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Geography & Life Sciences: Chapter 32053

Chapter 32053 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in geography and in the life sciences.

Is running away right? The behavioral activation-behavioral inhibition model of anterior asymmetry. Emotion 8(2): 232-249

Is running style affected by wearing respiratory equipment. Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise 23(4 SUPPL): S8

Is ryanodine receptor adaptation too complex to explain with a simple model?. Biophysical Journal 68(2 PART 2): A376

Is s 1 a good kinetic analogue for 7s hmm in smooth muscle?. Biophysical Journal 61(2 PART 2): A298

Is sICAM-1 in human milk derived from blood?. FASEB Journal 11(3): A394

Is saccadic adaptation context-specific?. Findlay, J M [Editor], Walker, R [Editor], Kentridge, R W [Editor] Studies in Visual Information Processing; Eye movement research, mechanisms, processes and applications 177-187

Is safe efficacious pest control possible under todays regulations and restrictions. Journal of Food Protection 52(10): 756

Is safety in conflict with creativity in the art room?. Abstracts of Papers American Chemical Society 207(1-2): CHAS 18

Is salivary PGE-2 secretion modulated by esophago-salivary reflex in patients with erosive reflux esophagitis. Gastroenterology 106(4 SUPPL ): A147

Is salivary cortisol a better index than free cortisol in serum or urine for diagnosis of Cushing syndrome?. Clinical Chemistry 39(6): 1353-1354

Is salmon angling success gender biased? An analysis of catch records. Fisheries Management & Ecology 1(2): 139-141

Is salt restriction relevant and feasible as adjunctive treatment of hypertension?. Drugs 39(6): 809-813

Is salvage reinfusion necessary in primary total knee replacement?. Contemporary Orthopaedics 30(1): 15-18

Is satisfaction with anesthesia predictive of overall patient satisfaction in ambulatory surgery?. Anesthesiology (Hagerstown) 83(3A): A44

Is sawdust damaging for your rodent or rabbit?. Dier En Arts: 6 7, 288-288

Is sc erythropoietin treatment thrice per week superior to an application once per week?. Pediatric Nephrology 6(5): C170

Is schizoaffective psychosis a diagnostic entity? Evidence from a epidemiological study. Schizophrenia Research 11(2): 180

Is schizophrenia a result of early damage to the hippocampal formation? A behavioral study in primates. Society for Neuroscience Abstracts 18(1-2): 872

Is schizophrenia genetically transmitted?. Journal of the American Osteopathic Association 90(4): 346-351

Is scientific expertise enough to be effective in parks management?. Willison, J H M [Editor], Bondrup-Nielsen, S [Editor], Drysdale, C [Editor], Munro, N W P [Editor], Pollock, T L [Editor] Developments in Landscape Management and Urban Planning, 7; Science and the management of protected areas : 223-228

Is scintigraphy with technetium 99m mibi superior in the assessment of myocardial viability than reinjection of thallous chloride? . Journal of Nuclear Medicine 33(5 SUPPL): 906

Is scleroderma graft-versus-host disease?. 9TH INTERNATIONAL CONGRESS OF IMMUNOLOGY [Author] The 9th International Congress of Immunology : 643

Is scleroderma the same disease in childhood?. Arthritis & Rheumatism 35(9 SUPPL ): S137

Is sclerosing angiomatoid nodular transformation (SANT) of the splenic red pulp identical to inflammatory pseudotumour? Report of 16 cases. Histopathology 53(3): 299-310

Is sclerotherapy the first choice treatment for active esophageal variceal bleeding in cirrhotic patients. Journal of Hepatology 11(SUPPL 2): S1

Is scratching behavior of mouse induced by compound 48/80 due to itching sensation?. Japanese Journal of Pharmacology 64(SUPPL 1): 356P

Is screening by duplex sonography after thrombo-endarterectomy, combined with venous patch plastic of carotid artery, necessary? A case report. International Angiology 15(2 SUPPL 1): 77

Is screening for Chlamydia trachomatis infection cost effective?. Genitourinary Medicine 73(2): 103-104

Is screening for Chlamydia trachomatis useful in male infertility work-up?. Human Reproduction (Oxford) 7(SUPPL 2): 8-9

Is screening for pneumoperitoneum following percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy needed?. Gastroenterologie Clinique et Biologique 19(4): 448-449

Is screening for urinary porphobilinogen useful among patients with acute polyneuropathy or encephalopathy?. Journal of Neurology 255(7): 974-979

Is screening for urinary tract infections necessary in gestational diabetic patients?. Clinical & Investigative Medicine 17(4 SUPPL ): B38

Is screening of schoolchildren for asthma a worthwhile procedure?. Thorax 48(10): 1083

Is seasonal breeding in Retusa obtusa merely the consequence of seasonal breeding in its prey, the mud snail Hydrobia ulvae ?. Journal of Experimental Marine Biology & Ecology 159(2): 179-189

Is secondary adrenal insufficiency an unrecognized cause of refractory hyperdynamic shock in critical illness?. Clinical & Investigative Medicine 18(4 SUPPL ): B29

Is secondary wavelength always necessary in turbidimetric urine protein measurements?. Clinical Biochemistry 41(7-8): 645-647

Is secretin an enterogastrone it is in the dog. Gastroenterology 100(5 PART 2): A93

Is secular acceleration a newly emerged development factor. Kuehnel, W (Ed ) Anatomischer Anzeiger: Zentralblatt Fuer Die Gesamte Wissenschaftliche Anatomie: Verhandlungen Der Anatomischen Gesellschaft: 83 Versammlung in Zuerich Vom 20 Bis 23 Maerz 1988; (Anatomical Gazette: Central Organ For All Scientific Anatomy: Proceedings Of The Anatomical Society: Eighty-Third Meeting in Zurich, Switzerland, March 20-23, 1988) 656p Veb Gustav Fischer Verlag: Jena, Germany Illus Paper 223-224

Is segmentation generic?. Bioessays 15(4): 277-283

Is seizure duration able to predict the clinical responsiveness for ECT?. Pharmacopsychiatry 26(5): 162

Is seizure relief related to cognitive outcome in children?. Epilepsia 39(SUPPL 6): 174-175

Is seizure-related brain damage apoptotic?. Epilepsia 36(SUPPL 4): 2

Is selective ablation of slow pathway superior to ablation of retrograde fast pathway for av nodal reentrant tachycardia avnrt?. European Heart Journal 13(ABSTR SUPPL): 1

Is selective b 1 adrenergic stimulation proarrhythmic in the late phase of infarct healing. Clinical Research 39(3): 761A

Is selective decontamination of the digestive tract beneficial in liver transplant patients? Interim results of a prospective, randomized trial. Transplantation Proceedings 23(1 Pt 2): 1460-1461

Is selective hyporeactivity to thrombin in a constitutional macrothrombocytopenia linked to an anomaly of glycoprotein Ib alpha?. Blood 84(10 SUPPL 1): 685A

Is selective intrahepatic arterial secretin stimulation useful in detecting metastatic hepatic gastrinoma? A prospective study. Gastroenterology 108(4 SUPPL ): A357

Is selective transport of RNA present in sensory neurons of the olfactory neuroepithelium?. Society for Neuroscience Abstracts 20(1-2): 139

Is selegiline neuroprotective in Parkinson's disease?. Journal of Neural Transmission. Supplementum 41: 177-188

Is selenium addition necessary in pet foods?. FASEB Journal 12(5): A823, March 20

Is selenium an essential dietary component for proliferation in some human cancers of the thyroid?. Fiebig, H H [Editor], Berger, D P [Editor] Contributions to Oncology; Immunodeficient mice in oncology : 259-264

Is selenium deficiency associated with the pathogenesis of intrahepatic cholestasis of pregnancy?. Gastroenterology 104(4 SUPPL ): A978

Is selenium deficiency clinically significant in pediatric HIV infection?. Gastroenterology 104(4 SUPPL ): A746

Is selenium deficiency clinically significant pediatric HIV infections?. IXTH INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON AIDS AND THE IVTH STD WORLD CONGRESS [Author] IXth International Conference on AIDS in affiliation with the IVth STD World Congress : 306

Is selenium metabolism necessary for its anticarcinogenic activity. Wendel, A (Ed ) Selenium in Biology And Medicine; Fourth International Symposium, Tuebingen, West Germany, July 18-21, 1988 Xvii+330p Springer-Verlag New York, Inc : Secaucus, New Jersey, Usa; Berlin, West Germany Illus 305-312

