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Geography & Life Sciences: Chapter 33818

Chapter 33818 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in geography and in the life sciences.

The frequency of scalp infestation by the ectoparasite Demodex folliculorum Simon in pathological and forensic autopsy material. Archiv fuer Kriminologie 194(3-4): 111-118

The frequency of sexually transmitted diseases among urinary tract infections. Nephrology Dialysis Transplantation 13(6): A131, June

The frequency of sinus CT abnormalities among patients with chronic upper respiratory symptoms. Journal of Allergy & Clinical Immunology 93(1 PART 2): 297

The frequency of specialized intestinal metaplasia at the squamo-columnar junction varies with the extent of columnar epithelium lining the esophagus. Gastroenterology 108(4 SUPPL ): A224

The frequency of stroke after myocardial infarction in the pre- and thrombolytic eras. European Heart Journal 17(ABSTR SUPPL ): 161

The frequency of subsequent donations among donors deferred with a low hematocrit. Transfusion (Bethesda) 36(9 SUPPL ): 68S

The frequency of suicide in individual Danish birth cohorts, 1922-1991. Suicide & Life-Threatening Behavior 24(3): 275-281

The frequency of the elimination of Cryptosporidium spp, F5 E coli, Rotavirus and Coronavirus in calves in Central and North West Romania. Bulletin Of University Of Agricultural Sciences And Veterinary Medicine Cluj Napocainary Medicine: 2, 44-48

The frequency of the factor V gene R506Q mutation varies between regions of France. Nouvelle Revue Francaise D'hematologie 37(2): 175-175

The frequency of the haemochromatosis CYS282TYR mutation is not increased in German patients with chronic hepatitis C. Hepatology 28(4 PART 2): 529A, Oct

The frequency of the isolation of hiv virus in the blood and vaginal secretions of seropositive women. Morisset, R A (Ed ) Ve Conference Internationale Sur Le Sida: Le Defi Scientifique Et Social; V International Conference on Aids: The Scientific And Social Challenge; Montreal, Quebec, Canada, June 4-9, 1262p International Development Research Centre: Ottawa, Ontario, Canada Illus Paper 305

The frequency of the occurrence heterozygous carriage of beta thalassemia and glucose 6 phosphate dehydrogenase deficiency g 6 pdg of children of the azerbaijan population with rheumatoid arthritis. Azerbaidzhanskii Meditsinskii Zhurnal (6): 35-38

The frequency of the platelet-specific alloantigen Br-a/Br-b in a Swedish blood donor population. Blood 86(10 SUPPL 1): 353A

The frequency of the two mutated alleles, CYP2C19-ml and CYP2C19-m2, in a Korean population. Clinical Pharmacology & Therapeutics 61(2): 234

The frequency of thioguanine resistant mutations in rat lung fibroblasts at various times in vivo after exposure. Environmental & Molecular Mutagenesis Supplement (20): 28

The frequency of tonsillar IgD+ B cells that express the G6 cross-reactive idiotype is directly proportional to the germline gene dose of 51p1-related genes. 9TH INTERNATIONAL CONGRESS OF IMMUNOLOGY [Author] The 9th International Congress of Immunology : 502

The frequency of toxoplasma and cytomegalovirus infections in HIV-positive patients in HIV/AIDS counseling and care center in Kurdistan in 1385. Scientific Journal Of Kurdistan University Of Medical Sciences: 2, Pe34-Pe41, En5. Ef

The frequency of transplacental hemorrhage in patients with threatened abortions. Gynecologic and Obstetric Investigation 37(4): 229-231

The frequency of tyrosine-rich crystalloids in fine needle aspirates A retrospective review of pleomorphic adenomas. Acta Cytologica 38(5): 852

The frequency of urinary system tuberculosis in the tuberculosis patient population. European Respiratory Journal 12(SUPPL 28): 24S, Sept

The frequency of ventilator circuit changes in mechanically ventilated children treated in the paediatric intensive care unit. Journal of Hospital Infection 40(SUPPL A): P832, Sept

