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Geography & Life Sciences: Chapter 30627

Chapter 30627 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in geography and in the life sciences.

Comparative study of the NA/CA antiporter modulation by norepinephrine and second messengers in laboratory animals. Journal of Investigative Medicine 44(1): 172A

Comparative study of the T-lymphocyte subsets in the nasal mucosa of perennial and seasonal rhinitics. European Respiratory Journal 7(SUPPL 18): 240S

Comparative study of the accuracy of two fiberoptic mixed venous saturation catheters during acute changes in hematocrit and cardiac output in humans. Erdmann, W [Editor], Bruley, D F [Editor] Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology; Oxygen transport to tissue XIV : 509-514

Comparative study of the action of phenazine methosulphate and vitamin K-3 on human erythrocytes using haemolysis curves. Biophysics (English Translation of Biofizika) 36(6): 1056-1058, 1991

Comparative study of the active transport of organic anions into bile canalicular membrane vesicles isolated from rats and humans. Hepatology 26(4 PART 2): 572A

Comparative study of the activity and kinetic properties of malate dehydrogenase and pyruvate decarboxylase from Candida albicans, Malassezia pachydermatis, and Saccharomyces cerevisiae. Canadian Journal of Microbiology 54(9): 734-741

Comparative study of the activity level of the abdominal muscles with and without a flexible lumbar belt in back pain. Rhumatologie 45(7): 165-170

Comparative study of the activity of two nootropic drugs Phosphatidylserine-choline aphoscerate in elderly subjects with mental deterioration. Gazzetta Medica Italiana Archivio per le Scienze Mediche 153(6): 267-272

Comparative study of the adjuvanticity of Bacillus thuringiensis Cry1Ab protein and cholera toxin on allergic sensitisation and elicitation to peanut. Food And Agricultural Immunology: 4, 325-337

Comparative study of the adjuvanticity of type-A, B and C CpG-ODN in mice. Zhonghua Weishengwuxue He Mianyixue Zazhi 28(4): 368-372

Comparative study of the alkyl and peroxy radical-scavenging activity of 2-t-butyl-4-methoxyphenol (BHA) and its dimer, and their theoretical parameters. In Vivo 22(3): 289-296

Comparative study of the analgesic effects of buprenorphine, pentazocine and xylazine in mice. Journal of Veterinary & Animal Sciences 21(2): 53-54, 1990

Comparative study of the anti hsb and anti pre s2 responses to four plasma derived hepatitis b vaccines in thai young adults. Coursaget, P And M J Tong (Ed ) Colloque Inserm (Institut National De La Sante Et De La Recherche Medicale), Vol 194 Progress in Hepatitis B Immunization; (Inserm (National Institute Of Health And Medical Research) Colloquium), Vol 194 Progress in Hepatitis B Immunization Xlxi+547p Inserm/John Libbey Eurotext: Montrouge, France; London, England, Uk Illus Paper 177-186

Comparative study of the anti-oxidative properties of polyhydroxamic acids desferal and other iron chelators. Biophysics (English Translation of Biofizika) 38(4): 733-738

Comparative study of the antibacterial activity of propolis from different geographical and climatic zones. PhytoTherapy Research 22(9): 1256-1263

Comparative study of the antibiotic consumption of different departments in seven Hungarian hospitals between 1989 and 1991. Orvosi Hetilap 136(7): 351-355

Comparative study of the antigenic feature of agents prepared from candida albicans. Azerbaidzhanskii Meditsinskii Zhurnal (5): 26-28

Comparative study of the antiherpetic effect of 9 beta d xylofuranosyladenine and 9 beta d arabinofuranosyladenine and of their inhibitory effect with respect to type 1 herpes simplex virus containing defective genome in a cell culture. Voprosy Virusologii 34(6): 741-744

Comparative study of the antioxidant defense in the interscapular brown adipose tissue of two rodents the rat and ground squirrel. General & Comparative Endocrinology 74(2): 311-312

Comparative study of the apolipoprotein E genotype in Alzheimers disease, cerebral hemorrhage and healthy Portuguese controls. European Journal of Human Genetics 6(SUPPL 1): 161