Is self stimulation of p6 feasible as an antiemetic in cancer chemotherapy?. British Journal of Anaesthesia 66(3): 410P

Is self-perceived health status associated with post-hospitalization followup appointment keeping? A cohort study. Journal of General Internal Medicine 9(4 SUPPL 2): 105

Is semen analysis of any interest after early pregnancy wastages in the spouse?. Contraception Fertilite Sexualite 23(10): 595-597

Is semen leukocyte count related to infection or infertility. Journal of Urology 143(4 SUPPL): 344A

Is semen quality declining?. Andrologia 28(6): 307-308

Is seminal vesicle invasion determined by cancer volume or by percent Gleason grade 4/5 cancer?. Journal of Urology 159(5 SUPPL ): 339, May

Is seminoma a relative or a precursor of embryonal carcinoma?. Laboratory Investigation; A Journal of Technical Methods and Pathology 60(1): 1-3

Is sensitivity to cyclosporin influenced by the hla phenotype of the recipient. Nephrology Dialysis Transplantation 5(8): 756

Is sensitivity to cyclosporine influenced by the HLA-DR phenotype of kidney graft recipients?. Transplantation Proceedings 28(6): 3294-3295

Is sensitization to latex through insulin injections a problem for children with diabetes?. Diabetologia 40(SUPPL 1): A342

Is sensorineural hearing loss associated with systemic diseases? A prospective study of 26 cases. Arthritis & Rheumatism 40(9 SUPPL ): S265, Sept

Is sensory involvement in hereditary spastic paraplegia central or peripheral. Electroencephalography & Clinical Neurophysiology 75(1): S134

Is sepsis induced apoptosis associated with macrophage dysfunction?. Journal of Trauma 39(1): 164

Is sequential SPECT perfusion scintigraphy in stable CAD a clinically effective strategy?. Journal of Nuclear Medicine 36(5 SUPPL ): 13P

Is sequential use of ALG and OKT3 in renal transplants associated with an increased incidence of fulminant posttransplant lymphoproliferative disorder?. Transplantation Proceedings 23(1 Pt 2): 1106-1107

Is serious research possible in the Caribbean?. Ethnicity & Disease 1(4): 368-378

Is serological evidence of Chlamydia pneumoniae infection a risk factor for acute myocardial infarction?. Journal of Medical Microbiology 45(3): V

Is seronegative RA in the elderly the same as polymyalgia rheumatica?. Bulletin on the Rheumatic Diseases 43(1): 1-3

Is serotonin a novel autocrine growth factor for human small cell lung carcinoma cells?. Cell Biology International 18(5): 488

Is serotonin an unexpected cause of arterial graft spasm? Dynamic vs static evaluation of porcine internal thoracic arteries. Journal of the American College of Cardiology 29(2 SUPPL A): 141A

Is serotonin involved in the formation of thrombi at critical coronary arterial stenoses in man. Journal of Molecular & Cellular Cardiology 22(SUPPL 3): S35

Is serotonin receptor down-regulation linked to the mechanism of action of antidepressant drugs?. Psychopharmacology Bulletin 30(1): 39-43

Is serous otitis really sterile?. Pediatrie 45(9 SUPPL): 12, 14

Is serum PSA equally predictive of tumor volume in African-American and Caucasian patients with clinically localized prostate cancer ?. Modern Pathology 9(1): 82A

Is serum albumin a marker for nutritional status in dialysis patients?. Journal of the American Society of Nephrology 4(3): 402

Is serum alpha fetoprotein afp useful in early diagnosis of hepatocellular carcinoma hcc? a prospective study. Journal of Hepatology 13(SUPPL 2): S102

Is serum amyloid P component required for in vivo amyloid deposition?. Clinical Science (London) 90(2): 33P

Is serum and cyst fluid analysis useful to differentiate pancreatic pseudocysts and cystic tumors? Preliminary results. Digestion 54(5): 280

Is serum antioxidant level a sensitive marker of oxidative injury? Experience in a carbon tetrachloride rat model. Journal of Hepatology 26(SUPPL 1): 250

Is serum carboxy terminal propeptide of type i procollagen a useful marker in patients with bone metastases?. European Journal of Cancer 27(SUPPL 3): S32

Is serum creatinine a risk factor for all-cause and coronary mortality? Ten-year follow-up of the BIRNH study. European Heart Journal 18(ABSTR SUPPL ): 595

Is serum leptin related to premature adrenarche?. Hormone Research (Basel) 48(SUPPL 2): 109

Is serum pepsinogen i a genetic marker for duodenal ulcer or a surrogate marker for helicobacter pylori infection. Gastroenterology 98(5 PART 2): A53

Is serum prealbumin a better nutritional marker than serum albumin in hemodialysis patients?. Journal of the American Society of Nephrology 9(PROGRAM AND ABSTR ISSUE): 230A, Sept

Is serum procollagen I carboxyterminal propeptide a useful index for the diagnosis of renal osteodystrophy?. Nephrology Dialysis Transplantation 9(7): 908

Is serum thyrotropin always necessary in the follow-up of medically and surgically treated patients with thyroid disorders?. Miyai, K [Editor], Kanno, T [Editor], Ishikawa, E [Editor] International Congress Series; Progress in clincal biochemistry : 607-609

Is serum tissue polypeptide antigen a valuable marker for transitional cell carcinoma?. Tumor Biology 18(SUPPL 1): 43

Is serum tnf a marker of response to alpha interferon alpha ifn in chronic viral hepatitis?. Journal of Hepatology 16(SUPPL 1): S20

Is serum total renin associated with the degree of nephropathy in adolescents with IDDM?. Pediatric Nephrology 11(5): C19

Is serum tumour marker half-life a guide to prognosis in metastatic nonseminomatous germ cell tumours?. Tumor Biology 17(SUPPL 1): 73

Is serum uric acid a risk factor for all-cause and coronary mortality? The BIRNH study. European Heart Journal 18(ABSTR SUPPL ): 596

Is service in Vietnam associated with lung cancer? An illustration of confounding. American Journal of Epidemiology 139(11 SUPPL ): S67

Is sestamibi stress SPECT defect location predictive of cardiac death?. Circulation 96(8 SUPPL ): I91, 10/21/97

Is severe chronic idiopathic constipation part of the clinical spectrum of chronic idiopathic intestinal pseudo obstruction. Gastroenterology 100(5 PART 2): A433

Is severe cryptogenic chronic active hepatitis similar to autoimmune hepatitis?. Journal of Hepatology 25(SUPPL 1): 138

Is severe hypocitrullinemia a marker for MTATP6 NARP 8993 mutation?. Journal of Inherited Metabolic Disease 20(SUPPL 1): 61

Is severe hypoxemia in ards a determinant in recovery of lung function. Chest 98(2 SUPPL): 87S

Is severe pulmonary hypertension a risk factor for poor outcome with balloon mitral valvotomy?. Journal of the American College of Cardiology 19(3 SUPPL A): 363A

Is severity of H pylori infection aggravating during H pylori-related duodenal ulcer bleeding and relevant to the presence of SRH?. Journal of Gastroenterology & Hepatology 11(SUPPL 1): A8

Is sevoflurane neurotoxic?. Anesthesiology (Hagerstown) 89(3A): A140, Sept

Is sex an important predictor of respiratory outcome in infants with comparable severity of respiratory distress syndrome. Pediatric Research 29(4 PART 2): 228A

Is sex differentiation in the European eel influenced by water temperature?. Journal of Experimental Zoology 281(5): 520-521, Aug 1

Is sex necessary? Is It sufficient? Heads or tails. Neurotoxicology (Little Rock) 16(4): 748-749

Is sexual abuse associated with lower thresholds for pain due to balloon distension of the rectum?. Gastroenterology 106(4 SUPPL ): A588

Is sexual dimorphism in mouse cortex environmentally regulated?. Society for Neuroscience Abstracts 24(1-2): 1296

Is sexual promiscuity a risk factor for hhv6 in east africa. Morisset, R A (Ed ) Ve Conference Internationale Sur Le Sida: Le Defi Scientifique Et Social; V International Conference on Aids: The Scientific And Social Challenge; Montreal, Quebec, Canada, June 4-9, 1262p International Development Research Centre: Ottawa, Ontario, Canada Illus Paper 163

Is sexual selection operating in the androdioecious clam shrimp, Eulimnadia texana ?. Hydrobiologia 298(1-3): 67-72

Is shade beneficial for mediterranean shrubs experiencing periods of extreme drought and late-winter frosts?. Annals of Botany 102(6): 923-933