The frequency range of network rhythmic activities in the dentate gyrus is constrained by individual granule cells properties Modelling studies using genetic algorithms. Society for Neuroscience Abstracts 20(1-2): 352

The frequency response of rat vibrissae to sound. Journal of the Acoustical Society of America 123(5): 2918-2927

The frequency synaptic stimulation provokes the formation of the electric neurite-glial contacts. Pfluegers Archiv European Journal of Physiology 430(4 SUPPL ): R42

The frequency with which endoscopic procedures are performed when gastroenterology consultation is requested in a university hospital. Gastroenterology 108(4 SUPPL ): A17

The frequency, aetiology and outcome of severe hyponatraemia in adult hospitalised patients. Central African Journal of Medicine 44(6): 154-158

The frequency-dependent activation of opioid receptors is a necessary factor in the induction of mossy fiber LTP. Society for Neuroscience Abstracts 18(1-2): 1496

The frequency-dependent effects of beta-adrenergic sympathetic stimulation on ventricular repolarization and conduction in humans. Journal of the American College of Cardiology 0(SPEC ISSUE): 371A

The frequent occurrence of anti-thyroid microsomal antibodies in autoimmune hepatitis. Gastroenterology 108(4 SUPPL ): A1178

The (frequently) neuroleptic (potentially) malignant syndrome. British Journal of Psychiatry 157: 169-173

The fresh egg quality of eggs from turkey females with high and low hatchability. Avian Biology Research: 3, 126-127

The fresh waters of Scotland A national resource of international significance. Maitland, P S , Boon, P J , McLusky, D S The fresh waters of Scotland: A national resource of international significance xiv+639p

The freshwater crab fauna of the Philippines II The genus Parathelphusa H Milne Edwards, 1853. Bulletin of the National Science Museum Series A (Zoology) 19(1): 1-19

The freshwater crab fauna of the Philippines III The identity of Telphusa cumingii Miers, 1884, and its placement in the genus Ovitamon Ng et Takeda, 1992. Bulletin of the National Science Museum Series A (Zoology) 19(3): 111-116

The freshwater crabs and palaemonid prawns of Batam Island, Riau Archipelago, Indonesia, including descriptions of two new species. Proceedings of the Biological Society of Washington 105(4): 788-794

The freshwater crabs and prawns of Bako National Park, Sarawak, Malaysia, with descriptions of one new genus and three new species. Raffles Bulletin of Zoology 43(1): 181-205

The freshwater diatom culture collection at Loras College. Journal of Phycology 29(3 SUPPL ): 13

The freshwater eels of New Caledonia Taxonomy and distribution. Vie et Milieu 46(1): 65-71

The freshwater fishes of Lake Sentani, Jayapura, Irian Jaya. Hoeft, R [Editor] Proceedings of the Biological Society of New Guinea annual meeting 129-133

The freshwater imperative A research agenda. Naiman, R J , Magnuson, J J , McKnight, D M , Stanford, J A The freshwater imperative: A research agenda xvii+165p

The freshwater invertebrates of the dunbeath estate caithness scotland uk. Glasgow Naturalist 22(1): 47-58

The freshwater leeches of Israel and adjacent areas. Israel Journal of Zoology 40(1): 1-24

The freshwater leeches of Valencian Community. Boletin de la Real Sociedad Espanola de Historia Natural Seccion Biologica 94(1-2): 149-161, April 28

The freshwater medusa craspedacusta sowerbyi lankester 1880 in lake annecy france. Archives des Sciences (Geneva) 43(2): 335-338

The freshwater molluscs of Valencian Community rivers. Iberus 16(1): 1-19, June

The freshwater mussel in monitoring of 2,4,6-trichlorophenol Behaviour and environmental variation considered. Chemosphere 32(2): 391-403

The freshwater planarian Dugesia sicula Lepori from Sardinia. Hydrobiologia 310(2): 151-156

