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Ana-phylaxis in intestinal helminthiasis Clinical facts and pathology

, : Ana-phylaxis in intestinal helminthiasis Clinical facts and pathology. Arch Mal Appar Digest Et Nutr [Paris] 16(9): 1035-1066

The author, inspired by the studies of Weinberg and his pupils, and of Simonin, in causing anaphylactic reactions by injecting extracts of worms into animals, has tried to get an experimental, verminous anaphylaxis resembling as nearly as possible normal conditions of verminous infestation as seen clinically. He carried out 2 series of experiments, one mostly for controls, the other on guinea pigs and rabbits, by means of extracts of Ascaridians (peri-enteric liquid of Ascaris megalocephala) or of Taenia used in doses small enough to avoid verminous intoxication. He was thus able to cause (a) typical verminous anaphylaxis, subcutaneous, peritoneal, intravenous or intra-cranial; and (b) an anaphylaxis equally evident by sensitizing through the digestive tract or by injection through the methods cited. To show constant anaphylaxis without visible symptoms, he had recourse to the eosinophile test, having determined that hyper-eosinophilia provoked by injection of worm toxins undergoes an abrupt fall at the moment of anaphylactic shock, to reappear afterwards larger than ever. He was thus able to demonstrate the reality of a purely digestive anaphylaxis, realizing conditions of production identical to those of clinical worm infestation. The eosinophilia test is accompanied experimentally (as clinically) by an intestinal emission of Charcot-Leyden crystals; this association has great value as proof of an anaphylactic condition. These experimental facts demonstrate the reality of verminous anaphylaxis, permitting the author to review the clinical manifestations of helminthiasis, which, according to him, arise from anaphylactic reactions. All such symptoms disappear from worm carriers following expulsion of the parasites. Verminous meningitis would be a mixed reaction, both toxic and anaphylactic. There exists a certain number of cases of anaphylaxis which biologists who are called upon to handle verminous toxins realize are connecting links between the laboratory and the clinic and illustrate the present thesis of the author.


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