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Geography & Life Sciences: Chapter 33746

Chapter 33746 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in geography and in the life sciences.

The contribution of ecology to socialist regional development in the agricultural landscape of the gdr east germany. Hercynia 27(1): 1-8

The contribution of electron microscopy of a better understanding of structural relationships between skeletal and membranous structures in parasites. Journal of Eukaryotic Microbiology 44(1): 15A

The contribution of electron microscopy to the clinical diagnosis in kidney diseases. Micron & Microscopica Acta 20(1): 37-40

The contribution of elevated intraarticular pressure to the pathogenesis of chronic synovitis. Balint, G [Editor], Gomor, B [Editor], Hodinka, L [Editor] International Congress Series; Rheumatology, state of the art : 118-123

The contribution of elevated levels of amine-terminal proopiomelanocortin peptides in fetal sheep plasma to fetal adrenal gland development and pre-parturient cortisol surge. Journal of Endocrinology 137(SUPPL ): P12

The contribution of endogenous corticosterone to the incidence of cleft palate in a j mice. Pediatric Research 29(4 PART 2): 70A

The contribution of endogenous tachykinins to rabbit distal colon propulsion. Gastroenterology 110(4 SUPPL ): A727

The contribution of endoscopy in the diagnosis of congenital anomalies of the large vessels that cause tracheal and bronchial compression. Fior, R [Editor], Pestalozza, G [Editor] International Congress Series; The child and the environment: Present and future trends : 368-370

The contribution of endothelin-A receptor mediated vasoconstriction to basal vascular tone is altered with age in humans. Clinical Pharmacology & Therapeutics 63(2): 222, Feb

The contribution of endothelium-derived nitric oxide to exercise-induced vasodilation in man. Circulation 86(4 SUPPL 1): I224

The contribution of endotoxin to DTP vaccine-induced alterations of hepatic drug metabolism. Abstracts of the General Meeting of the American Society for Microbiology 93(0): 155

The contribution of entomology to the food program of the ussr. Izvestiya Akademii Nauk Turkmenskoi SSR Seriya Biologicheskikh Nauk (1): 3-8

The contribution of environmental factors in the development of the respiratory network in Lymnaea stagnalis. Society for Neuroscience Abstracts 22(1-3): 1406

The contribution of epidemiologic studies to understanding human malformations. Stevenson, R E [Editor], Hall, J G [Editor], Goodman, R M [Editor] Oxford Monographs on Medical Genetics; Human malformations and related anomalies 65-93

The contribution of epidemiology in assessing occupational hazards. Journal of Radiological Protection 9(1): 55-60

The contribution of epidemiology to cancer prevention and therapy a report on a symposium organized in vienna italy by the international agency for research on cancer and the austrian institute for tumor biology cancer research march 7 9 1990. Journal of Cancer Research & Clinical Oncology 116(4): 399-400

The contribution of epiphytes to algal biodiversity in the northeast Pacific. Northwest Environmental Journal 8(1): 140-142

The contribution of excitatory amino acid transmission in the activation of inward currents during hypoxia a patch clamp study. Society for Neuroscience Abstracts 17(1-2): 1269

The contribution of experimental models to our understanding of the pathogenesis and treatment of bronchopulmonary dysplasia. Clinics in Perinatology 19(3): 521-539

The contribution of experimental studies to risk assessment of carcinogenic agents in humans. Experimental Pathology 40(4): 251-266

The contribution of failure time of first kidney graft to predicting failure of regrafts. Transplantation Proceedings 22(4): 1915-1916

The contribution of family history to hearing loss in an older population. Ear and Hearing 29(4): 578-584

The contribution of feedforward pathways to the gain of cortical microcircuits. Society for Neuroscience Abstracts 22(1-3): 490

The contribution of flavonoids to the antimalarial activity of artemisia annua. Planta Medica 55(7): 654-655

The contribution of flow as a regulator of the blood coagulation reactions at macroscopic surfaces. International Journal of Microcirculation Clinical & Experimental 10(4): 386

The contribution of flow cytometric dna analysis in effusion and ascites fluids during the evolution of breast and ovarian cancer. Biology of the Cell (Paris) 67(3 SUPPL): 31A

