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The pigmentary effector system X Relation of colour change to surface absorption of radiation

, : The pigmentary effector system X Relation of colour change to surface absorption of radiation. Proc Roy Soc Ser B Biol Sci66: 68-82

Rana temporaria, when exposed to irradiation of 100 cal./sq. m./sec, whether above or below 1 [mu], exhibits rise of temp. This rise is slightly slower in lymph sac of pale than of dark specimens, but rectal temp. rises do not differ significantly. Difference of water loss due to differential absorption of radiation was not great enough to override other factors of individual variation. Rough estimates indicate 80% incident radiation is absorbed; dark animals absorb 10-15% more than pale. In the range 5-30[degree] C, within a wide humidity range, the frog beneath a fan has a body temp. close to the wet-bulb reading. It is unlikely that melano-phore dispersal has survival value to R. temporaria in the sun.


DOI: 10.1098/rspb.1944.0004

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