Is she spayed? Is there another testicle?. Small Animal And Exotics: Edings Of The North American Veterinary Conference, Volume 22, Orlando, Florida, Usa, . . 1484-1485

Is shear strain a cause of diffuse axonal injury?. Journal of Neurotrauma 12(3): 389

Is shearing motion detected by spatial-frequency tuned mechanisms?. Investigative Ophthalmology & Visual Science 37(3): S916

Is shellfish farming in the Pacific Northwest living up to the potential? A Canadian perspective. Journal of Shellfish Research 14(2): 577

Is shock wave lithotripsy safe in patients with a solitary kidney?. Journal of Endourology 11(SUPPL 1): S106

Is short stay surgery profitable. Tidsskrift for den Norske Laegeforening 109(1): 63-65, 78

Is short term symptom relieving treatment adequate in the therapy of recurrent duodenal ulcer. Gastroenterology 96(5 PART 2): A323

Is short-term, low dose proton pump inhibitor triple therapy of Helicobacter pylori effective in northern Norway?. Scandinavian Journal of Gastroenterology 33(SUPPL 227): 25

Is sids precipitated by a cluster of dynamic changes during development?. Clinical Research 40(1): 116A

Is sids related to a cluster of dynamic changes during development?. Pediatric Research 31(4 PART 2): 44A

Is signal sequence cleavage required for outer membrane protein targeting in escherichia coli. Abstracts of the General Meeting of the American Society for Microbiology 92: 273

Is significant mitral regurgitation a contraindication for balloon mitral valvotomy? A case control study. Circulation 88(4 PART 2): I351

Is silent ischemia a treatable risk factor in patients with angina pectoris?. Circulation 82(3 Suppl): Ii135-Ii142

Is silent ischemia important in mild angina with mild coronary disease and normal ventricular function. Clinical Research 37(1): 95A

Is silent ischemia the same on ambulatory and exercise ecg. Circulation 82(4 SUPPL 3): III157

Is silent myocardial ischemia consequence of minor degrees of coronary artery disease. European Heart Journal 12(ABSTR SUPPL): 1

Is silica carcinogenic?. Occupational Medicine 42(1): 50-52

Is silicon a human carcinogen?. Journal of Environmental Science & Health Part C Environmental Carcinogenesis & Ecotoxicology Reviews 16(2): 123-134, Nov

Is silicon deficiency involved in bone disease of parenteral nutrition?. Pediatric Research 31(4 PART 2): 113A

Is silicone associated illness really chronic fatigue syndrome?. Arthritis & Rheumatism 38(9 SUPPL ): S264

Is simultaneous contrast contrast divisive?. Investigative Ophthalmology & Visual Science 35(4): 2006

Is simultaneous radiochemotherapy effective for recurrent and metastatic breast carcinoma? Comparison of two prospectively controlled treatment concepts. International Journal of Radiation Oncology Biology Physics 30(SUPPL 1): 252

Is single dose treatment of distal urinary tract infection in women desirable?. Semaine des Hopitaux 66(39-40): 2251-2253

Is single lead DDD pacing possible? Acute and long term results of atrial stimulation via floating ring electrode using overlapping biphasic stimulation. Circulation 94(8 SUPPL ): I137

Is sinusoidal portal hypertension a necessary factor for the development of hepatic ascites?. Journal of Hepatology 16(1-2): 249-250

Is sinusoidal portal hypertension spht a necessary factor for the development of hepatic ascites?. Hepatology 14(4 PART 2): 245A

Is size a predictor of metastases in adrenal nodules? An FNA study. Laboratory Investigation 68(1): 30A

Is skeletal growth in sea urchins analogous to molting?. American Zoologist 36(5): 57A

Is skeletal muscle creatine phosphate depletion the limiting factor of exercise performance in congestive heart failure?. European Heart Journal 13(ABSTR SUPPL): 434

Is skeletal muscle oxygen partial pressure related to the severity of multiple organ failure and survival in critically ill patients a preliminary study. Schlag, G And H Redl (Ed ) Progress in Clinical And Biological Research, Vol 308 Second Vienna Shock Forum; Vienna, Austria, May 12-14, 1988 Xli+1142p Alan R Liss, Inc : New York, New York, Usa Illus 137-142

Is sleep a use-dependent, local brain phenomenon?. Journal of Sleep Research 3(SUPPL 1): 122

Is sleep apnea a confounder of the relationship between obesity and systemic hypertension?. Circulation 84(4 SUPPL 2): II136

Is sleep apnea a new prognostic marker in heart failure?. Circulation 92(8 SUPPL ): I724

Is sleep apnea rare among women?. American Journal of Epidemiology 136(8): 1017-1018

Is sleep apnea syndrome in the elderly a specific entity?. Sleep 19(3 Suppl): S29-S38

Is sleep quality affected by continuous non-invasive beat-to-beat finger blood pressure recordings ?. European Heart Journal 14(ABSTR SUPPL ): 143

Is sleepiness a reflection of a higher sleep need among university students?. Journal of Sleep Research 3(SUPPL 1): 260

Is slow atrioventricular nodal network rather than pathway a term of choice Evidence from the catheter ablation experience. Circulation 90(4 PART 2): I216

Is slow wave flow motion in rabbit skeletal muscle a pathophysiological phenomenon. FASEB Journal 5(6): A1751

Is slow wave generation and propagation in colonic smooth muscle related to spatiotemporal patterns of intracellular calcium concentration. Biophysical Journal 59(2 PART 2): 599A

Is slow wave generation and propagation in colonic smooth muscle related to spatiotemporal variations in intracellular calcium concentration. Gastroenterology 100(5 PART 2): A468

Is small bladder capacity a cause of enuresis?. Scandinavian Journal of Urology and Nephrology. Supplementum 173: 37-41

Is small bowel bacterial overgrowth of pathogenic significance in persistent diarrhea?. Acta Paediatrica . Supplement 381: 108-113

Is small bowel dysplasia associated with adenocarcinoma in celiac sprue?. Gastroenterology 106(4 SUPPL ): A398

Is small bowel imaging useful when planning pre-operative radiotherapy for rectal cancer?. British Journal of Cancer 76(SUPPL 1): 30

Is small bowel motility abnormal in the irritable bowel syndrome?. Gastroenterology 108(4 SUPPL ): A685

Is small bowel motility induced by duodenal enteral nutrition calorie-dependent?. Gastroenterology 110(4 SUPPL ): A821

Is small dose radioiodine scintigraphy reliable in detecting metastatic tumors from differentiated thyroid carcinoma?. Journal of Nuclear Medicine 39(5 SUPPL ): 261P-262P, May

Is small intestinal microsporidosis another opportunistic infection of importance in aids. Sixth International Conference on Aids Sixth International Conference on Aids, Vols 1-3 Pagination Varies Sixth International Conference on Aids University Of California San Francisco: San Francisco, California, Usa Illus Maps Paper : abstract Thb 523

Is small intestine blood flow ibf involved in increased intestinal absorption of cefixime cef by nifedipine nif?. Program & Abstracts of the Interscience Conference on Antimicrobial Agents & Chemotherapy 32: 354

Is smoking a risk factor for pulmonary fibrosis leading to long-term oxygen therapy?. European Respiratory Journal 12(SUPPL 28): 357S, Sept

Is smoking associated with the risk of developing pancreatic calcification in patients with chronic pancreatitis?. Gut 32(10): A1247

Is smoking or alcohol consumption in pregnancy associated with altered health beliefs in a population of African American women with no/poor prenatal care. Journal of Investigative Medicine 45(1): 192A

Is smoking really protective in acute MI?. Journal of the American College of Cardiology 27(2 SUPPL A): 12A-13A

Is smooth muscle cell proliferation greater in restenotic tissue from directional coronary atherectomy than in restenotic tissue from percutaneous transluminal coronary angioplasty?. Circulation 92(8 SUPPL ): I725

Is soaking cows during dry period an effective management tool to reduce heat stress and improve pospartum productivity. Journal Of Applied Animal Research: 1, 97-100

Is social capital associated with HIV risk in rural South Africa?. Social Science & Medicine 66(9): 1999-2010

Is social deprivation associated with reduced bone mineral density in rheumatoid patients?. British Journal of Rheumatology 36(SUPPL 1): 67

Is social history important in a pediatric emergency room?. Journal of Investigative Medicine 44(7): 388A

Is socioeconomic status related to sports injuries in adolescence?. Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise 24(5 SUPPL): S144

Is sodium valproate an auto-immune disorder inducing agent?. Blood 84(10 SUPPL 1): 184A