The contribution of fluorescence in situ hybridization and PCR techniques to the diagnosis of a cryptic complex translocation in a case of essential thrombocytopenia. American Journal of Human Genetics 61(4 SUPPL ): A63, Oct

The contribution of g s and camp to decreased mechanical nociceptive thresholds in streptozotocin diabetic rats. Society for Neuroscience Abstracts 17(1-2): 727

The contribution of gasoline fuelled vehicle exhaust to the UK speciated hydrocarbon inventory. Science of the Total Environment 134(0): 263-271

The contribution of gene over expression to trisomy 18 phenotype. Journal of Cellular Biochemistry Supplement (13 PART D): 20

The contribution of genes and environment to the incidence of type I diabetes in Israeli ethnic groups. Human Immunology 47(1-2): 154

The contribution of genetic factors to the development of alcoholism a critical review. Collins, R L , K E Leonard And J S Searles (Ed ) Guilford Substance Abuse Series: Alcohol And The Family: Research And Clinical Perspectives Xiv+386p Guilford Press: New York, New York, Usa; London, England, Uk Illus 3-38

The contribution of gestational age and birthweight to perinatal viability in singletons vs twins. Pediatric Research 35(4 PART 2): 279A

The contribution of glia to nervous tissue metabolism. Journal of Physiology (Cambridge) 504P: 6S, Nov

The contribution of glial pathologies to the neurochemical and cognitive deficits in LP-BM5 infected mice A murine model of AIDS dementia. Journal of Neurochemistry 65(SUPPL ): S119

The contribution of glutamate receptor activation to spinal c-fos expression in an isolated preparation of rat spinal cord. Journal of Physiology (Cambridge) 513P: 25P-26P, Dec

The contribution of glycoside precursors to Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot aroma Sensory and compositional studies. Abstracts of Papers American Chemical Society 213(1-3): AGFD 110

The contribution of hama concentration and effective ka to changes in serum hama levels. Journal of Nuclear Medicine 32(5 SUPPL): 978

The contribution of heart failure to mortality in Scotland. European Heart Journal 16(ABSTR SUPPL ): 498

The contribution of histamine and leukotriene release to the production of early and late asthmatic responses to antigen. American Review of Respiratory Disease 139(4 PART 2): A462

The contribution of horizontal subsurface drainage to solving the Aral Sea economic and environmental problem. Bos, M G [Editor] NATO ASI Series Series 2 Environment; The inter-relationship between irrigation, drainage and the environment in the Aral Sea Basin : 69-82

The contribution of host effector mechanisms to the therapeutic outcome following immunotoxin treatment of human T-cell leukemia bearing SCID mice. Proceedings of the American Association for Cancer Research Annual Meeting 38(0): 487

The contribution of host inflammatory cytokines in experimental cancer cachexia. Cytokine 3(5): 516

The contribution of human milk to the promotion of linear growth of Peruvian toddlers. FASEB Journal 10(3): A751

The contribution of humoral antibody to renal graft rejection. Cytometry (SUPPL 4): 71

The contribution of hydroxyapatite Study of implants of identical geometry with and without hydroxyapatite coating. Epinette, J A , Geesink, R G T [SOFCOT Continuing Education Collection; Hydroxyapatite coated hip and knee arthroplasty] Cahiers d'Enseignement de la SOFCOT; Hydroxyapatite coated hip and knee arthroplasty 165-168

The contribution of hypertension to chronic allograft dysfunction. JN Journal of Nephrology 9(5): 215

The contribution of hypertensive nephrosclerosis to chronic renal impairment in heart or lung transplant recipients. Nephrology Dialysis Transplantation 12(9): A202

The contribution of hypothalamo hypophyseal endocrine exploration for the choice of a stimulator in the context of in vitro fertilization. Contraception Fertilite Sexualite 17(7-8): 720-722

The contribution of hypoxia-reperfusion injury to inflammatory synovitis: the influence of reactive oxygen intermediates on the transcriptional control of inflammation. Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences 723: 308-317

The contribution of il 6 to the in vivo radioprotection and endocrine response to il 1 and tnf. Cytokine 3(5): 519

The contribution of immune responses to the pathogenesis of parasitic infections. Veterinary Immunology & Immunopathology 35(SUPPL ): 35