Comparative study of the area occupied by the corpora pedunculata in the brain of two bee species. Revista Brasileira de Zoologia 13(4): 955-962, 1996 ( )

Comparative study of the atp and adp sensitivity of the glucose sensitive potassium channel in beta cells of lean and obese mice. Biophysical Journal 57(2 PART 2): 113A

Comparative study of the bactericidal activity of antibodies and of colloidal bismuth subcitrate by time kill curves against helicobacter pylori. Microbial Ecology in Health & Disease 4(SPEC ISSUE): S184

Comparative study of the bioavailability of beta-escin after single oral administration of two different drug formulations containing an extract of horse-chestnut seeds. Pharmazie 50(9): 623-627

Comparative study of the biochemical properties of cellular and viral DNA-methyltransferases from bacillus Amyloliquefaciens H1. FASEB Journal 10(6): A1103

Comparative study of the biological activity of organosilicon and organogermanium compounds. Applied Organometallic Chemistry 6(2): 113-126

Comparative study of the biological effect of neodymium yag 1060 nm and 1320nm with and without sapphire tip by electron microscopy. Lasers in Surgery & Medicine (SUPPL 1): 20

Comparative study of the biological properties of microbes belonging to the colon group, sensitive and resistant to antibiotics Collection of scientific papers from the Leningrad Chemical-Pharmaceutical Institute. Comparative study of the biological properties of microbes belonging to the colon group, sensitive and resistant to antibiotics Collection of scientific papers from the Leningrad Chemical-Pharmaceutical Institute [3] Sravnitel'noe izuchenie biologicheskikh svoist chuvstvitel'nykh i rezistentnykh k antibiotikam mikrobov kishechnoi gruppy In: Sbornik nauchnykh trudov Leningradskogo khimiko-farmatsevticheskogo instituta Collection of scientific papers from the Leningrad Chemical-Pharmaceutic

Comparative study of the biological value of milk protein produced by ultra and diafiltration. Melkonyan, M S , V N Sergeev And Z Kh Dilanyan (Ed ) Sovremennaya Tekhnologiya Syrodeliya I Bezotkhodnaya Pererabotka Moloka: Materialy Vsesoyuznoi Nauchno-Tekhnicheskoi Konferentsii; (Current Cheese-Making Technology And Waste-Free Milk Processing: Materials From An All-Union Scientific And Technical Conference); Yerevan, Armenian Ssr, Ussr, November 14-16, 1988 568p Aiastan: Yerevan, Armenian Ssr, Ussr Illus 357-358

Comparative study of the biotransformation of the trapidiol rocornal derivative ar 12463 in man rat dog and rabbit. Die Pharmazie 46(3): 228-230

Comparative study of the brain and olfactory organ of the troglobitic catfish, Pimelodella kronei , and its putative ancestor, P transitoria. Tropical Zoology 7(1): 145-160

Comparative study of the bronchodilator effect of ipratropium bromide as a powder ingredient in asthmatics and healthy subjects. Atemwegs- und Lungenkrankheiten 20(8): 480-483

Comparative study of the bronchodilatory activity of salbutamol at standard doses with increasing doses of procaterol. American Review of Respiratory Disease 141(4 PART 2): A208

Comparative study of the cadmium and mercury kinetics between the short-lived gastropod Viviparus georgianus and pelecypod Elliptio complanata , under laboratory conditions. Environmental Pollution 85(3): 271-282

Comparative study of the canine bone implant interface in vitro and in vivo. Journal of Dental Research 68(SPEC ISSUE): 307

Comparative study of the carabid fauna of oak mixed forests treated and not treated with dimilin of the westfalian bay germany coleoptera. Laux, W Mitteilungen Aus Der Biologischen Bundesanstalt Fuer Land- Und Forstwirtschaft Berlin-Dahlem, Heft 266 47 Deutsche Pflanzenschutz-Tagung; (Communications From The Federal Biological Institute For Agriculture And Forestry Berlin-Dahlem, No 266 Forty-Seventh German Plant Protection Convention); Berlin, Germany, October 1-5, Xxxix+515p Kommissionsverlag Paul Parey: Berlin, Germany Illus Paper 279

Comparative study of the carabid fauna of the Menes-volgy and the higher karst plateau. Folia Entomologica Hungarica 58(0): 252-255

