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An analysis of the chest wall motions at high values of ventilation

, : An analysis of the chest wall motions at high values of ventilation. Respiration Physiology 3(3): 318-332

The changes of lung volume, circumference, lateral and dorso -ventral diameter of the rib cage, dorso-ventral diameter of the abdomen, gastric pressure, were measured at various values of ventilation in the standing and sitting postures, and on a bicycle ergometer. At high ventilation the lateral diameter for a given lung volume decreases. The tidal changes of the lateral diameter lead those of the dorso-ventral one by 15-30[degree] during maximum exercise ventilation and by 70-120[degree] during maximum voluntary ventilation. The ventilatory efficiency of the rib cage decreases as the load increases. The dorso-ventral diameter of the abdomen at high ventilation is smaller than during relaxation at the same lung volume. At the beginning of the inspiration it increases notwithstanding the decrease of the abdominal pressure i.e. the gravitational and elastic energy stored in the abdomen during expiration drives it down and forwards more quickly than the activity of the diaphragm does.


PMID: 4230210

DOI: 10.1016/0034-5687(67)90062-x

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