Is softening initiated by ethylene mediation of calcium levels?. New Zealand Journal of Crop & Horticultural Science 20(2): 244

Is soluble IL2 receptor level a reliable prognostic factor in children with acute lymphoblastic leukemia?. Clinical Research 40(4): 790A

Is solvent abuse a gateway for the abuse of other drugs?. Journal of Toxicology Clinical Toxicology 34(5): 625-626

Is somatostatin receptor scintigraphy useful in staging Hodgkin- and Non-Hodgkin lymphomas?. Journal of Nuclear Medicine 36(5 SUPPL ): 199P

Is somatostatin useful in the treatment of acute pancreatitis? a meta analysis. Digestion 49(1): 12-13

Is something wrong with the tree of life?. Bioessays 18(7): 523-527

Is sonographic EFW less accurate in breech presentation?. American Journal of Obstetrics & Gynecology 178(1 PART 2): S167, Jan

Is sotalol a better drug than digoxin for maintaining sinus rhythm after cardioversion of atrial fibrillation. Circulation 80(4 SUPPL 2): II633

Is sotalol a safer alternative to quinidine in the maintenance of normal sinus rhythm in patients with atrial fibrillation?. Pharmacotherapy 17(5): 1082-1083

Is sp c a true surfactant associated protein. FASEB Journal 5(6): A1490

Is space flight injurious to your health?. Environmental & Molecular Mutagenesis 27(SUPPL 27): 42

Is spasmodic croup an atopic disease?. Allergy (Copenhagen) 53(SUPPL 43): 185

Is spatial information for the red green inphase and antiphase stimuli processed by the same spatial frequency tuned mechanism. Society for Neuroscience Abstracts 16(1): 105

Is specialised intestinal metaplasia at the esophagogastric junction associated with microsatellite instability?. Gastroenterology 114(4 PART 2): A222, April 15

Is specific morphology of lampbrush loops related to the expression of particular dna sequences. Cell Biology International Reports 14(ABSTR SUPPL): 62

Is spectrin degradation an early marker of neurodegeneration in Alzheimers disease?. Society for Neuroscience Abstracts 23(1-2): 1649

Is speech arrest during wada testing a valid method for determining hemispheric representation of language?. Brain and Language 65(3): 441-446

Is sperm cryopreservation appropriate for young cancer patients?. Archives of Gynecology & Obstetrics 249(SUPPL): S163-S164

Is spermatophore melanisation in captive shrimp a result of an auto-immune response?. Aquaculture5: 1 4, 14-18

Is spermine an effective antisecretory agent to a number of secretagogues stimulating gastric acid secretion in pylorus ligated rats?. Digestion 49(SUPPL 1): 43-44

Is sphaeropsis sapinea a new health problem for the pines of france. Revue Forestiere Francaise (Nancy) 43(3): 203-213

Is sphincter relaxation clearly neurogenic and dependent of vagal control during swallowing?. Giuli, R , R W Mccallum And D B Skinner Primary Motility Disorders Of The Esophagus: 450 Questions - 450 Answers Lxxv+1217p John Libbey Eurotext: Paris, France; London, England, Uk Illus 209-211

Is spinal anesthesia after failed epidural anesthesia contraindicated for cesarean section?. Anesthesia and Analgesia 77(3): 629-631

Is spinal cord injury an autoimmune disorder?. Neuroscientist 4(2): 71-76, March

Is spinal cord injury induced loss of rate-sensitive depression related to GABAb receptor dysfunction?. Society for Neuroscience Abstracts 18(1-2): 172

Is spinal epidural lipomatosis an MRI-based diagnosis with clinical implications? A retrospective analysis. Acta Neurologica Scandinavica 117(6): 409-414

Is spirometry feasible for institutionalised mentally handicapped?. European Respiratory Journal Supplement 10(25): 151S, Sept

Is splenectomy another indication for Haemophilus influenzae type b vaccination?. Lancet 340(8831): 1362-1362

Is spontaneous bacterial peritonitis spontaneous?. Journal of Hepatology 13(SUPPL 2): S65

Is spontaneous echo contrast in the left atrium related to hemostatic markers plasma levels?. European Heart Journal 13(ABSTR SUPPL): 283

Is spontaneous echo contrast influenced by percutaneous mitral commissurotomy. Circulation 84(4 SUPPL 2): II206

Is spontaneous echocardiographic contrast in the aorta a marker for embolic events?. Journal of the American College of Cardiology 0(SPEC ISSUE): 128A

Is spontaneous regression of renal cancer pulmonary metastases possible? A case report with a review of the literature. Revue de Pneumologie Clinique 49(5): 233-242

Is sporadic hypertrophic cardiomyopathy really familial?. European Heart Journal 13(ABSTR SUPPL): 366

Is sporopollenin-related to suberin? What gene expression studies tell us. Journal of Experimental Botany 45(SUPPL ): 10

Is Sports Medicine Hampered by Cost Containment?. Physician and Sportsmedicine 17(2): 187-193

Is spread of invasive species regulated? Using ecological theory to interpret statistical analysis. Ecology 89(9): 2377-2383

Is sputum flora the decisive factor in clinical status in cystic fibrosis?. American Review of Respiratory Disease 139(4 PART 2): A566

Is st segment heart rate slope analysis superior to standard st segment analysis in predicting the outcome of exercise thallium 201 studies?. Journal of the American College of Cardiology 19(3 SUPPL A): 36A

Is stable coronary artery disease really stable?. European Heart Journal 14(ABSTR SUPPL ): 428

Is stable disease a success of antineoplastic therapy alkyllysophospholipid edelfosine study results in non small cell lung cancer nsclc patients. Journal of Cancer Research & Clinical Oncology 116(SUPPL PART 1): 127

Is stage I and II follicular lymphoma a localised disease? A PCR-study in t -positive lymphoma. Journal of Cellular Biochemistry Supplement 0(17 PART B): 191

Is stage i epithelial ovarian cancer eoc overtreated both surgically and systemically?. International Journal of Gynecology & Obstetrics (ABSTR SUPPL): 344

Is staging laparotomy necessary in pediatric Hodgkins disease? A Pediatric Oncology Group study. International Journal of Radiation Oncology Biology Physics 24(SUPPL 1): 123

Is staging lymphadenectomy necessary in patients undergoing external beam radiation therapy for localized prostate cancer. Journal of Urology 141(4 PART 2): 510A

Is staging of prediabetes clinically relevant in siblings of children with newly diagnosed insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus ?. European Journal of Endocrinology 134(SUPPL 1): 6

Is standard heparin superior to low molecular weight heparin in malignancy related deep vein thrombosis?. Blood 90(10 SUPPL 1 PART 2): 124B, Nov 15

Is standardization desirable for transformations of bronchoprovocation dose response data. American Review of Respiratory Disease 143(4 PART 2): A426

Is staphylococcal protein a a human b cell superantigen?. FASEB Journal 6(5): A1990

Is starting age in daycare centers important for the occurrence of respiratory illness in childhood?. European Respiratory Journal 12(SUPPL 28): 13S, Sept

Is starvation a factor in the death of bursaphelenchus xylophilus infected pinus sylvestris. Nematologica 36(4): 371

Is static curvature of the flagellum an important step in the regulation of mammalian sperm motility?. Baccetti, B (Ed ) Serono Symposia Publications From Raven Press, Vol 75 Comparative Spermatology 20 Years After; Papers Presented at The 6th International Congress Of Spermatology, Siena, Italy, August 30-September 5, 1990 Xxxvi+1112p Raven Press: New York, New York, Usa Illus 359-362

Is static stability important in hexapedal runners?. American Zoologist 30(4): 135A

Is statistical significance testing useful in interpreting data?. Reproductive Toxicology 7(2): 95-100

Is status epilepticus a marker for a more severe seizure disorder?. Epilepsia 37(SUPPL 5): 137

Is staurosporine (ST) a specific inhibitor of protein kinase C (PKC) in intact porcine coronary arteries?. Japanese Journal of Pharmacology 58 Suppl 2: 416p-416p

Is steady-state plasma enrichment obtained through conventional enteral administration of stable isotope tracers?. Proceedings of the Nutrition Society 54(1): 61A

Is stenosis severity predictive of future coronary artery occlusion in a paired angiographic study?. Journal of the American College of Cardiology 27(2 SUPPL A): 370A

Is stent deployment during acute myocardial infarction superior to balloon angioplasty?. Circulation 94(8 SUPPL ): I576

Is stent over dilation associated to a higher loss in luminal diameter at follow up?. European Heart Journal 13(ABSTR SUPPL): 260