Comparative study of the catecholamine influence of the hemodynamics and myocardial metabolism in patients with hypertensive heart disease hypertrophic cardiomyopathy and old myocardial infarction during exercise test. Japanese Circulation Journal 53(8): 967

Comparative study of the cellulolytic activity of caecum microbes in ponies and donkeys. Annales de Zootechnie (Paris) 43(3): 281

Comparative study of the characteristics of American white oak and European oak for production of barrels used in barrel aging of wines. American Journal of Enology & Viticulture 49(1): 79-85

Comparative study of the characteristics of androgen dependent secretory protein activity in the epididymis of the lizard and mouse. Bulletin de l'Association des Anatomistes 75(228): 131-134

Comparative study of the chemical profiles of the essential oils of ripe and rotten fruits of Citrus aurantifolia Swingle. Natural Product Communications: 7, 1133-1136

Comparative study of the chondroneurocranium of Rhizoprionodon lalandii and Rhizoprionodon porosus. Revista Brasileira de Biologia 55(1): 49-60

Comparative study of the chromosome complement in some species of the genus Vicia in Romania. Analele Universitatii Bucuresti Biologie 45(0): 81-88

Comparative study of the citrus pulp to cause acute rumen lactic acidosis in cattle. Brazilian Journal Of Veterinary Research And Animal Science: 6, 421-428

Comparative study of the clasper morphology of Rhizoprionodon lalandii and Rhizoprionodon porosus. Revista Brasileira de Biologia 54(4): 575-586

Comparative study of the clinical efficacy of four DMARDs in patients with rheumatoid arthritis. Transplantation Proceedings 30(8): 4135-4136, Dec

Comparative study of the correlation between endometrial cytology and the pathology of the endometrium. European Journal of Gynaecological Oncology 17(5): 459-460

Comparative study of the corticoadrenal response to emotional stress in different kind of natural populations of the house mouse. Neuroendocrinology 52(SUPPL 1): 61

Comparative study of the cytokines profiles induced by B asper and B jararaca envenomation in murine model. Toxicon 36(9): 1312, Sept

Comparative study of the cytolytic activity of myotoxic phospholipases A2 on murine endothelial and skeletal muscle cells in vitro. Toxicon 36(9): 1306, Sept

Comparative study of the cytoskeleton of the opalines of genera Opalina, Cepedea, and Protoopalina in diverse conditions of fixation. Journal of Eukaryotic Microbiology 41(1): 17A

Comparative study of the cytotoxicity of dust from carbon fiber and other fiber materials. Gigiena i Sanitariya 0(3): 28-30

Comparative study of the dentition of Kenyapithecus africanus and K wickeri. American Journal of Physical Anthropology 37(suppl. S18): 55

Comparative study of the development of two larvae morphotypes of Cochliomyia macellaria. Revista Brasileira de Zoologia 9(3-4): 181-186, 1992 ( )

Comparative study of the diagnosis of American Cutaneous Leishmaniasis by PCR using tissue biopsies and imprint of the biopsies on filter paper, as parasite DNA source. Memorias do Instituto Oswaldo Cruz 93(SUPPL 2): 207, Nov

Comparative study of the different fermentation methods for producing bacterial cellulose. Abstracts of Papers American Chemical Society 211(1-2): BIOT 53

Comparative study of the diffusion coefficients of alpha lactalbumins and lysozyme using a polarization interferometer. Biophysics (English Translation of Biofizika) 35(2): 238-245

Comparative study of the distribution of alpha-galactosidases and alpha-N-acetylgalactosaminidases among marine microorganisms. FAR EAST BRANCH-RUSSIAN ACADEMY OF SCIENCES AND AMERICAN ASSOCIATION FOR THE ADVANCEMENT OF SCIENCE [Author] Bridges of the science between North America and the Russian Far East 2) 282

Comparative study of the drinking patterns of heavy-drinking and other college students. Arukoru Kenkyu to Yakubutsu Izon 29(3): 195-203

Comparative study of the dynamics of the growth and development of young limousin and hereford bulls. Vyestsi Akademii Navuk BSSR Syeryya Syel'skahaspadarchykh Navuk (2): 102-105