The contribution of immunocytochemistry in the assessment of prognosis in breast cancer. Anticancer Research 18(5C): 3837, Sept -Oct

The contribution of immunohistochemistry in the detection of primary locations of metastasis. Pathology Research & Practice 193(5-6): 416

The contribution of immunophenotypic analysis in characterization of blast crisis of chronic myeloid leukemia. Experimental Hematology (Charlottesville) 25(8): 859

The contribution of imprinting to the phenotype in turner syndrome. American Journal of Human Genetics 49(4 SUPPL): 19

The contribution of impurities to the acute morbidity of illegal drug use. American Journal of Emergency Medicine 9(4): 336-342

The contribution of in vivo endotracheal tube resistance to total airway resistance. Anesthesiology (Hagerstown) 79(3A): A241

The contribution of individual muscles to the ankle moment produced in the cat hindlimb. Journal of Biomechanics 22(10): 1011

The contribution of indoor pollen to total pollen exposure Four models. Journal of Allergy & Clinical Immunology 91(1 PART 2): 280

The contribution of infant studies to understanding borderline personality disorders. Silver, D And M Rosenbluth (Ed ) Handbook Of Borderline Disorders Xxiii+744p International Universities Press, Inc : Madison, Connecticut, Usa Illus 87-108

The contribution of infant temperament and maternal characteristics to the use of pediatric services. Journal of Developmental & Behavioral Pediatrics 11(4): 212-213

The contribution of inflammation to acute and chronic neurodegeneration. Research in Immunology 149(7-8): 721-725

The contribution of inflammatory cells to iron-induced hepatic fibrogenesis in hemochromatosis. Hepatology 28(4 PART 2): 530A, Oct

The contribution of inherited predisposition to cancer incidence. Cancer Surveys 9(3): 395-416

The contribution of inhibin to the control of lh and fsh secretion in rams. Biology of Reproduction 46(SUPPL 1): 79

The contribution of interior plants to relative humidity in an office. Relf, D (Ed ) The Role Of Horticulture in Human Well-Being And Social Development: A National Symposium; Arlington, Virginia, Usa, April 19-21, 1990 254p Timber Press, Inc : Portland, Oregon, Usa Illus 117-119

The contribution of intra-loop hydrogen bonds to protein stability revealed by two mutant crystal structures of barnase. Protein Engineering 6(SUPPL ): 6

The contribution of intracellular Ca-2+ to thromboxane A2-induced activation of rabbit platelets. Japanese Journal of Pharmacology 64(SUPPL 1): 117P

The contribution of introduced germplasm to the development to usa wheat cultivars. Shands, H L And L E Wiesner (Ed ) Cssa (Crop Science Society Of America) Special Publication, No 17 Use Of Plant Introductions in Cultivar Development, Part 1; Symposium, Las Vegas, Nevada, Usa, October 19, 1989 Xvii+164p Crop Science Society Of America, Inc : Madison, Wisconsin, Usa Illus Paper 25-48

The contribution of inward rectification and transient Ca-2+ currents to membrane oscillations in Hermissenda photoreceptors. Biophysical Journal 68(2 PART 2): A386

The contribution of ionization enthalpies to the apparent activation energy of the reaction of peroxynitrite with thiols. Abstracts of Papers American Chemical Society 211(1-2): ORGN 394

The contribution of irregular vestibular afferents to vergence-dependent vestibulo-ocular reflex gain changes. Society for Neuroscience Abstracts 21(1-3): 137

The contribution of ischemia and axon deformation to conduction block induced by compression in the sciatic nerve of the anesthetized cat. Journal of Physiology (Cambridge) 426: 44P

The contribution of isotropic mechanims to texture segmentation. Investigative Ophthalmology & Visual Science 35(4): 1667

The contribution of japanese pesticide to the development of foreign agricultural production. Japan Pesticide Information (58): 8-11

The contribution of julien bourguet 1876 1952 to the fronto cervical facelift historical aspects of the first facelifts. Annales de Chirurgie Plastique et Esthetique 35(2): 160-166

The contribution of large, simple trials to prevention research. Preventive Medicine 23(5): 595-598

The contribution of lipid peroxidation in mice with drug induced parkinsons disease. Clinical Research 39(1): 103A

The contribution of lipoprotein cholesterol to hepatic precursor pools for bile acid synthesis. Biochemical Society Transactions 20(4): 338s-338s

