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Fast hydrophilic interaction liquid chromatographic separations on bonded zwitterionic stationary phase

, : Fast hydrophilic interaction liquid chromatographic separations on bonded zwitterionic stationary phase. Journal of Separation Science 31(9): 1529-1536

Separation science is an art of obtaining adequate resolution of the desired compounds in minimum time, and with minimum effort in terms of sample preparation and data evaluation. In LC, where selectivity is a main driving force for separation, the availability of different separation modes capable of operating at high flow rates is a way to make combined optimal use of selectivity, efficiency, and speed. The separation of polar and hydrophilic compounds is problematic in RP LC due to the poor retention. Hydrophilic interaction liquid chromatography (HILIC) is a more straightforward separation mode to address this problem. Herein, it is shown that separations in HILIC mode are equally efficient as for RP, providing a potential for very fast separations on short columns. This is not only facilitated by the low viscosity of the mobile phase compositions used, compared to typical RP eluents, but also due to higher column permeability. To exemplify this, baseline separations of uracil and cytosine are shown in less than 4 s and of Tamiflu (R) and its main metabolite in less than 40 s, both under isocratic conditions. HILIC must therefore be considered having potential for high throughput purposes, and being an attractive candidate as the second separation dimension in 2-D HPLC.


PMID: 18461573

DOI: 10.1002/jssc.200800080

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