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Circulating siderophagocytes and erythrophagocytes in a corn snake after coelomic surgery

, : Circulating siderophagocytes and erythrophagocytes in a corn snake after coelomic surgery. Veterinary Clinical Pathology: 3, 308-311

Leukocytes containing nonheme iron and phagocytosed fragments of erythrocytes were found in blood smears from a corn snake (<i>Elaphe guttata</i>) collected 20 and 79 days after coelomic surgery (ovariosalpingectomy). Numerous immature and mitotic erythrocytes also were seen in the sample taken 20 days postsurgically. Siderophagocytes and erythrophagocytes had not been observed before surgery and were not found in multiple subsequent blood samples collected 112-602 days after surgery.


DOI: 10.1111/j.1939-165X.2008.00053.x

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