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Phylogenetic studies on the larvae of the Chrysomelidae from Japan

, : Phylogenetic studies on the larvae of the Chrysomelidae from Japan. Japanese Journal of Entomology 61(3): 409-424

The larvae of the family Chrysomelidae inhabiting Japan are examined on 77 species and 2 subspecies in 45 genera and 16 subfamilies. The phylogenetic relationships among subfamilies are inferred on 34 characters of the larvae by the WAGNER tree method on a computer after the evaluation of every character and the inference of its polarity. The cladogram obtained by this method suggests the phylogenetic positions of the Orsodacninae and Megalopodinae on the first branch as sister taxa from the rest. Next branch is the Bruchidae, which should be treated as a subfamily of the Chrysomelidae. The Donaciinae constitute the third branch. The remaining subfamilies can be divided into 2 phyletic groups: one comprises the Zeugophorinae, Criocerinae, Synetinae, Eumolpinae, Chlamisinae, Clytrinae, Cryptocephalinae, and Lamprosomatinae, and the other includes the Alticinae, Galerucinae, Chrysomelinae, Cassidinae, and Hispinae. This cladogram is not concordant with the previous systems proposed based mainly on the adult characters for the systematic positions of the Criocerinae, Cassidinae, and Hispinae.


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