Is stent placement following ureteroscopy for stone removal necessary?. Journal of Urology 159(5 SUPPL ): 59, May

Is stenting effective in LAD lesions only? Insights from trial of angioplasty and stents in Canada. Journal of the American College of Cardiology 29(2 SUPPL A): 17A

Is stenting in stent for treatment of in-stent restenosis an acceptable strategy?. Circulation 98(17 SUPPL ): I434-I435, Oct 27

Is stenting necessary prior to shock wave lithotripsy for large renal and upper-middle ureteric stones?. Journal of Endourology 12(SUPPL 1): S169, Sept

Is stenting of left main coronary artery a reasonable procedure. Circulation 92(8 SUPPL ): I74-I75

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Is stretch-induced depolarization the basis of contact electrode recordings?. Circulation 92(8 SUPPL ): I299

Is strict isolation of Pseudomonas cepacia positive patients necessary?. European Respiratory Journal 8(SUPPL 19): 229S

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Is structural histological damage a limitation for extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy?. Hepatology 12(4 PART 2): 1018

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Is subcutaneous injection of insulin a valid treatment of herpes labialis?. Journal of Dental Research 68(SPEC ISSUE): 414

Is subendocardial zone of pulmonary heart disease myocardium the most overloaded?. Journal of Molecular & Cellular Cardiology 24(SUPPL 1): S249

Is subliminal priming visual? Is it translationally invariant?. Investigative Ophthalmology & Visual Science 37(3): S178

Is sublingual nifedipine absorbed?. European Heart Journal 11(ABSTR SUPPL): 394

Is submission of remaining tissue necessary in transurethral resections of the prostate with incidental carcinoma on the initial slides reviewed?. Laboratory Investigation 68(1): 64A

Is submission of remaining tissue necessary when incidental carcinoma of the prostate is found on transurethral resection?. Human Pathology 25(5): 493-497

Is substance P the mediator of capsaicin-induced plasma protein extravasation?. Neuropeptides 26(SUPPL 1): 57

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Is substitution treatment indicated within the framework of health care for drug abusers and according to what modality for withdrawal?. Annales de Medecine Interne 145(SUPPL 3): 87-88

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Is success in anaesthesia practice affecting resident education?. Canadian Journal of Anaesthesia 39(5 PART 2): A121

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Is sucrose synthase a key parameter in sink strength determination of the developing pea seed?. Journal of Experimental Botany 47(SPEC ISSUE): 1329

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Is sulphuric acid lung carcinogen?. Proceedings of the American Association for Cancer Research Annual Meeting 36(0): 128

Is superficial depressed type of colorectal cancer unique to Japan?. Gastroenterology 112(4 SUPPL ): A565

Is superior graft survival of multiorgan donor kidneys due to better preservation or better organ selection?. Transplantation Proceedings 24(6): 2748-2749

Is superior mesenteric artery flow increased in patients with early dumping syndrome?. Gastroenterology 114(4 PART 2): A428, April 15

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Is supine and postprandial gastroesophageal reflux associated with impaired esophageal body motility?. Gastroenterology 112(4 SUPPL ): A325

Is supplemental anti-HCV testing necessary?. Journal of Hepatology 26(SUPPL 1): 196

Is supplemental oxygen necessary following general anesthesia in the ambulatory setting?. Anesthesiology (Hagerstown) 85(3A): A920

Is supplemental stocking of brown trout worthwhile in low productive streams?. Folia Zoologica 45(4): 371-381

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Is suprathreshold visual processing purely punctate?. Investigative Ophthalmology & Visual Science 37(3): S912

Is supravesical urinary diversion indicated in terminal gynecologic carcinoma?. Gynaekologische Rundschau 31(SUPPL 2): 251-252

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Is survival in colorectal cancer predicted by proliferating cell nuclear antigen and mutant p53?. Journal of Investigative Medicine 43(SUPPL 2): 397A

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Is sympathetic modulation of heart rate and peripheral circulation increased in essential hypertension?. European Heart Journal 13(ABSTR SUPPL): 86

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Is sympathetic withdrawal the main cause of dialysis hypotension?. Nephrology Dialysis Transplantation 10(6): 1029

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Is symptom limited predischarge bicycle ergometry after myocardial infarction still providing useful prognostic information?. European Heart Journal 12(ABSTR SUPPL): 356

Is symptomatic benign prostatic hypertrophy. Journal d'Urologie 99(2): 59-60

Is syn or anti orientation of the oxotechnetium and carboxyl group in technetium 99m renal function agents affecting the renal excretion rate. Journal of Labelled Compounds & Radiopharmaceuticals 30: 86-88

Is synapse loss in Alzheimers disease related to oxidative stress?. Society for Neuroscience Abstracts 24(1-2): 735

Is synaptic depression prevalent in vivo and does it contribute to contrast adaptation?. Society for Neuroscience Abstracts 24(1-2): 896

Is synaptic potentiation necessary for the development of kindling?. Japanese Journal of Psychiatry and Neurology 45(2): 291-296

Is synaptophysin a major protein of small synaptic vesicles?. Biological Chemistry Hoppe-Seyler 376(SPEC SUPPL ): S39

Is syncope in the ESVEM trial a marker of cardiac arrest or all cause mortality?. Circulation 90(4 PART 2): I456

Is syncope without chest pain a presentation of acute cardiac ischemia? a multicenter study. Journal of the American College of Cardiology 17(2 SUPPL A): 159A

Is syncytium inducing phenotype related to replicative capacity and infectious virus titre of HIV-isolates. INFECTIOUS DISEASES SOCIETY OF AMERICA [Author], NATIONAL INSTITUTES OF HEALTH [Author], CENTERS FOR DISEASE CONTROL AND PREVENTION [Author] 3rd Conference on retroviruses and opportunistic infections : 145

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Is syndrome X present in many hemodialysis patients?. Journal of the American Society of Nephrology 4(3): 347

Is synthesis of LC-PUFA stimulated in women with gestational diabetes mellitus ?. FASEB Journal 11(3): A145

Is synthesis of protein kinase C epsilon under translational control in 3T3 and 3T6 fibroblasts?. Immunology 89(SUPPL 1): 38

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Is systemic bone scan useful for patients with operable breast cancer. Journal de Gynecologie Obstetrique et biologie de la Reproduction 19(6): 701-708

Is systemic exercise training after uncomplicated myocardial infarction responsible for left ventricular dilatation?. European Heart Journal 15(ABSTR SUPPL ): 208

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Is systemic heparinization still a must in coronary angiography?. Cardiovascular Drugs & Therapy 7(SUPPL 2): 453

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Is systemic microvascular dilatation impaired in syndrome x?. European Heart Journal 13(ABSTR SUPPL): 267

Is systemic nickel important?. Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology 26(4): 632-635

Is systemic to pulmonary shunt a safe procedure for cyanotic adults?. Circulation 94(8 SUPPL ): I311

Is systemically administered oxytocin an analgesic in rats?. Pain 57(2): 193-196

Is tacrolimus superior to cyclosporine for primary immunosuppression after heart transplantation?. Journal of the American College of Cardiology 29(2 SUPPL A): 61A-62A

Is talc dangerous for the pleura?. Revue des Maladies Respiratoires 12(3): 197-198

Is tamoxifen increasing the risk of uterine malignancy in women treated for breast cancer?. Breast Cancer Research & Treatment 19(2): 195

Is tamoxifen oestrogenic to the human endometrium?. Breast Cancer Research & Treatment 19(2): 174

Is tapering tpn effective in recovery of food intake. American Journal of Clinical Nutrition 51(SUPPL): 510

Is target heart-rate or dobutamine dose the optimal endpoint for dobutamine stress echocardiography?. European Heart Journal 17(ABSTR SUPPL ): 541

Is target organ sensitivity of the breast to oestrogen involved in breast cancer development?. Journal of Endocrinology 148(SUPPL ): RC5

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Is temperature a Zeitgeber for smolting?. American Zoologist 38(5): 87A

Is temporary AV-synchronous pacing with a single-lead VDD-system feasible?. European Heart Journal 15(ABSTR SUPPL ): 56

Is tendinosis calcarea HLA-Al associated?. Zeitschrift fuer Orthopaedie und ihre Grenzgebiete 131(5): 469

Is tension pneumothorax a threat in trauma laparoscopy?. Journal of Trauma 45(4): 677-683

Is terbinafine an alternative treatment for non invasive aspergillus bronchitis in lung transplant recipients?. European Respiratory Journal Supplement 9(23): 367S

Is termination a quality control process in eukaryotes?. FASEB Journal 9(6): A1277

