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Applied anatomy of the head and neck

, : Applied anatomy of the head and neck. Applied anatomy of the head and neck 2nd rev ed 303p 221 fig (41 col )

The author has written for and to the dental profession, in that the aim of the vol. is to present clinical anatomical applications with specific reference to dental practice. In accordance with this aim there is rel. little detailed anat. of the head and neck save to elucidate specific problems of dental concern. Dr. Shapiro first presents a chap. on the examination of the patient, which is a simple, clear outline of topographic anat. There is then a very well-written chap. on the embryonic development of the head and the neck, but with little or no reference to postnatal growth. Then follow chaps. on the teeth and dental arches, the skull, the nose, the paranasal sinuses, the temporomandib-ular joint, musculature of face and jaws, glands of head and neck, and nervous and vascular systems of the area. There are useful chaps. on the roentgenology of head, face and jaws, on the anatomy of oral infections, the anatomy of maxillo-facial injuries (with spec. ref. to war injuries), and the anatomy of the edentulous mouth. The entire vol. is directed at a functional interpretation of anatomical knowledge for dentists.


DOI: 10.1097/00001888-194309000-00027

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