The contribution of lipoxygenase mediators in a rat model of the adult respiratory distress syndrome ards. Journal of Cellular Biochemistry Supplement (14 PART C): 334

The contribution of liver function tests and ultrasound technology to the diagnosis of jaundice. Journal of Hepatology 23(SUPPL 1): 224

The contribution of local health authorities to risk management in environmental medicine. Zentralblatt fuer Hygiene und Umweltmedizin 201(1): 8-9, Feb

The contribution of lower airway mechanics to guinea pig late phase reactions. Journal of Allergy & Clinical Immunology 83(1): 209

The contribution of lower esophageal sphincter pressure on supine gastroesophageal reflux disease. Gastroenterology 102(4 PART 2): A108

The contribution of lung lymph flow to removal of excess interstitial fluid in ventilated sheep lungs without any blood flow. FASEB Journal 4(4): A969

The contribution of mGluR to depression at a calyx synapse. Society for Neuroscience Abstracts 23(1-2): 10

The contribution of marine biology to biomedical research Past, present, future. Helgolaender Meeresuntersuchungen 49(1-4): 45-56

The contribution of marsh zones to water quality in Dutch shallow lakes: a modeling study. Environmental Management 42(6): 1002-1016

The contribution of mast cells to immediate and late-phase of allergic responses Using mast cell deficient rats. Japanese Journal of Pharmacology 67(SUPPL 1): 72P

The contribution of mast cells to immunological responses with ige and or t cell mediated components. Galli, S J And K F Austen (Ed ) Mast Cell And Basophil Differentiation And Function in Health And Disease; Workshop, Nantucket Island, Massachusetts, Usa, September 25-28, 1988 Xvii+348p Raven Press: New York, New York, Usa Illus 229-246

The contribution of maternal glucose and insulin levels on birth weight in normal pregnancy. European Journal of Clinical Investigation 28(SUPPL 1): A8, May

The contribution of mechanisms other than lower esophageal sphincter to gastroesophageal junction resistance to flow. Gastroenterology 106(4 SUPPL ): A486

The contribution of medical care to mortality decline: McKeown revisited. Journal of Clinical Epidemiology 49(11): 1207-1213

The contribution of meiosis and mitosis in generating karyotype polymorphisms in Pythium. Phytopathology 85(10): 1135

The contribution of mesangial cell collagen synthesis to the pathogenesis of diabetic nephropathy. Contributions to Nephrology 107: 132-139

The contribution of microbial superantigens to pediatric infectious disease. Current Opinion in Pediatrics 4(6): 999-1007

The contribution of microtubules to the mobility of MAP2 in cells as determined by FRAP. Molecular Biology of the Cell 7(SUPPL ): 221A

The contribution of middle-ear sound conduction to auditory development. Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology. Comparative Physiology 106(1): 7-13

The contribution of mitochondrial calcium ion exchange to relaxation of tension in cardiac muscle. Molecular and Cellular Biochemistry 89(2): 127-133

The contribution of mitochondrial dysfunction to a gene-environment model of Guamanian ALS and PD. Mitochondrion 8(2): 109-116

The contribution of mitral annular Engulfment to diastolic filling. Circulation 96(8 SUPPL ): I141-I142, 10/21/97

The contribution of mitral valve reserve capacity to sustained symptomatic improvement after balloon valvulotomy Implications for restenosis. Journal of the American College of Cardiology 21(2 SUPPL A): 430A

The contribution of modern techniques in the differential diagnosis of pediatric round blue cell tumors. Pathology Research & Practice 187(6): 730

The contribution of molecular genetics to the clarification of the systematics of the genus Capra and the definition of conservation units for the Iberian ibex. Bulletin de la Societe Zoologique de France Evolution et Zoologie 122(4): 440-441

The contribution of molecular genetics to the study of leukemia sixth international workshop on chromosomes in leukemia london england uk may 11 18 1987. Cancer Genetics & Cytogenetics 40(2): 217-230

The contribution of molecular markers of aflatoxin exposure and metabolism to understanding the multifactorial aetiology of liver cancer. Pharmacology & Toxicology 74(SUPPL 2): 14