The freshwater planarian Dugesia tigrina contains a great diversity of homeobox genes. Hydrobiologia 305(1-3): 269-275

The freshwater shrimp Paratya australiensis in estuaries of south-western Victoria, Australia. Marine & Freshwater Research 46(6): 959-965

The freshwater snail Bulinus tropicus in Namibia, characterised according to chromosome number, enzymes and morphology. Hydrobiologia 317(2): 127-139

The freshwater-saltwater interface and its relationships to the turbidity maximum in the Tamar Estuary, United Kingdom. Estuaries 16(1): 126-141

The Friend legacy: from mouse to man. Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences 567: 349-353

The friend spleen focus forming virus gp55 glycoprotein binds to the erythropoietin receptor and activates cell growth. Clinical Research 38(2): 289A

The friendly anaerobes. Clinical Infectious Diseases 16 Suppl 4: S427-S434

The friendship in the old age. Geriatrika (Madrid) 12(6): 50-52

The fringed darter, Etheostoma crossopterum, in the Cache river basin of southern Illinois. Ohio Journal of Science 98(2): 6-9, March

The fringes of superantigen reactivity: what do they tell us?. Research in Immunology 144(3): 202-5; Discussion 214-22

The frizzled motif: in how many different protein families does it occur?. Trends in Biochemical Sciences 23(11): 415-417

The frizzy genes of Myxococcus xanthus control directed motility. Journal of Cellular Biochemistry Supplement 0(17 PART C): 125

The frog a device for training intrathoracal skeletal muscle ventricles. International Journal of Artificial Organs 14(9): 567

The frog brain possesses one binding site for tritiated dpcpx different from the a 1 or the a12 adenosine receptors. British Journal of Pharmacology 105(PROC SUPPL APRIL): 176P

The frog megophrys montana specialist in large prey. American Zoologist 31(5): 52A

The frog optic tectum in vitro differential effects of the nmda receptor antagonist dl 2 amino 5 phosphonovaleric acid apv on postsynaptic potentials. Journal of Physiology (Cambridge) 452: 36P

The frog prince-ss: a molecular formula for dorsoventral patterning in Xenopus. Genes & Development 7(1): 1-12

The frond of Laceya hibernica from the Uppermost Devonian of Ireland. American Journal of Botany 81(6 SUPPL ): 94

The front door of psychotherapy aspects from general medical practice. Holistic Medicine 4(4): 197-208

The front in researches of the photosynthetic CO-2 fixation enzyme. Radioisotopes 46(7): 507-508

The front versus the back seat Is the message affecting practice?. Pediatrics 100(3 PART 2): 465

The frontal cortex a luria pribram rapprochement. Goldberg, E (Ed ) Contemporary Neuropsychology And The Legacy Of Luria Xi+287p Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, Publishers: Hillsdale, New Jersey, Usa; Hove, England, Uk Illus 77-98

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The frontal cortex-basal ganglia system in primates. Critical Reviews in Neurobiology 10(3-4): 317-356

The frontal eye fields of the awake, behaving cat. Society for Neuroscience Abstracts 21(1-3): 1195

The frontal eyes of crustaceans. Arthropod Structure & Development 35(4): 275-291

The frontal intersinus septal air cell: a new hypothesis of its origin. Ajnr. American Journal of Neuroradiology 29(6): 1215-1217

The frontal lead is sufficient to monitor the eeg effects of midazolam. Anesthesiology (Hagerstown) 73(3A): A197

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The frontal lobe seizures and epilepsies. Epilepsia 38(SUPPL 6): 2-3

The frontal lobes and language. Goldberg, E (Ed ) Contemporary Neuropsychology And The Legacy Of Luria Xi+287p Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, Publishers: Hillsdale, New Jersey, Usa; Hove, England, Uk Illus 29-50

The frontal lobes, basal ganglia, and temporal lobes as sites for schizophrenia. Schizophrenia Bulletin 16(3): 379-389

