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Array analysis of seismic signals

, : Array analysis of seismic signals. Geophysical Research Letters 14(1): 13-16

Method for analyzing seismic signals recorded at an array of seismometers. The method is based on the multiple signal characterization (MUSIC) method. Four important features of this approach are: (1) it has the ability to resolve multiple closely spaced sources, (2) it works with both stationary, and nonstationary signals, (3) it is most sensitive to the strongest sources, and (4) it provides a geometric interpretation of the solution to the direction finding problem. Numerical algorithm that extends the MUSIC method to nonstationary and correlated signals. Results using this algorithm measure directions of arrival and amplitudes of multiple plane waves in a homogeneous medium.--Modified journal abstract.


DOI: 10.1029/gl014i001p00013

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