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Anchimetamorphism of the Neoproterozoic and the lower Paleozoic along the profile of Yuanguping in western Hunan Province, China

, : Anchimetamorphism of the Neoproterozoic and the lower Paleozoic along the profile of Yuanguping in western Hunan Province, China. Acta Geologica Sinica (English Edition) 78(1): 170-176

The Neoproterozoic and Lower Paleozoic along the profile of Yuanguping in western Hunan Province, China underwent anchimetamorphism. The illite crystallinity (IC) of the <2mu m fractions ranges from 0.23-0.34 degrees CDelta 2theta for the Neoproterozoic to 0.23-0.35 degrees CDelta 2theta for the Lower Paleozoic (calibrated with the Kisch IC set, Kisch, 1991). This indicates that the metamorphic grade of the Neoproterozoic and Lower Paleozoic is the anchizone. The peak metamorphic temperature is estimated to be 290-210 degrees C. This result does not agree with the greenschist or subgreenschist facies of the Banxi Group, nor with the lower-greenschist facies or sedimentary cover of the Sinian to Lower Paleozoic, as most previous researchers thought. The illite (K-mica) b (sub 0) values range from 09074 to 0.8963 (nm) for the Neoproterozoic and the Lower Paleozoic. Based on cumulative frequency curves of the illite (K-mica) b (sub 0) , the peak metamorphic pressure of the Banxi Group was derived to be of a type that is slightly higher than that of the N. New Hampshire low-intermediate pressure type. Most illites occur as the 2M (sub 1) polytype and some in the Neoproterozoic as a mixture of the 2M (sub 1) +1M types. The distributions of coherent scanning domains (CSDs) of illites along the profile, measured with the XRD method, display a lognormal model and spread out with decreasing Kubler index of IC. This indicates that illites underwent an Ostwald ripening. The post-anchimetamorphic structural movement not only resulted in a series of faults but also induced lattice strain in minerals along the faults and hence caused illite crystallinity and series diagenetic samples to occur within the anchizone. Compared with the cases in eastern and central Hunan Province, the Neoproterozoic and Lower Paleozoic rocks in the west underwent a lower-temperature anchimetamorphism with a pressure lower than that in the east and higher than that in the center of Hunan Province.


DOI: 10.1111/j.1755-6724.2004.tb00689.x

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