The frontal midline theta rhythm. Electroencephalography & Clinical Neurophysiology 75(1): S163

The frontal stage of cervicofacial face lift the helmet crest technique combined with rapid expansion. Annales de Chirurgie Plastique et Esthetique 37(1): 27-34

The frontal zone of the Chablais Breccia Nappe in the Saint-Jean-dAulph area, Haute-Savoie, France; general remarks on the breccia nappe. Geologie Alpine 48(2): 229-246

The frontiers between sport and art the proof of professional circus schools. Staps: Revue Internationale Des Sciences Du Sport Et De L'Education Physique: 82 4, 85-99

The frontiers of time-resolved measurement. Bjr Supplement 24: 11-17

The frost hardiness of young conifers exposed to different loads of ozone sulfur dioxide or nitric oxide in environmental chambers. Bucher, J B And I Bucher-Wallin (Ed ) Air Pollution And Forest Decline, Vols I And Ii; 14th International Meeting For Specialists in Air Pollution Effects on Forest Ecosystems, Interlaken, Switzerland, October 2-8, 1988 372p (Vol I); 192p (Vol Ii) Eidgenoessische Anstalt Fuer Das Forstliche Versuchswesen (Eafv): Birmensdorf, Switzerland Illus Maps Paper 523-526

The fructosamine assay as a screen for glucose intolerance and a reflex platform to a hemoglobin a1c confirmation. Clinical Chemistry 36(6): 1158

The fructosyltransferase of Streptococcus salivarius. New Phytologist 123(3): 429-435

The fruit bearing vineyard. Posner, G (Ed ) Weinbau: Eine Einfuehrung; (Viticulture: An Introduction) 392p Deutscher Landwirtschaftsverlag: Berlin, Germany Illus 217-258

The fruit character and nutrition composition of Akebia trifoliata Koidz under the cultivation condition. Guizhou Agricultural Sciences: 121-122

The fruit crops of Romanas rose shrubs using to burner wastes reclamated in ZE Dolna Odra SA in Nowe Czarnowo Part I - Quantitative traits. Folia Universitatis Agriculturae Stetinensis, Agricultura, Alimentaria, Piscaria Et Zootechnica6: 8, 127-132

The fruit essential oil of Pimpinella anisum L induces neuronal hyperexcitability in snail partly through attenuation of after-hyperpolarization. Journal Of Ethnopharmacology0: 3, 360-365

The fruitflies diptera tephritidae of voroshilovgrad province. Entomological Review (English Translation of Entomologicheskoye Obozreniye) 71(2): 139

The fruitless gene regulates ovule morphogenesis in Arabidopsis thaliana. Journal of Cellular Biochemistry Supplement 0(17 PART B): 14

The fruits and vegetables industry in Indonesia production and limited access to market. Journal Of Food Distribution Research: 1, 62-66

The fruits of organization. Integrative Physiological and Behavioral Science 27(4): 283-284

The frye test considerations for dna identification techniques. Ballantyne, J , G Sensabaugh And J Witkowski (Ed ) Banbury Report, Vol 32 Dna Technology And Forensic Science; Banbury Center Symposium, Cold Spring Harbor, New York, Usa Xvii+368p Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press: Cold Spring Harbor, New York, Usa Illus 89-108

The frz signal transduction system controls multicellular behavior in Myxococcus xanthus. Hoch, J A [Editor], Silhavy, T J [Editor] Two-component signal transduction 419-430

The fsh inhibin feedback mechanism is functional in the late gestation sheep fetus. Acta Endocrinologica Supplementum 120(1): 185-186

The fsh receptor in testis interaction with fsh mechanism of signal transduction and properties of the purified receptor. Biology of Reproduction 40(1): 13-26

The ftsQ1p gearbox promoter of Escherichia coli is a major sigma S-dependent promoter in the ddlB-ftsA region. Molecular Microbiology 30(2): 419-430