Comparative study of the edaphic arthropods composition in natural vegetation areas and pine plantations in the Sistema Central. Boletim da Sociedade Portuguesa de Entomologia 0(139): 175

Comparative study of the effect of Teicoplanin and Vancomycin upon the phagocytic process of peritoneal macrophages. Journal of Physiology & Biochemistry 52(4): 215-222, 1996 ( )

Comparative study of the effect of clinical fetal islet transplantation vs insulin therapy. Transplantation Proceedings 26(2): 701-701

Comparative study of the effect of deep brain stimulation applied in the external and internal part of the globus pallidus. Neurology 50(4 SUPPL 4): A78, April

Comparative study of the effect of different weed management strategies on disease severity and marketable yield of paprika Capsicum annuum L in the smallholder farming sector of Zimbabwe. Journal of Plant Protection Research 48(1): 107-117

Comparative study of the effect of different weed management strategies on disease severity and marketable yield of paprika in the smallholder farming sector of Zimbabwe. Journal Of Plant Protection Research: 1, 107-117

Comparative study of the effect of luminal hypotonicity on mucosal permeability in rat upper gastrointestinal tract. Acta Physiologica 193(1): 67-78

Comparative study of the effect of pre packing fumigation with sublimable fungicides and anhydrous sulfur dioxide in the post harvest control of botrytis cinerea in table grapes. Phytopathology 81(6): 693

Comparative study of the effect of spasmolytin, tlphen and pentaphen on experimental bronchospasm. Farmakol I Toksikol 17(6): 45-49

Comparative study of the effect of storage on some properties of commercially produced milk powders. Journal of Dairy Science 81(SUPPL 1): 24

Comparative study of the effect of three herbicides pendimethalin propyzamide and linuron on the cell proliferation in the shoot meristematic region of dodder seedlings cuscuta lupuliformis krock. Annales des Sciences Naturelles Botanique et Biologie Vegetale 11(1): 1-8, 1990

Comparative study of the effect of various fibers on the secretion of plasminogen activator by murine peritoneal macrophages. Mossman, B T And R O Begin (Ed ) Nato Asi (Advanced Science Institute) Series Series H Cell Biology, Vol 30 Effects Of Mineral Dusts on Cells; Fourth International Workshop, Orford, Quebec, Canada, September 20-23, 1988 Xii+470p Springer-Verlag New York, Inc : Secaucus, New Jersey, Usa; Berlin, West Germany Illus 93-100

Comparative study of the effect of vasoactive bioregulators on the muscle cells of the ovarian artery. Latvijas Psr Zinatnu Akademijas Vestis (7): 99-101

Comparative study of the effect on the sardine fatty acids composition during deep-frying and canning in olive oil processes. Grasas y Aceites 49(3-4): 371, May-Aug

Comparative study of the effects of Mercilon, Marvelon and Femodene on blood coagulation, fibrinolysis and platelet function. Advances in Contraception 8(3): 171-172

Comparative study of the effects of abscisic acid and methyl jasmonate in excised cotyledons of Cucurbita pepo L. Bulgarian Journal of Plant Physiology (Special Issue): 139

Comparative study of the effects of bopindolol and atenolol on left ventricular mass and function in essential hypertensives. Cardiovascular Drugs & Therapy 7(SUPPL 2): 423

Comparative study of the effects of bucillamine and D-penicillamine on the in vitro function of B cells and T cells. Arthritis & Rheumatism 36(9 SUPPL ): S267

Comparative study of the effects of cyclosporine and FK 506 on rat hepatocytes cocultured with nonparenchymal liver cells. Transplantation Proceedings 28(5): 2987-2990

Comparative study of the effects of electrical stimulation in the nucleus accumbens, the mediodorsal thalamic nucleus and the bed nucleus of the stria terminalis in rats with schedule-induced polydipsia. Brain Research 1201: 93-99

Comparative study of the effects of fluticasone propionate and sodium cromoglycate in newly detected asthma cases. European Respiratory Journal 12(Supplement 29): 73s, December

Comparative study of the effects of gastrointestinal parasites on differential leukocyte profile of Djallonke Sheep kept under extensive and semi-intensive management system in Northern Ghana. Nigerian Veterinary Journal: 1, 1-10