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Is testing with dDAVP useful in detecting carriers of the nephrogenic diabetes insipidus gene?. Nephron 58(3): 372-373

Is testosterone Dihydrotestosterone ratio a marker to detect pancreatic cancer? A prospective study. Gastroenterology 112(4 SUPPL ): A684

Is testosterone able to support the quantitative restoration of spermatogenesis in azoospermic adult rats lacking fsh and or other pituitary hormones?. Biology of Reproduction 40(SUPPL 1): 97

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Is tetanus rare at high altitudes?. Tropical Doctor 24(2): 78-80

Is tetracycline able to guide excimer laser angioplasty by laser induced fluorescence. Circulation 82(4 SUPPL 3): III104

Is tetrahydronaphthalene an allergen?. Contact Dermatitis 24(4): 303-304

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Is thallium SPECT predictive of cardiac events in women with low to intermediate cardiac risk?. Journal of the American College of Cardiology 27(2 SUPPL A): 100A

Is thallium reinjection necessary in patients without previous myocardial infarction?. Journal of Nuclear Medicine 33(5 SUPPL): 916

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Is that a future we want? An ecofeminist exploration of images of the future in contemporary film. Futures (oxford): 4, 346-359

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Is the 2-hour value as accurate as the glucose tolerance test?. American Journal of Obstetrics & Gynecology 168(1 PART 2): 405

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Is the 24 hour iodine I-123 thyroid uptake necessary for proper management of hyperthyroidism in todays managed care environment?. Journal of Nuclear Medicine 38(5 SUPPL ): 266P-267P

Is the 24-h Ranson score a reliable prognostic criterion for acute pancreatitis ? A disappointing retrospective review of 111 consecutive patients. Digestion 52(2): 125-126

Is the 2;5 chromosomal translocation specific for CD30-positive anaplastic large cell lymphoma?. Laboratory Investigation 68(1): 103A

Is the 308 polymorphism in the tumor necrosis factor alpha promotor region a marker of disease susceptibility in European patients with primary sclerosing cholangitis ?. Hepatology 28(4 PART 2): 238A, Oct

Is the 4-chloro-O-toluidine-induced-haemorrhagic cystitis a precancerous state?. Journal of Cancer Research & Clinical Oncology 120(SUPPL ): R72

Is the 5 step echocardiographic approach feasible throughout pregnancy?. American Journal of Obstetrics & Gynecology 166(1 PART 2): 320

Is the 5-untranslated region involved in the regulation of expression of the beta-subunit of human rod-specific cGMP phosphodiesterase gene?. IOVS 39(4): S675, March 15

Is the 5T mutation in intron 8 of the cystic fibrosis gene associated with alcoholic pancreatitis?. Gastroenterology 114(4 PART 2): A466, April 15

Is the 6 months gnrh agonist therapy of endometriosis justified? a study of symptoms and side effects in 95 patients. International Journal of Gynecology & Obstetrics (ABSTR SUPPL): 328

Is the 65 kDa protein a direct signal for the nuclease release from nuclear matrix, starting the apoptotic cascade?. Acta Biochimica Polonica 40(2): 209-212

Is the 6minute walk test a reliable substitute of peak oxygen uptake? Serial exercise testing and follow-up in patients with dilated cardiomyopathy. Circulation 98(17 SUPPL ): I157, Oct 27

Is the 7 beta hydroxy group sufficient for the ursodeoxycholic acid induced increase in ldl receptor number in isolated hamster hepatocytes. FASEB Journal 4(3): A533

Is the 70 kda iron regulated protein of neisseria meningitidis the human transferrin receptor. Journal of Medical Microbiology 31(4): VIII

Is the ACC/AHA angioplasty lesion classification scheme obsolete?. Circulation 86(4 SUPPL 1): I785

Is the ACE gene polymorphism a predictor of progression in IgA nephropathy?. Journal of the American Society of Nephrology 9(PROGRAM AND ABSTR ISSUE): 100A, Sept

Is the ADP release step of the smooth muscle cross-bridge cycle associated with force generation?. Biophysical Journal 72(2 PART 2): A128

Is the AHA step 1 diet effective in lowering serum cholesterol in renal transplant patients?. Clinical Research 41(3): 704A

Is the AIDS education campaign wearing out?. IXTH INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON AIDS AND THE IVTH STD WORLD CONGRESS [Author] IXth International Conference on AIDS in affiliation with the IVth STD World Congress : 740

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Is the ATP-sensitive potassium channel the neuronal glucosensor?. Society for Neuroscience Abstracts 20(1-2): 1223

Is the Bernoulli pressure-velocity relationship correct for St Jude valves?. Journal of the American College of Cardiology 0(SPEC ISSUE): 193A

Is the BsmI polymorphism of the vitamin D receptor gene more common patients with inflammatory bowel disease?. Gastroenterology 114(4 PART 2): A942, April 15

Is the C-2H-2-induced decline in soybean nodule nitrogenase activity due to phosphorus deficiency?. Palacios, R [Editor], Mora, J [Editor], Newton, W E [Editor] Current Plant Science and Biotechnology in Agriculture; New horizons in nitrogen fixation 492

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Is the C-terminus of the recombinant delta-opioid receptor important for phospholipase C coupling?. British Journal of Pharmacology 118(PROC SUPPL JULY): 28P

Is the CCK-B/G receptor involved in the regulation of postprandial pancreatic secretion in the calf?. Digestion 58(SUPPL 2): 49

Is the CEPA priority substance phenol a concern to the Canadian environment? An ecological risk assessment. Canadian Technical Report of Fisheries & Aquatic Sciences (2192): 117

Is the CNS immunologically privileged for CNS allografts?. Society for Neuroscience Abstracts 20(1-2): 259

Is the Cape Roux marine protected area an efficient tool to sustain artisanal fisheries? First indications from visual censuses and trammel net sampling. Aquatic Living Resources: 3, 297-305

Is the Cooper test still valid for use with law enforcement officers?. Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise 29(5 SUPPL ): S62

Is the DIF technique suitable for the Italian climate. Hortscience 30(4): 860

Is the DNA polymerase an effector of DNA helicase catalyzed DNA winding?. Biophysical Journal 70(2 PART 2): A117

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Is the DST a valid marker of psychiatric disorders?. Society for Neuroscience Abstracts 21(1-3): 1734

Is the Dipper a good indicator of mountain stream quality?. Biologia e Conservazione della Fauna (102): 281

Is the ECG adequate to identify patients with left circumflex occlusion in acute coronary syndromes?. Journal of the American College of Cardiology 29(2 SUPPL A): 492A

Is the ECG component of dobutamine stress testing really useless? Implications of ST elevation response in 2585 patients studied at a single center. Circulation 96(8 SUPPL ): I276, 10/21/97

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Is the FE-C-O moiety linear or bent in heme model compounds? Evidence for non-axially symmetric shielding tensors from 13C CP MAS NMR spectroscopy. Journal of the American Chemical Society 115(21): 9796-9797

Is the Finnish society sleep-deprived?. Journal of Sleep Research 7(SUPPL 2): 235, Sept

Is the GABA-A/benzodiazepine/chloride channel receptor complex involved in the divergent behavioral profiles of RHA/Verh and RLA/Verh rats?. Behavior Genetics 24(6): 512

Is the GABA-transporter gene the site of oestrogen action on preoptic GABA neurones in the rat?. Journal of Endocrinology 137(SUPPL ): RC4

Is the Gail Model effective in estimating risk or predicting biopsy outcome in a European population?. Breast Cancer Research & Treatment 41(3): 263

Is the Golgi complex?. Current Biology 5(9): 980-981

Is the Gulf of Mexico ready for deep-ocean environmental regulation?. Gulf of Mexico Science 16(1): 106-108, June

Is the H pylori negative bleeding duodenal ulcer a myth?. Gastroenterology 112(4 SUPPL ): A208

Is the HIV seroprevalence rate equal in women undergoing abortion and women giving birth to live infants in a medium-sized city area?. IXTH INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON AIDS AND THE IVTH STD WORLD CONGRESS [Author] IXth International Conference on AIDS in affiliation with the IVth STD World Congress : 763

Is the HR-VO2 relationship different between running and in-line skating exercise?. Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise 27(5 SUPPL ): S106

Is the Harlan Sprague Dawley Dahl salt-sensitive rat again inbred?. Hypertension (Dallas) 26(3): 574

Is the Helsinki Declaration asocial?. Tidsskrift for den Norske Laegeforening 113(11): 1327-1327