The ftz homeodomain is required for transcriptional activity but not for the generation of an anti ftz phenotype. Journal of Cellular Biochemistry Supplement (16 PART A): 93

The fucose-mannose ligand of Leishmania donovani in diagnosis and prognosis of canine visceral leishmaniasis. Memorias do Instituto Oswaldo Cruz 93(SUPPL 2): 282-283, Nov

The fucosyltransferases and fucosidases of human milk. FASEB Journal 8(4-5): A157

The fuel cell as the source of energy in the driving system of an electrical grass mower - studies of the functional model. Electronic Journal Of Polish Agricultural Universities: 2, Art 17

The fuel concept for insulin release: regulation of glucose phosphorylation in pancreatic islets. Biochemical Society Transactions 18(1): 107-108

The fuel moisture content of peat in relation to meteorological factors. Modelling, Monitoring And Management Of Forest Fires: 3-200

The fugacity approach as a tool for the prediction of environmental exposure of organic chemicals Value, limitations and research needs. Science of the Total Environment 0(SUPPL PART 1): 325-334

The fugacity of organic contaminants in complex mixtures sensing correlating and interpreting. Abstracts of Papers American Chemical Society 198: ENVR 9

The fulfillment of regressive needs in the treatment of a psychotic patient. Praxis der Psychotherapie und Psychosomatik 38(1): 52-55

The full length cDNA cloning of rose MYB gene and its expression analysis. Scientia Agricultura Sinica: 12, 4173-4179

The full length e6 protein of a high risk hpv is more active than e6 from a low risk hpv. Clinical Research 39(2): 557A

The full length tat protein of hiv 2 can trans activate hiv 1. Clinical Research 40(2): 197A

The full metal jacket Procedural results and late clinical outcomes after placement of three or more coronary stents. Journal of the American College of Cardiology 29(2 SUPPL A): 188A

The full treatment of pig manure on a pilot system treating the manure of 1500 pigs. Mededelingen Faculteit Landbouwkundige en Toegepaste Biologische Wetenschappen Universiteit Gent 60(4A-B): 2265

The full-field scotopic VEP provides evidence for post-retinal adaptation. Investigative Ophthalmology & Visual Science 38(4 PART 1-2): S991

The full-length 52kD protein and zipper-minus isoform, 52-beta, are targets of intermolecular spreading of the immune response to components of the Ro/La complex. Journal of Investigative Medicine 45(3): 246A

The full-length isoform of the alpha1 subunit of the skeletal muscle calcium channel is present in the sarcolemma and declines in abundance during development. Biophysical Journal 70(2 PART 2): A183

The full-length kinesin motor protein is repressed for motility in solution. Molecular Biology of the Cell 9(SUPPL ): 391A, Nov

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The fullness of emptiness. Psychotherapy Patient 6(3-4): 239-247

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The fully xenogeneic chimera rat mouse is an in vivo culture model for rat natural killer cells early after transplantation. Journal of Cellular Biochemistry Supplement (16 PART A): 184

The fulvettas Alcippe, Timaliidae, Aves a polyphyletic group. Zoologica Scripta 35(6): 559-566

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The function and regulation of cell populations composing the corpus luteum of the ovarian cycle. Adashi, E Y [Editor], Leung, P C K [Editor] Comprehensive Endocrinology; The ovary : 245-259

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The function and structure of Merkel cell-neurite complexes in the hamster oral mucosa. Japanese Journal of Physiology 44(SUPPL 1): S202

The function and structure of tight junctions expressed in the airway 16HBEo- and Beas-2B bronchial and A549 alveolar epithelial cell lines. European Respiratory Journal 8(SUPPL 19): 136S

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The function of CD+ CD28- T cells in rheumatoid arthritis. Arthritis & Rheumatism 39(9 SUPPL ): S266

The function of CD34 molecule Still unknown. Sangre (Saragossa) 41(1): 47-54

The function of CD44 in T cell activation. Journal of Cellular Biochemistry Supplement 0(18B): 305

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