Comparative study of the effects of hydralazine and nifedipine on contractions and the influence of calcium 45 in the rat aorta. Revista de Farmacologia Clinica y Experimental 6(3): 240

Comparative study of the effects of mu delta and kappa opioid agonists on tritiated dopamine uptake in rat striatum and nucleus accumbens. Journal of Neurochemistry 61(SUPPL ): S205

Comparative study of the effects of naftopidil and doxazosin on platelet aggregation in vitro. Cardiovascular Drugs & Therapy 7(SUPPL 2): 460

Comparative study of the effects of nitric oxide on the ion transport in human, rat colonic mucosa and T84-monolayer. Gastroenterology 110(4 SUPPL ): A349

Comparative study of the effects of opioid agonists on -serotonin and -dopamine release in rat brain areas following electroshock treatment. Society for Neuroscience Abstracts 21(1-3): 370

Comparative study of the effects of permeabilization of adipocytes with digitonin or saponin on their functional activity. Leger, C L And G Bereziat (Ed ) Colloque Inserm (Institut National De La Sante Et De La Recherche Medicale), Vol 195 Biomembranes Et Nutrition: Nutriments Affectant La Composition Lipidique Et Les Proprietes Des Membranes Cellulaires; (Inserm (National Institute Of Health And Medical Research) Colloquium, Vol 195 Biomembranes And Nutrition: Nutrients Affecting Lipid Composition And Properties Of Cell Membranes); International Meeting, Paris, France, June 12-14, Xix+575p Les

Comparative study of the effects of rebamipide on gastric mucosal damage due to NH3 and NH2Cl; Electroendoscopic observation of the gastric fistula rat. Gastroenterology 112(4 SUPPL ): A276

Comparative study of the effects of some antimigraine drugs on the isolated blood vessels of the rabbit. European Journal of Pharmacology 183(6): 2116-2117

Comparative study of the effects of three angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitors on the cough reflex. American Journal of Hypertension 4(1 Pt 2): 46s-51s

Comparative study of the efficacy and safety of 10 mg of mizolastine and 10 mg of cetirizine once daily vs placebo in seasonal allergic rhino conjunctivitis. Allergy (Copenhagen) 51(SUPPL 31): 156

Comparative study of the efficacy and safety of moxonidine and hydrochlorothiazide. Clinical Research 42(2): 343A

Comparative study of the efficacy and safety of two modalities of intravenous cibenzoline administration in the reduction of recent-onset, spontaneous atrial arrhythmias. Annales de Cardiologie et d'Angeiologie 44(1): 49-55

Comparative study of the efficacy and the acceptability of amineptine versus fluoxetine in major depressive episodes. Encephale 18(3): 257-262

Comparative study of the efficacy and tolerability of hydroflumethiazide versus propranolol in Africans with mild to moderate hypertension. East African Medical Journal 70(5): 277-279

Comparative study of the efficacy and tolerance of colloid plasma substitutes used as replacement fluids during plasma exchanges. Annales de Medecine Interne 141(7): 611-614

Comparative study of the efficacy and toxicity of vepesid administered parenterally and orally in treating disseminated breast cancer. Vestnik Rossiiskoi Akademii Meditsinskikh Nauk 0(4): 16-20

Comparative study of the efficacy of benzbromarone and allopurinol for the therapy of hyperuricemia in chronic primary gout. British Journal of Rheumatology 35(ABSTR SUPPL 1): 145

Comparative study of the efficacy of commercial iron chelates using a new test. Journal of Plant Nutrition 15(10): 1995-2006

Comparative study of the efficacy of treatment of corpus uteri cancer patients with cobalt 60 and californium 252 sources. Meditsinskaya Radiologiya 35(9): 48

Comparative study of the efficacy of triple from quadruple therapy in pulmonary tuberculosis. Chest 106(2 SUPPL ): 100S

Comparative study of the elemental composition of polyphosphate bodies in bacteria and yeast cultures. Abstracts of the General Meeting of the American Society for Microbiology 93(0): 258

Comparative study of the elimination of toluene vapours in twin biotrickling filters using two microorganisms Bacillus cereus S1 and S2. Journal of Chemical Technology and Biotechnology 83(7): 1019-1026

