(2): 73-114

A survey of the medical care and psychosocial issues of women infected with HIV in Los Angeles. IXTH INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON AIDS AND THE IVTH STD WORLD CONGRESS [Author] IXth International Conference on AIDS in affiliation with the IVth STD World Congress : 781

A survey of the metabolism of caesium in man. Brit Jour Radiol 37(434): 108-114

A survey of the metabolism of orotic acid in the rat. Journal of Biological Chemistry 195(1): 257-270

A survey of the methods used in the United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority for the determination of radionuclides in urine. Assessment of radioactivity in man: Proceedings of the symposium on the assessment of radioactive body burdens in man held by the International Atomic Energy Agency, International Labour Organisation, and World Health Organization, Heidelberg, 11-16 May, 169-194

A survey of the microbiological contamination in a military fuel distribution system. Develop Ind Microbiol 6: 80-94

A survey of the microbiological quality of frozen unpasteurised goats milk in Queensland, Australia. Australian Journal Of Dairy Technology: 3, 79-81

A survey of the modes of biosynthesis of medium chain fatty acids in seeds of various plants. Plant Physiology (Rockville) 108(2 SUPPL ): 67

A survey of the mosquitoes of Guam in two periods in 1948 and 1949 and its epidemiological implications. American Journal of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene 31(5): 633-658

A survey of the mosquitoes of the southern Ryukyus. Mosquito News 19(3): 194-197

A survey of the mosquitos of Napsan, Palawan, Republic of the Philippines. Southeast Asian Journal of Tropical Medicine & Public Health 24(2): 376-383

A survey of the mycoflora found on the Apsheron Peninsula Information on the Transcaucasus conference on sporophytes. A survey of the mycoflora found on the Apsheron Peninsula Information on the Transcaucasus conference on sporophytes Obzor mikoflory Apsherona In: Materialy Zakavkazskoi konferentsii po sporovym rasteniyam Information on the Transcaucasus conference on sporophytes 72-74

A survey of the number of cold vehicles on the roads. Science of the Total Environment 169(1-3): 113-121

A survey of the nutrient status of soils in the North Platte Valley of Nebraska for sugar beet production. J Amer Soc Sugar Beet Technol 14(1): 48-60

A survey of the nutritional status of patients undergoing chronic hemodialysis. Blood Purification 13(SUPPL 1): 40-41

A survey of the occurrence of blood parasites in the local bird population in the Hiram, Ohio, area. Wildlife Dis Ass Bull 3(4): 185-186

A survey of the occurrence of phosphatases and of some other properties of the lens capsule epithelium studied in unrolled preparations. Acta Anatomica 14(1-2): 1-9

A survey of the oil and free fatty acid content of groundnuts delivered to oil mills in Kano. Nigerian Stored Prod Res Inst Annu Rep : 71-74

A survey of the oviduct of salamanders with special reference to viviparous species. Journal of Morphology 232(3): 260

A survey of the pH of the soils of East Mailing Research Station. East Mailing Res Sta Ann Rept 1960: 77-80

A survey of the paleontological resources from the national parks and monuments in Utah. Utah Geological Association Publication 28(Pages 534-556

A survey of the parasites of Greenland halibut caught off Atlantic Canada, with notes on their zoogeography in this fish. Canadian Journal of Zoology 72(4): 765-778

A survey of the parasites of the brown Norway rat. Canadian Journal of Comparative Medicine and Veterinary Science 12(7): 187-191

A survey of the parasites of the eastern crow, Corvus brachyrhynchos brachyrhynchos Brehm, 1822, in Ohio. Dissertation Absts 21(4): 998

A survey of the parasites of wild mammals and birds in Israel. Pt 1 Ectoparasites 117p Maps

A survey of the parasitic microflora of the forest of the teaching farm of the Lithuanian Agricultural Academy Kamsha. Nauch Tr Litovskoi Sel Skokhoz Akad 10(3): 43-51

A survey of the past earthquakes in the eastern Adriatic 14th to early 19th century. Annals of Geophysics 47(2-3): 675-703

A survey of the pastures of Australia embodying ecological information and discussions explanatory of the accompanying pasture map of the Commonwealth. Australia Counc Sci And Indust Res Bull 99: 1-71

A survey of the patterns of wheat growing in Canterbury in 1952 and 1952. New Zealand Jour Agric Res 3(5): 829-841

A survey of the peat swamp research plots in naturally regenerated forest, Malaya. RES PAM FOREST DEPT MALAYA No 39: 1-55

A survey of the peri-operative use of methotrexate in patients with rheumatoid arthritis. British Journal of Rheumatology 36(SUPPL 1): 183

A survey of the pigments of a number of chromogenic marine bacteria, with special reference to the carotenoids. Journal of Bacteriology 70(5): 568-571

A survey of the pineapple mealybug in Puerto Rico and preliminary studies of its control. Jour Agric Univ Puerto Rico 24(2): 49-76

A survey of the plankton of Strangford Lough, County Down. Proceedings of the Royal Irish Academy, Section B: Biological, Geological and Chemical Science 73(15): 231-267

A survey of the plant communities of the Tarragona mountains. Collect Bot 2(3): 303-342

A survey of the poisonous fishes of Johnston island. Zoologica [new York] 39(2): 61-77

A survey of the poisonous fishes of the Phoenix Islands. Copeia (1): 1-11

A survey of the pollution of the Sumida River, especially on the aromatic amines in the water. Air and Water Pollution 9(10): 665-670

A survey of the pollution situation in the baltic. Vatten 45(4): 338-342

A survey of the possibilities and methods of breeding high-niacin corn. Plant Physiol 23(2): 238-254

A survey of the potamophytoplankton of the Tlsza in Hungary. Hydrobiologia 28(2): 252-280

A survey of the potency of commercial smallpox vaccine. Amer Jour Hyg 7(2): 125-133

A survey of the present and potential industrial uses of straw with special reference to Nebraska. Nebraska Agric Expt Sta Bull 401: 1-47

A survey of the present status of red squill as a rodenticide. Journal of the American Pharmaceutical Association. American Pharmaceutical Association 35(10): 289-295

A survey of the prevalence of Enterobius vermicularis infection in nursery schools in Khorramabad, Iran. Journal Of Experimental Zoology, India: 1, 175-177

A survey of the prevalence of Enterobius vermicularis pinworm infection in nursery schools in Khorramabad, Iran. Journal of Experimental Zoology India 11(1): 175-177

A survey of the prevalence of alcoholism in Monroe county, N. Y., 1961. Quarterly Journal of Studies on Alcohol 28(2): 316-327

A survey of the prevalence of the racoon ascarid, Baylisascaris procyonis in a geographically defined population of suburban and urban raccoons. Abstracts of the General Meeting of the American Society for Microbiology 98: 547

A survey of the protozoal and helminthic infestation-rates of the male prison and reformatory inmates of Beau Bassin prison, Mauritius. Ann Trop Med And Parasitol 28(1): 25-35

A survey of the protozoan fauna of the large intestine of the horse. Jour Para Sitol 16(2): 99

A survey of the psycho-social factors in patients. Journal of Gastroenterology & Hepatology 12(SUPPL ): A273, Dec

A survey of the pteridophyte herbs of Hainan Island. Agricultural Science & Technology: 5, 136-141

A survey of the public health importance of pest mosquitoes in the Milk River Valley, Montana. Mosquito News 16(4): 266-268

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