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Cambrian bradoriids from the Caijiaao marble body, Tongbai, Henan, and their geological significance

, : Cambrian bradoriids from the Caijiaao marble body, Tongbai, Henan, and their geological significance. Dizhi Lunping = Geological Review 46(3): 225-234

The Caijja'ao marble body is superimposed on the lower Proterozoic Guozhuang Formation and bounded by the Haohanpo ductile-shear zone and the Songpa ductile fracture. The marble body may originally have been a part of the Cambrian Liushanyan litho-formation, according to results of the 1:50000 regional geological survey in the Tongbai area. However, the Caijiawa marble was placed into the Proterozoic Yindonggou Formation of the Maojie Group, or into the Cambrian Dahe Formation, and correlated with the Yanlinggou Formation of the Qingling Group by previous researchers. That marble, about 30 km long and 50-1000 m wide, outcrops about 15 km away from northwest Tongbai. It consists of serpentinous olivine marble, dolomite marble, dolomitic marble, graphite marble, and marble intercalated with plagioclase hornblende schist. Fairly abundant bradoriids including Tongbaiella xinjiensis (gen. et sp. nov.), Xiangzeella henanensis (sp. nov.), and Mononotella cf. chuanshanensis, a few small shelly fossils of Conotheca sp., and some spherical fossils have been found in the crystalline limestone lens in the Caijiawa marble, Xiemaling Hill, Laoheshangmao Hill and Wawuzhuang Village, Tongbai County. Those fossils are Cambrian (most possibly Early Cambrian) in age. This is the only locality of Cambrian rocks with sufficient paleontological evidence in the Tongbai-Dabie orogenic belt (Henan part). Bradoriids in Caijiawa marble, such as Xiangzheella and Mononotella chuangshanensis, are very common members of contemporaneous bradoriids of South China. Among them, Xiangzheella was found in the Yangtze biogeographic and Jiannan Provinces; and Mononotella in the western part of the Yangtze biogeographic province. Furthermore, Conotheca came from the South China biogeographic province of small shelly fossils. Description of Tongbaiella xinjiensis gen. et sp. nov.: Carapace small in size, about 1mm in length, thin and flexible, dorsal edge straight; valves semicircular in outline or with moderate retral swing; surface of valves smooth, but bearing a large middle node whose diameter is over three fifths of the valve height; a narrow duplicature being well developed inside the carapace; the nature of hingeline unclear. Occurrence: Xiemaling Hill, Tongbai County, Henan Province; Caijiawa marble, Cambrian. Description of Xianzheella henanensis sp. nov.: Carapace small, dorsal edge straight and relatively short, valve, semicircular or with slightly retral swing, possessing a huge middle node whose diameter is as large as four fifths of the valve height, marginal rim with a wide velum; no duplicature being found. Occurrence: Xiemaling Hill, Tongbai County, Henan Province; Caijiawa marble, Cambrian. Description of Mononotella cf. chuanshanensis Huo et Shu, 1985: Carapace median in size, with a faint hinge-line, dorsal edge straight or slightly arching upward; valve surface smooth; juvenile shell without swing in outling, while obvious swing in adult shell; adult valves with a velum along marginal rim. Occurrence: Xiemaling Hill, Tongbai County, Henan Province; Caijiawa marble, Cambrian.


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