Is the Hpall polymorphism in the atrial natriuretic peptide gene associated with essential hypertension?. European Heart Journal 19(ABST SUPPL ): 70, Aug

Is the ICAM-1 blood-plasma level a marker for pancreatic carcinoma?. Clinical & Experimental Metastasis 12(5): 48

Is the ILAE classification comprehensive for the pediatric epileptic patients?. Journal of the Neurological Sciences 150(SUPPL ): S25

Is the INR an adequate corrective factor for the range of thromboplastins utilized in North America?. Journal of the American College of Cardiology 0(SPEC ISSUE): 369A

Is the INR valid for patients with liver impairment?. Blood 82(10 SUPPL 1): 595A

Is the ISNT rule violated in early primary open-angle glaucoma - a scanning laser tomography study. Eye (Basingstoke) 22(6): 819-824

Is the IgE response driven by a B cell superantigen?. Journal of Allergy & Clinical Immunology 99(1 PART 2): S437

Is the International Normalized Ratio indispensable in clinical practice?. DMW (Deutsche Medizinische Wochenschrift) 119(45): 1529-1531

Is the J-shaped curve of hypertension treatment outcome associated with differences in left ventricular structure and function?. Circulation 98(17 SUPPL ): I518, Oct 27

Is the M cntdot AluI DNA- -methyltransferase monospecific or multispecific?. FASEB Journal 9(6): A1399

Is the MCP-1 gene expressed in HPV16 infected squamous lesions of the cervix uteri?. Pathology Research & Practice 193(5-6): 443

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Is the MFGM associated protein butyrophilin a kinase?. FASEB Journal 10(3): A684

Is the MHC phenotypically represented by olfactory signals?. Taborsky, M [Editor], Taborsky, B [Editor] Advances in Ethology; Contributions to the XXV International Ethological Conference : 68

Is the MIBI myocardial SPECT a useful tool in risk stratification of the CAD patients?. Journal of Nuclear Medicine 35(5 SUPPL ): 126P

Is the MMPI a reliable test for the early identification of patients at risk of depression during IFN therapy for chronic hepatitis?. Journal of Hepatology 26(SUPPL 1): 190

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Is the Palmaz biliary stent the percutaneous intervention of choice for diseased aortocoronary saphenous vein grafts?. Circulation 88(4 PART 2): I661

Is the Paris declaration effective in the fight against poverty?. Rural 21: 5, 22-24

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Is the South African asinine strain of equine arteritis virus a threat to local horses?. Journal of the South African Veterinary Association 67(3): 102-103

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Is the action of leukotrienes lt in reperfusion lung injury cyclic amp camp mediated. Pediatric Research 29(4 PART 2): 368A

Is the action of suxamethonium in children age dependent. British Journal of Anaesthesia 65(2): 271P-272P

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Is the adaptation speed of mitochondrial oxygen consumption to heart rate steps affected by the type of exogenous substrate in isolated rabbit heart?. Journal of Physiology (Cambridge) 479P(0): 72P-73P

Is the addition of antimyosin to rest and delayed thallium spect imaging necessary to identify myocardium at risk post myocardial infarction. Circulation 82(4 SUPPL 3): III543

Is the addition of nafamostat mesilate to peritoneal lavage of any benefit in lethal acute pancreatitis in mice. Digestion 46(3): 158

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Is the alpha-1C-adrenergic receptor the alpha-A-subtype?. FASEB Journal 8(4-5): A353

Is the amino acid consumption test valuable for the diagnosis of pancreatic insufficiency?. Digestion 49(1): 30

Is the amount of death instinct constant from region to region?. Perceptual and Motor Skills 69(3 Pt 1): 810-810

Is the amplitude of the ecg t wave a predictor of coronary heart disease. Pavlovian Journal of Biological Science 25(1): 36

Is the amplitude of the ventricular fibrillation wave a good predictor of the success of the electrical defibrillation. Resuscitation 24(2): 175

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Is the anaerobic threshold a feature of the ischemic cascade?. Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise 22(2 SUPPL): S2

Is the anesthetized domestic pig a better model than the cat for predicting neuromuscular n m blocking activity in man. European Journal of Pharmacology 183(5): 2011

Is the angio-tumoral complex in human malignant melanoma a marker of non hematogenous migration?. Melanoma Research 7(SUPPL 1): S95

Is the angiographic morphology using quantitative analysis of a restenosed lesion after successful balloon angioplasty different from the primary lesion?. European Heart Journal 13(ABSTR SUPPL): 425

Is the angiotensin-converting-enzyme gene polymorphism associated with left ventricular hypertrophy in patients with ESRD?. Journal of the American Society of Nephrology 9(PROGRAM AND ABSTR ISSUE): 139A, Sept

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Is the anti-inflammatory action of methotrexate mediated by adenosine?. Gastroenterology 114(4 PART 2): A971, April 15

Is the anti-predative nest defence behaviour of birds primarily determined by the disclosure of the nest site?. Biologia e Conservazione della Fauna (102): 97

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Is the anti-restenosis effect of stent greater in LAD vessels? A subgroup analysis of the STent REStenosis study. Journal of the American College of Cardiology 0(SPEC ISSUE): 374A

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Is the antiarrhythmic activity of ACE inhibitors due to reduced angiotensin or increased bradykinin?. Journal of Molecular & Cellular Cardiology 24(SUPPL 5): S115

Is the antiarrhythmic effect of dmpo originated from its radical binding property or the structure of the molecule?. Journal of Molecular & Cellular Cardiology 23(SUPPL 5): S124

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Is the antihypertensive response to calcium antagonists mediated by the cholesterolemia?. American Journal of Hypertension 7(4 PART 2): 45A

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Is the appearance of rheumatoid nodules in a rheumatoid patient well controlled on methotrexate an indication to stop the drug?. British Journal of Rheumatology 31(2): 86-86

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Is the aspiration diagnosis of proliferative disease of the breast meaningful?. Acta Cytologica 36(4): 641

Is the assessment of complications following intracapsular and extracapsular cataract extraction unbiased?. Klinische Monatsblaetter fuer Augenheilkunde 198(1): 2-5

Is the association between birthweight and height attainment independent of the confounding effect of ethnic and socioeconomic factors?. Israel Journal of Medical Sciences 29(12): 772-776

Is the association between crescentic glomerulonephritis and renal cell carcinoma coincidental?. Nephron 65(4): 642-643

Is the association between family history of renal disease and end-stage renal disease explained by concurrent aggregation of risk factors?. Journal of the American Society of Nephrology 7(9): 1322

Is the association between the aeolid nudibranch berghia verrucicornis and a zooxanthella a true symbiosis?. American Zoologist 30(4): 99A

Is the association dopexamine enoximone of a potential benefit. European Journal of Pharmacology 183(3): 785

Is the association of serum lipase with beta2-microglobulin or with C-reactive protein useful in simultaneously establishing the diagnosis and prognosis of patients with acute pancreatitis?. Gastroenterology 114(4 PART 2): A490-A491, April 15

Is the associative bond the phlogiston of psychology?. Strauss, M S [Editor] Unity in Diversity : Pagination varies ABSTRACTS 6

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Is the attenuation of beta-adrenergic agonist efficacy during labour due to elevated PGE levels?. American Journal of Obstetrics & Gynecology 178(1 PART 2): S91, Jan

Is the audiologic status of professional musicians a reflection of the noise exposure in classical orchestral music?. European Archives of Oto-Rhino-Laryngology 265(7): 753-758

Is the autoregulation responsible for V/Q match confined to the lungs?. Journal of Nuclear Medicine 36(5 SUPPL ): 5P

Is the avian female reproductive system inefficiently designed?. American Zoologist 38(5): 160A

Is the balloon distension test the best diagnostic test for esophageal chest pain. Gastroenterologie Clinique et Biologique 15(2): 171-172

Is the baroreflex system involved in determining mean arterial pressure during movement?. FASEB Journal 9(3): A338

Is the basic defect in the polycystic ovary syndrome in the liver and skin?. Journal Of Endocrinology 121(3 Suppl)

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Is the bay K 8644 induced loss of SR Ca during rest in cardiac muscle due to a small Ca influx at rest?. Biophysical Journal 66(2 PART 2): A133

Is the bcr-abl fusion gene expressed at a low level in the PBL cells of healthy patients, unveiling a translocation in short lived hemopoietic subpopulations?. British Journal of Haematology 87(SUPPL 1): 121

Is the beagle dog an appropriate experimental animal for extrapolating data to humans on organ distribution patterns of uranium thorium and plutonium. Health Physics 57(SUPPL 1): 91-96

