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Application of gray cluster analysis in predicting the maximum magnitude of an induced earthquake in Xiaolangdi Reservoir, Henan, China

, : Application of gray cluster analysis in predicting the maximum magnitude of an induced earthquake in Xiaolangdi Reservoir, Henan, China. Huabei Dizhen Kexue = North China Earthquake Sciences 18(1): 26-30

On the basis of field investigation and some others' results, the seismological and geological background of the Xiaolangdi Reservoir area and its vicinity was analyzed. Factors which can induce earthquakes, such as regional stress state, fault activity, stratigraphic lithology, etc., were also studied. Using the grey cluster method, we assessed the possibility and magnitude of potential induced earthquakes in the reservoir. Results show that the possibility of induced earthquakes exists in the reservoir, especially in the middle part of the reservoir area. The maximum magnitude of induced earthquakes predicted is about Ms=5.


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