Comparative study of the entomopathogen Verticillium lecanii viegas from different origin. Revista Agronomica del Noroeste Argentino 26(1-2): 71-87, 1991-

Comparative study of the excretion products from the digested blood meal of normal and infected mosquitos with Plasmodium gallinaceum. Memorias do Instituto Oswaldo Cruz 93(SUPPL 2): 328, Nov

Comparative study of the expression of oncogene p53, c-myc and proliferating cell nuclear antigen in hepatocellular carcinoma tissues. Journal of Gastroenterology & Hepatology 12(SUPPL ): A264, Dec

Comparative study of the extraction of starch from maize wheat and potatoes with regard to byproducts and wastewater obtained in the starch extraction process. Schriftenreihe des Bundesministeriums fuer Ernaehrung Landwirtschaft und Forsten Reihe A Angewandte Wissenschaft (380): 41-55

Comparative study of the flavonoid composition of Campanula L species, series Glomeratae Charadze, section Campanula. Rastitel'nye Resursy 31(1): 44-52

Comparative study of the frequency of sexually transmitted diseases in HIV-infected women and in prostitutes. AIDS-Forschung 9(11): 592

Comparative study of the gastric mucosa in primates. Ehara, A , Et Al (Ed ) Primatology Today; Xiiith Congress Of The International Primatological Society, Nagoya And Kyoto, Japan, July 18-24, 1990 Xxv+732p Elsevier Science Publishers B V : Amsterdam, Netherlands; (Dist in The Usa And Canada By Elsevier Science Publishing Co , Inc : New York, New York, Usa) Illus Maps 587-588

Comparative study of the genitalia of Cycloneda erythroptera and Cycloneda puncticollis. Neotropica (La Plata) 38(99): 53-57

Comparative study of the germinative behavior of Bidens subalternans var subalternans DC and Bidens pilosa L var minor Scherff under laboratory conditions. Comunicaciones Biologicas 11(3): 250

Comparative study of the grasshopper Zoniopoda tarsata and Paulinia acuminata based on chromosome and C-banding analysis. Caryologia: 2, 123-127

Comparative study of the growth and development of Sorghum almum Parodi and Sorghum halepense Pers cultivated in Tajikistan. Rastitel'nye Resursy 28(3): 43-58

Comparative study of the growth and productivity of some Hypericum L species cultivated in Ukraine during the first year of vegetation. Rastitel'nye Resursy 28(3): 59-67

Comparative study of the haemostatic effects of two antifibrinolytic agents during liver transplantation. Fibrinolysis 10(SUPPL 3): 23

Comparative study of the hail suppression efficiency in Bulgaria and in France. Atmospheric Research 28(3-4): 227-235

Comparative study of the heat-induced gelation of chicken breast and leg actomyosins affected by FeCl-3. Journal of Rakuno Gakuen University Natural Science 20(1): 5-14

Comparative study of the hedgehogs of genus erinaceus insectivora mammalia in the near east and bulgaria. Acta Zoologica Bulgarica (39): 12-15

Comparative study of the high mental functions in those addicted to parenteral drugs and homosexuals infected with HIV in Buenos Aires, Argentina. ELEVENTH INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON AIDS [Author] Eleventh International Conference on AIDS, Vol Two One world: One hope : 110

Comparative study of the human inferior epigastric artery and internal mammary artery Similarities and differences. Chest 106(2 SUPPL ): 138S

Comparative study of the hypotensive activity of foridon and corinfar results of a blind placebo controlled study. Kardiologiya 30(12): 59-60

Comparative study of the in vitro and in vivo metabolism of an antimuscarinic drug in the rabbit. British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology 33(2): 228P-229P

Comparative study of the in vitro immune response of turkey and shark peripheral blood lymphocytes effects of aflatoxin b 1. FASEB Journal 4(3): A339

Comparative study of the in vivo incorporation of tritiated proline between the odontoblasts and dentin of the crown and the root of rat molars. Journal of Dental Research 68(SPEC ISSUE JUNE): 895

Comparative study of the incidence of stroke and acute myocardial infarction ami in chronic hemodialysis hd patients and residents in okinawa japan. Journal of the American Society of Nephrology 2(3): 329