The contribution of molecular techniques to the diagnosis of dengue infection. Gubler, D J [Editor], Kuno, G [Editor] Dengue and dengue hemorrhagic fever 335-365

The contribution of molecular virology to the understanding of HIV-1 mother-to-child transmission. M-S (Medecine Sciences) 14(2): 193-196, Feb

The contribution of molecules and cells in the process of biomaterials calcification. Artificial Organs 14(SUPPL 3): 156-159

The contribution of monoamines and their receptors to pain control. Basbaum, A I And J -M Besson (Ed ) Life Sciences Research Report, 49 Towards A New Pharmacotherapy Of Pain; Dahlem Workshop on Towards A New Pharmacotherapy Of Pain: Beyond Morphine, Berlin, Germany, November 12-17, 1989 Xiii+457p John Wiley And Sons: Chichester, England, Uk; New York, New York, Usa Illus 83-102

The contribution of morphological and functional characteristics of the thoracic aorta studied by transoesophageal echocardiography to the detection of coronary artery disease. European Heart Journal 17(ABSTR SUPPL ): 414

The contribution of motion information to stereo matching A statistical efficiency approach. Investigative Ophthalmology & Visual Science 36(4): S667

The contribution of motor unit recruitment to surface EMG direction dependence. Society for Neuroscience Abstracts 18(1-2): 1051

The contribution of movement disorders research to theories of motor control and learning. Summers, J J (Ed ) Advances in Psychology, 84 Approaches to The Study Of Motor Control And Learning Xiii+600p North-Holland Elsevier Science Publishers B V : Amsterdam, Netherlands; (Dist in The Usa And Canada By Elsevier Science Publishing Co , Inc : New York, New York, Usa) Illus 469-494

The contribution of mri to the early diagnosis of encephalic complications of aids. Morisset, R A (Ed ) Ve Conference Internationale Sur Le Sida: Le Defi Scientifique Et Social; V International Conference on Aids: The Scientific And Social Challenge; Montreal, Quebec, Canada, June 4-9, 1262p International Development Research Centre: Ottawa, Ontario, Canada Illus Paper 458

The contribution of multicenter trials to stroke prevention and treatment. Archives of Neurology 47(4): 441-444

The contribution of muscle cross sectional area to isokinetic strength. Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise 23(4 SUPPL): S94

The contribution of musculoskeletal disorders to chronic abdominal pain. Gastroenterology 98(5 PART 2): A329

The contribution of mutations in the male germline to the susceptibility of the F1 generation for radiation-induced osteosarcoma. Pathology Research & Practice 191(7-8): 718

The contribution of neuroimaging to the differential diagnosis of early dementia in a memory clinic. Neurobiology of Aging 13(SUPPL 1): S15-S16

The contribution of neurologists to the treatment of shell shock in World War I. Neurology 46(2 SUPPL ): A355

The contribution of neutrophil activation and changes in endothelial function to myocardial ischemia reperfusion injury. Yellon, D M And R B Jennings (Ed ) Myocardial Protection: The Pathophysiology Of Reperfusion And Reperfusion Injury; Meeting Held By The Council on Cardiac Metabolism Of The International Society And Federation Of Cardiology, Brocket Hall, Uk, Spring 1991 X+214p Raven Press: New York, New York, Usa Illus 59-83

The contribution of nitric oxide and substance P receptor activation to formalin evoked spinal C-fos expression. Society for Neuroscience Abstracts 21(1-3): 1642

The contribution of nitric oxide on the relaxation effects of diethylstilbestrol. Saudi Medical Journal 29(5): 662-667

The contribution of nitric oxide to the endothelin-3-induced reduction of acetylcholine output elicited by presynaptic stimulation of the isolated canine stellate ganglion. Japanese Journal of Pharmacology 79(SUPPL 1): 134P

The contribution of nmda receptors to epsps evoked by sensory stimuli in the ventrobasal thalamus vb in vivo. Society for Neuroscience Abstracts 17(1-2): 896

The contribution of non-dopaminergic pathology to cognitive, motor and affective disability in Parkinsons disease. Hanin, I , Yoshida, M , Fisher, A Advances in Behavioral Biology; Alzheimer's and Parkinson's diseases: Recent developments 69-76

The contribution of nonrandom mating to historical genetic epidemiology. American Journal of Physical Anthropology 81(2): 252-253

