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The Dolenc technique for cavernous sinus exploration (cadaveric prosection). Technical note

, : The Dolenc technique for cavernous sinus exploration (cadaveric prosection). Technical note. Journal of Neurosurgery 74(5): 837-844

This report describes a surgical approach to the cavernous sinus. Based on the work of Parkinson, Dolenc, and other pioneering investigators, a comprehensive surgical approach for the treatment of lesions of the cavernous sinus is distilled and presented in 12 simple steps. The approach to surgical exploration of this region is divided into an extradural and intradural phase, each with six steps. The bony, neural, and/or vascular structures of each step are discussed. These steps may be used in their entirety for total exploration of the cavernous sinus, but also in part for lesions that involve only limited regions of the cavernous sinus. Either by design or circumstance, every intracranial neurosurgeon will eventually be led to the cavernous sinus region, and a clear understanding of cavernous sinus anatomy should be part of their armamentarium.


PMID: 2013784

DOI: 10.3171/jns.1991.74.5.0837

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