Comparative study of the influence of Bordeaux and Bourgogne wines on gastric emptying. Gastroenterology 108(4 SUPPL ): A567

Comparative study of the influence of hive types on bee colony establishment. International Journal Of Agriculture And Biology: 5, 517-520

Comparative study of the influence of sleep on epileptic seizures in frontal lobe and temporal lobe epilepsies. Epilepsia 37(SUPPL 5): 88

Comparative study of the influence of the type of mixer and of the stirring speed on filamentous bacteria. Mededelingen van de Faculteit Landbouwwetenschappen Universiteit Gent 57(4 PART A-B): 1793-1796

Comparative study of the inhibitory effects of amoxicillin and macrolides on the production of erythrogenic exotoxin A and streptolysin O by Streptococcus pyogenes. Zentralblatt fuer Bakteriologie Supplement 28(0): 230-231

Comparative study of the interaction of two transmembrane alpha-helical peptides with phosphatidyl-choline bilayers. Biophysical Journal 66(2 PART 2): A57

Comparative study of the interactions of a transmembrane alpha helical peptide with phosphatidylcholine and phosphatidylethanolamine bilayers. Biophysical Journal 61(2 PART 2): A82

Comparative study of the intestinal permeability and metabolism of ester prodrugs of PMEA in an in vitro cell culture system of the intestinal mucosa. Pharmaceutical Research (New York) 13(9 SUPPL ): S411

Comparative study of the intracellular evolution of C3b free or bound to antigen in U937 cells used as antigen presenting cells. Molecular Immunology 30(SUPPL 1): 60

Comparative study of the kinetic behaviour of ciprofloxacin and ofloxacin in the isolated hindlimb of the rat. European Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences 4(SUPPL ): S93

Comparative study of the kinetics of hematopoiesis in dexter-type long-term cultures established from human bone marrow and umbilical cord blood cells. Blood 90(10 SUPPL 1 PART 2): 173B, Nov 15

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Comparative study of the levels of antioxidants of students at Amman and Dead Sea level. Aviation, Space, and Environmental Medicine 64(12): 1125-1127

Comparative study of the liver portal perfusion pp after mesocaval interposition shunt mci and distal splenorenal shunt dsrs. Gastroenterology 96(5 PART 2): A643

Comparative study of the major Iranian cereal cultivars and some selected spices in relation to support Aspergillus parasiticus growth and aflatoxin production. Iranian Biomedical Journal: 4, 229-236

Comparative study of the major nutrients of macrobrachium idella hilgendorf 1898. Fishery Technology 28(2): 160-161

Comparative study of the mating apparatus of three species of Leptophlebiidae. Aquatic Insects 17(2): 95-104

Comparative study of the mechanisms of generating postsynaptic potentials in cholinergic and glutaminergic synapses. Biologicheskie Membrany (Moscow) 8(11): 1153-1154

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Comparative study of the microbial profile from bilateral canine otitis externa. Canadian Veterinary Journal 49(8): 785-788

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Comparative study of the morphological behavior of fresh leg and pelvic vein thromboses under treatment with streptokinase urokinase and heparin based on phlebographic findings. Vasa Supplementum (27): 115-116

Comparative study of the morphology of spermatozoids of Mugil liza, Mugil platanus and Mugil curema , using electron microscopy techniques. SOCIEDADE BRASILEIRA DE ICTIOLOGIA [Author] [Tenth Brazilian Ichthyology Meeting] X Encontro Brasileiro de Ictiologia : 22

Comparative study of the muralytic activity of rumen microbes measured in situ in llamas and sheep. Annales de Zootechnie (Paris) 42(2): 184

Comparative study of the muscle malate dehydrogenase isoenzyme in the ob population of acipenser baeri and don and kama populations of acipenser ruthenus russian sfsr usr. Voprosy Ikhtiologii 31(2): 342-346

Comparative study of the mutagenicity of four food-borne carcinogens at the Hprt locus in female rats. Environmental & Molecular Mutagenesis 31(SUPPL 29): 51

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Comparative study of the physical abilities of young atlantic salmon and brown trout in rivers. Voprosy Ikhtiologii 29(2): 340-342

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