The contribution of nonreentrant mechanisms to malignant ventricular arrhythmias. Basic Research in Cardiology 87 Suppl 2: 115-129

The contribution of norepinephrine and orexigenic neuropeptides to the anticonvulsant effect of the ketogenic diet. Epilepsia 49 Suppl 8: 104-107

The contribution of nursing to palliative care. Palliative Medicine 4(3): 197-204

The contribution of open spaces to the maintenance of hoverfly Diptera, Syrphidae biodiversity in Irish plantation forests. Forest Ecology and Management 237(1-3): 290-300

The contribution of oscillator frequency gradients along the lamprey spinal cord to rostrocaudal phase lags of locomotor activity. Society for Neuroscience Abstracts 24(1-2): 1666

The contribution of oxidative stress to nerve function and neurovascular abnormalities in experimental diabetes. Baba, S [Editor], Kaneko, T [Editor] International Congress Series; Diabetes, 1994 371-375

The contribution of p and m ganglion cells to the visual loss in resolved optic neuritis. Neurology 39(3 SUPPL 1): 211

The contribution of parked vehicle emissions to the pollution of urban run-off. Science of the Total Environment 146-147(0): 525-533

The contribution of peptides to savory flavors. Abstracts of Papers American Chemical Society 210(1-2): AGFD 216

The contribution of periodontal and gingival tissues to the laser Doppler blood flow signal recorded from human teeth. Journal of Physiology (Cambridge) 473(0): 142P

The contribution of peripheral bradykinin B-2 and histamine H-1 receptors to carrageenan evoked inflammation and spinal c-Fos expression in the rat. Society for Neuroscience Abstracts 21(1-3): 899

The contribution of peripheral chemoreceptors to venous circulation in the splanchnic bed of the rabbit. FASEB Journal 4(4): A1190

The contribution of peripheral sensory neuronal input towards the maintenance of neuropathic pain. Society for Neuroscience Abstracts 21(1-3): 1411

The contribution of peroxisomal beta oxidation to fatty acid oxidation in heart. FASEB Journal 5(5): A1158

The contribution of phenolic compounds to smoke flavor. Abstracts of Papers American Chemical Society 202(1-2): AGFD 173

The contribution of phospholipids to the flavour of meat. Abstracts of Papers American Chemical Society 210(1-2): AGFD 196

The contribution of physical impairments to daily functional ability as measured by the health assessment questionnaire in rheumatoid arthritis. Arthritis & Rheumatism 39(9 SUPPL ): S113

The contribution of placental anastomoses to prenatal twin damage. Human Pathology 23(12): 1319-1320

The contribution of platelet activating factor to immune complex mediated inflammation. Handley, D A , Et Al (Ed ) Inflammatory Disease And Therapy, Vol 3 Platelet-Activating Factor in Endotoxin And Immune Diseases Xvii+692p Marcel Dekker, Inc : New York, New York, Usa; Basel, Switzerland Illus 367-386

The contribution of pneumolysin to the pathogenicity of Streptococcus pneumoniae. Trends in Microbiology 4(3): 103-106

The contribution of polyamine synthesis to glutamine oxidation in enterocytes. Journal of Investigative Medicine 44(1): 146A

The contribution of population based twin registries to genetic epidemiology. American Journal of Human Genetics 49(4 SUPPL): 81

The contribution of post pollination mechanisms to disassortative mating in tristylous eichhornia paniculata. University Of Maryland And The Smithsonian Institute Fourth International Congress Of Systematic And Evolutionary Biology; College Park, Maryland, Usa, July 1-7, Pagination Varies University Of Maryland: College Park, Maryland, Usa Illus Paper : addendum P68

The contribution of potassium current to muscle resting potential in Colorado beetle. Acta Neurobiologiae Experimentalis (Warsaw) 52(3): 180

The contribution of potassium currents to action potential repolarization in single smooth muscle cells isolated from taenia caecum and ureter of the guinea pig. Japanese Journal of Pharmacology 52(SUPPL 1): 286P

The contribution of potato to human diets. Govinden, N , Et Al (Ed ) Production, Post-Harvest Technology And Utilization Of Potato in The Warm Tropics; Workshop, Reduit, Mauritius, July 23-27, 1990 Iv+184p Mauritius Sugar Industry Research Institute; International Potato Center; African Potato Association: Reduit, Mauritius Illus Maps Paper : 130-136

