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The rheumatoid hand and wrist Surgical treatment Medical treatment Rehabilitation and functional readaptation

, : The rheumatoid hand and wrist Surgical treatment Medical treatment Rehabilitation and functional readaptation. Allieu, Y. La Main Et Le Poignet Rhumatoides: Traitement Chirurgical: Traitement Medical: Reeducation Et Readaptation Fonctionnelle. Vi 239p

Twenty-eight authors have contributed to this collection of articles on treatment of the rheumatoid hand and wrist. The book is an excellent reference for orthopedists and surgeons, as well as physicians, teachers and students concerned with treatment of rheumatoid arthritis. The first of the book's four sections focuses on the rheumatoid wrist, its surgical treatment, mechanisms of deformity, extensor tendon rupture, arthroplasty and arthrodesis. The following section discusses the rheumatoid hand, including finger deformities, the rheumatoid thumb, arthroplasty, tenosynovitis, tendon rupture and nerve compression. The third section presents generalities associated with surgical treatment of the rheumatoid hand and wrist. The final section deals with medical treatment, rehabilitation and functional readaptation of the rheumatoid wrist and hand, including synoviorthesis, orthosis and joint economy. Each chapter presents surgical techniques and indications used in the treatment of the various pathological conditions. End-of-chapter bibliographies are included. Numerous black-and-white photographs, tables, diagrams and radiographic images supplement the text.


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