Is the bedside presentation stressful to the cardiac patient. Clinical Research 37(2): 347A

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Is the beneficial effect of secondary lipid intervention in coronary artery disease most pronounced in medium-sized lesions? Results from the coronary intervention study. European Heart Journal 18(ABSTR SUPPL ): 486

Is the benefit of emergency PTCA for acute myocardial infarction negated by early reocclusion before discharge. Journal of the American College of Cardiology 29(2 SUPPL A): 90A

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Is the benign joint hypermobility syndrome benign?. Clinical Rheumatology 12(2): 283

Is the best yet to be?. Lancet 350(9085): 1166-1167

Is the beta-down-regulation a prerequisite of the antidepressant activity?. Journal of Psychopharmacology 8(1): 62-63

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Is the brains attempt to control the epileptic discharge responsible for onset communication problems in epileptic aphasia?. Epilepsia 38(SUPPL 8): 169

Is the brainstem vulnerable to prenatal carbon monoxide exposure. Society for Neuroscience Abstracts 23(1-2): 2252

Is the burden of overweight on cardiovascular health underestimated?. Diabetes Research and Clinical Practice 10 Suppl 1: S195-S198

Is the calcium cam activation of the ins 1 4 5 p 3 3 kinase physiologically significant. FASEB Journal 5(5): A1044

Is the calcium channel activating protein calpastatin. Japanese Journal of Physiology 40(SUPPL): S261

Is the calfs sucking behavior influenced by milk replacer intake. Canadian Journal of Animal Science 70(4): 1183

Is the canal of schlemm a blood vessel. Investigative Ophthalmology & Visual Science 30(3 SUPPL): 357

Is the capacity for energy expenditure limited by intake and digestion?. American Zoologist 34(5): 48A

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Is the cardiac sigma-binding site a potassium channel?. Biophysical Journal 68(2 PART 2): A112

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Is the causative organism in reactive arthritis changing?. Arthritis & Rheumatism 38(9 SUPPL ): S348

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Is the cervical microflora abnormal in women with threatening preterm delivery?. Acta Paediatrica Supplement 0(384): 16-17

Is the cervical spine clear? Undetected cervical fractures diagnosed only at autopsy. Annals of Emergency Medicine 21(10): 1288-1290

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Is the change in plasma anf sensed and not absolute anf levels. FASEB Journal 3(3): A247

Is the chemical gate of gap junctions voltage sensitive?. Molecular Biology of the Cell 9(SUPPL ): 323A, Nov

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Is the child father of the man?. Bmj 304(6830): 789-790

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Is the clock drawing enough Correlation between minimental status examination and clock drawing. Clinical & Investigative Medicine (SUPPL ): S39

Is the cloned cardiac L-type calcium channel regulated by G proteins and phosphorylation?. Naunyn-Schmiedeberg's Archives of Pharmacology 354(4 SUPPL 1): R3

Is the coat pattern of the yapok chironectes minimus cryptic. Revue d'Ecologie la Terre et la Vie 44(3): 279-282

Is the cod stock of the gulf of finland baltic sea exhausted. Memoranda Societatis pro Fauna et Flora Fennica 67(1): 11-14

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Is the cold pressor test a simple tool for the early diagnosis of sympathetic dysfunction in type-1-diabetes?. Diabetologia 38(SUPPL 1): A237

Is the color doppler image of a regurgitant jet dependent on the absolute chamber pressure. Journal of the American College of Cardiology 15(2 SUPPL A): 121A

Is the combination FAC/FEC always the best regimen in advanced breast cancer ? Utility of mitoxantrone and vinorelbine association as an alternative in some situations Results from a phase III prospective randomized trial. Breast Cancer Research & Treatment 46(1): 94, Oct

Is the combination of hepatitis and indinavir potentially dangerous?. Aids 12(4): 441-442

Is the combination of tetracycline and nicotinamide therapy alone effective in pemphigus?. Archives of Dermatology 131(11): 1339-1340

Is the comet assay as sensitive to chemical mutagens as the L5178Y mutation assay?. Mutagenesis 10(1): 78

Is the community based-hospital network in caring for HIV infected patients working in southeast France?. IXTH INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON AIDS AND THE IVTH STD WORLD CONGRESS [Author] IXth International Conference on AIDS in affiliation with the IVth STD World Congress : 895

Is the complete blood count with differential a good diagnostic tool in the very low birthweight infant?. Pediatric Research 37(4 PART 2): 296A

Is the complexity of epithelial-connective tissue interface of tongue epidermoid carcinoma, quantified by fractal analysis, a prognostic factor?. Analytical Cellular Pathology 13(2): 102-103

Is the composition of dialysis fluid optimal for paediatric peritoneal dialysis patients?. Pediatric Nephrology 10(4): C122

Is the concept of human impacts past its use-by date?. Holocene 18(3): 373-377

Is the concept of new production regenerated production valid for the southern ocean?. Marine Chemistry 35(1-4): 273-286

Is the concept of somatization useful to the clinician?. Annales de Medecine Interne 144(3): 157-160

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Is the content of confabulation positive? An experimental study. Cortex; A Journal Devoted to the Study of the Nervous System and Behavior 44(7): 764-772

Is the continued administration of buserelin necessary in IVF patients at risk of developing the ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome?. Human Reproduction (Oxford) 7(SUPPL 2): 154-155

Is the continued use of ocular pneumoplethysmography necessary for the diagnosis of cerebrovascular disease?. Journal of Vascular Surgery 11(2): 235-41; Discussion 241-3

Is the Continuous Performance Task a valuable research tool for use with children with Attention-Deficit-Hyperactivity Disorder?. Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry, and Allied Disciplines 34(7): 1217-1239

Is the contractile defect of right ventricular pressure overload a property of the cardiac muscle cell or a property of myocardial tissue. Clinical Research 37(2): 303A

Is the contractile state of guinea pig lung tissue stimulus specific?. FASEB Journal 6(5): A1807

Is the conventional doctrine about macrophage activation still true?. Fems Microbiology Immunology 1(5): 287-292

Is the corneal contour influenced by an active tension in the superficial epithelial cell?. Documenta Ophthalmologica 77(2): 118

Is the coronary atheromatosis of cholesterol fed new zealand rabbits a suitable experimental model for human coronary artery plaques?. Journal of Molecular & Cellular Cardiology 23(SUPPL 5): S114

Is the coronary diastolic/systolic velocity ratio altered by microvasculature obstruction?. Clinical Research 40(3): 748A

Is the coronary sinus a passive tube or an active conductor?. European Heart Journal 18(ABSTR SUPPL ): 427

Is the coronary transplant vasculopathy associated with an attenuation of coronary flow reserve?. European Heart Journal 16(ABSTR SUPPL ): 496

Is the correlation between modified urine osmolal gap and urine ammonium still valid in high anion gap metabolic acidosis ?. Journal of the American Society of Nephrology 7(9): 1351

Is the correlation between the normalised protein catabolic rate and KT/V the result of mathematical coupling?. Journal of the American Society of Nephrology 4(3): 407

Is the correlation prostate specific antigen prostatic adenoma weight reliable. Journal of Urology 145(4 SUPPL): 263A

Is the cortex of cat anterior ectosylvian sulcus a polysensory area?. Society for Neuroscience Abstracts 17(1-2): 1585

Is the corticospinal projection to the motoneurones of biceps brachii monosynaptic in the human neonate?. Journal of Physiology (Cambridge) 452: 274P

Is the corticosteroid mediated change in lymphocyte adhesion to mucosal endothelium by mononuclear cells from rheumatoid arthritis patients due to a quantitative change in lymphocyte subsets?. British Journal of Rheumatology 35(ABSTR SUPPL 1): 14

Is the cost of cardiac surgery influenced by gender?. Anesthesiology (Hagerstown) 89(3A): A269, Sept

Is the cough-like response induced by topical spray of capsaicin to the airways a new pharmacological response?. Japanese Journal of Pharmacology 67(SUPPL 1): 314P

Is the course of chronic myelogenous leukemia affected by bone marrow transplantation? An analysis in patients relapsing after bone marrow transplants. Blood 82(10 SUPPL 1): 167A

Is the course of transplant coronary artery disease influenced by anti cmv immunoglobulins. European Heart Journal 11(ABSTR SUPPL): 258

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Is the critical site for trypsinogen activation in experimental pancreatitis intracellular or interstitial?. Gastroenterology 102(4 PART 2): A265

Is the cultural approach toward Down syndrome people changing?. American Journal of Medical Genetics. Supplement 7: 322-323

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