The contribution of pre-anthesis photosynthate to yield of spring wheat as affected by differential nitrogen supply. Biologia Plantarum (Prague) 36(SUPPL ): S312

The contribution of pre-motor interneurones to the control of muscle tone and tension. Journal of Physiology (Cambridge) 511P: 29S-30S, Sept

The contribution of predictive mechanisms to smooth eye movement control in humans. Journal of Physiology (Cambridge) 420: 17P

The contribution of primary food production to lifecycle greenhouse gas emissions of food products. Aspects Of Applied Biology: , 73-76

The contribution of proliferative fraction assessment in posttransplant lymphoproliferative disorders. Modern Pathology 8(1): 117A

The contribution of protein kinase c pkc in the hydro osmotic actions of antidiuretic hormone adh. FASEB Journal 5(5): A1110

The contribution of protein to energy storage in sheep in relation to diet type. Aguilera, J F [Editor] EAAP Publication; Energy metabolism of farm animals 253-256

The contribution of proximal and distal visual complexity to the discharge correlates of hippocampal place cells. Society for Neuroscience Abstracts 16(1): 441

The contribution of pseudomonas aeruginosa alginate to evasion of host defense. Gacesa, P And N J Russell (Ed ) Pseudomonas Infection And Alginates: Biochemistry, Genetics And Pathology X+233p Chapman And Hall: London, England, Uk; New York, New York, Usa Illus 135-159

The contribution of psychoanalysis to medicine selected research results of h weiner in place of a laudatory address. Psychotherapie Psychosomatik Medizinische Psychologie 39(3-4): 91-95

The contribution of psychoanalysis to psychosomatic primary care. Praxis der Psychotherapie und Psychosomatik 34(1): 33-38

The contribution of pulmonary function and respiratory muscle strength to exercise limitation in advanced chronic heart failure. European Respiratory Journal Supplement 10(25): 397S, Sept

The contribution of pulmonary impairment to the perceived intensity of dyspnea during exercise. American Review of Respiratory Disease 141(4 PART 2): A553

The contribution of pulmonary nuclear medicine imaging and physiology. Tokyo Jikeikai Medical Journal 106(4): 615-626

The contribution of quantitative models to the long distance orientation problems. Meyer, J -A And S W Wilson (Ed ) From Animals to Animats; First International Conference on Simulation Of Adaptive Behavior, Paris, France, September 24-28, 1990 X+551p Mit Press: Cambridge, Massachusetts, Usa; London, England, Uk Illus Maps Paper 160-168

The contribution of ready-to-eat breakfast cereal to folate and vitamin B-12 intakes in women of childbearing years. FASEB Journal 9(3): A185

The contribution of recollection and familiarity to recognition memory in normals and amnesics. Society for Neuroscience Abstracts 23(1-2): 1580

The contribution of remote sensing to monitor vegetation and to evaluate its dynamical aspects. Veroustraete, F [Editor], Ceulemans, R J M [Editor], Impens, I I P [Editor], Van Rensbergen, J B H F [Editor] Vegetation, modelling and climatic change effects 207-212

The contribution of reperfusion to the pathogenesis of post ischemic microvascular incompetence. Journal of Molecular & Cellular Cardiology 22(9): VIII

The contribution of respiratory viruses to exacerbations of asthma in adults. American Review of Respiratory Disease 145(4 PART 2): A691

The contribution of scintigraphic imaging with 111 In-octreotide in the staging of lymphomas A comparison to other imaging modalities. Blood 84(10 SUPPL 1): 233A

The contribution of secondary mediators to the etiology and pathophysiology of brain oedema: studies using a feline infusion oedema model. Acta Neurochirurgica. Supplementum 51: 71-73

The contribution of seedling regeneration to the structure and dynamics of plant communities and larger units of landscape. (see Book Title) [Author] Fenner, M (Ed ) Seeds: The ecology of regeneration in plant communities x+373p C A B International: Wallingford, England, UK; Tucson, Arizona, USA Illus ISBN 0-85198-726-5 : 349-364

The contribution of senescing dermal fibroblasts to the phenotype observed in aging skin. Journal of Dermatological Science 16(SUPPL 1): S108, March

The contribution of separate tryptophan residues of actin in its intrinsic UV-fluorescence. Progress in Biophysics & Molecular Biology 65(SUPPL 1): 50

The contribution of serological tests to leprosy control. International Journal of Leprosy and Other Mycobacterial Diseases 64(4 Suppl): S63-6; Discussion S66-7

The contribution of serotonergic innervation of the hippocampus to the effects of combined cholinergic/serotonergic deficits. Levin, Edward D [Editor], Decker, Michael W [Editor], Butcher, Larry L [Editor] Neurotransmitter interactions and cognitive function : 228-239

The contribution of serum troponin levels when evaluating pre-renal transplant patients for cardiac risk. Journal of the American Society of Nephrology 9(PROGRAM AND ABSTR ISSUE): 692A, Sept

The contribution of single motor units of the biceps brachii muscle in man to the momentum in elbow flexion. Biomedica Biochimica Acta 48(5-6): S475-S479

The contribution of site factors to white ash fraxinus americana decline in western massachusetts usa. Bulletin of the Ecological Society of America 71(2 SUPPL): 372-373

The contribution of sleep wake physiology to fibromyalgia. Fricton, J R And E A Awad (Ed ) Advances in Pain Research And Therapy, Vol 17 Myofascial Pain And Fibromyalgia; First International Symposium, Minneapolis, Minnesota, Usa, May 1989 Xv+360p Raven Press: New York, New York, Usa Illus 227-240

The contribution of social effects to heritable variation in finishing traits of domestic pigs (Sus scrofa). Genetics 178(3): 1559-1570

The contribution of sodium calcium exchange to relaxation in mammalian cardiac muscle. Blaustein, M P , R Dipolo And J P Reeves (Ed ) Annals Of The New York Academy Of Sciences, Vol 639 Sodium-Calcium Exchange; Second International Conference, Baltimore, Maryland, Usa, April 7-11, Xiv+671p New York Academy Of Sciences: New York, New York, Usa Illus 444-452

The contribution of soil constituents to adsorption of extracellular DNA by soils. Microbes and Environments 23(4): 353-355

The contribution of soluble E- and P- selectin and E-selectin serine 128arginine polymorphism to vascular risk in coronary artery disease. European Heart Journal 19(ABST SUPPL ): 488, Aug

The contribution of somatostatin receptor scintigraphy to the diagnosis of recurrent medullary carcinoma of the thyroid. Seminars in Oncology 21(5 Suppl 13): 42-45

The contribution of specific IgM antibodies in the diagnosis of Helicobacter pylori infection. Pediatric Research 35(4 PART 2): 175A

The contribution of spinal centres to the action of caffeine on frogs' spinal reflexes. Journal of Physiology 128(2): 326-332

The contribution of spontaneous monitoring to post marketing surveillance of medicines. European Journal of Pharmacology 183(5): 1639

The contribution of starch-granule-surface proteins and lipids to the high-ratio cake baking quality of soft-wheat flours. Cereal Foods World 39(8): 641

The contribution of steroidal androgens and estrogens to reproductive maturation of the eastern mud snail Ilyanassa obsoleta. General and Comparative Endocrinology 156(1): 15-26

The contribution of stochastic processes to variability in continuous force production. Society for Neuroscience Abstracts 22(1-3): 1637

The contribution of structural indices to the modelling of Sitka spruce and birch crowns. Forest Ecology And Management6: 1 2, 68-77

The contribution of structured activity and deliberate play to the development of expert perceptual and decision-making skill. Journal Of Sport & Exercise Psychology: 6, 685-708

The contribution of studies of atherosclerotic lesions in young people to future research. Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences 598: 418-434

The contribution of studies of biotransformation to understanding mechanisms of toxicity. Human & Experimental Toxicology 9(5): 363-364

The contribution of studies on sex chromosome aneuploidies to the understanding of genetic influences on behavior. Berch, D B And B G Bender (Ed ) Aaas (American Association For The Advancement Of Science) Selected Symposium, 112 Sex Chromosome Abnormalities And Human Behavior: Psychological Studies; Annual National Meetings Xiii+243p Westview Press: Boulder, Colorado, Usa Illus Paper 223-233

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